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The Scholar

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Summary: ..the briefing room door opened, admitting an old man with pure white hair that fell half-way down his slightly-stooped back and a beard that came down to his waist and clutched a tall wooden walking stick...

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Stargate > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories
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morenaFR72641,1821020855,9259 Sep 1212 Feb 13Yes

Chapter 16

Dear gods, how is it December already? I don't get it, I really don't. Anyway, here's this week's chapter - not one of my favourites, but I had a lot of fun writing the opening bit. Thanks to everyone, who reviewed the last chapter!

Betaed by theGlaistig.

Disclaimer: I don't own Stargate: SG1, Merlin or Lady Gaga.

The Scholar
Chapter 16

Wordcount: 993

“Daniel, stop whining!”

“I am not whining!”

“Yes, you are!”

“Well, Jack, if I am whining then it's all your fault to begin with.”

“Now you're just being childish!”

“Fine! I'll just go and take my whiney, childish self home and out of your presence!”

“Ah ah, oh no you don't! Nice try Daniel, but nope, not gonna happen. You're going suit shopping with me and you're going to like it!”

Daniel snorted. “I don't see why. You don't need a suit; you'll be wearing your dress uniform to meet the president.”

“Because you need one.”

“There's nothing wrong with the one I own.”

“Yes, there is. Carter said so.”

“Jack, Sam's an astrophysicist, who wears BDUs more often than jeans, not a fashionista.”

“She's also a woman and women usually know these things.”

“I seriously hope you don't need me to tell you just how ridiculous that argument is.”

“Would saying 'no' stop you?”

“Only if it's accompanied by a 'you're right, Daniel, you can leave this shameful den of unapologetic consumerism and go home'.”

“Since when do you have a problem with consumerism?”

“I generally don't... unless someone drags me to a mall against my will.”

“You know, on a scale of one to one hundred of worst places you've ever been dragged to against your will, I'm not sure a mall even places in the top nineties. Unless you've been developing some new kinks I'd rather remain oblivious to.”

“Yes. Would you like to hear all about them?”

“Uh... hey, is that, who I think it is?”

“Smooth subject changing, O'Neill, really subtle that was.”

Jack rolled his eyes as he stopped walking. “No, seriously, over there, in the music store.”

Daniel looked to the music store in question with a frown. It was a little difficult to get a clear look inside as people kept walking across his field of vision on their way around the mall. He scanned the scatterings of people inside for anyone vaguely familiar, until his eyes spotted a young man with short, dark hair studying the back of a CD.

“Oh,” said Daniel. “Isn't that Merlin's nephew?”

“Yup, apparently it is. Guess he's visiting again.”

Daniel didn't respond as he was already weaving his way through the throngs of shoppers towards the music store. Jack followed.

Merlin, meanwhile, had no idea he'd been spotted. He was busy deciding whether the CD in his hand was something worth knowing about. Modern music confused him. The days of minstrels and long ballads depicting grand love and great battles were long gone and he often found he missed them. Music made sense then.

He sighed wistfully. Really, what sort of a name was Lady Gaga anyway?

He slid the CD back onto the rack. Maybe some of that reggae...

“Well, hello there, visiting your uncle again, are you?” a voice said from behind him.

Merlin cursed inwardly as he turned around, blinking innocently at the general. He noticed Daniel give his friend a warning glare.

“Oh, hello,” he said. “You, uh, work with my uncle, right?”

“Yes, we do,” said Daniel, smiling at him pleasantly. “We never did get a chance from proper introductions the last time we met.” He stuck his hand out for Merlin to shake. “I'm Daniel and this is Jack.”

Merlin shook Daniel's hand.

“It's nice to meet you Daniel, Jack,” he said and then picked a random Knight of the Round Table. “I'm Percival.”

“Nice to meet you, Percy,” said Jack. “So you visiting again?”

“Yes, I am.”

Merlin smiled widely – it was what Arthur always called his 'idiot manservant smile'. Jack frowned in irritation. Inwardly, Merlin tried to come up with a good reason for him to leave quickly. He'd been playing the role of an old man for too long (though, technically speaking, he really was an old man even if he didn't always look like one). And if anyone non-magical could figure out there was something more than a familial connection between the uncle and nephew, it was Daniel Jackson.

All they'd need to confirm it was a single hair; he knew that much about modern science. At least he'd watched enough television to know that much about modern science.

As Jack and Daniel continued to ask him questions, Merlin wracked his brain to come up with an excuse to leave. His eyes swept the music store until inspiration finally hit. It was a bit flashier than he would've liked, but he wasn't about to be picky.

He used the moment when he moved aside to let someone else pass by him to lower his eyes and whisper a spell under his breath.

Jack was beginning to get really irritated with the kid. If he didn't know better, he'd say he was dodging their questions – and Jack wasn't entirely sure he did know better. When asked, Hunithson had acknowledged Percy here was his nephew, but other than that had said very little on the subject. Including his name, apparently, since not even Daniel seemed to have known it.

Was the kid James Bond Jr. or something?

The sudden screech of the fire alarm jolted Jack out of his thoughts. Beside him, Daniel jumped a bit as well.

“Oh,” said Percy. He then shrugged apologetically. “I suppose that means we should leave.”

He then smiled and walked around them to leave the store. Jack's eyes narrowed and he followed him, knowing Daniel would be right behind. Percy was several steps ahead of them, casually walking amongst the throng of people on their way to the mall entrance.

Until, suddenly, he was no longer just ahead of them. He was nowhere.

The next day, Jack requested a check done on Doctor Hunithson's nephew.

Well, I hope that amused. See you all next week! Please review. =D
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