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The Scholar

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Summary: ..the briefing room door opened, admitting an old man with pure white hair that fell half-way down his slightly-stooped back and a beard that came down to his waist and clutched a tall wooden walking stick...

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Stargate > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories
Television > Merlin
morenaFR72641,1821020855,9259 Sep 1212 Feb 13Yes

Chapter 14

Hey everyone, here's the next chapter for you! As I know I mentioned to a few people in review responses, I had originally hoped to post a second one this week (mostly because they're directly related), but my week is turning out to be really busy - in a good way for the most part - so I'm not sure I'll have time for the second update. I promise to try, though. In the meantime, thank you all for your support.

Betaed by theGlaistig.

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the crazy idea to stick these two lovely show into a mental blender and see what came out.

The Scholar
Chapter 14

Wordcount: 980

It was Tuesday and SG-9 was returning to P9H678, where they'd found two artifacts with Druidic runes. Merlin was fairly certain both artifacts (which looked a bit like chunks of smoothed-down, engraved stone), were parts of an altar of some sort. As Druids only rarely actually built things like altars, this had made Merlin very curious indeed.

That, and the faint traces of magic he could feel coming from the stone.

“I still don't get what you think you'll find on this planet, Doc,” Colonel Goodman said as Merlin joined the team waiting in front of the gate. “Those were the only stones with anything interesting on them and no signs of human life otherwise.”

Merlin snorted.

“I read your report, colonel,” he said. “You studied the area around the field. Druids live in forests. Of course you didn't come across any. Though, I dare say they likely knew you were there.”

Daniel had come to see him off on his first trip through the gate. Merlin waved to him with a grin, before stomping up the ramp, his walking stick making a rather satisfying 'klunk' against the metal. The journey itself felt a bit like one of his transportation spells, except for not having any control over the direction he was going in – like those rollercoaster contraptions Merlin had never understood the point of.

He walked out on the other side of the gate and took a deep breath, letting his magic expand out into his new surroundings. As he'd hoped, there was definitely magic in the soil.

He observed the two stone pillars standing on either side of the gate. There were no visible markings on them anywhere, but Merlin could see the magical inscriptions hidden from sight. They were wards, designed to alert of trespassers. Oh yes, the druids had certainly known of SG-9's presence.

As he stretched his magic, he could feel other magics reach out and brush at it. He grinned. There were druids still living here, and close by at that. He scanned the treeline, thinking.

“Ah, yes,” he finally announced with a wide grin. “I think this way would be best.”

And then, holding his staff high as he walked (so that it wouldn't sink too much into the soft earth), he strode purposefully towards a particularly gnarled old oak tree.

“Hey, woah, hold on there, Doc,” Colonel Goodman ran ahead of Merlin in order to stop him in his tracks. “This is an alien planet. You can't just go dashing off before we've secured the perimeter. It could be danger-”

“Nonsense, young man, the druids are peaceful folk.” He slid around the colonel and continued on, waving his staff for emphasis. “Don't worry, if anything tries to eat you, I'll protect you!”

“I told you that walking stick of his is some sort of weapon,” one of the lieutenants muttered.

Colonel Goodman growled in irritation as he swung around to follow the scholar.

“Doctor Hunith- oomph!”

“Do watch where you're going, colonel.”

Goodman glared up at the old man, who'd stopped abruptly with his walking stick precisely in the way of the colonel's boot. Merlin ignored him, staring intently at the treeline.

“And the rest of you, put your weapons down,” he said. “As I've said before: they're peaceful people.”

“Who's peaceful?” Goodman asked, scrambling to his feet, following Merlin's gaze to the treeline. “Woah!”

Merlin had felt them coming, but now the first of them were finally visible. Their dark brown cloaks hid them amongst the shadows of the trees, making their faces appear as pale spectres in contrast. Merlin pulled back his magic and bowed in greeting.

Several of the elders stepped forward, out of the shadows of the forest and bowed to him as well.

You are... Are you Emrys?

Merlin felt the voice in his head and smiled.

Yes, I am. But I am not known by that name anymore. Please don't call me that.

More druids appeared from out of the forest: children as well as adults. There was a sort of awe in their faces.

We thought we had missed your coming when the Morrigen took us away from Albion and brought us here. That the time of the Once and Future King had passed without us.

Merlin sighed.

Yes, Albion's high king did rule long ago. But his time will come again. Soon.

The surprise on the elder's face quickly turned to joy.

“Welcome, friends, to the Forest of Albion,” he said with a friendly smile. “I am Elowan. Please, come join us for our midday meal.”

“Thank you, Elowan,” said Merlin with a similar smile. “My name is Merlin. This is Colonel Goodman. We would be honoured to join you.”

Having said that much for show, he swiftly followed the druids into the forest, ignoring the grumbling soldier as he stomped after them.

“Yes, sir, understood, sir,” said Goodman to the MALP, looking worried.

“What is it?” Merlin demanded angrily. “Don't tell me O'Neill has suddenly created some sort of emergency for which we have to return?”

Goodman scowled at him.

“The SGC's under lockdown,” he said. “No one in or out 'till it's lifted.”


“What's going on, sir?” his second-in-command asked.

“Apparently Anubis isn't as dead as we'd like him to be.”

Merlin frowned, his eyes darting to the stargate a few times before shaking his head.

“I'm sure they'll manage without us,” he declared. His eyes lit up with glee. “In the meantime, there's plenty of herbs to pick and stories to hear and, oh! Since we've got the time now, I'm told there's this shrine deeper in the woods by a waterfall we should visit!”

Goodman watched Hunithson hurry off with a resigned sigh.

Yep, we're now at the beginning of season 8. And, sorry, but there will be no Merlin vs. Anubis showdown. It would change SG1 cannon too much and I really don't want to do that. Thanks for reading!
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