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Cordelia Chooses

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Choice Series". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: The Scoobies are roped into escort duty on Halloween and Cordelia gets to choose their costumes.

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Chapter 11

Cordelia Chooses

Disclaimer: Still don't own this

Author's Note: Still wanting a Beta

Chapter 11

Monday morning came and a patina of normality descended upon Sunnydale. Xander walked to school with Buffy and Willow and as he did he randomly checked the minds of people passing by to see if they remembered what happened Friday night.

“Wow,” Xander said. “I never realized just how complete the blinders are on most people. They really aren’t even thinking that anything unusual went on this Halloween.”

“Huh,” Buffy said. “I also thought they knew but were just trying to stay out of it. Do you think it could be a spell?”

“It would have to a monster of a spell to affect the whole town for such a long time but we can ask Giles after school,” Willow said. “Or maybe Cordy will know, you know, now that she’s a witch instead of that thing that rhymes with it.”

As they walked the halls they passed several of the Cordettes all of whom gaped at Xander in his new clothes then frowned and passed money to Cordelia. She smirked and walked into class ahead of the Scoobies. Once inside Xander saw Harmony pay Cordelia too then he heard a strong burst of thought from her, {It doesn’t matter. She’ll be getting hers soon then I’ll be the one laughing}. He made a mental note to tell Cordelia about that so she’d know to be extra careful around the blonde. She might be dim but she was vicious and even she could get it right some of the time.

Classes were easier in general for Xander now. Lamont Cranston had been well educated and if his knowledge was from the forties well ancient history hadn’t changed and neither had Algebra, English, or high school chemistry. It looked like he’d still need Willow help in computer class but gym was now easy.

At lunch Cordelia surprised him by sitting with them. She was quiet as she ate the gourmet lunch she’d brought from home but afterward she asked, “Hey, how freaky is it that nobody remembers turning into their costumes except us and Amy? I mean Larry even claims to remember dancing with me at Harmony’s party Friday night.”

“We were just talking about that,” Xander said. “Do you think it could be a spell or just part of living on a hellmouth?”

Willow nodded, “Yeah, we were going to check with Giles after school to see if its possible that somebody is making people forget to help hide things.”

Buffy said, “Like maybe the Mayor or somebody on his payroll.”

“Good idea,” Cordelia said. “You know come to think of it I don’t remember anybody else ever being elected. We should check on that too.”

Xander said, “I was hoping I’d see you before school ended. I got a strong burst of thought from Harmony after she paid you, and may I say ‘huh?’ to that, but mainly I wanted to tell you that she has plans for you and not nice ones. She seemed pretty confident about them too so be careful.”

Cordelia smiled at him, “Thank you for looking out for me. It’s very sweet but the day I can’t handle a plan Harmony came up with is the day I stop living in mansions and driving sports cars.”

Xander shrugged, “Okay, as long as you’re warned. We’ll see you after school in the library then?”

“Sure,” she said. “And if you want to know why she was paying me I’ll tell you. It’s only fair since you helped me win the money.” She smirked, “I bet all of them that you’d come to school in nice clothes today.” The others looked shocked and she giggled, “Yup, so now not only do I have more spending money but they’ve all taken a new look at Xander and can see that he’s gotten hotter as he grew up. At least when he wears non-heinous clothes he’s hot. So now when I start dating him it’ll cement my position as queen rather than undermining it.

“I wanted to date Xander,” Willow said frowning.

“Then you should have asked him,” Cordy said. “Besides you’ll have your hands full with Buffy once she stops denying her desires,” she added in a lower voice.

Buffy almost shouted at that but remembered they were in public and in a whisper complained, “I’m straight. I like boys, well not teenage boys. They are all either intimidated or conceited jerks and old guys who like teenage girls are creepy, but Angel … no he had to be forced to save me.” She trailed off and pouted, “I think you took the only good guy Cordelia. That’s so mean.”

