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Faith The Series: Season 2

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Faith: The Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A second year in Sunnydale brings yet more threats for Giles & Faith.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Action/Adventure > Cast: Just about Everyone(Current Donor)KCollFR181681,4300219,92113 Sep 1216 Sep 13Yes

Season 2 Episode 2

Faith: The Series Season 2 Ep 2 (13/???)

“Um,” Xander muttered as he pulled away, from what must have been of their hundredth kiss of their make-out session in the stacks. “You taste so good.”

“You think that tastes good you want to try my-,” her voice trailed off as she heard Giles enter the library. Alarmed that the Englishman might find them making-out in his precious library, she hushed Xander to silence. Her anxiety turned to amusement as she overheard what Giles was muttering to himself.

“W-w-what I'm proposing is, um... and I don't mean to appear indecorous, is, is, a-a-a social engagement, a, a-a date, if you're amenable.” There was a pause. “You idiot!”

Faith exchanged amused looks with Xan. “Let’s go,” she whispered. They crept to the edge of the stacks where they watched G prowl the floor for a few seconds. Finally Faith spoke. “Real smooth G, you’re a regular George Clooney.” Her Watcher leapt into the air at her voice. After a second, he groaned and turned to her. “Or was that Rosemary?”

“I-I-I was just working on,” Giles stuttered.

“Pickup lines?” she grinned.

“Um, in a manner of speaking, yes.”

“Then if you wouldn't mind a little advice, you might wanna leave off the 'idiot' part. Being called an idiot tends to take people out of the dating mood.”

“Hmm, it actually kinda turns me on,” Xander commented.

Faith glanced at her boyfriend. “You’re easier to turn on than a light.” Turning her attention back to the librarian, she vaulted over the landing rail to the floor. “You also might wanna avoid words like 'amenable' and 'indecorous', y'know. Speak English, not whatever they speak in, um...”

G raised an eyebrow. “England?”

“You want my help or not?” she demanded.

“Not especially,” her Watcher muttered.

She decided to try being a lady and ignore that especially hurtful remark. “Say something like I got an itch, you wanna scratch it for me?”

G glared at Xander. “I trust you said nothing of the sort to Faith?”

Xander gulped and shook his head. “Leave him alone G, I handle the dirty talk in our relationship,” Faith defended.

“Oh I feel so much better now,” Giles groaned.

“K, you want romantic,” Faith ignored that. Jeez, some people when you try and help them. “Ask her out for a burger... no, that's a bit too Happy Days for people in your age group...”

“My age group?” G sniffed.

Faith continued. “Some meal... offer to pay, you’ll be sure to get in her pants that way.”

"Well, thank you. That is most helpful," Giles sounded less than sincere.

"I don't wanna be the bearer of bad news...” Xander smiled at the Watcher. “But as
someone who used to previously be a renowned dating failure, you haven't actually asked her on this thing you're planning yet... the part where they agree to go with you is where I found most of the trouble in getting dates."

“Well that’s so reassuring Xander,” Giles groaned.

"I'd still go with the itch comment,” Faith continued. “Well, if I was you... if I was me, I'd simply show a bit of skin... or possibly go with the crotch-grab... let's 'em know exactly what you want.. don't think they'd go down well for you though."

“Me in leathers and a midriff top?” Giles sniffed. "I hardly think so."

Faith ignored the disturbing images her Watcher’s words had placed in her head. "You gotta be strong about this... be confident... aggressive even... be the man... and not the librarian."

“We are talking Ms. Calendar, right?” Xander asked.

G’s expression grew guarded. “Why would you say that?”

“Oh it totally is,” Faith exclaimed. “Sometimes he has these dreams. And he’s moaning her name -.”

“I do not!” Giles exclaimed before turning to her. “Do I?” Faith winked. “Bloody girl.”

"Which is another plus point... she already knows about that... and she knows about the reason as to why you're living with a teenaged girl who is in no way genetically related to you, which might make a few women call the cops," Xander commented.

