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Cordelia Chooses

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Choice Series". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: The Scoobies are roped into escort duty on Halloween and Cordelia gets to choose their costumes.

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Chapter 15

Cordelia Chooses Chapter 15

Disclaimer: I don't own BtVS, the Wizard of Oz, or the Shadow.

Author's Note: If you were wondering how Spike and Angel are doing then your wait is over! Sorry this has taken so long. My muse has been playing in other fandoms. This chapter also unbeta'ed. I think I annoyed my beta by being too impatient and posting the last chapter before he or she was done with it. Sorry for that too.

In a well lit warehouse Spike was on the phone with the Terakan Order when a minion burst in. Spike gestured for him to wait and continued talking, “Yeah, one of my groups got taken before they could bring me what they promised and since I can't say the same won't happen to the last one I can’t guarantee any more money than you’ve already gotten. What can you offer for that much and could I upgrade it later if the other comes through?”

He listens for a few minutes then nods, “Alright. Three attempts it is then. If I need more I’ll contact you after I’ve secured further funding.” Spike listens briefly again and makes a note, then hangs up. He turned to the minion, “Alright, what is it?”

“We’ve got a human out front,” the vampire said. “He found us and we’d have eaten him except he smells diseased and said he had an offer you’d be interested in.” The vampire shrugged, “So I came to ask if you want to see him.”

“Is it any of the players we know about?” Spike asked.

“No,” the vampire said. “It’s some teen from outside the city. He calls himself Billy Fordham or just Ford for short.”

Spike smirked, “Well let’s go see him. If he has a good plan I’ll steal it before I kill him.” The vampire minion smiled wide enough to show his fangs and lead the way.

After meeting Spike the boy told him that he was an old friend of the slayer and could deliver her to a specific time and place. “I own a place in town called the Sunset Club. It has about fifty people there at any time and they are all willing to donate blood to a vampire. If you will make me like you not only will I lure the Slayer into the basement for you but you can have the fifty too.” The boy grinned, “An offer too good to pass up right?”

Spike grinned back at him and put a hand on his shoulder, “Mate that has to be the sorriest plan I’ve ever heard.” He pointed out a minion with his other hand, “Otto there has come up with better plans and he never finished fifth grade!” Ford tried to leave but Spike’s hand held him fast, “First of all, what the bloody hell possessed you to name it “The Sunset Club”? In this town that name practically shouts vampire. I’m surprised it hasn’t already been taken over by one of us or blown up by the slayer’s crew. Second, even if the slayer isn’t that bright she’s got enough brain cells not to go to someplace called that for a meeting with anybody, old friend or not. And even if by some chance you convince her, her bloody friends will know better. The redhead is a bonafied genius and a hacker. She’ll check you out and find out about whatever disease you have that’s making you this desperate and that you own the club. Then they come after you and whoever is helping you.”

Spike puts his other hand on the young man’s neck and lifts him up in the air, “No, I’ll be sticking to my own plan. Your ‘fifty or so’ willing donors might come in handy for my plan to help Dru though so in gratitude I’ll grant you a quick death.”

“Turn me!” the young man pleaded as he dangled helplessly.

Spike snorts, “Mate, you don’t know what you’re asking. If I turn you then it isn’t you that’ll be walking around in your skin. You’ll be getting whatever reward or, more likely, punishment that you deserve and a demon will be walking around in this pitiful old thing you call your body. It seems pretty badly off though and I’m sure you’d taste like crap so I won’t be doing that.” With that Spike broke his neck and dropped him to the floor.

As he walked back to his office Spike said, “Clean up the mess one of you and somebody else put out the word that the Sunset Club is mine. No poaching allowed. I have plans for that place now that I know of it.”

“Yes sir,” the minions said.

In a different warehouse a different master vampire was talking to different minions. “I am back! Angelus, the true leader of the Scourge of Europe, has returned to you!”

The minions cheered but it sounded a bit weak with only four of them. He’d gone to visit City Hall Saturday morning before sunrise and had made himself known. He’d had just enough for the usual “gifts” plus the rent for this place but he’d soon have more. He’d already grabbed four relatively recent vamps as minions and was planning to turn a few more. Once he had enough people he’d raid some of the weaker demons and add to his coffers. He’d have to deal with Spike eventually but he was hoping to get properly set up first. He was sure he could handle Spike in a fair fight but was also sure that Spike would do his best to make sure it was nothing like a fair fight.

He smiled at his new minions, they’d do for a start. “Let’s go out then and get ourselves a bite.”

The other vamps chuckled at this as they went down the manhole. There was likely to be someone to snack on and if they were lucky they might find find a crew of sanitation workers.

After eating and gearing up the Scoobies looked at the list of possibly vampiric properties. “This one is closest,” Willow said. “But what if they aren’t vampires?”

“If they aren’t vampires or demons then we won’t kill them,” Buffy said.

“I have enough magic now to keep them from attacking us while we are there,” Cordelia said. She added, “And I can probably repair any damaged doors or such like if we pick wrong.”

Xander added, “I can make sure they don’t remember we were there.”

“Alright then,” Willow said. “Let’s go do it.”

“Giles, you stay here in case we need backup,” Buffy said. “You can also make sure you have first aid ready just in case.”

Giles nodded, “Understood, be careful out there.”

Cordelia drove them to within a few blocks of the house then parked. They got out and walked up to the house and then around to the backyard. Buffy kicked in the door and they searched the house finding three vampires that they quickly staked.

“Not much loot in this house,” Cordelia said. “Was the first one a fluke or is this?”

Buffy shrugged, “I dunno. I guess we’ll find out as we go along.”

“We did get a few hundred in cash,” Willow said. “That’s not bad.”

“So,” Xander said. “Back to my place then?”

“Yeah,” Buffy said. “But I need to head home after we check in with Giles. Mom’s making dinner.”

“We ate dinner already Buffy,” Willow said as they headed back to Cordelia’s car.

“Yeah but she doesn’t need to know that and anyway that was way early and I’ve got a slayer metabolism,” Buffy replied. “Any of you want to come?”

Willow smiled, “Sure. I may not eat much but I’d like to come for the company.”

Realizing that Willow’s house was empty and Xander was likely to be staying at his own house Buffy smiled and threw an arm around Willow, “You’re welcome anytime Willow. You know that.”

“Thanks,” Willow replied. They made it back to Xander’s house and told Giles of their success.

After storing the armor and weapons securely Xander asked, “Buffy, can you get out later? We should do a second house if we can or at least a normal patrol.”

“Yeah,” the slayer replied. “I can manage that no problem. Meet you here?”

“It’s as good a place as any,” Giles replied. “Especially if we’re storing most of our gear here.”

The others agreed to meet back at Xander’s house by midnight and the group broke up.
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