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Ascendent Sun, Burning Moon

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Summary: A lost soul, striving to redeem himself, and the world with him. A long foregotten teacher, fufilling his purpose. And the one girl in all the world who can save us all.

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Background Details

Background materials I posted on SpaceBattles, but forgot to post here.

A/N: I'm having ridiculous trouble with Chapter 12, so here is more background filler. Anyone who wants to throw out any theories and guesses regarding Buffy and Angel's First Age past, how their relationship might compare to what it was in the show, and what Spike's life as an Infernal has been like, please, share. I know what I'm gonna do, barring a massive overhaul, but most of my small-scale dialogue inspiration tends to be spurred by reader questions/discussions. Because, seriously, you DON'T want to see the dialogue I've got right now.



By the order of:

Bertrand Thrice-Mighty, Second Dawn of the Third Senate of the Solar Deliberative.

Approved by: Desus Twice-Spoken, First Eclipse of the Third Senate of the Solar Deliberative.

Prisoner pleads for mercy, protests innocence, as the guards place the towel over her mouth and ready the hose. Interrogator chops hand, and guards pause.

Interrogator Eclipse: Are you ready to cooperate?

Prisoner: Please, I haven't done anything!

Interrogator: We have testimony from your brother, your sister, and your neighbors that you have been manufacturing heretical works and distributing it through the community. Their involvement was corroborated by several sources close to them. The source of the works is you. Confess, and you may yet find leniency. Resist, and you will find that your stay so far has been quite comfortable compared to what I can do to you, if I so choose.

Prisoner: No, that...that can't be! I-I would never do such things, I swear!

Interrogator: Really? Then you have no idea where this came from?

Interrogator presents a book to the prisoner out of view. The prisoner pales and begins to bleed from the nose. One of the guards sees the book and vomits violently into the bloody grate on the floor.

Prisoner: I-I have no idea where that came from. Wh-what is it?

Interrogator: An extremely dangerous book known as the –CENSORED–. It was found in your home. Several copies were found in the homes of your relatives and neighbors. We traced them to you. What have you to say for yourself now?

The prisoner is silent for a moment, then begins to grin. The begins to laugh, disturbingly.

Prisoner: Well, I guess the game is over, isn't it? The book isn't mine, it isn't anyone's. The –CENSORED– can't belong to anything. It is the Primordial Truth, the Word of the Fallen Creators. The ones that yourmasters so cruelly usurped. They awaken once more, and the –I see you, little mortal– will descend upon you, and you will-


Haha: Very funny, Miko. Find the rest of the conversation, or give the sources that you couldn't find it in, but don't tell me that this paper documentcorrputed.

Re-Haha: I didn't

–Data Corrupted–


Annotation: Changing the formatting works. This is seriously creepy, though, I'm actually seeing the paper re-wri00—DATA CORRUPT, REBOOT AND TRY AGAIN


we're so frightened.

go ahead. run. hide. you can't escape our gaze.

run little sun child. your days are numbered.


So, I got Prototype today. I think I've got a much better idea on how Angel's gonna be fighting.

Also, another background piece.

A/N: This is all based on my story-world, not in Canon Exalted. There is a great deal of material in here which contradicts canon Exalted and Buffy. I'm aware of this, these aren't errors, they're changes made for the sake of the crossover. This being said, please alert me of any balance issues/Why Don't You Just Shoot Him Fridge Logic stuff, and I'll correct it as soon as I get a chance.

–Post-Great Contagion Earth–

In the decades following the Great Contagion and the death of Chejop Kejak, the world went completely to hell. The Dragon-Blooded numbered roughly seven-hundred when all was said and done, and only eight Sidereals remained, none of whom were older than eighty years an Exalt.

The Deathlords, though defeated, were not destroyed, and immediately began plotting their revenge. The vampires were unleashed upon the helpless mortal population, and quickly grew from numbering in their dozens to being a plague of thousands, then tens of thousands in the span of a decade. The Sidereals and remaining Dragon-Blooded were unable to hunt the creatures quickly enough, and the vampires' Fateless nature allowed them to evade all but the most potent of divination Charms. The vampire numbers grew, even as the continued war caused the numbers of the Dragon-Blooded to wither.