“Yes,” Giles sniffed. “Very amusing.”

“Now, is it time to have a talk about the facts of life?” Xander asked. Faith laughed.

Giles huffed. “You know, I'm suddenly deciding this is none of your business.“ her Watcher started up the stairs.

“That whole stork thing is a smoke screen!” When X got on a roll he was remorseless.

“Come on X,” Faith grabbed her boyfriend’s arm and pulled him from the library. “Helping G like that felt good. Maybe I should get an advice column?”

* * *

“Hello Faith,” he glanced up at his daughter walked through the front door. “And how did patrol go?”

“Five by five, we got the newly risen vampire. Xan fell into another open grave though.”

“Another risen vampire?” he stood, concerned. He couldn’t see how he’d missed the report in the paper, he was most thorough.

“No, this one was dug up and the body was taken out.”

“Grave robbing? That's new. Interesting.”

“See,” Faith pointed at him. “That’s why you can’t get a date. You need some new hobbies. Why does someone want to dig up graves?”

He ignored that remark. All bloody day they’d gone on. It was times like this he missed surly, suspicious Faith. “Well, I'll, uh, collect some theories. It would help if we knew who the body belonged to.”

“She died recently. She was our age. But I don’t remember her.”

“Ah,” Giles nodded. “Perhaps a job for Willow then.”

“See, that’s why the Council employs you. For your brains.” Faith grinned. “Couldn’t be for your sex appeal.”

* * *

Willow beamed as she hurried into the hall. It was her favourite day of the year – Sign-Up for the Science Fair. She grinned at Jonathan by her side. They were working together this year – two geeks sharing a science project. How perfect was that?

“Smile!” Suddenly a flashing camera was in her face.

“Hey!” Even as she opened her mouth to continue her protest, the snapper, Eric, she recognised him now, had rushed off to take another photo.

“Eric, will you knock it off?” a voice exclaimed from behind. Eric glared at the voice’s owner.

“Hey Chris!” Willow hid a smile at Jonathan’s bristling beside her. It was cute how Jonathan got so possessive of her. Not that he had anything to worry about, her and Chris were just fellow nerds. Chris smiled at her before picking the sign-up sheet. She peered over his shoulder. He glanced at her. Willow blushed. “Oh, I, I was just wondering what you were gonna do this year. ’Cause every year you win and I place second, so I just thought I'd see what I'm up against.”

This time Chris’ smile prompted a protective growl from Jonathan. “You know what the key is? If Dr. Clark doesn't understand your experiment he gives you higher marks so it looks like he does.”

“Okay,” Willow and Jonathan exchanged amused glances as Cordelia walked in. “I'm doing this under protest. It is not fair that they're making participation in this year's science fair mandatory. I don't think anyone should have to do anything educational in school if they don't want to.”

Jonathan snorted as he peered at the cheerleader’s sign-up sheet. “'The Tomato: Fruit or Vegetable'?”

Cordelia glared at Jonathan. “I wanted to do something I could finish in a weekend, alright?” Suddenly Eric was taking a photo of Cordelia. “Stop it!” the cheerleader screamed. “We’re under florescent light, for God's sake!”

“The camera loves you!” Eric crowed.

“Well duh,” Cordelia glared at the photographer. “I didn't think yearbook nerds came out of hibernation till spring.”

Eric leered. “This is for my private collection.”

“Eric! Will you quit it?” Chris shouted.

“Comin' through.” Faith glared at Eric as he flashed the camera at her. “You take another photograph of me and I’ll shove the camera up your ass.” Faith glanced to her. “We need your skills.”

Willow nodded. “Okay, sure. See you later, Chris. Thanks for the tip.”

“Why you hanging with that Chris and Eric?” Faith asked. “They’re major creepy.”

