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A Soundtrack For Life

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Summary: Snippets of the life of Dawn Summers, WIC Liaison to the Avengers. (not a songfic)

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Marvel Universe > Avengers > Dawn-CenteredDamiaFR155157,00121238133,05812 Sep 1218 Apr 13No

Track 45 - We’re Not Gonna Take It by Twisted Sist

Track 45 - We’re Not Gonna Take It by Twisted Sister

Standard Disclaimer Applies!


“I don’t think so.” Dawn was irritated. No, she was so far beyond irritated right now it was ridiculous. She was minding her own business at Cat’s Corner, drinking her coffee with a couple books she was translating spread around her on the table. She was happy with her sludge, Claire coming over to make funny faces at the pictures and symbols in some of the books before heading out to the other tables. It was a popular place Dawn had adopted, good coffee and good service drawing a crowd despite the rebuilding going on around the city.

And apparently the popularity had drawn the notice of some of the local thugs.

A trio of men in dark hoodies and bandannas over their faces came in and drew guns, demanding everyone to drop their cell phones and wallets and for Claire to open the register. Dawn’s respect for Claire grew when the blond didn’t even so much as look toward her for help. Instead she’d crossed her arms and given them a wary frown before telling them she didn’t want any trouble. That was when Dawn had stood up, her own arms crossed over her chest, and informed them that they really didn’t want to do this.

“What you gonna do about it bitch?” The short guy on the end demanded, tilting his fist and poking his gun toward her. Dawn didn’t look overly fearsome in well worn jeans and a white wife beater, her hair in two long, messy braids behind her shoulders. Wide blue eyes narrowed on the man as she debated whether or not this was worth the hassle. Her leather satchel laying across the table had a small dirty bronze disc that, when activated, turned into her mask. The thick bronze bangles on her wrists, the ones that the man was now looking at, built into simple gauntlets, not the fun tricky ones Tony liked to make her, but these one’s still had a bit of a zap to them.

“Dawn,” Claire’s voice was half plea, plea for what exactly Dawn wasn’t sure. What she did know was that these assholes were harassing her favorite watering hole and they were not getting Lynx Tech. She clapped the inside of her wrists together, activating the bracelets and alerting Jarvis to trouble in her vicinity.

“I had planned on asking you to leave nicely.” Dawn shrugged a single shoulder as the men’s eyes grew wide and she reached down into her bag, pulling out the thick disc and pinching it just so before dropping it on her head and letting it finish fitting itself around her eyes and ears.

“Oh shit man, its Lynx!” The furthest man didn’t actually have to state it, his cohorts had recognized her and so had her favorite table of construction workers.

“All I wanted was some coffee, is it really so much to ask for?” Dawn demanded as she took a couple steps forward. She was hoping that she could scare the three ne'er do wells into leaving without firing their guns. She wasn’t wearing her uniform and was more susceptible to bullets than many others on her team.

“I have taken the liberty of sending Captain America and Thor to you. They should be there in less than 2 minutes.” Jarvis’ voice filtered through her ears and Dawn focused on the level of danger that each of the people in the diner were in. Claire was in their direct path, the middle guy still hadn’t moved his gun off of her, the other two were pointed at Dawn herself, she preferred it that way.

“Look man, we don’t want no trouble,” The man who had named her said, his voice full of fear and his grip no longer steady on his weapon.

“First off, I’m not a man. Secondly, people who don’t want trouble don’t pull guns on defenseless diner patrons.” Dawn informed them, her tone dry and her mouth pressed into a flat line as she took another step forward.

“Did you call the cops?” The man in the middle, the one pointing his gun at Clair, asked her. His voice was flat, controlled.

“My team was alerted to trouble,” Dawn hedged, not actually sure if Jarvis had called the police or not.

“NYPD has not yet been notified.” Jarvis confirmed. Dawn didn’t respond, she didn’t know what to do with the boys.

“Ho shit son, that’s Captain America,” The third one, the one that had been worried about Dawn, was now sounding gleeful as he stared at Steve. Even when he wasn’t in uniform her man cut a fine figure.

“And Thor,” One of the construction workers, Clive, pointed out. No one looked in his direction, he wasn’t a person of importance at the moment.

“How about you all put your guns down then, huh?” Claire asked with a scared sort of smile. The guns began lowering as Steve walked right into the diner, a fierce frown on his face as he spotted the boys. They each lay their weapon on the ground and Dawn stepped forward to pick up all three, pausing with a frown as she hefted each in a palm.

“Are these even loaded?” She demanded, flicking a button under her ear and pulling her mask off.

“We didn’t really want to hurt no one,” The quiet one, the ringleader, mumbled, shuffling a bit. Dawn reached forward and yanked the bandana down.