During this time, while Exalted fought Vampire, the mortal world was undergoing changes of its own. After the Great Contagion caused the collapse of the slowly decaying remains of the pre-Solar War Sidereal Society and the crude amalgamation of empires in the Middle East, two new forces arose which would eventually become the world power known as the Egyptian-Roman Alliance.

Following the collapse of the balance of power in the Middle East, a small group of Enlightened Mortal Thaumaturges and Terrestrial Circle Sorcerers managed to seize power and form a Dynasty of Pharaohs by managing to create what everyone in the region desperately desired: a stable source of food, by reactivating several long-forgotten bits of Solar Magitech.

The greatest of these rediscovered works were the Pyramids, massive weather-machines that could cause storm-systems to form, bringing rain to the parched deserts. Other great works of the Egyptian Empire were the spears of their elite soldiers, magical Orichalcum artifacts originally granted to valued mortal servants of the Solars, which granted nearly super-human reflexes to their bearers, and the Obelisks, which would render all land within a fifty mile diameter fertile. By these discoveries, the Pharaohs convinced the Egyptians to worship them as God-Kings.

These powerful artifacts allowed the Egyptians to live in comfort and security, and made their empire the envy of the world. As such, it wasn't long before they drew the attention of Rome, ruled at the time by a man called Romulus.

Romulus began the Roman Empire with his brother, Remus. The two twins were the leaders of the most powerful tribe in Europe at the time, and were both accomplished Enlightened Martial Artists. Through a mixture of brute force and cunning diplomacy, they united the various tribes and founded the city of Rome near the heart of their own territory, the land which would eventually be known as Italy. Rome itself was built upon the ruins of an ancient Dragon-Blooded fortress city that had long ago been shattered by the might of the Solar Deliberative. The city had been put to the torch, and nearly a million souls had died in agony within its walls before the war's end, and neither the Sidereals nor the Dragon-Blooded had ever attempted to reclaim it. It's magical walls had been shattered, its defenses stripped away, its great vaults looted and its Heartstone stolen. There was believed to be nothing left but bad memories, and so the city was left in its grave, a monument to just how far the Lawgivers had fallen.

When the two brothers arrived, however, they discovered that not everything had been taken. They found, deep in the ruins of the Governor's Palace, the dead body of a former Solar, Daiklave in hand and clad in Orichalcum, with a Jade Dire Lance driven through its chest and a glittering stone set in its head.

The twins, as Essence wielders, managed to Attune to the Solar's weapons and armor. Ever the warrior, Remus claimed the Daiklave and Orichalcum plate, while Romulus took the Dire Lance and the gem stone, knowing that his brother could make far better use of the equipment then he could. As time went on, Rome grew from a united group of tribes to a massive Empire that spanned all of Europe. Eventually, Remus died of old age, and his armor and weapon was buried with him, per his deathbed request.

Romulus, however, never aged a day after finding the Solar's corpse and setting the stone into the hilt of his lance, and always publicly attributed it to divine blessing, though privately he had his suspicions. Some time after Remus' death, he approached the Egyptian Empire with the offer of an Alliance, and began a friendship between nations which would last nearly three thousand years...

–Creation of the Slayer Exaltation–
The Slayer Exaltation is both the greatest success and the greatest shame of the Bronze Faction of the Sidereals. As the Dragon-Blooded continued to slowly die out as they attempted to curb the spread of the vampires, the remaining Sidereals grew more and more desperate. Their own numbers halved again within the first three decades after the Great Contagion, and the newly Exalted Sidereals were woefully underpowered and unready for the torments that the world had to offer. What memories remained were piecemeal, and were typically of the horrific deaths of their previous incarnations, which lead to many cases of post-traumatic stress disorder, and, more often than ever before, suicide in order to escape the awful fate that they felt was inevitable. Eventually, in an act of darkest desperation, the three eldest Sidereals, one of Endings, one of Battles, and one of Secrets, created perhaps the greatest example of the Great Curse ever born of the Sidereal Exalted. They gathered the five eldest Dragon-Blooded, one from each Aspect, all over one century old, and told them of their scheme.

