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A Soundtrack For Life

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Summary: Snippets of the life of Dawn Summers, WIC Liaison to the Avengers. (not a songfic)

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Marvel Universe > Avengers > Dawn-CenteredDamiaFR155157,00121238132,95412 Sep 1218 Apr 13No

Track 44 - Hey Ho by The Lumineers

My deepest apologies, my computer decided it hate me and it took a while to get to the people who could brainwash the poor dear into submission. She is back and I shall be posting once more!


Darcy woke up and frowned, there was no warm spot beside her in the bed. It wasn’t all that surprising, Clint had been gone for a week now and wasn’t expected back for another three days. She just missed him while he was gone. It might seem silly to some, she knew what his day job was after all. He and Natasha were SHIELD before they were Avengers, it was just the way of their world.

The curvy brunette dismissed her vague feelings of disappointment and tossed back the covers on the bed, dipping her feet to the floor and poking at the bamboo with her toes to make sure it wasn’t too cold before padding over to the bathroom to get ready for the day. She pulled off her night shirt, pressing it to her nose and breathing deeply for a moment. It still smelled like Clint. She dismissed any crazy soft feelings she might have and tossed the shirt in the hamper so she could get in the shower.

Dressing for the day she chose her usual fitted dress, but skipped the matching blazer and grabbed an oversized sweater instead. She loved her sweaters, oversized and soft and warm and protection against bad moods and self doubts. She slipped on black ankle boots with killer four inch heels, Clint loved when she wore those crazy heels. Loved how they made her legs look longer, how her leg muscles moved with every step she took, loved to watch her walk in front of him. A soft smile spread across her face and she pulled her hair back into a loose bun before adding a bit of dark eyeliner and painting her lips that fire engine red shade he preferred. She was dressing for a man who wasn’t even there to appreciate it. Red lips cocked into a wry smirk and she turned away from her reflection.

Darcy pulled her ear buds, popping them in and putting in a mellow playlist to get her through the day. First stop was the main kitchen. She need coffee from that beautiful keurig Pepper insisted was a vital part of Avengers Tower Sanity. Once she’d drained the first cup and devoured a bagel she refilled her large mug (a gift from a college friend that read “instant human - just add coffee!”) and snagged a bag of pop tarts. She sipped gently at the steaming liquid as she walked to the elevator and requested Jarvis to send her to whichever labs Jane had holed herself up in.

Darcy’s first stop was at Jane’s actual office (kind of surprising) to ask when she’d eaten last (some time the day before, not at all surprising) and shoved the packaged pastry into the tiny woman’s hand. She made sure the coffee pot was full and warm and hadn’t turned to sludge before heading out to the next set of labs. Bruce looked freshly showered and was sipping at a steaming mug of tea so she left him to his own devices. A quick check with Jarvis confirmed Pepper had chased Tony out of his labs last night so she went back to the elevator.

Upstairs Dawn was making her usual mess. Darcy watched with a grin from the doorway for a few minutes. The taller young woman had a large office, but every surface was strewn with books which had various colored sticky notes in them and notebooks with more information stacked on the floor and on other books. For some reason the blinds were pulled up about six inches higher on one side than the other and there was a nerf dart stuck to the window. She left the growling Avenger to her own devices and went to her own office.

She had well over a hundred emails from the last twenty-four hours just asking for interviews with her team. They wanted clips and comments and pictures and there was a reason all of those requests went to Darcy first. She had the ability to tell people to fuck off without offending them. Not to say she couldn’t offend them if that was her goal, but usually she was ok playing nicely first.

The girl was young and this was her first job, by all accounts she should not have gotten the position she currently held. She should have been lucky to even get asked to come back for an assistant position to whatever genius PR Manager the Avengers would have had if the world made sense. People spoke of those who slept their way to the top and alluded to Darcy doing the same. Others pointed out Virginia Potts herself had started out as a simple Personal Assistant and was now CEO of Stark Industries. What most of the press didn’t realize was for most of the time she was Tony’s PA she was the one running the company.

