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Planetary Hostage

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Planetary Hostage". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: What might have happened if The Master wasn't as troubled by the drums or hit as hard by the regeneration sickness in the "Year That Never Was" resulting with a slightly less insane Master at the helm! Goes immediately AU. Rated 18/slash for Jack Harkness

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A World Apart

A/n: The final chapter of this one....

A World Apart

They came. They came in ones and twos, threes and fours. They came in groups big and small. How the word got out and was spread across the world they wouldn't know until later and never for certain. The ark-angel network was humming with life and thought. The toclofane followed the many groups of people like curious little children but obeyed the new "Do not kill or harm unless attacked first" rule they had been given. What they found at the end of their game of 'sneak behind the humans' was a great big gathering of people in a big large open space in each major city across the globe. It was always a little toclofane who boldly got the attention of a small child and asked what was going on, and in every single city the answer was fearlessly the same, from one child to another. We're playing a game! The grown-ups want to call the Doctor-man and we get to help! No one could tell anyone else where the instructions for how to call the Doctor-man had come from; they only knew that they had only recently been told what he had done for them for so long and now they wanted to do something for him.

They started with what they had been told to start with, something that many of them wished that they had thought of. They honored the dead for the first half hour with songs of mourning and of celebration for lives lived. The planet mourned as one through the few individuals who had the courage to come to the square, or field, or courtyard, or other big open space which was used. The planet mourned its dead of all sides as a whole and as one for once. Then came the single trumpet blast at each location in perfect sync with all other locations. That is when the human race began to call for its Doctor-man. That is when the ark-angel network began to blaze, enhancing the natural low level telepathy and empathy of the human race bringing the natural human energy network to a blazing visible life!

Every single human and toclofane blazed with human life force. The Master had been about to leave their rooms to see what was going on when the human network blazed to stunning life, making Martha look like a living flame. Jack looked like a flaming brand or a fiery torch competing with his own twisted knot of artron energy that kept it anchored, but the Doctor... Oh, the Doctor didn't shine or blaze. He didn't need to. He glittered...

"So its true, you really are part human." The Master commented as he studied the phenomena.

"So are you it seems, just a bit farther back then me. Grandmother?" The Doctor noted seeing the barest glimpses of glitter in the Master's form practically obscured by his Time Lord artron energy and the suit he was wearing as he sat up in bed still in his now rather rumpled suit.

"Great-grandfather." The Master corrected absent-mindedly as he straightened his cufflinks. "Your mother then?"

"Yeah." The Doctor pondered for a moment watching the Master get ready to go and see what was going on. "Can I come and see then?"

The Master looked at him and sighed. "Might as well." He turned and walked out leaving the Doctor to follow him onto the bridge. Thankfully the two UNIT members currently on duty had decided that until the glow proved anything more than inconvenient they were going to ignore it and followed the two Time Lords onto the bridge.

Which is where Henry was waiting for them and stoically ignoring his own personal blaze ready to do his best to help Mr. Saxon with whatever needed doing. "As far as we can tell groups across the globe started gathering in the night almost simultaneously. Around nine this morning, our time, they all began their various mourning rituals, each unique to whatever region they were in. Until approximately a half hour later a trumpet sounded simultaneously at each site and they all began calling for the Doctor in one form or another." Henry recited.

The Master shot a look at the Doctor who just shook his head and said, smiling like a loon. "Don't look at me. I didn't do it. I'm not even certain how they did it. But isn't it brilliant?" To which the Master just rolled his eyes and went over the sensor readings on the pad display that Henry had handed him.

The Master scanned through the sensor readings and realized that the ark-angel communication network had acted as a psychic amplifier. The gathered humans had poured so much emotional and personal energy into the network that it forced a visible chain reaction in the naturally low level human energy network which connects all humans together. The Master growled in frustration, then sighed asking. "Do we have access to a live link up for a live news broadcast or something similar at the moment? Or did some idiot mess with the wires and monitors again?"

"Everything is in order and ready for a live transmission should you wish to issue one, sir. I also took the liberty of making certain that we could highjack any channels that were choosing to be uncooperative." Henry replied promptly.

