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Planetary Hostage

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Planetary Hostage". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: What might have happened if The Master wasn't as troubled by the drums or hit as hard by the regeneration sickness in the "Year That Never Was" resulting with a slightly less insane Master at the helm! Goes immediately AU. Rated 18/slash for Jack Harkness

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > GeneralGenukaFR18515,149382,9079 Sep 1227 Sep 12Yes

Boundaries and Bargains

A/n: Musey and Murphy are being... interesting on this story. Not to mention its turning out to be a little difficult to merge the latest version of the Master's personality with some of the earlier more sane versions that showed up in the Classics, so chapters are likely to be slow on the update and I have no earthly clue as to pairings if any.

Boundaries and Bargains

The Master turned his attention back to the three contained would-be heroes and considered them. He knew that Martha was going back with her family if he had anything to say about it but he'd have to limit how often the Doctor could visit her and any of his other pets. She was clearly smitten, it wouldn't do for her to get her hopes up any more than she already did. Besides there were those pesky biological impulses that sometimes bound you to just the wrong person. The freak would take some investigation, a fixed point in time that can't die, well can't stay dead. Yes, definitely something to look into.

At least the Tardis had been a tad more cooperative when he'd threatened doing serious harm to the Doctor, harm that she wouldn't be able to fix but that he might be able to, maybe. Then there were some of the more interesting records that he'd come across in the ship's memory of the Doctor's recent travels. A human girl with the ability to hold the entire time vortex, even if it had been trying to burn her up after about twenty minutes. Had she just willed into existance the ability to continue holding all of that power as a part of her then the Bad Wolf that she had become would still be wandering the time ways at the Doctor's side. If the Doctor hadn't been such a fool and simply returned the energy to the vortex he could have done many things with such power; He could have willed himself to have unending regenerations, made it so that he never had to regenerate again, even simply just repaired the damage that the energy was doing to him as he returned it, or even made the changes to himself necessary to forever hold that power; But no, he'd returned it without doing anything, more concerned with his current human than with the consequences of his actions.

As the Master continued to muse over some of the information that he had retrieved from the Tardis' memory banks and watch the three time travelers the threesome became uncomfortably aware of his gaze. Finally he shook himself from his musing and waved the security detail back away from the group. He held out his hand, palm up, with a raised eyebrow and looked pointedly at the Doctor who in turn sighed and took out his sonic screwdriver and placed it in the Master's hand. The Master nodded and tucked it into his suit jacket pocked next to his own laser screwdriver.

"Anything else I need to confiscate? Be honest." The Master asked sternly.

The Doctor rolled his eyes and told him. "You know perfectly well how much I carry in my pockets, which currently includes Jack's vortex manipulator. As to Martha and Jack, well, Jack has his revolver and his sonic squareness gun in his pockets that I keep confiscating and he somehow manages to keep retrieving." The Doctor sent a light glare at Jack who just looked back at him innocently, causing Martha to snort in amusement. "Marth doesn't really carry anything except for the cell phone I modified so that she could call her family from wherever and whenever we were. That actually came in handy a time or two. Wouldn't work against you, but it worked rather well to set up a feedback resonance through that psychic crystaline sound system that was causing us some trouble back on Tarnus III."

The Master persed his lips then sighed. "Freak, hand them over, I'll retrieve the rest from you later, Doctor. You can keep your phone Miss. Jones but I would like your number so that I or the Doctor can call you, especially if something comes up." To which Jack slowly handed over his weapons and Martha nodded. "Miss. Jones once you've provided us your number you'll be escorted back to your family. From now on you and your family will have bodyguards. I wasn't joking about how some of your fellow humans might react, so please don't try to ditch them. If you happened to loose them I might need to take... unpleasant action."

The Doctor made a noise of protest and the Master raised his hand to forstall any tiraid. "If you want time without them looking over your shoulder I'm willing to provide it assuming you obey my rules. As a curtesy all bodyguards that I provide will be plainclothesmen unless its a public event or the number of attacks against you or your family, successful or not, rises to above four a week. You are free to contact the Doctor's previous companions and interact with them as they are with you. I do however need to know who they all are so that I can provide them with the same security as I will be providing to you and your family. You will all be given priority in investigating anything that looks odd or to out of the ordinary. If nothing else the Doctor was always good at finding something wrong and making a mess of it to the point where his opponent lost. I'm going to assume that he trained you all sufficently enough to investigate on your own should you choose to. I do, however, reserve the right to override your decisions and solve the situation my own way rather than the way that the Doctor would prefer it."