“Chris is okay,” Willow defended her friend. “It’s just his brother Darryl was a major football star before he fell and died while rock-climbing. It hit him really hard.”

* * *

“This shouldn't take long.” Willow loaded up the internet. “I'm probably the only girl in school who has the coroner's office bookmarked as a favourite place.”

“Which is disturbing in ways I can’t even comprehend,” Jesse muttered.

“Hey Willow,” Cordelia followed them into the library. “I need to ask if you'll help me with my science fair project.”

“It's a fruit,” Willow replied. “I found it! Meredith Todd died in a car accident last week.”

“So natural,” Faith mused. “How was her neck?”

“Fine, except for being broken,” she replied. “It says that Meredith and two other girls in the car were killed instantly. They were all on the Fondren High Pep Squad, on the
way to a game.”

“You know what this means?” Faith bit her bottom lip. “She wasn't killed by vampires. Somebody did dig up her corpse.”

Cordelia crunched her nose. “Eww! Why is it that every conversation we have the word 'corpse' in it?”

“Okay, so we got a body snatcher.” Jesse put in. “What does that mean?”

“Here's what I've come up with.” Willow glanced up at the Watcher. “Demons who eat the flesh of the dead to absorb their souls. Or, it could obviously be a voodoo practitioner.”

“Again?” Xander groaned. “’Cause last time was just so much fun.”

“We should see if the other girls from the accident are AWOL, too. Maybe we can figure out what this creep has in mind if we know whether or not he's dealing in volume,” Faith commented.

“So, we dig up some graves tonight?” Xander grinned at her. “Gee, you take me the most romantic places.”

* * *

Xander paced the library floor. Tonight’s digathon had not been fun, he, Jonathan, and G-Man had been forced to do the spadework. Apparently the super-strong amongst them, he glared at his girl-friend sat smugly talking to the two apprentice witches, were too lady-like to do digging. And more importantly, they’d found both girls who’d died with Meredith were gone. “That makes three girls signed up for the army of zombies.”

“Is it an army if you just have three?” Jonathan commented.

“An interesting point,” right on cue Giles rubbed thoughtfully at his glasses. “The question is how do we find out if there are more?”

Xander raised an eyebrow. “There’s no way I’m digging up every grave in Sunnydale!” he exclaimed.

Giles opened his mouth to comment only to be interrupted by the library door behind them crashing open. Xander glanced over his shoulder to see a pale-faced Jesse and Cordelia in her cheerleader outfit, which was always an uplifting sight, hurrying in. “We found some of the missing girls!” Jesse exclaimed.

“You mean, like, two of the three?” Faith rose.

“I mean, like, some of them. Like parts.” Jesse commented.

“How did you find them?” Giles asked, his eyes intent.

Jesse and Cordelia exchanged embarrassed glances. “Uh, we were making out-.”

“Ask a stupid bloody question,” he heard Giles mutter.

“And I looked over my shoulder,” Cordelia continued.

“Oh not paying full attention C?” Faith put in. “Always a bad sign Jess, I’d watch yourself.”

“And saw this arm hanging out of a trash can!”

“That would mean not zombies?” Willow asked.

“Not zombies,” Giles nodded. “The question is just what?”

“I don't get it.” Faith commented. “Why go to all the trouble to dig up three girls
only to chop them up and throw them away? It doesn't make any sense.”

“Well, what I saw didn't add up to three whole girls. I think they kept some parts,” Jesse added.

Faith grimaced. “Could this get any grosser?”

“They probably kept the other parts to eat.” Everyone turned to Willow. “Just saying.”

“Why dispose of the remains five miles from the cemetery at a school, of all places?” Giles put in.

“Maybe because whoever did it had some business in the neighbourhood. Like, say, classes?” Xander suggested.

“Oh. Ah,” Giles nodded approvingly. “Good point.”

“Uh, I hate to say this, but it wasn’t a hatchet job, they looked clean,” Jesse commented.

