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Planetary Hostage

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Planetary Hostage". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: What might have happened if The Master wasn't as troubled by the drums or hit as hard by the regeneration sickness in the "Year That Never Was" resulting with a slightly less insane Master at the helm! Goes immediately AU. Rated 18/slash for Jack Harkness

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > GeneralGenukaFR18515,149382,9129 Sep 1227 Sep 12Yes

Planetary Hostage

A/n: Had the incredible urge to write some Doctor Who. This involves the Master(Simm), the Doctor(10[pin stripe suit/David Tennant]), as well as some random spoilers for the Last of the Time Lords ep, it goes almost immediately AU. Cheers!

Disclaimer: I don't own Doctor Who/Torchwood. I rather wish that I did.... but no copyright infringement is intended. I'm just playing with the characters.

Planetary Hostage

Harold Saxon was quite pleased with the set up he'd worked out, so pleased in fact that he was going to issue the challenge before triggering the paradox. The Doctor would never know what had hit him; And if he was smart about it, the Doctor would get his own unspoken wish and even manage to preserve some of those worthless apes he had such a liking for. Harold Saxon or rather the Master would get what he wanted too. The Doctor. The Doctor would finally be his without any way to escape or wriggle out of his clutches. The sheer thought of finally having the Doctor at his complete mercy was thrilling. He could even get rid of the wife if everything worked out but until he was certain that he either didn't need the backup plan or could choose another for the imprimatur trigger he'd have to keep her around and relatively intact. One of his employees, a young man of average height and build with dark hair in a suit, approached with something for him to sign, he glanced over it and signed after seeing that it was a requisition order for some of the more interesting and specialized restraints.

"Have that sent to the special larger room. We wouldn't want to be unprepared if he actually shows up, now would we?" Harold asked with a genial smile.

"No sir, we wouldn't." The employee agreed unfazed. "Sir? We've received confirmation from Torchwood that Mr. Harkness has returned to the area. It doesn't appear that they've noticed the physical similarity between you and the fugitive they seek, yet."

"Thank you. I'm just glad that we stumbled across that old photo of him and the evidence of plastic surgery. It wouldn't have done either side any good for their hand to be tipped too early now would it?" Saxon smirked, then ordered. "Issue the invitation to the Alien contact in the morning and make certain that they get the invitations that I wrote personally. I doubt very much that they wont overreact without the guidelines that I provided; And Henry? Make certain that they have appropriate transportation. We wouldn't want them to be late now would we?"

Henry nodded and went to send out the invitations to several known defenders of not only England but the planet as well. Sir Doctor of TARDIS, Captain Jack Harkness, Miss Martha Jones and family, and the Torchwood 3 team. Henry made certain that they had the best security and escort he could manage as well as the best transport to the first contact attempt. Of course only Sir Doctor, Captain Harkness, and Miss Jones had been cleared to actually be in the room when the attempt was made but his employer knew what he was doing. He was the British Prime Minister for a reason after all.

The next morning....

"We want our master!" declared the Toclofane.

"Oh, alright! I'm right here." Saxon stepped forward.

"But, but..." the American President spluttered.

"You bore me and quite frankly the way you've destroyed you're own people disgusts me you stupid apes!" With that Harold Saxon shot the American President.

"No!" The Doctor shouted lunging forward trying to stop what had already happened as both Jack and Martha held him back. Their ^personal security detail^, stopped them from moving forward any way, would have likely taken the Doctor to his knees if they had grabbed him instead of his companions. "You didn't need to do that." He told his old friend and oldest enemy sadly.

"Actually I did, but I also just wanted to. I've been to long playing the goody goody and waiting on you to get back from where I'd left you." Saxon smirked, as he came down the steps on the Valiant's bridge to stand in front of the Doctor and his companions. "Killing him proved to these worthless apes that I'm serious about what I'm going to do and it also reminded ^you^ that I'm not some simple little tyrant or overlord to confuse or talk into submission." He stopped smiling then, and demanded. "Say my name; Say my name and the body count during my first proof of planetary ownership wont include children."

The Doctor looked pained and bowed his head but whispered. "Master."

"I can't hear you." The Master sing-songed. "Say it!"

The Doctor looked back up into the Master's eyes with fury blazing in his own as his friends still restrained him and said clearly enough that the camera's and sound equipment could all pick it up. "Master. There I've said it."