The Doctor scowled over this admission but it had an air of resignation. The Master looked over the trio thoughtfully once again. "This is your one chance to walk away, Freak. If I choose to accept your choice to stay here with the Doctor I will not hold my curiosity in check." He informed them bluntly causing the Doctor to tense up again. "What that means to you is that I will be running experiments on you, often with painful and invasive proceedures. You will also likely be killed multiple times, even if your supposed resurrections don't actually happen on their own or at all for that matter."

"Thanks for the warning, but I'm still staying." Jack told the Master staring him straight in the eye, then his gaze shifted to the Doctor and he added softly. "He's worth it."

"That he is but he never seems to agree with the rest of us on that point." The Master agreed, drawing the startled glazes of his visitors. "Oh, and Doctor I need you to help me make a psychokinetic waveform detector. These drums have been driving me mad since I looked into the schisim when we were 8 and I want them gone!" He told them irritably.

"But they..." The Doctor hesitated.

"Why do you think I want to build the detector?" He asked, still irritable. "Its not just to find the source of the bloody things, its also so that you can see it for yourself. I've gotten rather tired of people telling me they don't exisit when they actually cause migraines and alter equations that someone else is using when working with background radiation and subspace muchless when you toss timespace inversion into the mix. *sigh* Sometimes I really do wonder how you can be so clever and so thick at the same time."

The Doctor just stared at his old friend and enemy. "You never told me that. If they're actually altering equation components and outcomes, a measurable reaction, or nearly so, that comepletely changes the situation."

The Master sighed and looked at the Doctor as if he were a moron. "I would have thought that you'd have figured that out on your own well before now. Apparently, I was mistaken. Remind me, how do you manage to stop me so often?"

"Well you do tend to go on about everything and you don't always take some of the {untranslatable} components into account." The Doctor admitted, for which Jack smacked him smartly over the head.

"Ow!" The Doctor rubbed the back of his head and glared at Jack. "What was that for?"

"How about telling him how to be a better evil guy?" Jack told him caustically, to which the Doctor flushed, continuing to rub the back of his head and Martha just rolled her eyes.

The Master just watched this by-play with a smirk on his face. "If nothing else it was nice to hear Gallifreyan again even if it just was a single concept that couldn't be translated to english easily. Maybe I'll keep the tests to a minimum on the Freak and let more of your pets visit, on the condition that you don't try to organize any action against me." Then the Master's expression turned cold. "If I find that you or a group of your pets have decided to work against me then I wont stop at killing 10,000 for each of them involved it will be 10,000 each for all of the human pets I have ever known you to travel with for any length of time that will be the price. Have I made myself clear?"

"But you said!" Martha protested.

"More freedoms means a harsher punishment if you cross me, my dear." The Master informed her tersely. "I suggest you don't cross me."

"I'll even give you and his other pets access to more advanced technology which you can share or not as you choose. I had also planned to let you all check up on him in person as well but if the price is to high...." The Master offered in a much lighter tone, almost playfully. "Of course it also means that if one of you cross the line to far you all loose access to him."

"Now, wait a minute." The Doctor protested, but stopped at the glare the Master sent his way. He knew that glare, it was one of the few that would stop him pushing where it came to anything that the Master was involved with.

"I am willing to allow your pets to make the inital contact with your previous companions and allow them to come and see that you are safe, but I have my limits. Don't push me Doctor, I am already conceeding far more than I had origianlly planned. I even had a special room with various types of restraints made up to contain you if need be. Do I need to use it?" The Master practically gritted out. The Doctor swallowed at his tone and shook his head no. The Master relaxed back into a normal posture and tone. "I didn't think so. My arrangement with you will be private except for possibly Hansome Jack here. This one is merely for your pets and the rest of the planet. I don't need it rising in rebellion under my feet for no good reason. Those who want a chance to return the planet to human rule or its previous state will have their say and their chance. I just plan on making it halfway amusing for them to try. Now, if there are no other protests I believe Miss. Jones has her family waiting on her." With that Martha gave her mobile's number to one of the security detail and kept looking back at the Doctor and Jack as she was escorted back to her family.

A/n: Okay its clear to me that this is going to take an odd bent here and there, along with the possibility of something extremely strange happening to upset everything. Hope you like a crazy ride!
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