G-Man raised a sceptical eyebrow. “Really? What student here is going be that
well versed in physiology?”

“Well, I can think of five or six guys in the science club.” Willow paused. “And me.”

“So, Red, come clean. Promise to never do it again, and we'll call it a night.” Faith smirked before turning serious. “Red, why don't you get these guys' locker numbers so we can do some checking?”

* * *

“You understand, in my capacity as school official, this search is completely unauthorized, and I cannot condone it.”

Faith grinned at her Watcher as the group strode down the corridor. “Fine, your butt's covered. Wanna grab a locker?”

Giles sighed. “Very well.”

Faith approached and unlocked a locker. “Okay, Eric. Let's see what's on your
creepy little mind.”

“Guys!” Faith watched as the others hurried over to Xander. “Chris Epps' locker.”

Red pulled some books out of the locker. “'Grey's Anatomy', 'Mortician's Desk
Reference', 'Robicheaux's Guide to Muscles and Tendons'.”

G shook his head. “I think it's fair to say Chris is involved.”

“He's into corpses alright,” Jonathan commented. “But we still don't know why.”

Faith swallowed as she looked into Eric’s locker. “Yes, we do.” She opened Eric’s locker door and shows the others a collage of a woman made from parts of various pictures.

“Now that’s,” Xander gulped. “Disturbing.”

* * *

“Any sign of our suspects?”

Faith glanced at Xan as he dropped onto the school step beside her and Willow. “Not yet. I don't get it. Why would anybody wanna make a girl?”

“You mean when there's so many pre-made ones just laying around?“ Xander chuckled. “The things we do for love.”

Faith glared at Xander. “You’re so fucking stupid ain’t ya?” she demanded. “Even I know love has nothing to do with this.”

Xander blinked. “Faith I didn’t mean –.”

She waved him to silence, hating the way she sometimes allowed her past to get the better of her. She turned to Willow. “Red, Eric's sick enough to do something like this, but what about Chris? He seems more human.”

“I dunno.” Red shrugged. “That thing with his brother was really hard on him.
And he talked about death a lot. Maybe he just wanted to get one-up on it.”

“But it's not doable. I mean, making someone from scraps, actually making them live,” Faith commented.

“If it is, our project's definitely coming in second this year.” Jonathan commented.

“Hey guys!” Faith joined the others in glancing up an excited-looking Cordelia at the end of the corridor gesturing them towards her. “You’re going to want to see this!”

* * *

“Come on Giles old man,” he muttered, his heart pounding as he watched the computer teacher talk to one of the students across the corridor. “You can do this. You’ve battled witches, master vampires, and demons. What’s asking out a beautiful woman next to all that?” After a second he answered his own question. “Far more bloody terrifying.”

“Good morning, Rupert.”

He jumped slightly when he realised the woman in question had walked up to him. “Ms. Calendar?”

Jenny shook her head. “Oh, no, please call me Jenny.”

“Jenny then.” He took a breath. “Would it a-appear indecorous...” He winced, indecorous, Faith had specifically said don’t use the word indecorous. “Uh, no, not in-in-indecorous, um...”

“Yeah...?” A glimmer of impatience entered the techno-pagan’s eyes.

“Well, um... Wha... Ah, ah, um...” Oh this was going so well.

Jenny sighed. “Rupert, look, I've gotta get inside and set up the lab.”

“What, what I'm proposing is...” He cursed under his breath as he was interrupted by the sound of the bell ringing. Bloody classes.

“Ah! I gotta go! Sorry!” Jenny hurried past him and into the computer room.

“You idiot!”

Jenny stuck her head out of the class. “Hey! Listen, if it's important, why don't you just tell me at the game?”

Giles blinked. “Game? Oh, uh, you're going to the football game?”

“Yeah, you seem surprised.”

“No, I-I-I just assumed that you, you spent your evenings downloading incantations and, and, and casting bones.” He winced inwardly, oh yes, stereotyping, way to go old man.

