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Freedom in the Galaxy.

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Summary: “DIE REBEL SCUM!” Buffy cried as her lightsabre lopped off arms, legs and heads. Only last Tuesday in a galaxy relatively close to our own, three heroes struggled to save the Empire and ensure that there would truly be ‘Freedom in the Galaxy’.

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Star Wars > Buffy-Centered(Recent Donor)DaveTurnerFR151437,155715914,61112 Sep 125 Oct 12Yes

Chapter One

Freedom in the Galaxy.
By Dave Turner.

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or ‘Star Wars IV: A New Hope’ which was written and directed by George Lucas. I write these stories for fun not profit.

Crossover: Star Wars IV, A New Hope.

Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar: Written in glorious English-English which is different to American-English.

Timeline: Buffyverse, post season 5, Star Wars Episode Four.

Words: Fourteen Chapters each of 2500+ words.

Warnings: ‘Mind what you’re doing with that lightsabre would you!?’

Summary: “DIE REBEL SCUM!” Buffy cried as her lightsabre lopped off arms, legs and heads. Only last Tuesday in a galaxy relatively close to our own, three heroes struggled to save the Empire and ensure that there would truly be ‘Freedom in the Galaxy’.



They say that history is written by the victors; however, this isn’t always true. Sometimes history is written by the losers who later convince everyone that they actually won. By re-writing history the Rebel Alliance convinced later generations that they had in fact won the Rebellion against the Old Empire and they were the ones that caused the founding of the New Republic and the Age of Enlightenment in which we all now live.

I hope that this story will go some small way in setting the record straight and hopefully shed some light on those who were the real heroes of that failed rebellion.


High above the desert planet of Tatooine dazzling beams of energy flashed with eye watering brightness against deflector screens as two starships fought for dominance. The smaller ship fought to escape its pursuer. The huge, white, spearhead shaped vessel fought to catch and hold its target. On the bridge of the larger craft an officer hesitantly approached the menacing, black clad figure whose malignant presence dominated the entire bridge.

“M-My Lord?” The officer coughed quietly in an attempt to attract the attention of the ominous figure.

“Hmmm?” Wheezed the black clad form as he turned his helmeted head to stare unblinkingly at the officer, “Sorry, I was miles away…”

“My Lord…” continued the officer regaining a little confidence as he hadn’t been immediately cut down for interrupting the Dark Lord’s meditations.

“Spit it out man,” the Dark Lord’s breath mask made him sound like a deep sea diver with asthma, “I haven’t got all day.”

“…yes My Lord,” the officer tried to swallow the large lump that had suddenly appeared in his throat, “we will shortly overhaul the rebel ship, what are your orders?”

“Oh! Jolly good,” the Dark Lord replied, his voice growing lighter at the news, “just disable their engines I don’t want that ship destroyed.” The ominously dressed figure paused for a moment before adding, “Once you’ve disabled the engines bring the craft into the docking bay so she can be boarded.”

“Yes My Lord!” the officer replied as he stood to, ramrod straight, attention.

“Oh do relax,” sighed the dark presence, “we’re not on parade in the Emperor’s audience chamber, you know.” Pausing for a moment to see if the officer would in fact relax, the Dark Lord sighed when the officer remained at attention, “Oh well, have it your own way…I’m going down to the docking bay to supervise the boarding, call me there if you need me for anything, will you?”

“O-Of course, M-My Lord,” replied the officer slightly confused by the Dark Lord’s unusually relaxed demeanour.

“Jolly good then,” the malevolent spectre added before he turned away from the puzzled officer and swept towards the transport tube, his black cloak billowing out behind him.

Stepping into the transport tube, the Dark Lord was just about to tell the robotic transport capsule where he wanted to go, when he noticed that his cloak had been trapped in the door.

“Bugger,” he sighed as he tugged at the trapped material; it wouldn’t budge, “Oh bother,” he sighed yet again as he realised he’d have to open the door to free his cloak from the door. “Computer, open the door would you?” with a swish the door opened freeing the cloak. Glancing up at all the faces of the bridge crew that were turned towards him the Dark Lord shrugged his shoulders as if to say, ‘Well, what do you expect?’ before telling the computer to close the door and take him to the docking bay.


Down in the docking bay a short figure dressed in white battle armour elbowed her way between the members of the boarding party. The Colonel felt like she was walking along a deep, white walled trench as all the stormtroopers were a good foot or more taller than herself.

“Come on guys,” she called plaintively, “boss lady coming through here!”

Stepping to one side the stormtroopers made a corridor for the Colonel to pass along. Almost like a cork popping from a bottle the officer broke free of the ranks of white armoured stormtroopers and stood in the clear space just in front of the airlock door. Turning to face the expectant troopers the Colonel gave the impression of straightening her armour before addressing her troops.

