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A Dragon and a Sword

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Summary: A change in costume on Halloween night will change the lives of the Slayer and her friends

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Literature > Fantasy > Wheel of TimeOlBearFR1834,5531299,4478 Sep 1220 Dec 14No

Chapter One

Disclaimer; Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Wheel of Time are not owned by me, though I wish they were. This is not for profit, just for fun.

Author’s note: Yes another Halloween fic, this one has been floating through my mind for awhile. I’m hoping that if I put these ‘plot bunnies’ to bed I’ll be able to get back to my other stories.

Chapter One

1630 Rovello Drive.

Buffy Summers carefully adjusted the elaborate brunette wig and smiled. The combination of the wig and the ornate pale pink gown she had bought from the new costume shop was stunning. It was well worth the money she’d spent, even if it did mean that she wouldn’t be buying that new pair of shoes she’d seen in the mall for a while.

“Angel will definitely go non-verbal when he sees me.” She murmured as she touched the simple locket and chain the vampire with a soul had given her. Looking at her bedside clock she realised that Xander would be here soon and they would all head to the school for the chaperone programme that Principal Snyder had ‘volunteered’ them for.

“Willow are you ready?” She called out.

“Yes.” Willow answered from the bathroom. The door opened. “Please don’t laugh.”

Buffy blinked in surprise when her friend stepped into her bedroom. “Wow Willow, you’re a dish!” She exclaimed in approval.

Gone were the shapeless clothes that Willow normally wore. In their place the red haired computer hacker was wearing a pair of boots that almost reached her knees, a leather mini skirt and a midriff bearing blouse that displayed a hint of lightly freckled cleavage.

“Are you sure this isn’t too much?” Willow asked shyly while at the same time wondering how Buffy had talked her into wearing this outfit.

“It looks great on you Willow. All the boys will be drooling when they see you.” Buffy enthused.

Whatever it was she was going to say next was interrupted by a knocking on the front door. “That’ll be Xander!” Buffy said as she gathered her skirts. “I’ll go let him in.” She carefully but quickly left the room, making sure that she didn’t trip over the hem of her dress.

Alone in the bedroom Willow looked at herself in the mirror and sighed. Yes she did look prettier than she normally did, thanks to Buffy doing her makeup and hair but she didn’t think she was quite ready to appear in public like this. Her eyes drifted to the fuzzy sweater and worn denim jeans she had worn earlier but she shook her head. Snyder had said that anyone not wearing a costume would get detention till the Christmas break. Willow was very proud of the fact that she had never received any detentions. Instead she picked the ghost sheet she had gotten from the costume store.

“Maybe once we’ve finished with the Trick or Treaters I’ll take it off.” She thought as she draped the white sheet over her head.

Downstairs Buffy approached the door to her home. In the window she could make out the shadow that was her other best friend Xander. She wondered what Xander had dressed as. When they had visited ‘Ethan’s’ Xander had walked out with nothing more than a plastic sword and a small paper bag. He had mentioned that his original plan of going as a soldier had fallen through but with what he had found he was able to cobble together something for tonight.

Swinging open the door Buffy was confronted by a grinning Xander dressed in knee length top coat with small pins attached to the collar. One pin was what looked to be a small Chinese dragon and the other an upright sword. Cinched around his waist was a leather belt holding the sword that he had bought. Xander had even taken the time to wrap the hilt with leather strapping so that it looked more like a real weapon and less a child’s toy.

“Wow! Lady Buffy of Bufstonia. I’m in awe. I now completely renounce spandex!” Xander said as he stepped over the threshold.

“Thanks Xander.” Buffy said. “And who are you tonight?”

“Tonight I am Joaquin Harsteck. Ashaman in service to Rand Althor, the Dragon Reborn my lady!” He announced, giving Buffy a small bow.

Buffy gave Xander a curtsy in return. “I am delighted to meet you kind sir. Have a seat while I get Willow.” She said.

With a glance towards the chair Xander touched the hilt of his sword. “By your leave my lady, the watch is not done.”

Buffy was about to ask what Xander meant by that when she heard footsteps coming down the stairs.

“And may I present... Oh pooh!” Buffy pouted as Willow came down.

“That’s a mighty fine BOO you’ve got there Willow.” Xander grinned, knowing that no matter what Buffy would want Willow would invariably dress as a ghost for Halloween ever since the ‘Sailor Moon’ incident a few years back that resulted in Willow getting both him and Jessie to pinkie swear that they would never mention the anime character to her ever again.

“Sorry Buffy but it just wasn’t me.” Willow said from beneath the sheet that covered her from the top of her head to her knees.

“C’mon then let’s go. We don’t want to be late and have Snyder yell at us.” Buffy said and the three friends headed off to the school to pick up the children they were to chaperone tonight.

Across town Ethan Rayne closed and locked the door to his store before moving to the storage area at the rear. This was going to be a night to remember. Not only was he going to bring about on the greatest spells he had ever attempted but he was also going to cause a little grief to his old mate Ripper.

He chuckled as he began the preparations. This was going to be a night to remember.

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