"Yes, yes you did." The Master agreed. "Doctor, this planet is now mine and there is nothing that you or any of your human pets can do about it. If you surrender to me and they behave I'll keep the death toll to a reasonable level. However if you or any of your pets work against me the entire planet will pay the price. For each act of defiance ten thousand will die. Have I made myself clear?"

The Doctor was pale by now but he nodded and his shoulders slumped as both Martha and Jack held him and were wearing expressions of pure horror.

"Well? What's your answer?" The Master asked, truly curious to see if the Doctor thought he could win in one move and would risk the slaughter of ten thousand humans on the off chance that he could not only stop the Master but also any contingency plans he had.

"My friends and their families go free." The Doctor insisted.

"Yes, they will all go free. The deaths would only happen if they worked against me. I'd rather have them working for me but," he shrugged. "Of course unless the apes are willing to be reasonable about it there will be deaths any way."

"I never was able to beat you for long, was I? I'm not even sure any more what turned our friendship in school into us constantly trying to kill each other." The Doctor sighed, then with a resigned nod. "Alright. I'd kneel as is traditional but I don't think that Martha or Jack would let go long enough to let me, if they could help it."

"Soon they won't have a choice." The Master said in satisfaction.

"Master! Master! Master! Can the others come through and play now?" begged the Toclofane. "Can we split the sky?"

With some amusement the Master turned back to them. "Of course we can." He told them indulgently and nodded at Henry who obediently went through the sequence he'd been taught and triggered the paradox, ripping open Earth's sky's, allowing the Toclofane to flow through the rift.

"Remember all of the plans we talked about?" The Master asked the happily bobbing Toclofane.

"Yes, Master! Which game will we play?" The Toclofane asked eagerly.

"I think that we'll play one of the harder games. Go, isolate and collect all of the planet's leaders and their advisers with as little damage to the humans as possible. If someone shoots at you then you can kill them any way you want." The Master cheerfully informed them. "Have fun!" The Toclofane disappeared gleefully to their game.

The Doctor breathed a sigh of relief. "Well, that could have gone alot worse." He muttered drawing the Master's attention back to their group.

"If you're that keen on keeping at least one of your pets I suppose that you could keep the freak, but the others are just a bit on the fragile side and the pet I picked up would get jelous of them; too many females fighting for dominance." The Master told him with a shake of his head. "Now that I have one, I'm beginning to understand why you were always upset whenever I took them away from you, or tried to kill them or break them. They take far to much effort to care for and train. Its a wonder that you could manage with not only more than one but with them always asking questions and getting into inconvenient places."

The Doctor just shrugged and mumbled. "I'd rather you just let them all go, and can we turn off the camera's? I don't really see the point of showing them the rest of this mess."

The Master glanced at where the cameras and such were still transmitting a live feed. "I don't see any reason to. You've been defending this lot for centuries. I've even made a few half-hearted attempts against earth just to get your bloody attention. All you could ever talk about, even in school, was ^humans this^ and ^earth that^. How many regenerations have you wasted on these stupid apes?" He demanded angrily.

The Doctor muttered something inaudible, but at the Master's dark glare he cleared his throat and admitted almost sheepishly. "So far? All of them. There has been either a human or Earth its self involved or nearby for every single regeneration I've ever had. In case you hadn't guessed this is my 10th body. I'd rather not loose any more of them. We only get a total of 13 any way."

Hearing this the Master got very angry. "You know perfectly well that there are ways of adding regenerations. Just as there are ways of adding years to each regeneration." He practically snarled at the Doctor.

"None that I would care to use." The Doctor told him coldly standing straight, still held by his friends but more now for comfort than for restraint. "None that you can make me use either."

"Are you really willing to push me on this and find out?" The Master demanded.

The Doctor looked to the side and with a false cheerfulness told him. "Well since I still have a few bodies to go it isn't an issue, now is it?"

"Fine. We'll discuss it later." The Master said with a soft growl. "Is the freak staying or going?"

"Staying." Jack said firmly at the same time as the Doctor said "Going." The two looked at each-other with stubbornness etched into each line of their faces.

The Master smirked and had an idea. "Doctor?" He said almost softly. "Have you considered the fact that I need to be certain who each of your previous traveling companions were and where they are now so that I can assign them a security detail?"

