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A Soundtrack For Life

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Summary: Snippets of the life of Dawn Summers, WIC Liaison to the Avengers. (not a songfic)

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Marvel Universe > Avengers > Dawn-CenteredDamiaFR155157,00121238133,05812 Sep 1218 Apr 13No

Chapter 30 - Payphone by Maroon 5

Standard Disclaimer Applies!

Big thanks for the Recs to Mussbucklebury, CarmenLindsay, and andiesimmo!


Dawn stood with her arms crossed over her chest in full Lynx costume. She had her new gauntlets thanks to Tony, toys which included grappling lines and UV spotlights. She had wooden stakes tucked in at her hips rather than sais and a crossbow on her back. She had made the call to the WIC and now she was waiting for her sister and her group of Slayers to join them on the helicarrier. She’d been standing there for almost ten minutes now, since the vehicle first became visible.

It was Dawn’s judgment call for whether something would be considered Supernatural and the WIC or Dr. Strange would be called to deal with the problem they were having. The Avengers had found the largest Vampire coven Dawn had ever heard of. She hadn’t given it a second thought, she’d called back her team and called in her sister. The helicopter landed and the first person off was a rail thin blonde in all black, a Kevlar vest and shin guards over combat boots. She was petite with high cheekbones and clear green eyes, and on her back was strapped the red scythe. She was followed by seven young women dressed exactly as she was with a variety of weapons.

“Floating city, nice.” Buffy commented as she got closer to her sister.

“It’s a helicarrier. Follow me for the debrief.” Dawn’s tone told Buffy she wasn’t at all amused by her sister, but Buffy had known Dawn her entire life. She knew all the buttons to press to make the younger woman stop ignoring her.

“Debrief? You sound like Riley.” Buffy responded, easily keeping up with her sisters longer strides. “He and Sam just had their baby. A little boy, they named him Michael Rupert.” That one caught her sister’s attention.

“Nach!” Dawn had spun about and gotten right inside Buffy’s bubble. “You are not forgiven. You don’t get to waltz in like all is lovely in the world and I’ve just been out of reach for a little while.” Dawn spun back around and walked down the hall a short way before her sister’s voice stopped her.

“You called WIC and requested me. I’ve known you a long time, you’ll get over this.” Buffy told her, arms crossed and a knowing look in her eyes. Dawn didn’t bother turning around, she just turned her head a bit so her profile was visible. She wanted to make sure her sister saw her lips so there would be no confusion about her words.

“There is no getting over this. I requested you because you owe me, so either you follow me or you go back to the chopper and I figure out who else I can call to help us out with cleanup. Your choice.” The younger woman didn’t even bother waiting to see her sister’s reaction before she was striding down the hall and turning into one of the conference rooms to take her seat between Steve and Tony. Natasha was standing against the wall, not liking the idea of sitting while someone with superior speed and agility was in the room with her. A moment later Buffy and her Slayers came through the door and took the seats across the table from the Avengers.

“Thank you for coming so soon.” Fury was standing at the head of the table, walking back and forth slowly. Buffy raised a single eyebrow, not at all looking impressed. He caught her stare and matched it with an equally disdainful look. “Our supernatural expert called off the op, as per our agreement with WIC, and requested those with experience to come in. That doesn’t mean you are leaving us out. It just means you are going in with them.”

“I have ground rules.” Buffy started, crossing her legs at the knee and kicking lightly at the air as she twisted her chair around to look at the tall man.

“Crosses, stakes, cross bows, no guns, listen when you say jump. It’s not exactly my first rodeo.” Dawn spoke up, her lips pursed in irritation as she glowered at her sister. When Buffy turned to her (taller) little sister, an amused eyebrow raised, Dawn took a deep breath and cleared her face of aggravation. “I’ve already given my team the speech. Earth is older blah, blah blah, demons are technically just extra-dimensional whatevers, slayers and witches and werewolves oh my. Killing vamps makes you HAIC, we’re going for the tech. Plus, we’re pretty good at fighting and Clint’s got better aim than even Slayers. Now can we continue with the debriefing?”

“Fine.” Buffy wasn’t happy, the slightly sour look on her face said as much quite clearly, but she’d go along with this. She had been warned by Willow not to be too aggressive with Dawn or the younger girl would take longer to come back to the family. It was bad enough they’d let her go to a military organization on her own anyhow. Now she wasn’t even technically WIC anymore.

The blonde slayer snapped her attention back to Fury and gave him a nod to continue. He had maps and heat arrays, far more information than Slayers usually got when they were heading into the middle of a nest. Buffy had Claire (a younger slayer who much preferred being a Watcher) give them the lowdown on what they knew of the coven and what potential prophecies they might have to deal with on the way.

“Avengers, Assemble.” Fury commanded calmly, folding his hands behind his back and watching as his team stood up and left the room quickly. Buffy took a few steps forward and turned back to him curiously.

“HAIC?” She asked.

“Head Asshole In Charge.” Fury grinned a little at Buffy’s look of outrage and the smile just continued to grow as the minuscule blonde stomped her way out of the room, muttering about bratty younger sisters.
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