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Faith The Series: Season 2

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Faith: The Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A second year in Sunnydale brings yet more threats for Giles & Faith.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Action/Adventure > Cast: Just about Everyone(Current Donor)KCollFR181681,4300219,92013 Sep 1216 Sep 13Yes

Season 2 Episode 3

FIC: Faith The Series Season 2 Ep 3

"Oh good lord."

Faith hid a groan; a `good lord' this early in the day usually meant
the day was fucked before it had begun. "What's the sitch G?"

"I've received a telegram this morning -."

"JC still not taught you about emails yet?"

Giles glared at her. "Surely not fair Faith," Xander proclaimed. "They're still at the making-out stage, they'll only talk shop when things get boring. Knowing our fascinating librarian that will take at least another two dates."

"I'd have thought they'd reached that stage already," commented
Jesse. "I mean Giles is English."

"When you've all quite finished," G huffed. "I have received a telegram from the Council informing us The Glove of Truth is in Sunnydale!"

There was a long silence. "Say what?" queried Cordelia.

The Watcher stared around the library, his brow furrowed in obvious
exasperation. "Do any of you bloody teenagers do anything other than snog?" the Englishman shook his head and sighed. "A silly question I know. The Glove Of Truth was created in the middle ages by a French noble. Tricky people the Frogs," G added in a mutter that she guessed only her ears were sensitive enough to pick up before continuing. "This unnamed noble had the Glove enchanted so that when he wore it, anyone he questioned was compelled to answer his questions with nothing but the unvarnished truth."

"Pretty powerful mojo," Faith commented.

"Indeed," her Watcher nodded his agreement before continuing. "In the late 15th century the Glove's owner was murdered and his castle ransacked, the Glove disappeared."

"But now it's in Sunnydale?"

The Watcher nodded at Willow's comment. "In the museum to be exact. And the Council wish us to steal it -."

"Wicked cool!" Faith's eyes lit up. "I've never knocked over a museum before."

"Yes, cool. Just the word I was looking for," Giles commented, his tone dry and his eyes showing the disapproval he obviously felt. "But what the Council wants," the Englishman's eyes shadowed. "The Council gets."

Faith squinted, concerned about the darkness in her guardian's eyes. She wasn't the most sensitive of people, but even she could tell something was bothering G. Even as she opened her mouth to ask him what was wrong, Willow let out a shout. "We'll need a plan; I'll get the plans off the city hall computer." The red-haired hacker hurried over to the computer.

"We'll totally Thomas Crown it," Xander commented as he hurried over to join Willow by the computer.

"Got them!" Willow shrieked excitedly after just a couple of minutes.

"Print them out Willow," Giles instructed. "Together with any security specifications you can find. We'll have to plan now, unfortunately I have a prior engagement and will be unable to accompany you."

"Taking Miss Calendar to the monster trucks Giles?"

Giles sent Jesse an irritated look. "Dear boy, isn't your village missing you?"

Jesse looked puzzled. "My village?"

"Yes," the Englishman peered down his nose at the youth. "It's a terrible shame to deprive a village of its idiot."

* *

"This glove sounds powerful," Darla commented, her tone careful.

"Indeed it is," the Mayor nodded enthusiastically. "It has taken me several decades to first find and then secure the Glove."

"Then why not have it shipped straight here?"

"Fear of discovery my dear," the Mayor explained. "A number of powerful occult groups, the Watcher's Council, Wolfram & Hart, the Knights of Dark Orders, and the Crusade Resurrectionists amongst others, are tracking it. I felt it prudent to have the artefact brought here and then be mysteriously `stolen' rather than leave a paper trail that led directly to me."

"I guess that makes sense," Darla nodded even as she thought of another problem. "The museum is a privately owned building."

The politician's smile widened. "My dear, I am on the board of trustees and a consistent benefactor. Consider yourself invited."

"Well thank you kind sir," Darla purred.

* *

Willow tapped on the lap-top for five minutes before nodding at her. "Cameras and alarms off."