The Terrestrials resisted at first, but, eventually, relented. The Chosen of Endings sought out the vessel they required, a girl pure of heart and blood and soul, untouched by the evils of the world. The Chosen of Battles sought out the catalyst they needed, an elder vampire, one of the original thirteen created by the Deathlords. After a brutal battle which cost the lives of three Sidereals, ten Dragon-Blooded, and the Chosen of Battles' left arm, the abomination was bound, gagged, and dragged to the site of the ritual, a place sought out and fortified by the Chosen of Secrets. It was a dark, hellish place near the heart of the Sahara Desert, a place where no creatures dared seek out, a place of silence and pain and death. The place where the Silent Wind had been first birthed, where the death cry of Adrian had sounded, a place of nightmares unending.

A dark ritual was performed there, and the Terrestrial Exalted were sacrificed upon the Heartstone of the bloodstained manse and their blood fed to the starved Elder Vampire, who was then ritually vivisected and then the now-bound girl was force-fed the still-beating heart of the gorged vampire. Solar Circle Sorcery bound the demonic soul within the heart, even as the body turned to dust in its absence, and the Sidereals split their souls, shaving off three pieces of their Shards of Exaltation, one from Endings, Battles, and Secrets, using Celestial power to reinforce the bindings on the vampire's power, binding its monstrous abilities behind Terrestrial might and Celestial chains, and thus was the Slayer Shard created. The Shards of Exaltation would heal in time, for the power within them could never be truly broken, but this would not happen while the Sidereals in question yet lived. The Slayer was freed, and the Chosen of Fate accepted their fate as the newly created Celestial Exalted tore them limb from limb.

In truth, death came as a relief to them, because they knew that they had succeeded. The Slayer was good born of darkness, forever haunted by what she was, but possessed of the urge to destroy all evil, to help those who could not help themselves, forever lashing out at the beings who had so cruelly made her...

Slayer Exaltation:

Favored Abilities: Melee, Martial Arts, Awareness, Archery, Thrown.

Caste Specialties: Awareness (Demon Ambushes), Perception (Demonic Presence), Melee (Improvised Weapons), Melee (Wooden Weapons)

Charm Tree:
Dark Defense: Perfectly Defend against an attack as black shadows armor you against a single strike. Suffers from the Flaw of Valor.
Eternal Vigilance Technique: Surprise negator.
Rolling Shadows: Perfect Dodge. Suffers from the flaw of Conviction.
More to come later


Great Contagion Begins: 3000 B.C.E.

Great Contagion Ends: 2990 B.C.E.


A/N: I've got 1/3rd of my project done, some 4000-6000 words left on the Halloween Omake, and 3000-5000 left on the main chapter, so it'll be a bit before you see any main material. So, to tide you over, here are some of my notes on the nature of this story's universe, as well as some background material, as well as the notes I made while initially writing it, mostly for humor value. Keep in mind that not all of this is necessarily up-to-date with the story (except for the vampire notes, I made those after you guys pointed out the hideous stupidity of the old notes a few weeks back). I've picked stuff that is either accurate or gives hints about stuff without being spoilery. Also, contains custom charms of mine, so any problems you find with those, feel free to fix. It'd be very helpful:D

Also, any preferences on what I work on once I'm done with my Essay? Omake or Chapter?

–Filler Start–

New Vampire Notes:

Attributes/Abilities are subject to the same limits as the Exalted, with a few exceptions.

Differences(Attributes): Vampire attributes = (human dots) + 1 (2 for primary attributes) up to a maximum of 4 dots in primary attributes (for heroic mortals), and a maximum of 3 in secondary and tertiary. Non-heroic mortals have a set limit of three, and do not gain a bonus dot for primary attributes (Difference between Joe the Plumber vamping and a skilled person vamping (Example: Gallus as a vampire (note: still a horrifying thought).

Differences (abilities/specialties): Vamping gives no bonus to abilities, with the exception of an ability with a specialization. Specialized abilities the are less than three are raised to three upon waking as a vampire, specialized abilities at three are raised to four. Four or higher gain no bonus inherent to the ability (Example: Gymnast in that one Episode that gave Buffy a run for her money).