“On game night? Are you nuts? You're going, too, right?”

“Oh yes,” he lied. “School spirit is very important.”

“So, we should just go together! Look, you could pick me up after school, and we'll grab a bite to eat on the way if you like. How do you feel about Mexican?” He nodded. ”Good! Okay! And whatever it is you wanna tell me, you can just tell me then. Okay?

“Okay! Tonight then.” Jenny smiled before heading into her classroom. “That went well. I think.”

His smile disappeared at the sound of Faith’s laughter behind him. His despair grew when he turned and found his Slayer was far from alone – Xander, Willow, Cordy, Jesse, Amy, and Jonathan were all stood with her. “Damn!” the Slayer exclaimed. “That was smooth.”

“Very James Bond,” Xander commented.

“More Austin Powers,” Jesse put in.

“I mean pitying her into asking you out,” Faith shook her head in a wholly unconvincing display of admiration. “So cool! I really will have to listen to you when you lecture on strategy next time.”

Jonathan nodded. “All hail the master.”

Giles glared at the youths. Did he have any dignity left? “Haven’t you got classes?” he sniffed.

“We’re having one now,” Xander declared. “Lessons in love.”

* * *

Giles strode into the library and spoke. “I spoke to a police spokesperson this morning about the remains-.”

“Between getting smooth with JC?”

He ignored that comment. “The police have finished sorting through them, and apparently they found three heads in the dumpster.”

“They only had three girls,” Faith grimaced. “They gotta be looking for another.”

“Why they don't have the whole package?

“Heads must be no good.” Xander said. “I found 'em attractive enough.“ Faith glared at her boyfriend. “Well, obviously I'm not as sick as Chris and Eric.”

“Oh yeah,” Faith continued to glare at her boyfriend. “Just what I was thinking.”

“Based on what the police have put together, I would say they're one step short of completing their masterpiece.”

* * *

“We're running out of time. If we wait too long, the onset of atrophy in the limbs will be irreversible,” Eric said.

Chris shook his head as he glanced around his family basement. “We can turn up the current. That'll buy us a day, at least.”

“We will lose the entire body if we don't attach a head soon,” Eric pressed.

“We have time,” he insisted.

“We don't! The crash with the girls was lucky. But we can't just keep waiting around for another lucky accident to drop a head in our laps. You know what we have to do. Hell, it's just one lousy girl.”

Chris rebelled at his best friend’s cold-bloodedness. “I won't do it. I... I can't... kill anyone.” He turned to the shadows. “Please! Understand. I... I can't do that! Please don't make me.”

Daryl stepped into the light, his scarred face hideous. “But you gave me your word. You promised me, little brother. That I wouldn't be alone.”

“The body is perfect. And if we harvest a head tonight, she'll be ready by sunrise,” Eric put in.

“When you brought me back you promised you'd take care of me. I need this, Chris. I need someone.”

“Please don't ask me to do this. Don't ask me to take a life,” Chris pleaded. “Maybe you could... you could go out...”

“No!” Darryl roared. “ They can't see me. Chris, you've always been smarter than me. You were always the brains. You're the only one who can help me now. Help me, brother.” After a second Chris nodded in defeat. This was his responsibility. “Thank you.” His re-animated brother turned to Eric. “Show me!”

Eric flipped open his photograph folder. “There’s sweet, shy Willow. Sultry, sexy Faith. Or Cordelia, queen of all she surveys.” Darryl pointed at Cordelia. “A man of taste.” Eric immediately began cutting around the cheerleader’s photograph.

* * *

“I checked the obituaries,” Giles reported as he walked back into the main library. “Nothing that would make for a likely candidate.”

“And nothing at the M.E’s either,” Willow reported.

“They seem kinda picky for guys who had three heads to begin with,” Xander commented.

“Formaldehyde!” Jonathan exclaimed.