Darcy could handle those comments though, and if someone tried get past her she had Pepper on speed dial and Stark Industries PR Rep as well. She had friends in high places, but they weren’t the ones who got her the job so the catty comments some media people made didn’t get to her. The reason she’d gotten the job was because she already had clearance, she already knew how to finagle her way around a nondisclosure agreement and she had the trust of the Avengers. That last part was the deciding factor. The people on the team were brilliant beyond belief, they were already legends and people worshipped and hated them for what they did and what they stood for. They were amazing and awe inspiring and very few remembered they were really just people underneath all that. Troubled, complicated people. Darcy was good with complicated.

Besides it was in her nature to be contrary and there was nothing more contrary than refusing to give an entire room full of press the information they wanted and being allowed to smile pleasantly through the whole thing. She could even claim a matter of national security if she wanted to.

Darcy took a break at lunch, heading up to the living floor to make a plate full of sandwiches. She made a circuit of the labs, dropping off food with all of her scientists (and Dawn) before heading back to her own office. Pepper had jetted off to D.C. for a lunch meeting and wouldn’t be back until later so the young brunette dove into her email once more, shooting off replies which promised nothing. It was all about the flowery, roundabout terminology really. Darcy finished her emails and headed off to a meeting for the first official Avengers Calendar. There were action shots and head shots. She didn’t want one person to have more pictures than the others and was careful about who was the focus for each shot as well. There was a lot of arguing around the room about direction as well before Darcy made the decision, they could have two damn calendars and one of them could be action shots and the other could be the PR focused ‘nice’ shots where the group did good deeds. She vetoed any pictures of the group which were not in uniform as well, they didn’t need that hassle. Besides, Clint cleaned up good in a suit and Darcy wanted to keep that for herself.

It was Steve’s turn to provide dinner and they were treated to homemade mashed potatoes and gravy and roasted chicken. Dawn had insisted on greens and a salad had been added, but Steve was really more of a meat and potatoes kind of guy. Darcy sat around the kitchen, laughing and chatting with a glass of red wine in one hand and her Stark Tablet in the other. Her shoes had been kicked off, but she was still in the dress and boxy sweater. Pepper mirrored her from another seat down the bar and the other women scattered around them had equally full wine glasses and were as happy to chat about inane things and laugh with one another. Darcy imagined this was what family was supposed to be like, everyone so different, but still connected on a deep level no one had to try and talk about.

Tony attempted to pour himself a glass of the Syrah, but was stopped by Natasha who made some comment about ladies first and emptied it into her own glass. They laughed at the look on his face and then he pulled out three more bottles and set them on the counter, announcing “for the women folk” and then pouring himself a couple fingers of scotch.

A couple hours later Darcy was back in her room, stretching her arms behind her in an attempt to unzip her dress. It had been a good day. Tony hadn’t blown up anything, Bruce didn’t need to go to his room to meditate, Jane had eaten three meals, Thor and Steve hadn’t broken anyone during training and Natasha had relaxed at dinner enough to start dancing barefoot to the music Darcy had insisted was needed for the perfect dining atmosphere. Of course the woman hadn’t been dancing alone for more than a few seconds before the rest of the woman were bouncing around as well.

Darcy finally caught the zipper and stripped before walking to Clint’s drawers and pulling out a t-shirt, holding it up to her nose for a few moments before pulling it over her head. She stared at his side of the bed for a few moments before she shook herself and climbed into her own side, rolling over to take up the center of the bed and pull his pillow toward her. She was still sprawled out in the center of the bed when her eyes popped open a few hours later.

“Shift over,” A hoarse voice demanded tiredly. He hadn’t touched her, she was skittish about that when she was sleeping. Darcy rolled onto her back, his pillow still clutched in her arms.

“You’re late.” She informed him, her voice even. He cocked an eyebrow as he slipped between the covers, pulling his pillow out of her loose grip and tucking it behind his head.

“I believe the word you’re actually looking for is early.” He noted, his voice still rough. Darcy’s pale hands reached forward and stroked his throat, noting the dark marks that circled over his adams apple.

“No. You’re definitely late.” Darcy turned so her head was resting on his chest and he tucked an arm around her, pulling her close. It was the closest she was going to come to telling him she missed him. Clint smiled into the dark and took a deep, satisfied breath. She didn’t have to use the words everyone else did, she wouldn’t be Darcy if she did.
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