"Good. They want to see the Doctor, so we'll let them see the Doctor. You can read them a bedtime story or something." The Master told the now beaming Doctor in exasperation. "But first I think we'll go with the collar for now." The Master continued muttering to himself as he went and searched his desk for the temporary collar he had been planning to use if the Doctor had been to difficult.

"You've already marked me I don't see any reason why I should have a tattoo, brand, or a collar." The Doctor complained but didn't try to stop the Master from searching his desk for it.

The Master looked up and glared at him pausing in his search. "A collar is an acceptable mark in most of their cultures, as are brands and tattoos. Be glad I'm not insisting on all three." This caused the Doctor to start spluttering in indignation as the Master went back to his search and the glitter adorning both of them began to glow brighter.

With a grunt and a shove the Master gave up his search. "Fine. We'll sort out the mess later. Henry, turn it on. The Doctor is going to read them a bedtime story." Hearing this Henry quickly switched on the live broadcast system and the chants quickly died down as those gathered around television sets saw that both Time Lords wore the glittering energy that blazed within them as full blooded humans.

The Doctor beamed at the camera's and waved as the Master sulked a little and leaned against the wall behind him. The Doctor was practically bouncing in place. "Hello! I'm the Doctor and I think you shouldn't do that very often. Bringing that much energy up to visible levels could hurt you. You're only human after all." The Doctor scolded gently with a fond smile. "Now then the Master who you all know better as Harold Saxon has agreed to let me read you a bedtime story since we were discussing things and haven't managed time for a kip just yet." This announcement brought a cheer from around the world and both Jack and Martha staggering slightly as they came over to the Doctor.

The Doctor frowned in concern. "What happened?"

"Whatever was making us glow did something else. We were to close to the man focus, whatever that was." Jack practically gasped out as he and Martha slumped into nearby chairs.

"Oh no. I'm sorry. I'm so very sorry. Someone thought to use the ark-angel network and have people focus on me. They didn't take into account the natural low level telepathic and empathic fields that are a part of any and every human. That's how you get human serial killers, their connection to the human main energy network is damaged. Its even more broken for human psychopaths and sociopaths." The Doctor's distress was plain for all to see.

"I'm more worried about Martha. After Rose accidentally made me immortal, well, you know. But Martha doesn't have that advantage, she's a normal human." Jack pointed out. "I even had some extra's before that mess with Rose and the Daleks on satalite 5 since I'm from the 51st century. Martha's from this century. She's a native."

"There isn't much to be done freak. Not unless she's willing to try and become a Time Lord. *snort* She'd have a better chance surviving as is. She might become crippled and overly sensitive to natural and unnatural energy spikes but she'd still have a better chance of survival if we didn't do anything." The Master pointed out as the world watched with baited breath as their actions showed with a terrible clarity they had very real consequences, even more so when the planet worked as one.

The Master watched the Doctor carefully and immediately saw when he got that particular look in his eye. "No. Not this time. I recognize that look and I'm not giving you the chance to try anything. Have you forgotten that you were seizing less than 12 hours ago?!" The Master demanded. "Try it and I'll do more than lock you up and throw away the key this time!"

"Do what?" The Doctor asked innocently.

"You know perfectly well what. You've sacrificed everything and then some for these apes! We are the last you and I. You think I don't want to save her? I bloody well accepted your adoption claim! You know perfectly well what that means." The Master accused. "The only way we might be able to manage it with even a half way decent chance is if they started up again, this time focusing on Martha transforming into a Time Lord. The psychic wave from all of this would be hitting us tremendously hard as it is if we weren't part human ourselves and if that information ever made it back to Gallifrey not only would we be put on the assassination lists, again. So would our entire lines and houses!"

"There is precedent." The Doctor told him quietly. "It isn't often spoken of and its incredibly hard to find in the archives but its there."

"Who? When? Why?" The Master demanded.

"Rassilon, his wife, and do we really care? Its not in the right shelving slot any way." The Doctor answered. "I've a copy on the Tardis. I'll show you later."

"Side effects?" The Master asked having turned back to look at Martha, who was now shivering, consideringly.