“Say what?” asked Jesse

“Formaldehyde,” Giles nodded to Jonathan. “Yes, yes, yes, yes, of course, it accelerates neural decay in the brain cells.”

”Well that explains Jesse dating Cordelia,” Xander put in. “He’s been drinking it.”

“After a couple days they're useless. They're gonna need something really fresh,” Willow paled. “You don't think that they would...”

“Anybody who cuts dead girls into pieces does not get the benefit of any doubt.” Faith interrupted. “I wanna end this thing now.”

“I second that,” he agreed.

“Okay, fine,” Faith turned to Willow, Xander, and Jesse. “You guys go to Eric's, we can go to Chris', and meet up.”

“Oh!” Giles exclaimed as he remembered something. “I'm supposed to be at the big game, I-I believe it's called.”

“Ah,” Faith tilted her head to one side and fluttered her eyelashes. “Ah my Watcher’s all grown up and dating. Makes a Slayer so proud.” He glared at the Bostonian. She grinned back at him. “We’ll meet you there.” He nodded.

* * *

Faith grimaced as she noted Chris’ mom sat in the lounge of her home. Deciding that the sneaky approach was best, she crept over to the basement window and clambered through. “Okay,” her skin crawled as she looked around the makeshift lab. “So this is where you Frankenstein.” Seeing a folder on a near-by desk, she picked it up and began to idly flick through it, expecting to find some science stuff that she wouldn’t have a clue about.

Her blood chilled as she realised what she had was far more disturbing – photos of Sunnydale High girls. “Prospective victims,” she muttered. A shiver ran down her spine when she saw photos of herself and Red. And then a photo of Cordelia with the head missing. “C!” Hear racing, she leapt up to the window and clambered out. She had to get to the game and fast.

* * *

“Joy! Lisa! Where's Cordelia?” Faith charged down the stadium steps.

“Cordelia has a game to think about. She doesn't need losers like you.” Joy tried to step past her.

Faith grabbed the other girl around the shoulders and lifted her off the ground. “I’m going to pretend you didn’t say that. Now, where is she?”

* * *

Cordelia whimpered as he pawed at her, tying her hands down. “Calm down Cordelia,” Eric grinned. Once he proved the re-animation would work, he thoroughly intended to get himself a girl-friend. He’d already decided the lucky girl would be that Faith hottie. “Soon be over.”

“Yes it will.”

“Oh cra-,” Faith’s foot caught him in the ribs, doubling him up. As he dropped off the table and to the floor, Faith began to untie the cheerleader. Muttering curses to himself, he staggered away.

* * *

“Are you okay?” Faith asked her best friend.

“Oh my God!” C exclaimed back.

Faith looked up. “Don't worry, he's gone.”

“I was on my way down to the field when Chris came in, and all of a sudden someone jumped me,” C babbled.

“Relax. Take it easy.” Faith patted her friend on the shoulder, uncomfortable at playing comforter.

Suddenly C sat up. “That's the fight song. Oh my God, it's time for the cheerleader pyramid at mid-field. I've gotta go.”

“Are you dense?” Faith exclaimed.

“You don't understand, I *have* to go. I'm the apex!“ Cordelia ran off.

“You’re fucking nut-,” hearing a noise, she looked around. “Yo! Who’s there? Look whoever it is, I know about the bodies from the cemetery. But you haven't hurt anyone yet.” Chris stepped out in the open. “What you're doing is wrong.”

“I have to do this for him. He needs someone.”

“Who, Eric?” Faith raised an eyebrow. “Look there’s a blind school near-by; maybe he can get himself a date from there.”

“No, no,” Chris shook his head. “He always looked out for me. Stood up for me. He's all alone. Everybody loved him. And now he's all alone.”

“Who are you talking...” Faith’s mouth dropped open. “Oh fuck! We’re gonna stop ‘em, get it?”

* * *

“You promised me! You promised I wouldn't have to be alone!”