"Thanks Red," Faith smiled at the Jewish hacker before glancing out of the window and to the museum some eighty yards away. "We ready?" Xan, C, and Jess nodded. "Cool," she looked back at Red. "Any sign of trouble," she nodded when Willow raised her mobile, "yeah. Ring. Let's go."

Faith's eyes narrowed as she led her friends towards the darkening building. "Where's the security?"

Xander peered through the guard hut window. "Nothing there."

Faith's brow furrowed. "No security at all?" Xander shrugged.

"Coffee break?" Cordelia whispered. "I mean you know these unions. Always squeezing the entrepreneur."

"Ah," Xander grinned at Jesse. "Daddy's little capitalist."

Faith ignored the banter. "No, even so they'd normally leave a guard behind." In her runaway days she'd occasionally broke into and slept in a warehouse, but no matter what, they'd always left at least one guard behind. Her skin prickled. Something was
definitely up. She shook her head, forcing her trepidation down. "Let's get this done."

* *

"They'll be fine Rupert."

"Pardon?" Giles looked up from his inspection of his mobile to his glamorously attired date. He forced a smile. "I'm terribly sorry Jenny," he apologised. "I must be terrible company."

The beautiful computer teacher dazzled him with a smile. "Not at all," she replied. "I'd be worried if you didn't care about Faith so much. But she's a resourceful girl, and she has good and loyal friends."

This time his own smile was rather more genuine. "Yes she has," he admitted.

"She'll be fine Rupert," Jenny repeated her earlier reassurance.

* *

"The guards have been sent to the wrong building. An administrative over-sight."

"We could have dealt with them," Darla growled.

"Yes dear," Wilkins fought back a sigh. Bloody vampires, so incapable of long-term planning. "I'm sure you could. However, while I control the Sunnydale press, I'm sure reports of a massacre would circulate throughout the occult world, making certain powers that I would rather avoid curious about what precisely is occurring here."

"I guess."

"There's a girl," he patted the blonde on top of her head. "My dear you have the most perfect gold hair."

"Thank you."

"Gosh missy, don't thank me dear. Thank you for gracing my drab offices with your beauty." He hid a smile at the vampire's nonplussed expression. His tactic of switching between his jovial and businesslike personas to keep his guest off-balance was as usual working a treat. "Now," he turned solemn. "How many vampires are
you taking with you?"


"Then what are you waiting for?"

* *

"Damn," Faith pressed on the electronic controller Jonathan had built. There was a click and the front doors swung soundlessly open. "Jonno knows his shit." She strode through the doors into the shadowy corridor.

"Oh look!" Faith head snapped towards C, expecting to see the anticipated threat. Instead, she saw her friend leafing through the museum leaflets by torchlight, her expression excited. "They have a history of fashion exhibit! We'll have to have a look!"

"Unbelievable," Faith shook her head in half-amusement, half-anger. She looked towards Jesse, and then gestured with her head at the cheerleader.

"On the way out Cor," Jesse took her friend by the elbows.

"But, I wanna look at pretty clothes!" Cordelia wailed.

* *

Willow squeaked. "What's up?" Amy asked.

The red-head pointed a shaking finger towards the museum's gates. "V…vampires! Five of them!"

"Oh no." Amy breathed. Collecting herself, she pulled out her mobile and phoned Faith. After six rings, the Slayer picked up. "We've got company. Five vampires."

* *

"Damn!" Faith dropped her phone into her pocket. Looking up, she saw the quintet of vampires heading through the doors leading to the main exhibit and towards them. Her heart skipped a beat when she recognised the blonde central vampire. "Boys, cross-."

Even as she spoke, Jesse and Xander raised their crossbows and fired. Two of the bolts hit their targets, but the other vampires continued their charge. "Look after C!" she ordered as she leapt into battle. Even though C was a better technical fighter than
either of the two boys, her slight edge wasn't enough to counter-balance the male teens' strength or make her more effective against the demons.

