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A Soundtrack For Life

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Summary: Snippets of the life of Dawn Summers, WIC Liaison to the Avengers. (not a songfic)

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Marvel Universe > Avengers > Dawn-CenteredDamiaFR155157,00121238133,05912 Sep 1218 Apr 13No

Track 29 - Misery By Maroon 5

This chapter brought to you by Tiziano! She wrote and I edited this time!

Standard disclaimer applies.


“Deflected again! When will she stop being a brat and talk to me!” Buffy demanded as she stared at her phone angrily. She’d been routed to one of Dawn’s flunkies, rather than having her sister talk to her herself.

Willow just gave her best friend a sad look. “You know she isn’t being a brat and its going to take a lot longer to get over what happened, Buffy.”

“I know, but it’s not like we did it on purpose! I said I was sorry.” Buffy ran a frustrated hand through blonde locks and sighed. She missed her little sister, even if they didn’t talk every day she still knew it was at least an option before this mess.

“I know...” Willow didn’t know what else to say to her best friend. Buffy was in pain and the Red Witch couldn’t do anything about it. Well, she could ... but she wouldn’t. She was all Glinda these days, and to be honest it was just as much her fault for not remembering to tell Dawn as well.

“I just don’t like not talking to her. She’s acting like a twelve year old giving us the silent treatment. I just want it to go back to how it was before! NOW! FIX IT!” Buffy was yelling at Willow by the end, her face scrunched up and her eyes decidedly damp.

“I can’t Buffy! We didn’t call to tell her about Giles! Then we accused her of not caring! We forgot about her! AGAIN! I can’t just snap my fingers and make it like this never happened!” Willow was yelling back at Buffy. Willow paused and took a few breaths before she went on “Dawn needs to grieve and forgive us. It takes time.”

The two women turned away from each other at the same time, ashamed of themselves and each other and not sure how to make everything better. They were supposed to take care of Dawn, nevermind how old she was these days, and instead they had let her down. Again. It wasn’t some small thing they had done this time either. This was Giles. Neither of them would say it, but secretly they were wondering if they even deserved the young woman’s forgiveness.

Later that week:

“This is Dawn Summers from SHIELD requesting assistance with a supernatural issue....”

“Willow!!!!!” Buffy hollered down the hall. “Dawn contacted us!”
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