Eric swallowed nervously, helpless to stop the football star from trashing Chris’ basement. “It's not too late.” Suddenly Darryl had hold of him, lifting off the ground. “Nothing's changed! We can still do this! You and me. Your brother's not the only one who can create life. Whadaya say?” After a second Darryl grunted and set him down. “Let's go scare you up a date.”

* * *

Faith led Chris down into his basement. “Shit!” she swore as she realised Darryl was no-where to be seen. “He's not here. Where else could he be?”

“But he would never go out.” Chris said. “U-unless...”

“He's gonna pick up where you left off.”

* * *

“I don't know what it is about football that does it for me.” Jenny commented as she led him up the bleachers. “I mean, it lacks the grace of basketball, the, uh, poetry of baseball. At its best it's unadorned aggression. It's such a rugged contest.”

“Rugged. American football.” Giles couldn’t help the laugh that escaped him.

“And that's funny because?” Miss. Calendar arched an eyebrow.

“No!” Giles laughed. “I just think it's rather odd that a nation that prides itself on its virility feels compelled to strap on forty pounds of protection in order to play rugby.”

“Is this your normal strategy for a first date? Dissing my country's national pastime?”

Giles blinked. “Did you just say 'date'?”

Jenny grinned. “You noticed that, huh?”

“Hi, Ms. Calendar! Hi, Giles.” Willow called as she, Amy, Jonathan, and Xander ran up.

“Hey, guys. What's up?”

Willow shrugged. “Eric's was a bust. Nothing there. Did Faith get back yet?”

“No, uh, no.” Giles struggled desperately for something to distract the kids. “Uh, perhaps you should, uh, circulate nearer the field, see what you can find.”

“Nah, Jesse’s down with the cheerleaders.” Amy commented before joining the others in slipping under the railing and sitting in front of Giles and Jenny. Giles glared when Xander reached back and took his popcorn.

“He’s in heaven,” Jonathan put in.

“I’m sure,” Giles muttered. Xander reached into his pocket and passed him a dozen small cards. Giles squinted as he read the top one. “Contraception?” Giles looked up. “What are these?”

Xander beamed at him. “Faith thought as it had been a while since you’d dated, it might be an idea to give some tip-cards on how to act.”

“I’ll bloody kill her,” he muttered.

“Not if I get my hands on her first,” his ‘date’ added.

* * *

Faith’s heart dropped when she saw a groaning Jesse lying on the ground behind the bleachers. “Jesse!” Faith helped her best friend’s honey to his feet. “What happened?”

“We were talking when Cordelia screamed, then something smashed into my head.”

* * *

Eric drooled as he looked at Cordelia tied to a gurney, all helpless. “Please, what's going on? Just take off the blindfold. I promise I won't scream! Please?”

“Cordelia?” Darryl walked over to the head cheerleader and pulled her blindfold off. Instantly the cheerleader began to scream.

Eric shook his head. “You can scream all you want. We're in an abandoned building.” His words only encouraged the brunette to screech even louder. He grabbed a pan and held it over her head. “Okay, that's enough.”

“Cordelia, you’re so beautiful,” the girl sobbed when the reanimated footballer wiped a tear away.

“We're ready.” Eric pronounced.

Cordelia looked around. “Ready? Ready for what?”

“You're gonna feel a little pinch, maybe some discomfort around the neck area. But don't worry. When you wake up, you'll have the body of a seventeen-year-old. In fact, you'll have the body of several.” Eric grinned. “Isn’t that what every American teen wants?”

* * *

Faith spun to face Chris. “Where would he take her?”

“To the rest of the body. To the lab.”

“Where is that?” Jesse demanded.

Chris shook his head. “I promised him that I...”

Suddenly Jesse had the boy by his shirt, pushed against the stadium wall. “Listen stupid,” her friend screamed. “This isn’t a game, this is somebody’s life!”