Vampiric Martial Arts: Vampires can learn any Terrestrial Martial Art, so long as they have a teacher, and can learn Celestial Martial Arts unique to Abyssals (Dark Messiah Style, Laughing Wounds Style) as long as they maintain a strict diet of the virgin blood of a young girl who has just begun puberty, and are willing to spend a great deal of their time in a place of perfect darkness, meditating on the Void. Naturally, this means that very few vampires have ever learned Celestial Martial Arts.

Vampiric Essence: Vampires start with Essence Two, and have a Mote Pool of (Essence x 10). They have access to sixty percent of their mote pool before needing to spend Willpower to get the rest. This can be bypassed by feeding nearly exclusively on young virgin blood (four in five victims must be virgins, male or female, that are younger than twenty). The Sidereals have been largely unsuccessful in finding out why Virgin Blood matters. The current theory is that it was a whim of one of the Neverborn (actually a kink of The Lover, who was put in charge of that part of the vampiric design)

Vampiric Design: Vampires were the product of decades of research and experimentation, vast quantities of Essence poured into Solar Circle Sorcery and Void Circle Necromancy, an alliance of The Mask of Winters, The Lover, The Walker In Darkness, The Dowager, and The Green Lady.
The primary source of vampirism was a virus taken from the Well of Udr. The virus was a blood-born plague that creates the 'undead' effect (no apparent heartbeat, no brain waves, still walking, able to be transferred). They combined this virus with a Solar Circle Sorcery spell that forced the binding of a First Circle demon whenever the plague was spread to a new victim (this created the requirement of the blood-trade between victim and vampire, which identifies where the demon is to be bound, and from which Yozi it will be taken). Void Circle Necromancy was used to enhance the virus so that it created true undeath, rather than merely simulating death.

The nature of the individual vampire depends on the source of its demonic souls. This possession is not similar to an Unwoven Coadjutor, in that the demon isn't truly sapient, it's mind is destroyed by the spell, and it borrows the awareness of its host to make a new person. This creates the appearance of the vampire being the same person, merely corrupted, rather than a new entity. The host-body is essentially rendered comatose. They have no awareness, no ability to resist their vampiric urges. The demon can be influenced by their emotions and memories, but not vice-versa. The host in unconscious for as long as the demon is in control.

This is only altered by the 're-ensoulment' spell, which is a misnomer. All the spell does in switch which consciousness is in control. The nature of the vampires is known only to the leaders of the Bronze and Gold Factions, who both agree that it is best that their champions don't realize that the death of a vampire kills the innocent host. Vampires retain their souls, it is simply that the demonic influence takes over during the twenty-four hour period of death and reawakening after being turned. This death-period is needed, because it removes the ability of the host to oppose the demon's takeover of their body. The Void Circle Necromancy is used to keep the soul in the body for the death-period.

The demon possessing a vampire influences the power that it is born with (bonus experience points during
character creation [I'm aware of the balancing flaws inherent in this, this is a narrative thing, not a gameplay thing]), as does their Sire, though the Sire to a lesser extent. The Sire influences which Yozi the First Circle Demon is drawn from* and, to a limited extent, the power of the demon in question. Typically, the most powerful vampires come from ancient vampire lines, who remain mostly pure, with particularly exceptional hosts.

[*The first vampires forced their progeny to have the same demons as them. As the line went down, however, personality began to shift the alignments of the first-circle demons, resulting in an eventually personality based descent. Vampires as strong as the Master could force a Cecelyne progeny, but their progeny would need to be very old before they could make sure that they don't pass along a personality-based First-Circle. The best example would be Angelus. The Master was Cecelyne based, Darla was Cecelyne based, but all Liam cared about was being free to do whatever the fuck he wanted, without having his family tying him down. This drew a particularly powerful Adorjan First-Circle to him, rather than a Cecelyne, as Darla would have wanted. This also resulted in the horror that Angelus became.]
The reason for the annihilation of the demon's mind is that the Yozi are opposed to the Neverborn, and that humans are vastly more susceptible to corruption than demons. The fusion of human mind and soul with Yozi demonic power and malevolence creates a powerful, effective servant that is as easy to manipulate as an immoral human hedonist that lives entirely in the moment. The Green Lady was the primary architect of this aspect of the design, relying on the Mask of Winters for occasional advice and input, as well as whatever sorcery she couldn't do herself.

