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The Scholar

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Summary: ..the briefing room door opened, admitting an old man with pure white hair that fell half-way down his slightly-stooped back and a beard that came down to his waist and clutched a tall wooden walking stick...

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Stargate > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories
Television > Merlin
morenaFR72641,1821020855,9649 Sep 1212 Feb 13Yes

Chapter 21

Hey everyone! From this chapter onward we are entering the realm of PLOT. No more stopping, no more passing GO, no more $200 bonuses (wait, hang on, maybe I need to rethink this...). Thanks to everyone who read the last chapter, and again to everyone who reviewed! I am super excited about this chapter and everything that comes after it, so I really hope it makes you excited too. ;P

Betaed by the lovely theGlaistig

Disclaimer: I don't own anything in this chapter except for the idea to stick characters in where they don't belong.

The Scholar
Chapter 21

Wordcount: 996

Daniel stared down at the newspaper in horror. Anubis was planning to destroy all life in the galaxy?!

He looked up from his stool, at the diner that wasn't a diner. The heavy-set man, who'd given him the newspaper had left and now he was once again back to being ignored by everyone. Except for Oma Desala, who set a fresh cup of coffee in front of him with an apologetic smile and flitted off before he could say a word.

Daniel looked down at his coffee and ran a hand through his hair with a frustrated sigh.

Behind him, the bell over the door jingled.

Daniel took a sip of his coffee. He looked over to try and catch Oma's eye... only to see her looking at something behind him with wide-eyed shock. It took him mere seconds to realize the people she'd been serving were also watching the new arrival.

Daniel turned around in his stool in time to watch a blond man wearing chainmail and a sword at his hip walk up to the counter and swing his bright red cloak to one side as he sat down onto the stool next to him.

“A tankard of mead, if you please,” he called out to Oma Desala with a British accent.

Daniel frowned.

“Uh, I'm afraid they probably don't serve mead here,” he said tentatively.

The man glanced at Daniel.

“Nonsense, what sort of proper establishment doesn't serve mead?” he said. Moments later, Oma placed a full wooden tankard in front of him. “Aaah, there, you see?”

The man removed raised the tankard in Daniel's direction.

“To your health, Doctor Jackson,” he said.

Daniel blinked.

“You know who I am.”

“Of course.”

The man took a deep drink of the mead. In the meantime, Daniel couldn't help but notice the knight had attracted the attention of nearly everyone in the diner.

“I came here to meet you, after all,” the man suddenly continued.

Daniel chocked on the coffee he'd just taken a sip of. When he finally managed to stop coughing, he fixed a glare on the smug, grinning man.

“You did that on purpose, you ass,” he said.

The man snorted.

“I did not. It's not my fault you can't drink properly.”

Daniel shook his head.

“So why exactly did you come to meet me?” he asked. “I don't suppose you're here to help defeat Anubis?”

“Ah, as much as I would love to help with that battle, no. I can't help with it from where I am and I can't leave until it's time. Until I'm needed.”

“What do you mean, 'where I am'? Aren't you an ascended too, just like everyone else here? Well, everyone except for me, obviously.”

The blond man glared angrily at Daniel.

“Don't mistake me for these cowards!” he spat before taking another drink of his mead.

Daniel jumped when he slammed the tankard down onto the counter.

“They decided to run away from their destiny and now they are paying the price. For every choice there is a price, Doctor Jackson. Where I and many others have found eternal peace, they cannot. I may come and go from this plane, but they are unable to follow me into the mists. For all their so-called enlightenment, they cannot see the way.”

He took one last drink, tipping the tankard practically upside-down in order to catch the very last drop. Then he placed it down and pushed it away from him. Oma Desala was immediately there to clear it away. The knight's eyes remained on her.

“Anubis shouldn't even be your battle.”

“What do you mean?” Daniel asked with a frown.

The man shook his head dismissively and then stood.

“It was an honour to meet you, Doctor Jackson, though I'm not sure if you'll remember me. You and your friends have paved a path to the future. Your price will be to see the world's darkest hour. But remember that a single ray of hope shines even in the deepest darkness.”

Daniel stared at him.

“You know, you kinda sound a lot like them,” he said.

The knight threw his head back and laughed.

“'Till we meet again, Doctor Jackson,” he said.

Daniel watched him as he walked to the door. Hand on the knob, he paused and turned back to Daniel with a smile.

“Oh, and please tell the idiot sorcerer of mine I'll be seeing him soon.”

With those as his parting words, the man opened the door and walked into the mist that came out to meet him.

Merlin had to push his way past SG-1 in order to visit Daniel in the infirmary. He'd been reasonably certain the man hadn't been dead, but it was nice to have these things confirmed.

“Daniel!” he exclaimed with a wide smile. “It's good to see you alive and irritating the hospital staff already!”

Daniel rolled his eyes.

“I haven't been here that long,” he said, before continuing in a slightly louder voice. “Nor will I be here long enough for it to happen.”

“I'll be the judge of that, Doctor Jackson,” Doctor Brightman answered promptly

“You were dead, Danny-boy, so no rushing the doctor,” said Jack with a happy grin.

Daniel suddenly frowned.

“There was someone...” he began and the furrows over his brow deepened. “A man with blond hair and a sword... I think I'm supposed to give someone a message, but I can't remember...”

Merlin placed a hand on Daniel's forearm.

“Don't worry, my boy,” he said, a watery twinkle in his eyes. “You already have.”

Merlin knew he was leaving behind more fuel for the general's inquisitive fire as he left the infirmary, but the joy that suddenly gripped his heart was as sharp as a sword forged in dragon flames.

Author's Notes: The main bulk of this chapter takes place during Season 8 Episode 18: Threads. For anyone, who doesn't remember, it's where Daniel was stuck inbetween being Ascended and dead after Replicator Carter killed him and then the ship blew up. And what exactly does it say about your show when the words "it's after this character dies" need specifying?

Thanks for reading! See you all next week!
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