Chris’ words were a mutter. “He's in the old science lab. Everything's set up there.”

Faith nodded. “Find Xander and Willow and tell them what's going on.” She turned to Jesse. “With me!”

* * *

The heavy lab door crashed open at her third kick. Even as she entered the room, Eric turned and flung a knife at her. She snapped the knife out of air and shook her head. “Naughty, naughty.”

“Help me!”

Faith rolled her eyes at her friend’s shriek. “Go get her stud,” she ordered Jesse.

Even as Eric charged and ran into her casually delivered right cross, Jesse hurried into the room. And was grabbed and flung headfirst into the wall by the hulking figure that leapt out of the shadows. Faith gulped. “Man,” she joked. “You’re a big one ain’t you?”

“He’s crazy!”

Faith didn’t shift her gaze from Darryl. “Got that C. Don’t worry, I'm gonna get you outta here.”

“I'm not done with her yet!” She groaned as the footballers grabbed a cleaver. “She’s mine!”

Faith shook her head, with lame lines like that he was definitely a jock. Her eyes narrowed when the footballer raised the cleaver over the screaming cheerleader. “Not gonna happen!” she growled before leaping into the air and dropkicking the footballer off his feet and into the wall. She turned to her friend and started unfastening her.

“I won't live alone!” Faith screamed when the footballer grabbed her hair from behind and flung her into the wall, knocking a gasoline can over in the process. Even as she stood, Darryl charged her. She shot out a kick to the knee, knocking him to the ground and followed up with a pair of lightning kicks to the gut and the face.

The footballer staggered to his feet and swung a haymaker that she slid beneath before headbutting him in the chest, knocking him into the table behind him. The table tipped over, knocking a lit Bunsen burner to the floor, igniting the gasoline. “Shit!” she swore.


“Get C!” she shouted to her boyfriend. “Jon, you grab Jesse!” Even as she spoke, Darryl football tackled her to the ground. As she stood, the footballer grabbed a tray of medical instruments and flung it at her, forcing her to duck. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the flickering flames around Xander and a still screaming Cordelia grow higher. As she looked at her friends, Darryl grabbed her around the neck, choking her. As she watched, she saw Xander push Cordy’s gurney and jump on it as it began to roll through the flames. Relieved that her friends appeared to be safe, Faith turned her attention back to her struggle. The footballer croaked as she slammed her knee into his groin and released his grip on her neck. Grinning slightly, she tried for a kick to her rival’s ribs only to have her foot grabbed and be flung to the ground. Stunned, she was helpless to prevent Darryl from raising a desk over his head, obviously meaning to pound her to oblivion.

“Darryl!” Darryl looked behind him to see his brother there. “Don't!” Darryl glanced at her before throwing the desk against the wall and hurrying over to the headless corpse.

“She's mine!”


Seeing Chris start towards his brother, Faith leapt to her feet and rushed over to the youth dragging him, the gridiron star’s screams ringing in her ears. “No. We'll be together always. No! Mine!” She looked over her shoulder to see the flames engulf Daryl and his bride-to-be.

* * *

Jenny smiled softly as she closed the door behind Rupert. What a gentleman, walking her to her front door and chastely kissing her on the right cheek before leaving. She reached for the light. “You gonna go out with him again?”

She jumped at Faith’s voice from the shadows. Calming herself, she turned the light on before turning to the Slayer leant against the far wall. “I don’t think it’s any business of yours. And how did you get in here anyway?””

“A bit of B&E is easy if you’re a Slayer,” the Bostonian nodded before straightening. “But just bear this in mind. I’ve got G’s back. You hurt him and you’ll find out I don’t give detentions as punishment.” The Slayer smiled before heading out of the door. “See ya!”

Jenny collapsed against the wall once the younger woman had left. When they found out why she was really here, there’d be hell to pay. And the irony was, she wiped at her eyes, she really liked Rupert.
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