The nearest vampire, a fat pony-tailed guy in his early-forties, shot out a wild haymaker that she slid effortlessly beneath before slamming her stake home. Sensing a vampire to her right, she shot out a kick, smashing the vampire's knee. The demon stumbled onto her stake. She looked up.

And caught a clubbing right to the face.

* *

"There's two more!" Jonathan croaked. "They're heading towards the museum!"

"Then!" he shrieked in a most unmanly manner as Willow slammed the accelerator down sending the van they'd borrowed for the night hurtling towards the vampires. "We best stop them!" The front of the van slammed into the two vampires, propelling them into the air.

The moment the van screeched to a halt, he leapt out and hurried to the nearest vampire. As the demon staggered to his feet, he thrust his stake home, turning it to dust. His triumph disintegrated when he was grabbed by the scruff of the neck and lifted into the air, his stake snatched from him and flung to the ground. He looked up to see a tall hawk-featured woman holding him in the air, her true vampire face showing. "Why do I get the snacks?"

Great, now even vampires thought he was stunted. "I'm a banquet!" he shouted before shutting up. When would he learn to keep his mouth shut?

His captor chuckled. "Is that right? We'll see-."

Suddenly the vampire exploded in flames and he was dropped to the ground. Wincing at the impact, he looked up to see his girl-friend staring with awe at a smirking Amy. "A fireball!" Willow started to jump up and down. "That is so cool!"

Jonathan pouted as he struggled to his feet. Willow was so entranced with learning all she could about magic sometimes he wondered if she remembered she had a boyfriend.

* *
Darla watched with delight as the Slayer was lifted off her feet by the force of her attack and flung into a plinth, knocking a Ming vase to the ground, shattering it. She swayed her way over to the girl. Hearing a crossbow bolt flying around her, she spun around and plucked it out of the air. "Naughty, naughty," she scolded before smiling. "Two pretty boys, yummy," she licked her lips, "I'll have to punish you – ugh!"

She grunted when the Slayer caught her with a foot to the midsection. Grabbing the little bitch's foot, she flipped the supernatural warrior into the air only to catch a thundering foot to the jaw. She stumbled backwards as the brunette landed in a crouch
and tilted her head to the side. "Punish?" the girl raised a mascaraed eyebrow. "What a good idea, time you got a spanking."

The Slayer lunged at her. She made to sidestep only for the brunette to armsweep her legs from beneath her. Hitting the ground on her shoulder, she rolled up and shot out a kick at the Slayer, smashing her heel into the raven-haired beauty's stomach, doubling
her up. Teeth bared she stepped towards the Slayer, meaning to rip through her exposed neck. Hearing the sound of the Slayer's friends approaching she let out a frustrated snarl and charged out of the door. "There'll be other days girl!"

* *

Faith's eyes widened as she saw Xander making to chase after the retreating blonde. "X, come back!" Faith called after her boyfriend. Her boyfriend turned back to her, the torchlight illuminating his angry eyes. "Darla's four hundred years old. You
can't face her." After a second Xander nodded before hurrying back to her and the others stood around the plinth containing The Glove Of Truth. Faith smiled dazedly at her boyfriend before returning to her inspection of the black silken glove. "Don't worry, we'll catch her later. No prob." She began putting the glove on.

"Don't Faith!"

Before Xander could grab her wrist she had the glove on. Turning, she looked at Xander. "Me and you," she affected a casual tone.

"Faith no!"

She ignored C's shout. "You're a great guy, but it's really about the conquest, right?" her voice trembled. "Get me on my back and then we're done?"

"No Faith," she was surprised when Xander shook his head, his eyes suddenly unfocused as if he was drugged. "You're amazing, beautiful, brave, funny. All I can think of is holding you in my arms for forever."

"Yeah?" Tears of happiness misting her eyes, Faith stepped into her boyfriend's space, grabbed him by the back of his head and pressed her lips to his, easing her tongue into his mouth. After a while she pulled away. "I feel the same."

"Wow," exclaimed Jesse. "That thing's real powerful."

"Yeah," Faith glanced down at the glove, her smile slipping. "It is." Too powerful.