The Doctor's head whipped around to stare at the Master in incredulity. "Why would they need a security detail unless you're planning on doing something evil, as usual." The Doctor accused.

"Oh Doctor, I'm always doing something evil. Right now I have you. You're pets aren't much of a threat but that isn't how some of the humans will see it though, is it?" The Master prodded almost gently.

The Master just loved how expressive this Doctor's face was. He could easily see the confusion as it eventually gave way to understanding and then concern. "Oh. Oh no. Nnnnnnnno. They can't be. They wouldn't hurt..." The Doctor stammered, refusing to believe the logic of the situation and his own conclusions.

"They can and they would. How many have you had to bury along your travels because of either a situation similar to this or because someone didn't understand?" The Master asked coldly. "I know perfectly well how you and your other pets will respond to this. I've used it often enough to trap you and nearly break you. The security details are more for my convenience than for their safety; Dealing with the fallout is something I'd be willing to slaughter an entire country over, perhaps even the planet. So I suggest that they not only come forward but that you tell me who and where they are. I'm not naive enough to think that you didn't collect and loose more since the last time we fought."

The Doctor looked at the camera's and the now pale camera operators and then back at the Master. "You wont hurt them?" He asked nervously.

The Master snorted. "They hold little appeal or interest for me, except for maybe the freak. I'll even let you visit them." He conceded.

"Why are the camera's really still on?" Martha asked suspiciously, finally speaking up, having pinpointed the thing that had been nagging at her mind, keeping her quiet.

"Well, well, well, there is a mind behind that pretty face." The Master said with some small surprise and decided to oblige her with an explanation. "Most of the times that we clashed while on earth our... disagreements were kept in the shadows by either the fact that we didn't bother to publize or by the local government. The fallout, on the other hand, tended to make the newsheets; Some company suddenly going bankrupt or a sudden collapse of one ancient site or another, people who had disappeared suddenly being returned or someone disappearing in a less than normal fashion, some of the effects where from what I did and some where from what the Doctor did. I never particularly cared one way or the other how many of your primitive race was killed or helped in whatever I was doing, but the Doctor is a bit more sentimental. I always found it strange for instance that so many other races found such a backwater planet so appealing for one reason or another and that so many fixed points seem to appear here. By the way that dent that you put into the 1960's is still causing trouble." He told the Doctor pointedly.

The Doctor winced and nodded his head sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck. "I know it's knocked me off course a couple of times. By the way how are you supporting the paradox? I know that I saw evidence possibly leading to the Toclofane when you were still Professor Yana."

"I used your battered old Type 40..." The Master started.

"WHAT?! How could you do that?! You know perfectly well how much that would hurt her! Where is she? We have to get that, that, thing out of her!" The Doctor was practically hyperventilating in his panic and worry.

"If you would let me finish?" The Master told him pointedly forcing the Doctor to focus on him. "I'll explain." Seeing that the Doctor was calming down a bit and paying attention he continued. "As I was saying, I used your TARDIS to make the paradox machine since the materials and fuel supply wasn't otherwise available and you fused the transfer coordinate circuits as I was leaving so I could only go where you'd last been or come straight back to you. As I wasn't particularly keen on that and I knew you had the freak's vortex manipulator so I wasn't particularly worried you wouldn't be able to get out of there." He informed the Doctor with little concern

"If, on the other hand, you help me keep the paradox in progress and move it safely out of the TARDIS complete with something else to fuel it than the TARDIS' systems, then we'll disconnect her from it. Not before. And don't any of you go getting any ideas about breaking the paradox. It wont help you." The Master offered, knowing that the Doctor would feel conflicted over working with him, keeping the paradox intact or trying to destroy it, and rescuing his beloved ship.

The Master turned to face the camera's this time speaking to the whole planet not just the Doctor, Jack, and Martha. "If I get what I want, with little fuss I'm willing to consider leaving and breaking the paradox literally returning everything to how it was just before the sky opened and the Toclofane joined our little party. Or if you want this to become undo-able I will listen to a petition from your planet when the time comes. Either way, the Doctor is mine! So don't go expecting him to save you this time." He turned to the camera men and told them. "Make certain that last bit plays across this backwater for the next three days and turn those things off. The teleport room is a straight shot down the left hand corridor. Don't go snooping or you wont be leaving alive." They nodded and quickly took their equipment and filed out.

A/n: So good? Bad? Continue? Ignore musey?
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