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Cordelia Chooses

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Choice Series". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: The Scoobies are roped into escort duty on Halloween and Cordelia gets to choose their costumes.

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Chapter 17

Cordelia Chooses Chapter 17

Disclaimer: I don't own BtVS or any other fictional universe represented here.

Author's Note: The Bentley Xander bought is a 1947 glossy black hardtop. If anyone wants a link to the pic let me know. Edited thanks to a kindly private review. It reads better now.

Second Author's Note: I'm ending this story here because I'm unsure where to take it from here and because this is a reasonable stopping point. If I can think of a good way to continue the tale I'll write a sequel. Thank you for all your kind words and reviews.

Late Saturday afternoon a fifty year old but beautifully refurbished and maintained Bentley rolled up to the Summers household. Xander got out of the driver’s side and opened the heavy black door for Cordelia with a bow and flourish, “We have arrived my queen.”

She rolled her eyes at his theatricality but was pleased at his opening the door for her nonetheless. Cordelia smiled as she exited, “If you’re going to be a minion then go knock for me as well.”

“As you wish Buttercup,” he said. “The dread pirate Roberts is yours to command,” Xander said as he went up and knocked on the door.

Joyce Summers answered it, “Hello Xander and Cordelia. That’s a very nice car Xander but wasn’t it terribly expensive?”

Xander shrugged, “If it still had all original parts then it would have been much more expensive. This one however is up to current standards on pollution and miles per gallon. Only the outsides are still classic, but I when I saw it I just had to have it.”

She shrugged, “Well as long as you can afford it. Buffy and Willow are upstairs. I think they are done with their spa day so you can both go on up. If they do kick you out Xander then you can help me make cookies.”

Xander grinned, “Maybe I should just stay down here then.”

Cordelia shook her head, “You have to at least say hi to Buffy.“ She grabbed his hand, “Come on, you can gloat to them about your new car then make cookies.”

He let himself be pulled along, “Yeah, that does sound better.”

Once they got to Buffy’s bedroom door they heard voices, “But Buffy I don’t want to shave there.”

Buffy replied, “Oh come on, Wills. We already know you’re a natural redhead, you don’t have to prove it. Besides look how long it is. I can wrap it around my finger three times almost.”

Willow said, “Proving I’m a natural redhead is not why I want to keep it. I like it long, it keeps everything from being visible at a glance.” There was a giggle, “Besides I like it when you run your fingers through it.”

Xander was frozen with one hand lifted to knock, red-faced. He threw a thought to Cordelia, {Should I knock anyway or wait until the convo moves to safer areas so as not to get them upset?}

She sent back a mental giggle, {Are you worried about facing an embarrassed and angry slayer or are you just hoping to hear more of this foreplay like the perv I know you are?}

While he was trying to think of a way to answer that which didn’t sound either cowardly or perverted the conversation inside kept going oblivious to the fact that there were two listeners at the door.

“I’m only doing this to show you how long it is and that you should shave it,” Buffy sounded petulant. “It’s not like I’m enjoying it.”

“Right,” Willow said with disbelief in her tone. “And you got in the shower with me just to bring me that new shampoo and wash my hair.”

“Exactly!” Buffy said. “It’s beautiful hair, so it deserves the best care.” There was a pause and she continued, “You know, even this hair feels so soft and silky. If that’s because you never cut it maybe I should stop shaving there too.”

Willow sighed, “Sadly Xander and Cordy will be here soon so you should stop that and we should get dressed. I want to see the car he gets and I can’t do that naked.”

“You could always just look out the window,” Buffy giggled. Then her tone shifted, “Not that I want you to stay naked, or that I want to watch from behind as you bend over, or ohmygod I’m doing it aren’t I? I’m babbling, is this what you feel like when you babble? I hope not because it’s not of the good and it’s sort of like driving an out of control vehicle, not that I’ve driven one, those are just rumors the driver’s ed teacher spreads because he hates me, and how do you stop this? I can seem to keep from saying whatever is going through my mind and that’s a bad...” Buffy stopped in mid babble.

Cordelia saw that Xander was now even redder and threw him a look. He answered mentally, {Willow stopped her with a kiss. Let’s both go downstairs until they are, uh, finished?}

Cordelia smirked, {Yeah,} she thought back. {I guess we should.}

Back downstairs Cordelia just said, “The girls aren’t finished yet so we both came down to help.” By the time the cookies were cooling on a rack Buffy and Willow had come downstairs.

“Hi mom, what smells so good?” Buffy called out as she entered the living room. Then seeing the other two sitting on the couch she looked surprised. “When did you two get here?”

Mrs. Summers answered from the kitchen where she was washing up, “They came about an hour ago Buffy. I sent them upstairs but they came right back down saying you two were still busy with your spa day and helped me bake the cookies. I hope you two had fun?”

In the living room both Willow and Buffy had turned red. Willow eeped and Buffy whispered, “Did you, you know, hear anything?”

Xander blushed and Cordelia snickered. She answered just as quietly, “Nothing too bad. As soon as I saw mister telepathy starting to turn red I reversed course and we came back down. Anything you want to confess?”

Buffy looked relieved, “Nothing but the usual spa day went on. I just wanted to make sure Xander hadn’t peeked or anything.”