* * *

"Liar." Faith looked up from the ground in shock, having just got home and finished telling G the cover-story she'd concocted to explain away the destruction of The Glove Of Truth. Her Watcher stared impassively back at her. "You have many talents Faith. However lying is not one of them. Now why don't you tell me what really happened?"

"I kinda used the Glove to see how X felt about me."

"Oh bloody hell," Giles groaned.

"And he really cares about me, ain't just about getting me in bed." Faith's smile disappeared. "But then I got to thinking, the Glove's got wicked power. And you, you're great, but I've read some of the Diaries," she shrugged self-consciously at G's raised eyebrow, "just some. And some of the Watchers I've read about are real bastards. I figured the Council might abuse it, so I set it on fire."

She was surprised when Giles smiled. "Well done."

"Uh?" Now she was really confused.

"I think you made a wise decision. And I trust your judgment." She grinned at the praise. "Of course my report to the Council will detail a terrible and unavoidable accident resulting in the destruction of the Glove. What a shame."

"Yeah, bummer."

"Only," she shrivelled inside at G's suddenly stern gaze. "In the future I hope I can trust you to tell me the unvarnished truth?"

"Sure G."

Her Watcher nodded. "Good girl." The Englishman stood and walked towards the lounge door.

"G?" The Sunnydale High librarian turned back towards her, a quizzical look on his face. "So Jen not staying over?" the Englishman's eyes narrowed. "I'm starting to worry about ya, five dates and you still haven't got her in bed. At your age it ain't
like you've got time to spare."

"My age!" G looked outraged. "Get to bed now!"

"Hey G," Faith leapt to her feet. "You're well preserved and anything, but I'm not Jenny!" She swallowed at G's thunderous look. "See ya in the morning!" she yelped before rushing out of the door.

* *

"I'm sorry sir," Darla opened the darkened office's door and strode in to stand by the chair opposite the Mayor. She didn't know what it was, but there was something about the human she now served that made her nervous. "The Slayer-."

"Yes," she was relieved when the Mayor gestured she could sit down in the empty chair. She eagerly complied. "She is a troublesome little girl. Most industrious though, one has to admire that. Too many slackers these days."

"Yes sir," she nodded in agreement before sitting. It kept her off-balance, the way he'd swing between his evil dark arts mage persona to genial host.

The Mayor smiled. "Like yourself." The last thing she heard was a click and the sound of a blade whizzing through the air.

* *

Wilkins smiled as the blade shot out of the back of Darla's chair, slicing through her neck. A half-second later, the blonde vampire exploded into dust. "Excellent craftsmanship," he exclaimed. He'd had the blade fitted to the chair once he'd hired the Master's favoured childe, one couldn't have too many precautions when dealing
with a vampire of her power.

His smile turned to a scowl. First the voodoo police officers and now this. "Faith is a most troublesome girl," he muttered. Her diligence and ingenuity would be admired if it didn't directly conflict with his aims. "Something will have to be done about that
young lady." He smiled as he considered his options. Perhaps Snyder could be useful for dealing with the said young lady in a circuitous manner.

* *

"Go on William!" His raven-haired goddess jumped up and down on the seat beside her, clapping her hands together. "Your mummy and Miss Edith want to see you hit the sign!"

Spike twisted his head to grin at his sire. "Right you are luv." Leaning across the car, he pressed his lips to the insane vampires even as he pressed down on the DeSoto's accelerator, gunning yet more revs from the engine as the sleek muscle car flew into
the `Welcome To Sunnydale' sign. The sign's supports splintered under the crashing impact of the car, flinging the sign into the cold night air.

The moment his car had screeched to a halt, Spike jumped out of the car. Long coat flapping in the wind, he hurried to the front of the car and gazed down on the small town. "The bloody Hellmouth princess!"

Drusilla giggled into his ear, her hands freely roaming his body, pulling at his clothes. "Is my William going to kill himself a Slayer? For me?"

"Bloody right luv," he growled. "Just like Hurst in '66, I'm getting myself a hat-trick. That chit is going to die."
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