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Cordelia Chooses

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Choice Series". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: The Scoobies are roped into escort duty on Halloween and Cordelia gets to choose their costumes.

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Chapter One

Cordelia's Choice

Disclaimer: I don’t own The Shadow, The Phantom, The Wizard of Oz, or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This is a work of fanfiction and no money is being made.

Author's Note: My first story here. I hope you enjoy it. It is a Halloween story and I noticed that Cordelia's first kiss with Xander was only a few episodes later so I'm assuming she is already attracted to him just not letting it show.

As the Scoobies entered Sunnydale that morning they saw Principle Snyder standing nearby grinning. Xander sent Willow an alarmed look and she returned it.

“I don't like it when he's this happy,” the redhead told him and her Xander-shaped friend nodded.

When they were almost past him and starting to feel just a little safe he called out, “Summers, Rosenberg, and Harris follow me to my office.” When they got there he motioned them all in first then sat down behind his desk and grinned at them over his folded hands.

“Today is Halloween. The Mayor, in his wisdom, and out of pure human kindness always makes sure that the little kids have a safe night of trick or treating. This year the PTA has volunteered my school to provide the escorts for our little future voters.”

His smile widened as he saw them figure out where this was going, “I, in turn, volunteered you three to be some of the escorts. Now I know that all of you have probably already bought costumes but I know how teenagers think and the sort of costumes you pick if left to your own devices and so does the PTA. I'm afraid we can't let you wear them as escorts for impressionable young kids who are the future of our town.”

Snyder secretly hoped they'd spent hours and all their available cash on costumes they now couldn't wear. That thought and what he was planning to say next was why he was smiling so widely, “The Head of the Chamber of Commerce has offered to pay for the costumes of all escorts and his only requirement is that I let his daughter choose them so to make sure they meet the highest standards.” He pressed a button on his phone and said to his receptionist, “Please send her in now.”

Cordelia Chase walked in smiling, “Thank you for volunteering to help the little munchkins stay safe.” She passed out squares of parchment with the address and directions in beautiful calligraphy. “Everyone will be leaving by four p.m. So the girls need to come early enough to change into their costumes and Xander needs to be there a half hour early.”

Xander was sure he'd regret asking but he had to know, “Uh, why do I have to be there early Cordelia?”

“To give time for the body-paint to dry,” she said with a smirk then left the room.

Snyder said, “If you are thinking of skipping out on your civic duty then you should know that I'll be speaking to Ms. Chase tomorrow and if she has one complaint about you then you'll be expelled. Is that clear? Wear whatever she gives you and do what she tells you from four to seven p.m. This evening and you'll still be a student come Monday but otherwise you're out of here!”

Xander sighed and nodded, “We understand Principal Snyder.”

Snyder looked at the other two and they nodded as well. He gestured to the door, “Very well then, dismissed!”

The day went by far too quickly for Xander and the Scoobies and soon school was over. “Well, I’d like to join you in the library but I’ve got to drop my books off and then go get sexually harassed by Cordelia before we escort the hyper little rugrats on their rounds. So I’ll see you at the Chase Mansion later for tea and humiliation?”

“We’ll be there Xan,” Willow said.

Buffy nodded, “And if we can get Giles to do anything about it we’ll let you know.”

“Hopefully before you catch anything,” Willow says with a small grin.

Xander chuckles in spite of himself, “I’m not really worried about that Wills. I figure I’m the last man she do that with. She’ll probably just point and laugh as I change clothes. No biggie right?” The other two give him a hug and he walks off.

When he gets there he sees Larry Blaisdell from the football team, “Hey Larry, you got roped into this nonsense too?”

Larry frowns, “She told me to to find out how to wear a loincloth. WTF man?”

Xander sighed, “She told I’d be wearing body paint. At this point I’ll be happy if I get a loincloth.”

Cordelia walked into the room followed by her chauffeur with a crate and sighed looking tragically put upon, “They told me I have to keep the costumes ‘family friendly’ since we’ll be escorting snot-nosed rugrats rather going to Harmony’s house for the party. So no Conan in just a loincloth and sandals for Larry and no almost naked blue guy from that movie for Xander.” She collapses into a Louis XVI chair and pouts, “I have to use the costumes in the crate the servant brought in.” She stops and thinks then starts smirking again, “I’m still in charge of your asses until seven though so I think I’ll make you change right here where I can watch.”

“Uh, what?” Xander says.

Cordelia smirks wider, “Why not? Larry here is prime grade A beef and you aren’t half bad either. I mean you aren’t up to my standards but I’m surprised Buffy hasn’t snatched you up.” Her eyes fill with mischief and she turns to Xander, “Or maybe Harmony is right and Buffy walks the other side of the street? I mean hanging around with two girls all the time might almost make you cool unless they are doing each other. Then it just makes you even lamer than you look.”

“What! No, Buffy is straight and I’ll get together with her one day just you watch,“ Xander says.

“Delusional much?” Cordelia snorts. She walks over to the crate, “Okay one of you has to open this for me while I read the invoice list and see what I can give you.”

Larry shrugs, “I don’t do grunt work. Harris here is the woodshop boy.”

Xander sighs and nods, “I’ll do it.” He walks over, “I don’t suppose you have a crowbar?”