“You’re like 12, where did you even get a gun?” She was throwing her hands in the air in obvious frustration as Steve took hold of the weapons, shoving them in the bag she’d left at her table. He had gotten her that satchel.

“I’m 16!” The boy shouted, obviously defending some perceived slight. Teenage boys were silly like that.

“Why were you trying to rob us?” Claire asked, her face softening as the other two boys bared their faces and looked sheepish.

“We needed the money. My pops took off last year and ma’s job don’t pay enough,” One of the other boys shrugged. The other two gave similar stories and Claire shook her head.

“You don’t need guns boys, you need jobs. You also need to go get your english homework since obviously you’re failing that class with the way you’re talking.” She informed them tartly, hands on her hips.

“The wench is correct,” Thor started before being interrupted by Dawn.

“Wrong industry, Claire’s a waitress.” She corrected as Claire stared at Thor in shocked confusion.

“My apologies fair Claire.” Thor smiled at the blond and she nodded with wide eyes. Dawn rolled her own eyes, used to this kind of reaction to her boys.

“Where did you get the guns.” Steve asked, not unkindly. Dawn wasn’t injured so he wasn’t really angry.

“Guy named Ricky Park down on seventh. ” One of the boys told him immediately, eyes wide as Steve flicked open his phone and sent out a text to one of his SHIELD buddies. Contrary to what Tony wanted people to believe, Steve was doing just fine with the technological updates.

“We put the bullets down the storm drains.” The first kind blurted out, his face flushing a bit as Steve gave him a disappointed frown. When the kids shoulders dropped Steve sighed and looked over at Dawn, who raised a single eyebrow in retaliation. He was a big softie and she already had a feeling she knew what was about to happen.

“You boys broke the law today.” He started. They hung their heads like beaten puppies. “But I suppose things could have been a lot worse.”

“How about I get you all some pie while you talk to these nice Avengers.” Claire announced with a smile. Dawn groaned expansively, dropping back into a chair at the table she had claimed for herself. She gathered up her books, the boys watching her curiously as she made a neat pile and shoved them off to the side.

“Hey yo, what language is that?” one of the boys asked, still peering at the now closed book. Dawn arched an unimpressed look at him.

“Don’t say ‘hey yo’.” She told him before she caught Steve giving her his ‘please play nicely with these people’ look. “It’s Sumerian.”

“That’s from like, 5,000 years ago, right?’ one of the boys asked. Dawn shrugged.

“Four thousand, but that was pretty close.” She didn’t say anything else before Claire was bringing over a large cherry pie and a short stack of plates. She had a single application and pen tucked in her apron as well. She must have been chatting with her brother back in the kitchen, their parents technically owned Cat’s Corner but they were the ones that ran it.

“We can hire one busboy, minimum wage, after school and weekends only.” Claire informed the three troublemakers with a calm look on her face as she sat down beside Thor, who was already digging into his pie with gusto.

“Wait, for serious?” One of the boys asked.

“It’s ‘seriously’ not ‘for serious’ and if I’m going to keep correcting your grammar I’m gonna need your names.” Dawn demanded. The three immediately offered their names up to the cranky Avenger. Jack (the scared one,) Dillon (the one that had pointed his empty gun at Dawn,) and Tiny (technically James but apparently no one called him that and he was the ringleader.)

“So, I can give one of you a job. Fill this out, have your guardian sign this off and bring it back to me and you can start tomorrow.” Claire repeated, pulling out the application and setting it and the pen down on the table. The three boys looked at each other for a moment before Tiny shoved the paper toward Jack, not meeting the other boy’s eyes.

Dawn was actively not looking at Steve. He was giving her those big blue eyes with his slightly frowning lips and air of sadness. She knew what he was trying to do and Dawn was not going to give him the satisfaction of offering whatever he wanted her to offer. Of course Thor was still at the table and the Aesir wasn’t the type to keep silent until they could speak in private.

“Lady Dawn, is there not a place within the vast halls of Stark for these two boys?” The big blond asked, his voice carrying the hint of a plea. Dawn lifted her eyes and wrinkled her nose with distaste as she realized both Thor and Steve were giving her identical looks of hope. She tilted her gaze to the other side and saw all three boys mirroring that look. She focused on Claire, the blond woman was smiling in amusement and obviously not about to help.

“Fine.” She bit out, pulling her phone out to text Pepper about open afternoon positions for a couple teenage boys Steve and Thor had adopted. “Don’t think I’m not annoyed though, you cost me my favorite coffee spot,” she growled.

“They haven’t ruined anything for you Dawn, you keep on coming just like you always have. Nothing here has changed,” Claire had steel in her voice and as the other woman’s calm gaze drifted over the little diner Dawn decided she would trust her. Especially the way the table of construction workers in the corner all tipped their hats and made a large production of grumbling about never getting to see the interesting things like the people working over by Avengers Tower.
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