To this day, she remains unbearably smug about this accomplishment.

Of course, there are flaws in this design. Mainly, the demon morality can be corrupted by the human motivation, if the human had some particularly strong urge or attatchment. The best example of this would be Spike. His love for his mother overwhelmed the former Malfean Blood Ape possessing him, creating a powerful, violent vampire that ended up adopting William's innermost personality (a romantic poet obsessed with love) as its new being. The end result is that an Ensouled Spike is fundamentally the same as a possessed one. He remained the same person, simply without moral restriction and whatever new perspectives were offered by Drusilla, rather than a demon being influenced by him to a greater or lesser extent.

Vampires also have a powerful positive intimacy to their sires that were based on the Solar Bond. This was
largely done for the amusement of the Deathlords, all of whom remember the entertainment of hurting someone who loves you and couldn't leave you if they tried. The vampiric bond isn't as powerful, but it is sufficiently so that it would require a great deal of inner strength to defy one's sire.
Vampiric Exaltation: Vampires retain their soul-structure, so Exaltation is entirely possible. The main reason more vampires don't Exalt is that they are incapable of Terrestrial Exaltation (the vampiric transformation removes all blood ties to their genetic families, i.e. a DNA test would reveal no similarities between vampire child and human parent, and vice-versa), and that vampires are inherently non-epic. They just don't go out of their way to risk their lives doing awesome stuff, unless they're in massive groups of their own kind. The exceptions are few and far between, so it's rare indeed that a vampire is in the right time and place to Exalt (five Solar shards for most of history, one Lunar shard).

When vampires Exalt, the Exaltation kills the demon within them and restores the human to full control. This is what happened for Angel, removing the curse and the risk of Angelus regaining consciousness, although, as with the re-ensoulment spell, the memories of the vampire are retained by the human host, the same way that the first-circle gains the human's memories.
Infernal Exaltations work the same way, trading one demon for another. Rebellion is quelled by the Unwoven Coadjutor, who tends to be a Social-Based Temptor, and is generally adept at getting humans to adapt to Yozi Morality. For Spike, whose failure was dying at the hands of the Slayer after Drusilla's Abyssal Exaltation, it was pathetially easy to get William to agree to remain Spike. For all intents and purposes, William had long since ceased to exist, as had any difference between human and demon. Neither side had fully one consciousness that could be called separate from the other. All there was was Spike, and the Coadjutor quickly cemented this distinction.

Abyssal Exaltations work in a tricky manner. Essentially, sometimes a Deathlord will have a favored vampire that is about to die. So, they freeze perception of everything in the vicinity (perception, not time), and offer the dying vampire a second chance at Undeath. This was the case when Drusilla nearly died at the end of a stake (that moment when the vampire can look shocked before disintegration gives time for the Deathlord to pause the vampire's death), and the Lover came and offered her a deal.

Vampire Charms:

Void Shadow Technique: The Vampire Perfectly Dodges an attack by fading into a shadowy mist. Suffers from the Flaw of Abyssal Shadow (Cannot be used in areas of bright light).

Abyssal Seduction Technique: Improved seduction, can be resisted (add one die for every three motes spent to any seduction attempt)

First Abominable (Ability): Improved stealth (add one die to any (ability) roll). Restricted to Essence 3+ vampires, expensive (make a custom class?). No Second Exellency Version (Remember: Vampires aren't Exalts, don't make the same mistake twice!)

Blood Hunter of the Void (one-scene): Detect all living things within (perception x awareness) yards. Add two levels of success to any roll based on tracking a bleeding enemy (mote cost 5?)
Rending Nail Technique: Fingernails/Fingertips harden into claws (Alternate: Finger tip rots away, revealing sharpened bone claws. Maybe something like the game-face transformation?)

Creation of Creation:

40,500,000 B.C.E. Primordials begin efforts to form the Wyld into Creation.

39,940,000 B.C.E. Cecelyne attempts to define the Laws of Physics.

