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A Soundtrack For Life

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Summary: Snippets of the life of Dawn Summers, WIC Liaison to the Avengers. (not a songfic)

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Marvel Universe > Avengers > Dawn-CenteredDamiaFR155157,00121238132,93212 Sep 1218 Apr 13No

Chapter 32 - Soul Sister by Train

Standard Disclaimer Applies

A lot of you were very vocal in your dislike of the last arc, I actually really appreciate that. I like to hear feedback, just like every other author out here. So thank you, really. I love hearing from you and if you want to leave more, go for it. I would especially like to thank Greywizard, who left the most insightful and thought provoking review I have ever received.

You're all awesome! So back to the regularly scheduled program!


They had snuck out of Stark Tower (Tony insisted it was Avengers Tower) at half past six in the morning, grinning at each other as though it was some kind of special feat. The tall, slim brunette looped her yoga mat over her back and shoved her hands deep into the pocket of her sweatshirt, her hair up in a messy bun with a headband keeping the stray strands in place. She looked like the average New York exercise woman, ready to take on the morning before heading for the office. The man beside her was also in good shape, not as thin, but still with solid muscles visible in his basketball shorts and sleeveless top. He, too, had a yoga mat slung over his back as they headed down the street, choosing to walk to the park rather than catching a cab.

“I’m still not sure this is the best idea,” Bruce commented, still grinning a little at Dawn’s excitement. She was bouncing on her toes as she walked, looking like an overgrown child despite her tall physique.

“Fidatzen me! You need to stop being so anti-social,” She informed him, still grinning despite the vaguely accusatory words.

“I’m not going to ask how you learned Basque,” He replied, not bothering to fight the younger woman. She quickly looped her arm through his and dragged him forward, taking a deep breath of polluted air and wondering when she had become accustomed to the smog. They reached their class (30 bucks a month, it was steal!) Dawn had circumvented any arguments Bruce might have had by simply paying for his first month and dragging him out at sunrise.

“Cachu sanctaidd, you’ve struck single ladies gold,” Dawn informed him quietly, huffing out a laugh as she looked about the small group of predominantly female people chatting and setting out their mats. Dawn spread her own, kicking off her shoes and socks and eyeballing the two other men in their group and deeming them totally gay and definitely a couple.

The instructor had a nice voice, kind of raspy but in a pleasant way, and she mentioned she’d been doing Yoga for more than 20 years now. Her steel gray braid didn’t even smack her in the face when she was moving from Warrior Two to Triangle position. Dawn was a bit jealous, she was fairly sure her own hair would have clocked her in the eye at least twice in the first fifteen minutes. She peeked over at Bruce to see how he was doing and grinned at the soft smile and closed eyes he showed the world as he moved with all of the teachers instructions. He had found his zen spot.

The class, or really the group, was only ninety minutes long and soon over. Dawn packed up her yoga mat and lay back in the grass while Bruce went to go chat with Jennifer (Mistress of the Epic Stretch) about where she had learned and where he had learned and there was some kind of bonding going on she didn’t want to interrupt. He finished his conversation, coming back and offering the slender woman a hand up.

“See? Now aren’t you glad I dragged you into this?” Dawn asked with a smug smile.

“It wasn’t terrible,” Bruce admitted with a nod.

“Whatever, you totally got your Yogi on. Now it’s time to get our grub on!” Dawn declared, tugging the now confused scientist in the wrong direction to be heading home.

“Wait, where are we going? We have work!” Bruce told her, now balking at the idea of being away from his precious experiments for any longer. Dawn turned and gave him a dark look she’d never before pinned him with.

“We are out in the sun among actual people and I will not be denied the best coffee in New York City just because of your fake agoraphobia.” Dawn informed him, still tugging him in the direction of Cat’s Corner.

“Fake agoraphobia?” Bruce decided to stop struggling and go along with her, the look in her eyes was one Betty had sometimes used long ago when she wasn’t to be crossed.

“It’s a common misconception around SHIELD that you are afraid of large crowds of people when really you’re afraid of yourself because you don’t want to hurt people and large crowds make the odds much higher of that possible eventuality becoming an actuality,” Dawn informed him with a slight shrug, no longer glowering since he was doing as she pleased. For his part Bruce didn’t say anything, he just watched the young woman with a curious kind of smile. She had noticed things about him others hadn’t, despite their knowing him longer and supposedly better.

“Dawn!” A waitress with a bright smile waved as Dawn entered the diner. “You brought a friend, good. I was starting to worry about you.” The waitress told her, winking at Bruce as Dawn led him to a little table in the front.

“I just didn’t want to share my find. However, as my new yoga buddy I think he’s entitled to the best cup of coffee in New York.” Dawn told her gravely. Folding her hands in front of her on the table and nodding her head.

“I found these mysterious signed posters of the Avengers, by the way. The guys over at the site loved them. They think I’ve got some kind of fairy godmother flitting about around here now.” Claire added, her friendly smile growing a little more as she raised her eyebrows.

“Fairy godmothers are handy.” Dawn mentioned noncommittally, shrugging a bit. The waitress stared at her until Dawn cracked a small smile spreading across her face.

“Coffee, scrambled eggs and extra bacon on toast and a slice of pie on the side. What about you, hon?” Claire asked, not bothering to write down the beaming Dawn’s order.

“Uh,” Bruce fumbled for the menu and glanced over it for a moment. “Large bowl of oatmeal with fresh fruit on the side and whatever pie you’re getting for Dawn.” Bruce decided. Claire didn’t bother writing it down either as she went behind the counter to call back to the cook. She came back with two mugs and a steaming pot of coffee, pouring it for them and then standing back and watching in obvious amusement as Dawn inhaled the steam and then took a quick sip, practically moaning in delight.

“I’d say I’ll have what she’s having, but I already kind of am.” Bruce shrugged and took a sip of the brew as well, raising surprised eyebrows and staring at a now more smug Dawn.

“Told you.” Dawn informed him, leaning back in her chair and closing her eyes to savor the flavor of burnt grounds. This was the stuff people like she and Bruce lived on.

“We’re never telling Tony about our Yoga and Breakfast Dates.” Bruce informed the taller girl. She smiled, not bothering to open her eyes.

“You’re calling it a date in front of Steve so he can crash the party.” Dawn informed him.

“The lady wants jealousy?” Bruce asked, a bit confused. Dawn had never really struck him as that type of girl.

“The lady wants to be in the spot behind him for Downward Dog.” Dawn replied, enjoying her morning even more than she thought she would as the two delved into who Bruce found good looking at the Tower and things they could do to drive Tony nuts without getting in trouble with Pepper.

Fidatzen me - Trust me - Basque
Cachu sanctaidd - Holy Shit - Welsh (Cymraeg)
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