“Oh come on,” Xander said. “You know me better than that I hope.”

“Yeah,” Buffy replied. “And I know you’d look if you thought you’d get away with it.”

“You wound me,” he replied.

She snorted, “So while we wait for the cookies to cool, care to show off the new car you just got?”

“Sure!” Xander stood up and headed for the door. “G-Man’s always saying his car is a classic, wait until he sees mine!”

Outside the classic 40’s Bentley hardtop gleamed in front of the house and Willow whistled, “That must have cost a fortune Xander!”

“Not as much as you might think Wills,” he replied. ”Only the chassis is still original, everything inside has been updated one time or another. It’s still a classic though. Pure leather and real wood trim inside, you can ride in style in this car.”

“Not much room in the back though,” Buffy said. “I’d be in Willow’s lap the whole way.”

“Like you’d mind that,” Xander said. He held up one hand when he saw her start to protest, “Alright, alright, I take it back. Anyway, there’s more room than it looks like back there and you’re both petite so I’m sure you’ll both fit fine.”

“Are you going to take us for a ride Xan?” Willow asked.

“Sure!” he replied. “Right after we eat. Buffy’s mom invited us for dinner and I’d hate to miss that.”

Just then Buffy’s stomach growled so they went in to eat and had cookies for dessert. After they ate they all piled into the car and while the back seat wasn’t as luxurious as the front both Willow and Buffy fit just fine.

“So,” Xander said as he pulled away. “My place first to pick up gear or did you just want a ride in the Shadowmobile?”

“Ugh,” Cordelia said. “Please tell me you aren’t calling it that?”

“Any more homes on that list Xan?” Buffy asked. She was hoping to stop any bickering before it got started.

“Only one,” he said. “After that we’ve done all the homes on the list I was planning to start checking out the supposedly abandoned warehouses by the docks.”

“Then yeah I think we should gear up at your house and hit the last house,” Buffy said. “Then its back home for me and after mom goes to sleep I can make a quick patrol through the graveyards to dust any newbies and hopefully make it home in time for a good night’s sleep.”

“You shouldn’t patrol alone,” Xander said. “I’ll meet you at Sunnydale Acres at midnight unless you call to cancel okay?”

Buffy pouted, “I can take care of myself.”

“I know,” he replied. “I’d just feel better knowing you had backup. Besides I don’t need as much sleep as I used to and tomorrow is Sunday anyway.”

She huffed, “Fine, I’ll meet you at the Acres at midnight. First though we have some older vamps to dust and a bad guy’s house to loot.”

“Yup!” Xander said. “So let’s go gear up. Usual tactics I guess? Cordy and Willow flush them out and we dust them when they run?”

“It works so why change it?” Buffy replied.

“I’m cool with that,” he said. “What about you ladies?”

Cordelia and Willow agreed and the girls made plans for going shopping on Sunday with whatever money they picked up tonight until they reached Xander’s house. The girls went straight for the basement but Xander headed up to his bedroom. He’d built a secret compartment into his closet to hold his costume, weapons, and some armor and besides he knew they’d just kick him out if he tried to go down with them to change.

When he was ready he came down and saw them geared for battle with dark clothes under Kevlar vests and web belts with stakes and holy water. He nodded to them, “Looks like we’re ready, let’s go.”

They piled back into the black Bentley which was, although a memorable car, less noticeable at night than Cordelia’s silver Mercedes. It took only about five minutes to dust the three vamps in the house. Between Cordelia’s sunlight spell and Buffy’s slayer speed and strength Xander didn’t even have to fire a shot. They each ended up with two hundred dollars cash and a loose gem after the spoils were divided. Then back to his house to change again and after making sure they hadn’t forgotten anything they went back to Buffy’s house.

Willow got out with Buffy and Buffy looked surprised, “You leave something behind Will?”

Willow smiled, “No, I just thought we could continue our conversation from before. You know about shaving techniques?”

Buffy blushed a little but grinned, “Oh yeah. I’d like that. You can never learn too much about grooming. I’m sure mom will be okay with you staying over.” She hugged Xander and Cordelia, “Good night guys, thanks for the ride Xan!” She went inside but left the door open.

Willow smiled and waved, “Thanks for everything guys. I’ll see you both tomorrow?”

Cordelia waved back and said, “Sure! Wouldn’t miss it.”

Xander hugged her and whispered, “She’ll come around. Just keep pitching the idea. I’m behind you 100%.”

“Thanks Xan, I’m sure I can make her see and she’s worth it,” Willow whispered back then went inside and closed the door.

"So you want to hit the Bronze until midnight?" Xander asked.

"Sure," Cordelia said. "I'd love to see Harmony's face when I drive up in this!" She turned to Xander, "If she asks you if it cost a fortune say yes. If you quote a price err high. Do you understand me? We are trying to make an impression here."

Xander smiled, "Sure I understand. You're the expert here. You lead and I'll follow. I'll be behind you 100%."

"Because you'll be watching my ass I bet," she replied but she smiled and kissed his cheek. "Alright let's go knock their socks off."

The End

You have reached the end of "Cordelia Chooses". This story is complete.

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