??? B.C.E. Primordials establish Time as a stable concept. Do to unforeseen issues with continuity and tantrums on the nature of the Hierarchy of Time, and the lack-thereof, from She Who Lives In Her Name, the Primordials scrap the first draft of the laws of physics. Time now exists retroactively.

40,750,000 B.C.E. Primordials begin efforts to turn the Wyld into Creation. They officially predate their own births.

40,500,000 B.C.E. Cecelyne manages to remake the Laws of Physics to the satisfaction of her siblings.

40,250,000 B.C.E. Creation officially exists, though only as an extremely hot, dense proto-universe.

40,000,000 B.C.E. She Who Lives In Her Name successfully expands Creation from an ultra-dense bunch of
particles to a vast expanse of gases and empty space.

35,000,000 B.C.E. The first stars ignite in fusion reactions. Ligier takes his place at the center of the new universe, which now spreads the breadth of several thousand light-years.

30,875,000 B.C.E. Cecelyne grows impatient with the slow rate of Creation's expansion into the Wyld. She petitions Malfeas to allow her to alter the fundamentals of Creation to accelerate expansion.

30,874,950 B.C.E. Malfeas grows weary of Cecelyne's constant pestering, and allows her to do as she wishes with Creation, with the stipulations that she does not visibly change Creation, and that she cease to bother him while he plays the Games of Divinity.

30,870,875 B.C.E. Cecelyne finishes work on her accelerated expansion project. Intangible energy is added at the sub-atomic level to Creation as a whole. Expansion accelerates.

25,750,000 B.C.E. First planets begin to form. Stars exist throughout Creation, which has taken the form of a young galaxy. The Primordials begin to lose interest in Creation.

23,567,765 B.C.E. Autocthon notices that the unchecked expansion of Creation is causing stability issues with reality. Petitions Malfeas and Cecelyne for permission to impose a maximum speed for physical movement in Creation in order to avoid any more issues with Time.

23,567,760 B.C.E. Malfeas rudely denies Autocthon's request on general principle. Cecelyne shatters several of Autocthon's current inventions in a fit of pique as she perceives his request as a slight on her design.

23,556,775 B.C.E. Do to the lack of a set limit for speed, all Celestial bodies in the universe surpass the speed of light and begin to move backwards in time.

24,577,675 B.C.E. She Who Lives In Her Name demands that someone do something to fix Time, which is now steadily moving backwards at an increasingly alarming rate. Autocthon observes smugly from his
pocket universe that he designed to test his universal speed limit.

550,473,648 B.C.E. Overwhelming demand and Cecelyne's abject failure to fix the problem with time forces Malfeas to swallow his pride and ask for Autocthon's help in fixing Creation.

4,777,425,634 B.C.E. Autocthon manages to shut down all motion in Creation by turning off time. He begins joint efforts with Cecelyne to determine how best to fix the damage done to reality.

4,777,425,634 B.C.E. Isidoros grows bored and enters Creation, despite Autocthon's quarantine. The presence of Isidoros' physical form, combined with the lack of time, causes a serious instability in Isidoros' physical makeup. The resulting Gamma Ray Burst will destroy a significant portion of Creation once time resumes. All efforts to fix Creation are suspended in favor of extracting Isidoros before any more damage is done.

4,777,425,634 B.C.E. Isidoros is successfully extracted from Creation. The mass incursion of the Primordials causes reality to warp around them. The colors blue, violet, yellow, and green come into existence, as well as the concepts of reckless stupidity, melancholy, and cheese. Creation is written off by most of the Primordials as a lost cause. Efforts to rebuild cease, and the Games of Divinity resume.

4,777,425,634 B.C.E. Autocthon manages to find blueprints for a stable form of Creation prior to Cecelyne's alterations and Isidoros' incursion. He scraps the ruined model and sets the blueprints to scale with the size of the massive nothingness leftover.

4,777,425,634 B.C.E. Autocthon successfully integrates his maximum speed law with the newly remade Creation, and petitions his siblings for aid in stability testing.

4,777,425,634 B.C.E. She Who Lives In Her Name graciously responds to Autocthon's request, largely because the requests were sent in descending order of who could help best, and she was the first to receive his message. Respect for the proper Hierarchy is everything, after all.

