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A Soundtrack For Life

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Summary: Snippets of the life of Dawn Summers, WIC Liaison to the Avengers. (not a songfic)

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Marvel Universe > Avengers > Dawn-CenteredDamiaFR155157,00121238133,05712 Sep 1218 Apr 13No

Track 1 - Kiss It All Better by He Is We

Disclaimer - I do not own The Avengers or Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


Dawn looked around carefully, the lone cool head in a crowd of panic. She had grown up with this sort of thing, well maybe not the alien’s exactly but certainly the insta-chaos that other worldly creatures brought along with them. Okay, maybe it was a bit smaller scale, but it followed the same sort of structure all other hostile takeovers had. A general with his minions, the true leader staying behind until the opening shots had been shared. She knew this formula like she knew the back of her hand. Her eyes continued to roam, locking in on dangers and the structural damages that would eventually (sooner rather than later) start bringing down buildings around their heads, even as she started issuing orders to the small team of future Slayers and Watchers she had brought to the city for a day of museums.

“Lara, get the civilians out of the streets! Chuck and Janie, get in that diner and reinforce those windows! Sheryl, Jennifer, Carly, clean up down the block. Check for stragglers and see if you can find somewhere safer to put the diner people.” Dawn was already running forward, her messenger back flipped around to bounce against the back of her hip as she ran the opposite direction that she was sending the kids.

“Where are you going Dawn?” Chuck, the lone boy in the group, called after her.

“I’m gonna see if I can find out what’s going on. This is not one of those times you get to question my actions and orders, GO!” Dawn didn’t often look forbidding or stern, not since her angsty (one might even be able to make an argument for emo) teenage phase. When she sent you the look that said she wasn’t in the mood to be crossed, most people stopped pushing her buttons. Chuck went to the diner with Janie on his six.

Dawn ran down the center of the street, eyes going to Stark Tower and the insane portal that had opened above it, the one that had the crazy alien’s spilling out of it. She spotted police talking to a man in a mostly blue suit that did wonderful things to his physique. She watched as the man with the large round shield paused while he talked to them and took out a handful of aliens. Aliens, how surreal was that? Even for someone that fought demons on a regular basis. As the man in blue turned back to the police one of them started issuing orders to the rest.

The police didn’t have time to speak with her, she understood that. Instead Dawn watched as the man in blue was joined by a woman with red curls in a catsuit. With Iron Man zipping about and a blond in Scandinavian armor and a hammer that looked much prettier than the Troll Hammer currently at the Cleveland School Dawn was pretty sure they were a team. Aliens coming out from above Stark Tower, possible Alien attack in Munich. Iron Man pissed off. Ok, so aliens hijacked Stark Tower and possible some of the Stark Toys before launching a full scale invasion. Sadly there was only three slayers assigned to the five boroughs and none of them were on the right island. Well they were scheduled to be anyhow.

Dawn made her way back to her students and found more chaos. The reptilian creatures were crawling down the sides of buildings and jumping down to the street. Her Slayers (she’d brought 3) were all in the streets using improvised weapons, the Watchers in training were trying to get the civilians out of the poorly defended diner and into a brick building with less windows. A hand slipped into the messenger bag behind her and pulled out a pair of sais that she held in a comfortably loose grip, they were her short range weapon of choice and she never left home without them. Then again, her Slayers hadn’t left home without a few surprises either, but small knives were easily lost and they didn’t have Faith’s strange ability to secrete her weight in metal in her leather pants without anything becoming visible.

“Bipedal, no visible eyes, throat and head take them down, center mass is iffy,” Sheryl called to her when Dawn was in range to hear her. The older brunette needed no further encouragement. She was The Slayer’s sister after all. She lost herself to the dance, slink in close, slam a fork up into the soft part under the chin and the other into the side of the skull and twist so they don’t get back up. It leaves you vulnerable for a few moments but it’s worth it to continue to take them all out. Until she notes that more of the creatures are there, and there is less banter being bandied about behind her. She can’t stop fighting, even when she see’s long auburn curls trailing across a puddle of blood. Sheryl was a Slayer, for all the she was 14 years old, and she couldn’t have stopped the girl from fighting. Dawn made her way over and checked the girl’s pulse, but it was too late.