Willow nodded, “Yeah, if we end up as lesbians it’s all your fault for stealing Xander.”

“Don’t I get a say in any of this?” Xander asked.

“Of course you do,” Cordelia said. “I asked you when we went to the mall remember?”

He smiled, “Yeah, at least somebody cares about my opinion.”

“We care!” the other two girls said simultaneously. Buffy continued, “I want you to be happy Xan. If that means you date Cordelia and I get stuck with Willow then I’m behind you one hundred percent.”

Willow said, “Yeah.” Then did a double take and said “Hey!” and poked Buffy.

“I’m sorry,” Buffy said. “That came out wrong.” The bell rang after that and they left and went to their afternoon classes.

After their last class they all met in the library. “I just hope we don’t end up having to read through dusty old books,” Buffy said.

Giles walked out of his office, “Hello all, I hope nothing is wrong?”

“We were all talking and wondering if there is any way to check and see if the entire town might be under a spell to keep people from noticing the odd things that happen here?” Buffy asked.

Giles looked at them in surprise, “An actual spell? It would have to be an extremely powerful ritual to cover the whole town and since we’ve seen no sign of anyone renewing it it would have to be extraordinarily long lasting as well.” He took off his glasses and started polishing them as he thought. ”It would require the deepest levels of collusion with the mayor’s office but I think it might be possible. I’ll need to check several old records,” he made a list.

“I could go check at city hall,” Xander offered in an attempt to avoid the dusty tome reading he saw looming in the future. He took the completed list from Giles.

“I can check election records online and see how long Wilkins has been Mayor,” Willow added. She didn’t mind reading the old books, in fact she liked it, but she liked online research more.

“I’ll drive Xander to city hall,” Cordelia said.

Buffy realized that left her poring through dusty, old, tomes with Giles, “Hey! Wouldn’t it be better if Cordy stayed to help us research?”

Giles who was making another list looked up, “No Buffy, getting Xander to city hall and back faster would be a more efficient use of her time. She is the only of you with a car, after all.”

Buffy pouted and Cordelia smirked as Giles went off to find the books he had just listed. Xander called out before Giles disappeared in to the stacks, “Oh hey G-Man!”

“Yes Xander?” Giles replied.

“Harmony Kendall is hatching an evil plot,” Xander said. “I caught an accidental flash from her mind. She wants to harm Cordelia badly and I’m worried she might have made a deal with something nasty or more likely something nasty offered her a deal and she took it.”

Cordelia frowned, “You know, when you say it like that it sounds way more plausible.”

“Indeed,” Giles replied. “Willow?”

“Yes Giles?” she replied.

“I am going to do a spell to see if any curses have been placed on Ms. Chase. As an adjunct to this can you do some sort of search to see if there is official notice of any sort being taking of Ms. Chase or her parents?” the librarian asked.

“Sure,” Willow replied. “I’m not sure if I’ll spot everything but I can check. Do you want that done before or after I check the election results?”

“After please,” Giles said. “It’s a bit of a long shot but I want to check all the bases to use an American idiom.”

“Can’t you check yourself out Cordy?” Xander asked. “I mean you haven’t used your magic much since Friday so I’m starting to wonder if everything is okay.”

Cordelia hugs him, “You’re sweet and not as stupid as you look dweeb. Yeah, from Glinda’s memories I know that using magic on a hellmouth is extra dangerous for the untrained. Too easy to go to the dark side and they so don’t have cookies. I’m going to reserve it for life or death situations until I get all my memories sorted properly and can be sure I’m taking proper precautions.”

Giles nodded, “That makes sense. Also some curses are only detectable from the outside.” He ducked into his office and came out with a crystal sphere, “This sphere will light up for blessings and darken for curses.” He passed it down her body both front and back and it didn’t either glow or darken. He nodded, “Good enough. Please take Xander to city hall and if any of you notice anything else odd from or about this girl let me know as soon as possible.”

They all agreed to do that.
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