4,777,425,634 B.C.E. Cecelyne responds to Autocthon's request after being defeated in the Games of Divinity by Malfeas, who refused to acknowledge her ruling that the taking of more than three of your opponents pieces in one turn is both unfair and unlawful. She proceeds to be extremely helpful in any efforts that upset Malfeas.

4,777,425,634 B.C.E. She Who Lives In Her Name works with Cecelyne creates a complex series of laws that define the relationship between time and acceleration. Autocthon intervenes to prevent Cecelyne from including a seemingly benign law regarding the mass and density of stars that would cause Ligier to implode within the next several millenia. In response, Cecelyne spitefully destroys an unfinished planet-sized machine of Autocthon's invention.

4,777,425,634 B.C.E. Efforts on improving Creation proceed slowly, largely because Autocthon was forced to redesign the body that was meant to protect his fetich soul while in the turbulent new Creation.

4,777,425,634 B.C.E. Cecelyne forgets why she was mad in the first place, largely due to the continued lack of time damaging her ability to remember to hold grudges while in Creation.

4,777,425,634 B.C.E. Creation is finally stabilized, after much effort on behalf of Autocthon and She Who Lives In Her Name, and the ceasing of Cecelyne's sabotage. Malfeas congratulates them all, and a renewed interest in taken in Creation.

3,467,788,932 B.C.E. Creation reaches the point where the last model was destroyed. Autocthon retroactively calculates how long they spent without any sense of time, and is mildly surprised to find that approximately 3.1415926535/0 minute-years have passed from the moment he shut time off to the completion of repairs on Creation.

2,577,788,932 B.C.E. Creation now encompasses several different galaxies. Interest in Creation wanes once more, and construction on Yu-Shan begins.

2,575,245,543 B.C.E. Yu-Shan is completed, and the Games of Divinity are moved there. Only Autocthon continues to observe creation.

1,567,788,932 B.C.E. The Games of Divinity begin to falter. Panic ensues.

1,353,346,674 B.C.E. The Dragon Kings are given life and placed at the epicenter of Creation to power the Games of Divinity via prayer. Panic ceases. The System for Reincarnation is designed and implemented.

1,353,336,677 B.C.E. The Dragon's Shadow is discovered at the Epicenter of Creation, to general surprise. When questioned about his lack of participation in anything up to that point, The Dragon's Shadow gave the equivalent of a shrug.

1,353,326,677 B.C.E. With nothing to define his existence, The Dragon's Shadow grows bored and restless. He seeks out Autocthon's aid on a new project to alleviate his boredom.

1,353,325,779 B.C.E. The Dragon's Shadow and Autocthon's finish their project, and The Unconquered Sun is born and set to safeguard Creation and ensure that prayers continue to flow to Yu-Shan.

1,245,654,789 B.C.E. Luna is born.

1,245,654,787 B.C.E. Various other gods are born.

1,134,765,584 B.C.E. The Unconquered Sun requests permission to play the Games of Divinity. He is met with mocking laughter.

984,331,675 B.C.E. Autocthon's masterpiece, a system which could allow for the curing of his illness,
among other things, is destroyed by She Who Lives In Her Name, who saw Autocthon's attempt to cure himself as an attempt to raise himself beyond his place in the Hierarchy. Autocthon quietly swears revenge.

475,738,489 B.C.E. Autocthon and The Unconquered Sun are tasked by Malfeas with quintupling the prayer intake, and are denied prayer of their own until this is completed. Plans begin to form in the minds of the weakest Primordial and the most powerful God.

388,475,879 B.C.E. Various races are designed to boost prayer, but all are sworn to be loyal to Malfeas. Autocthon does not yet speak of his plan to the Unconquered Sun. The time is not yet right.

145,275,389 B.C.E. The Dragon's Shadow whispers the concept of humanity into the sleeping ears of The Unconquered Sun, knowing that conflict would follow.

–End Filler Chapter–

Everything after that last bit changes drastically, and is pretty spoilery, thus I didn't include it. I'm really interested in hearing what you guys think about all of this, especially the whole Creating Creation timeline. Also, I know that the timeline isn't accurate to the fluff. I'm still keeping it.

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