“Right guys,” the friendly grin she beamed at her men was totally lost on them as she was still wearing her helmet, “I’ll totally be leading the assault today and this is what we’re gonna do…” Taking a deep breath the short officer explained her plan; she’d been reading up on how to assault starships and she was justifiably proud of the tactics she’d devised for the attack. “First these guys,” the Colonel gestured to the two troopers who were holding explosive frame charges, “will blow in the ‘bad-fella’s’ airlock doors. Then we throw the stun grenades through the hole and…we…” the Colonel’s voice ground slowly to a halt as her plan wasn’t met with the unqualified adulation she’d expected, “What’s wrong?” she demanded.

The Colonel had noticed the furtive looks passed between troopers and their shuffling feet.

“Hey, are you guys trying to tell me we totally haven’t got any stun grenades?” the Colonel’s question was met by even more feet shuffling as the troopers looked almost anywhere but directly at the diminutive officer. “Oh, come on guys!” cried the Colonel in frustration, “You totally can’t do an airlock assault without stun grenades! I mean,” she pleaded, “what were you going to do? Go in there with, like, guns blazing?”

There were nods and a few self-conscious ‘yes Mate’s’ and ‘it’s what we normally do’s’ from the boarding party.

“Okay,” the Colonel placed her small armoured fists on her shapely armoured hips, “we’re not going anywhere until we have stun grenades, right here,” she pointed at the deck between her armoured feet, “right now, okay?”

A squad leader hurriedly detailed a couple of troopers to run to the nearest armoury and draw a box of stun grenades.

“Thank-you,” said the Colonel with just a hint of sarcasm, “now where was I?” The Colonel stared at the bulkhead for a moment, “Oh yeah, right,” having collected her thoughts she continued with her explanation, “once we’ve got the airlock door open and any defenders are stunned you follow me through the door and…”

“TEN-HUT!” cried a voice from the rear ranks as the door to the nearby transport tube swished open.

Stepping out of the tube the dark, malevolent presence of the Dark Lord walked into the compartment and acknowledged the salutes of the boarding party.

“Thank-you…erm, jolly good,” the Dark Lord seemed at a loss at what to do next so he added, “Don’t mind me, just pretend I’m not here…”

He stepped away from the door only to find himself being held in place once more, turning he saw that yet again his cloak was trapped in the door of the transport tube.

“Oh, damn it all, bloody thing,” he cursed before whipping out his light sabre, activating the weapon and cutting the offending cloak in two thus freeing himself from the clutches of the automatic door. “That’s better,” he sighed as he deactivated the light sabre and put it away, “Now,” he looked up at the slightly stunned group of stormtroopers in front of him, “is Colonel Summers here?”

“Hi Giles!” came a voice from the other side of the wall of white armoured figures facing Giles, “Ooops!” Buffy giggled self-consciously, “Sorry, I mean Lord Giles

The stormtroopers parted like the Red Sea to reveal the armour clad figure of Colonel Buffy Summers commander of the 4853rd Imperial Stormtrooper Regiment.

“Oh, there you are!” Giles strode forward his burnt and truncated cloak flapping behind him, “Glad I caught you before you left; everything alright down here?”

“Yeah,” Buffy glanced at her troopers and grinned, “apart from these guys totally forgetting the stun grenades!”

“Oh how remiss of them,” Giles replied dryly as he eyed the troopers and they shuffled nervously away from him.

If it was possible for faceless minions of an evil-ish galactic empire to look embarrassed, the stormtroopers some how managed it. They were spared any further blushes when the two troopers sent to the armoury reappeared with a box containing the stun grenades.

“Oh goody!” Buffy cried excitedly as she tore open the box and took out a couple of grenades and started to clip them to her equipment belt. “Right, you guys,” she called happily at the thought of impending mayhem, “grab some grenades, now when the airlock doors’ have been blown off the first six guys throw a grenade each down the corridor then…” Buffy hesitated, “…well then just follow me and watch my back, okay?”

There were nods of understanding from the troopers.

“Oh yes, one other thing,” Giles called from the back, “and I can’t stress this too strongly,” if he’d not been wearing his faceless, black, helmet he’d have looked at the troopers earnestly, but he was so he didn’t. “Do not…I repeat do not cause too much damage and don’t kill all the crew like you did last time,” once again the troopers shuffled their feet and found the floor very interested. “And!” Giles held up his finger as he made his point, “Do not kill this Princess Leia woman…if I find someone’s killed her by accident I shall be most annoyed,” the troopers shrank further away from Giles in their fear, “and you know what that means…”

Before anyone could ask exactly what Giles meant there was a distant rumbling from above followed by a couple of loud ‘clanking’ noises that seemed to suggest that the Imperial Star Cruiser had captured and docked with the rebel ship.

“Okay guys!” Buffy called her voice distorted by her helmet’s communications unit, “Get ready and good luck!”