She gives a regal wave, “Go ask a servant.” Then she smirks, “Or should I say another servant?”

Xander gives a florid bow, “Of course your majesty.” Then walks off and comes back shortly with the crowbar and opens the crate. “Dibs on The Shadow,” he calls out happily as he looks inside.

“Well you did open the thing so I’ll agree,” Cordelia says. “That makes Larry The Phantom.” She walks up and grabs another package, “Ooh, skintight purple spandex! This might be a fun night after all.” She tosses it to Larry then goes back and sits where she can see them both, “Now strip and change. Remember I own your tight little asses for tonight so do your best to please me and I won’t ruin your lives, maybe.”

Larry shrugs, “Well at least we get to keep our undies on.”

Cordelia smirks and calls for a maid, “Bring two silk boxers Maria. One black and one purple if you can find it. Oh and tell the kitchen that I want some grapes sent in.”

The maid bowed and scurried off. Cordelia smirks at the boys, “Now you don’t have to worry about your tighty whities not matching your costumes.”

When the maid has returned and she has her grapes in hand Cordelia Chase lounges in her antique armchair and watches the boys change. She makes sure to keep her face turned towards Larry but she’s watching Xander. When she notices that Larry is also watching Xander on the sly she smirks and saves that info for future blackmail. Her father always told her that such things have driven more than a few business deals even at top levels and it’s never too early to start gathering info on people.

When Xander is just putting on the hat the butler shows Buffy and Willow in, “Your other guests have arrived Miss Cordelia.”

“Thank you Jarvis, please see if they want any refreshments. The blonde will probably ask for fried pigs feet or something equally gross but do your best anyway.”

“I do NOT eat any part of a pig,” Buffy said gagging.

Willow looked at the tops of her shoes, “I’d hoped you were going to be nice Cordelia.”

Xander snorts at that and Larry says, “She made us change in front of her! She just sat there eating grapes and ogling us the entire time.”

Buffy snorts, “Way to skank it up Cordy.”

Cordelia smiles, “Hey, there’s nothing wrong with a girl doing the ogling once in awhile. If I’m not allowed to have my usual fun I’ll make my own.”

“Yeah I know that seeing me naked was the highlight of your week Cordy,” Xander says.

Cordy snorts, “As if!”

Willow blushes, “N-naked?”

Xander nods, “Yeah I’m currently wearing Cordelia provided underwear and she watched me put it on. I was hoping she’d tuck a twenty in but no such luck.”

Cordelia smirks, “I didn’t have any small change on me Harris, that’s why I didn’t tip.” She looks over at Buffy, “Now for the main event. There are three costumes left and I’ll assign them then we can go change in my room.” She gives the boys a look, “Neither of you are rich enough to afford even a peek so you better stay put while us girls are changing.”

Buffy shrugs, “So what are the costumes?”

“A ghost, a harem girl, and a princess,” Cordelia answers. “I’ll be the princess, of course. Buffy will be the ghost because the more of her that’s covered the better.”

Buffy shrieks, “What?”

Cordelia ignores her and focuses on the blushing Willow, “And Rosenberg here gets to be a harem girl.” Then she laughs at how red the girl turns, “Don’t worry, this is a PG costume. It has a sturdy halter top with fake gems and the pants aren’t really see through although they are thin enough that if stand in front a light they might be. I hope you have pretty underwear on.”

Willow just went “Eeep!” at the idea.

Xander hugs her, “Don’t worry Will, you are easily pretty enough to pull that costume off.”

“Thanks Xan,” she hugged him back.

Cordelia rolled her eyes, “Yes, well that was sweet and all but we need to get changed.” Cordelia handed out the costumes and led the other girls to her large bedroom.

“Cordelia are you sure that's a princess costume?” Willow asked when she saw it.

“Sure!” Cordelia replied. “Ball gown, tiara, and scepter what else would it be?”

Willow replied, “It looks like Glinda the Good from the Wizard of Oz. What did the packaging say?”

Cordelia shrugged, “I didn't look. Anyway only a geek would know the difference. This costume is what I say it is and I say it's a princess.”

“Uh, okay then,” Willow said and shrugged. She was more worried about her own costume anyway. She looked at Buffy in the white sheet with “Boo!” written on it and wished she could wear it instead.

After they were all dressed and back together Cordelia said, “Okay so there will be only three groups of kids in our section. I'm not sure why and I couldn't care less.”

Larry said, “Uh, I think the senior class is escorting the rest.”

Cordelia waved him off airily, “Whatever, the point is that we only need three sets of escorts so two of us will double up.” She pointed to Xander, “I'll take dweeb boy here as my partner. I doubt he's ever been in the rich part of town before and I want to make sure he doesn't get lost. It might reflect badly on me and we can't have that.”

She pointed to Willow, “You'll go with the Phantom here. Don't worry I'm sure he'll be the perfect gentleman.” She winked at Larry and smirked, “Right Larry?”

He nodded, “Of course. We are supposed to be setting an example right? Besides the Phantom is one of the good guys.”

With a fake look of sadness she said, “That leaves Buffy alone for the night unfortunately. I hope you can manage alone dear?”

“Of course,” Buffy said. “Thank you for your concern,” she added with a fake smile.

Cordelia stood, “Alright, let's go pick our little rugrats at the high school. I'll have the limo drop us off.”
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