"Unlimited regenerations for you and me. For Martha? She'll have trouble not attacking and ripping apart anyone or anything that she deems a threat during this first regeneration. She'll stay Martha this time around but she'll be regenerating into herself from human into a Time Lord. She knows how much it will hurt. She saw me go back and forth once when I was trying to be nice and eventually had to finish what they had started." The Doctor sighed, earning a raised eyebrow from the Master.

"Anything else?" The Master asked knowing that the Doctor had likely left something important out for one reason or another.

"... We can only ever do it the once. It will forge a much stronger than usual bond between the four of us since we'll be using Jack as a secondary stabilizing force." The Doctor admitted. "If we ever decide to trigger the mating bond, we're all stuck with each other for eternity. Martha will be a normal Time Lord with a regular set of regenerations but Jack's situation will get tweaked a bit. He wont be able to stay dead until both of us are dead dead. That's if any of the three of us choose a mating bond with one or both of the other two. Martha will just be a normal Time Lord, well, sort of."

The planet waited with baited breath, would they be attempting to fix their blunder and witness something wonderful or would this Martha forever bear the result of their misunderstanding and mistake?

"Provided she is willing to try I don't see any reason not to." The Master agreed reluctantly. Martha grunted her agreement and the Master waved the Doctor over to him. "We need to take that bracelet off. I don't want it fried. But it goes back on as soon as we're finished, have I made myself clear?" He admonished to a bouncing Doctor that nodded vigorously never taking his eyes off of Martha. The Master just shook his head and removed the bracelet letting the Doctor rush over to Martha's side.

"Martha, Martha, you need to stay awake just a bit longer. Jack, help me mover her to that couch." The Master trailed after the Doctor and Jack as they carried Martha to the upper deck and laid her onto one of the leather couches. Henry had dutifully kept the camera's focused on them the entire time and now set them to automatic so that he could retreat to a safer location. As the men took positions around Martha, the world waited for its instructions, ready to help.

"Now we just need the humans to focus on the transformation and to stop when we tell them." The Master commented dryly. "Do you think that they can obey something so simple?"

"You'd be surprised at what they can do." The Doctor told him mysteriously causing the Master's eyes to narrow.

"What side effect haven't you mentioned?" He demanded.

"Doing this will reintegrated us with normal time. Dissolving the paradox, repairing the Tardis, sort of, and finish saving Martha. Everyone will keep their memories along side of the memories of the normal events that happened if the paradox hadn't occurred and the toclofane will be sent home." The Doctor told him softly.

The Master grunted. "Well that explains how Rassilon managed to make it so that we still have our history as Gallifreyans but that we have also always been Time Lords. *sigh* Fine. We'll call this a win for you, again, and leave in the Tardis. Together."

The Doctor nodded his thanks, then nodded at Jack to start directing the power flow from the planet below.

"Alright!" Jack called out. "Lets get this show on the road! Start thinking of Martha turning into a Time Lady. I'll tell you when to stop. If you hear the Doc shouting then you really need to stop." Jack explained. "All you people have to do is wish, hope, dream, of Martha being a Time Lady until we tell you to stop. Now start!"

With those words the earth and all of its people started to think, wish, hope, and dream of Martha coming out of this as a Time Lady. This lasted for nearly an hour with energy flares acting almost like a visible heartbeat throughout the human network going off every 2-5 minutes. Then Jack called a halt. Martha had risen into the air in a glowing cocoon of light and as the light fell away certain differences were clear. Her muscle mass was more defined and toned. She was slimmer and had a slightly paler complexion. As she floated toward the floor on the remaining ribbons of power from her cocoon both the Doctor and the Master clearly exhausted caught her and gingerly lowered her to the couch once more.

The Doctor turned to the cameras and said sincerely. "Thank you. You were all brilliant! I'll have to read you all as story another night. I'm knackered. *yawn* G'dnight!" With that Henry switched off the cameras causing the screens which had held the unforgettable drama to go dark, and a moment later a cheer was heard across the globe. They had done something that no one else ever had, and they had done it together with one of their greatest protectors at their side.

for now...

A/n: I'm likely going to continue this so if you wanted it to go further don't despair!

The End

You have reached the end of "Planetary Hostage". This story is complete.

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