Clasping their blasters across their chests the troopers readied themselves for the fight. There was another loud *CLANG!* as the airlocks mated together. Suddenly a red light started to flash above the door to the airlock followed a few seconds later by a green one. After another couple of seconds the red light stopped flashing and went out, for another few seconds the green light continued to flash until it too stopped flashing and cast a steady green glow over the waiting troopers. Glancing up at the light, Buffy knew this meant that there was now a breathable atmosphere in the airlock, she nodded to a trooper to open the door. Slapping an activation button with his armoured hand everyone watched as the door slid open soundlessly.

Leading the vanguard of the storming party into the airlock, Buffy ran over to the outer door and checked that there was an airtight seal with the hull of the rebel vessel. This was all taking time that the rebel crew would be using to get into position to welcome the stormtroopers; Buffy suspected they weren’t going to be showered with roses and candy as soon as they got aboard the rebel ship. However, taking time to check on the seal was better than being sucked out into the vacuum of space. The seal was tight with the hull of the rebel ship so Buffy opened the airlock and stood facing the outer airlock door of the rebel ship. Gesturing for the men with the breaching charge forward, Buffy watched impatiently as they fitted the charge to the door.

“FIRE IN THE HOLE!” Cried one of the combat engineers; everyone turned their heads away from the door and took whatever cover they could.

There was a loud *BANG!* that rattled Buffy’s teeth even through her helmet. However, when she looked up she was gratified to see that a large rectangular hole had been blown in the door. Only some thin grey tendrils of smoke greeted her as she cautiously poked her head around the edge of the hole and got her first glimpse inside the rebel ship.

“Okay guys,” Buffy stepped into the rebel airlock leading by example, “next door is the prize!”

Gesturing the engineers forward with their second charge; Buffy readied a couple of grenades, she’d need to throw them into the rebel ship as soon as the door was open.

“Grenadiers?” Buffy glanced over her shoulder to see the first five or six stormtroopers readying their own grenades.

“FIRE IN THE HOLE!” The engineers yelled once more as they stepped back from the door.

Once again Buffy’s teeth vibrated in her head as the breaching charge did its work. Looking up Buffy found that the inner door had proved more stubborn than the outer; the door hadn’t been blown completely through it still hung by two or three thin threads of metal. Kicking at the door Buffy managed to complete the work of the breaching charge, as a couple of energy bolts from hand-blasters scored the bulkhead by her head. Tossing her grenades into the corridor of the rebel ship, Buffy ducked back to let her grenadiers throw their own grenades.

The innocuous looking canisters bounced down the corridor to where a group of rebel crewmen had taken up position a dozen yards away from the airlock. Just as they recovered from the blast caused by the airlock’s destruction the first of the stun grenades exploded with mind numbing bangs and blinding flashes of light.

“FOLLOW ME!” Buffy yelled as she pushed her way through the wrecked door into the enemy ship and activated her light sabre.

Screaming like a fiend incarnate, Buffy ran down the corridor brandishing her blue beamed light sabre in her hand. In an instant she was on the hapless rebels as they stumbled, blinded and deafened about the corridor their weapons held uselessly in their hands. Plying her sabre with slayer skill and strength she made short work of this party of insurrectionists.

“DIE REBEL SCUM!” Buffy cried as her light sabre lopped off arms, legs and heads, luckily as the light sabre tended to cauterise wounds as it passed through it’s victims there was very little blood.

Fighting her way clear of the bodies, Buffy stood for a moment as the stormtroopers followed her into the ship.

“Come on you guys!” she cried before deflecting a ragged volley of blaster shoots aimed at her and her men. “Bastards!” she snarled as one of her troopers fell to a lucky shot from a rebel.

Deflecting more blaster bolts with her sabre, Buffy led the charge down the corridor driving the rebels before her. Each time Buffy overran a rebel position more rebels lay dead on the deck as the survivors ran for the supposed safety of the ship’s inner compartments. Coming to a halt after storming into the bridge, Buffy paused to catch her breath. As she did so she looked down at the bodies of the rebel crewmen and those of her own troopers, this must have been the crew’s last stand because now it seemed she’d broken the back of the resistance.

“Such a waste,” Buffy told herself sadly, but she knew it had to be this way; the rebellion had to be crushed.

Buffy didn’t enjoy killing humans, or indeed any sentient creature, but she did it when it was necessary and right now it was necessary. The Empire might be corrupt and unjust, maybe even a little evil, but the power that the rebels served was far worse. It twisted and warped minds until the followers of this so-called ‘Force’ believed they were doing the right and good thing. Without the Force good men still did good things and evil men still did evil; but if you wanted good men to do evil things you needed the Force to twist their minds into something vile and hateful. That’s what she was fighting against, when the Force had been defeated once and for all, only then could Giles and herself start to reform the Empire.

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