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Cordelia Chooses

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Choice Series". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: The Scoobies are roped into escort duty on Halloween and Cordelia gets to choose their costumes.

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Chapter 16

Cordelia Chooses Chapter 16

Disclaimer: I don't own BtVS, The Shadow, or The Wizard of Oz

Author's Note: This chapter has now been Beta'ed by Cerian Quilor who has my thanks.

That night they had a similar success. Willow and Cordelia entered from the front while Buffy and Xander came in from the back. Cordelia produced a ray of sunlight from her wand and the vampires fled from her straight towards Buffy and Xander. They then checked the house and looted any money or jewelry the vamps had but leaving anything that seemed to have been original to the house. The previous night set the pattern for the next few days. Most locations netted them from two hundred to one thousand dollars and occasional a few trinkets for Giles to check but nothing like the haul they got from the first location.

“I think this settles an earlier question,” Xander said at lunch on Friday. “That first load was not normal. It must have been tribute or a bribe to either Spike or the Mayor.”

Cordelia and Willow nodded. Buffy pouted, “I was hoping for another big score. I saw the cutest pair of Jimmy Choos I wanted to buy.”

“Er what?” Xander said.

“They’re shoes Xander,” Willow said.

“Oh,” he replied still a bit confused. “Why do you need a big score to buy some kicks?”

Cordelia snickered and Buffy looked shocked. “They are NOT ‘kicks’ Xander!”

Willow rolled her eyes, she might be female but the lure of such expensive shoes eluded her. “They are expensive enough that last night’s haul would only buy one pair before we divided it and not the most expensive ones either.”

Xander sat back shocked at the idea of $500 dollar shoes. “That’s insane,” he muttered.

Cordelia smirked, “I own three pairs.” She said it just to watch his expression then giggled along with Buffy.

Xander shakes it off, “So, I’m going car shopping tomorrow. Who wants to come?”

Cordelia takes his arm, “I’m coming to make sure you don’t get ripped off and get something good.”

Buffy shakes her head, “I’m taking it as a beauty day. Planning to exfoliate my skin, deep condition my hair, and redo my nails.” She looks over at Willow, “Want to join me? Always more fun with two.”

Willow nods, “I’d like that. Never done that sort of thing before though.”

“No worries,” Buffy said. “I’ll walk you through it. Just bring your favorite nail polish, I’ve got everything else.”

“That does sound nice,” Cordelia said. “Maybe I can join in next time?”

“Sure!” Buffy said. “The more the merrier.”

They went on a raid after school but before the sun set and it seemed like Buffy’s prayers had been heard. There were a lot of vamps but there was also a lot of loot. Old Byzantine coins for the most part but also several bits of jewelry that gave them all a creepy feeling. They called Giles in to examine the stuff and ended up smashing all of those and several more before loading it up and taking it to Xander’s basement.

“Do you know if that place we went to before is open late?” Xander asked. “We could sell it off today and Buffy could buy her chewy shoes tomorrow.”

Buffy looked horrified and Cordelia slapped his shoulder, “Stop that. I know you are mangling the name on purpose.”

“He is?” Buffy asked.

Cordelia nodded, “We both have perfect recall now so yeah, anything he mangles that badly or pretends to forget is an act. Once you and Willow get far enough along with the mind mojo I’m teaching then you will be the same.” She frowned, “It’s not an unalloyed blessing but it can be useful.” She lifts the bag of loot and shoves it at him, “Yes, he should still be open by the time we get there but only if we hurry so go carry this out to my car. I’d hate to stand between a woman and her shoes.”

Buffy beams at her, “Thanks Cordy!”

Xander carries the canvas bag out to her trunk and they drive out to sell them. The old guy and his wife are happy to see them return with more stuff.

“It’s a shame some of this stuff has been treated so roughly,” the woman said. “It almost looks like somebody took a sledge to it.”

“That’s possible,” Xander said. “My great uncle had a nasty temper. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he occasionally broke plates or flattened the occasional knickknack.”