“Get out of the street.” Dawn could be LOUD when she needed to be. She had to make herself heard over the top of the Scoobies after all, so it had been a talent she’d perfected before leaving for college. Dawn shoved the sais between her belt and her jeans, catching the prongs outside the leather so they wouldn’t go anywhere before she picked up Sheryl’s retractable staff and began backing up to the building she’d order her kids to get into. The creatures were coming as well. Dawn glanced over her shoulder and then back to the advancing horde and then decided to do something monumentally stupid. “Close the door, blockade it and do not let anyone in until all of these things are dead,” She shouted. She was heading to the portal.

There was arguing and shouting but Dawn ignored it, rushing forward and slamming the staff into the ground to throw herself up and over one of the advancing aliens. It turned but she was already slamming the titanium into it’s throat and kicking forward at it’s knees. Most creatures had weak joints, at least on Earth, and it appeared these things did as well. She took to taking out a knee after that, moving toward Stark Tower and only gaping once at the giant flying whale thing. If you caused enough of a distraction they left the others alone. She wanted them following her, not going after the others. Dawn lost track of time, but she found the man in blue.

“Ma’am it’s not safe out here, you need to find somewhere to hide,” The man yelled, throwing out his shield. Dawn didn’t bother with words, she didn’t have energy to spare on them as she slammed the end of the staff into the ground and used it to boost a solid kick into the face of one one of the flying creatures that had come down a bit low. The blue guy didn’t argue after that, he just offered shouted direction now and then.

Iron Man flew by with what looked like a missile not long later. Dawn was distracted enough that one of the creatures was able to shoot at her and she didn’t quite dodge it that time. The brunette flew backwards a short way and slammed painfully onto the concrete, her head bouncing hard against the unforgiving pavement. She must have cried out because the blue man was suddenly there, blocking any attempts on her while she was down. Dawn coughed a little and wiped a shaky fist against a lip that had been split some time before. She got shakily up to her feet, pulling the sais back out of her belt since she’d lost the staff. She gripped them loosely, and blinked away her double vision. She did not have time for that.

“Are you alright?” The man was asking, eyeballing her warily. Dawn flashed him a smirk she had picked up long ago from Spike.

“I’m peachy.” She stepped forward and was once again in battle, catching a gun here and slamming her weapons into the elbow and throat. She went for the soft spots with vicious intent, they’d taken out one of her girls and she was going to take out as many of them as she could. There was too much of her sister in her for Dawn to give up the fight at this point. Even as the double vision grew more pronounced and she started feeling light headed and shaky. Blue Dude stepped forward and slammed his striped shield into the face of one of the things as it tried to sneak up on her and Dawn wobbled, struggling to keep upright as she pressed a hand into her side and felt nothing but warm dampness. “Well it was fun while it lasted.” She offered the tall man (she appreciated height in a man as she was just shy of 6 feet herself) with a smirk. That was the moment when all of the aliens chose to fall out of the sky and stop moving.

Dawn didn’t make it much longer before she was falling as well. Later there would be footage of Captain America gripping an unconscious and rather battered looking Dawn as she bled down the front of his uniform and he surrounded Iron Man with the rest of the team and Tony quipped about Shwarma and Captain America needing a new harem since the USO girls were now geriatric.


Author's Note: I am inspired by music. It is what makes me write and keeps me writing. I hear a song and it inspires a new scene in my head. The idea of Dawn with the Avengers came to me halfway through watching the movie the first time. So every chapter will be named for the song that inspired me to write the scene. I hope you enjoy this!
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