“Well I hope you’ll be kinder to any figurines you acquire,” she said.

“Oh, I’ll make sure of that,” Cordelia said. She went off with the woman and the intact jewelry leaving Xander and the older man with the coins and broken bits.

“That your wife?” he asked as he checked the price of silver online.

“No,” Xander said. “We’re still a bit young for that.” Then blushed as the old man cackled.

The old man started rambling about how things were different in his day. “I got married at eighteen and on the whole I’m happy I did. You can wait a bit until your inheritance is all settled but don’t wait too long. A girl like that is a prize. She won’t wait forever and if you don’t appreciate her someone else will.” The old man cackles again, “But from the look on your face you know that already hey? I’ll just stick to business then. Silver is trading at $29.00 an ounce, gold at $1620, and that flattened bit of platinum will get you $1800. Are you willing to trade them in at those prices? Platinum has been dropping a bit lately. You might want to hang on to it.”

Xander considered but the platinum had been part of something magical and dark so eventually he decided, “I’ll sell it all at those prices. After all the platinum might be even lower next time.”

“That is true,” the man said. He sealed all the coins into plastic and separated the smashed bits by precious metal. Then he handed Xander his money in cash, “Be careful not to flash that wad around or you’ll attract the wrong sort. You’re a good customer and I’d hate to lose you.” Then he grinned, “And if you happen to need a ring soon, remember we sell as well as buy.”

After putting the money away securely Xander walked over to where Cordelia was haggling with the woman about the intact jewelry. She eventually takes some of them back and accepts a velvet bag from the woman for them along with a manila envelope full of hundreds.

After counting it she thanks the woman and turns to Xander, “We can go now.”

Xander nods and follows her out to the car, “Do you want to go eat somewhere after?’

Once inside the car she grins, “You mean after we’ve divvied up the loot?”

He grins, “Yeah, that's right dollface. I might as well get some use out of all those fancy clothes you’ve made me buy.”

“It’s a bit late to get reservations,” she started then shrugged, “but I’m sure I can get us in somewhere suitable. We can make this our official debut as a couple.”

He grinned, “Great!”

When they got they divided the money evenly and Xander only remembered the velvet bag when she produced an appraisal and said, “I’m keeping a few things so I’ll pay you all for them once I get the money out on Monday, okay?”

“Fine by me,” was the consensus and she smiled. “They had style and went with my look so I thought I’d keep them. I might even wear them out with Xander tonight.”

“You're dating her tonight?” Willow asked.

Xander nodded, “Yeah, I asked her out to dinner.”

“Does that mean you aren’t cooking tonight?” Buffy asked.

He smiled, “Yes Buffy, that’s what it means. Isn’t your mom cooking tonight?”

“Well yeah,” Buffy admitted. “But I’d gotten used to double eating.”

Cordelia smirked, “Well if you ask nice maybe Willow will buy you something later. Just remember, if you order the lobster she might expect you to put out.”

Willow and Buffy both blushed and Willow started babbling, “I wouldn’t expect that Buffy! I mean if you wanted to that’s good but if you’d rather not then that’s okay too. I mean you do still owe me one but I wouldn’t hold you to it. I mean to your obligation, not to my... well anyway you can eat anything you want without having to worry that I’d, you know, take advantage. And not just because you are the slayer and lots stronger than I am but because I’m your friend and I’m shutting up now.”

Buffy jumped up red in the face, “I’ll just be going home now! See you tomorrow! Not that it’s a date or anything, just a girl’s day in. A friendly sort of thing, no nakedness involved! I mean even if there were it would be okay because we are both girls and I’m straight!” With a panicked look she ran out of the house at full speed, “Bye!”

Xander shook his head, “You are such a tease Cordy.”

Cordelia giggled, “Oh, you noticed?” She gathered up her things, “Well I need to go get ready for our date. Can I drop you off on the way Willow?”

“Sure,” Willow replied. “Thanks.”
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