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Faith The Series: Season 2

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Faith: The Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A second year in Sunnydale brings yet more threats for Giles & Faith.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Action/Adventure > Cast: Just about Everyone(Current Donor)KCollFR181681,4300219,92013 Sep 1216 Sep 13Yes

Season 2 Episode 7

FIC: Faith The Series S2 Ep 7 (18/???)

“But dad-.”

“No Cordelia,” her father sniffed. “McNally is not the boy for my daughter. The McNallys, they’re a family of wasters.”

“That’s not true!” Cordelia protested. “Jesse -.” Her voice trailed off as she realised she couldn’t exactly tell her father how she’d fallen for Jesse when he’d saved her from a vampire. Not if she didn’t want a rubber-walled room at The Sunnydale Sanatorium.

“Jesse what?” her father looked down at her.

“Nothing,” she whispered in defeat.

“Good girl,” her father patted on her head in a similar way to the way her mom patted the family’s pet Pekinese. “I’m sure you’ll find a much more suitable partner soon. A girl with your looks and money. Remember dear you’re a Chase! Status matters!”

“Yeah great,” she whispered as her father strode away. That was all that mattered to him, what high society thought of her boy-friend, not how he treated her. She smiled as a plan occurred. Daddy’s little girl was going to give him a lesson in strategy.

* * *

“Bugger this!” Spike stalked the factory floor, kicking packaging as he did so. “Wanna tell us why we haven’t moved against this Slayer bint yet?”

“Ach, sit down laddie,” his grand-sire exclaimed. “You said yourself this gal different from the bints we’ve slain before. We need to study her, lull her into thinking you’ve left town and then we’ll have her. Besides,” the Irish vampire glanced down to the newly turned bad girl beside him, “I’ve got to get to know this lassie a wee bit better yet.” His grand-sire winked. “Be seeing ya later boyo,” Angelus chuckled before dragging a giggling Shelia back to their quarters and kicking the door shut behind him.

“Oh William, Daddy’s gone to have some fun with his naughty girl.” He looked up to his dark princess stood in the doorway of their room, wearing nothing but a flimsy slip and a manical gleam. “William,” Dru trilled. “I’ve been a proper naughty girl.”

Spike grinned slowly. “Have you now?” he swaggered over to his sire’s side.

“Oh yes,” Dru nodded. “Had naughty thoughts about cheating on my William!”

“I think,” he slid a finger down her swanlike neck, loving the chill of her dead flesh under his hand. “You need to be punished.”

Dru clapped her hands together and bounced up and down on the spot. “Oh goody!”

* * *

“You’re on crack!”

“What’s wrong with my plan?”

Faith stared at her companion, unable to believe her friend’s stupidity. “Oh where to begin? How about how are we supposed to get invited to a frat party?” Okay, so not so much a stretch for either of them, both of them knew how to get guys to do what they wanted. “How are we supposed to get this past G? Fuck, Xan and Jesse will shit if they ever found out! Girl,” she lowered her voice to a whisper as she leaned across the table, “you related to Custer, ‘cause your logic is so screwed!”

“No, it isn’t.” As usual Cor was unfazed by her intensity. If nothing else, the fact her best friend wasn’t a sheep made things interesting. “We get Willow to cover for us. Use an excuse of having to study for a test as cover, pretend we’re staying at hers.”

“But -.”

”I need you to come as muscle,” Cordelia put in. “I have to go, then I can tell my father how lecherous they were at this party and how much more chivalrous Jesse is.”

“You realise how dumb this sounds?” Faith protested feebly.

“Oh come on. A party, older guys, loud music, dancing, and booze! A night off from Slaying?”

A night off did sound tempting, and they hadn’t seen any sign of Spike or Dru in over two weeks, things had been real tame…. Finally she nodded. “Fine,” she conceded. “I’ll do it.”

“Great!” her friend beamed at her. “Now here’s a list of fashion dos and don’ts.”

Faith groaned. Why did she feel she’d made a very big mistake?

* * *

“Oh no!” Willow shook her head, her eyes wide. “Lying to Giles never ends well. Remember the Cruz episode?”

Faith started to nod in agreement. “Willow,” Cordelia had a scary glint in her eye. “I happen to know a Wicca who wants a very expensive magical book.”

Faith snorted, that’d never work. ”You can’t bu-.”

Her voice trailed off as the red-head’s eyes lit up and the trainee Wicca extended a handshake. “Deal!”

“Okay,” Faith muttered. “My mistake. Willow can be bought.”

* * *

“I don’t think you can skip patrol on Saturday,” Giles replied. “Just because the paranormal is more normal and less paranormal of late is no excuse for tardiness or letting your guard down.”

Faith rolled her eyes. “I haven't let my guard down.”

Giles walked around the back of her. “Oh, really? You yawned your way through weapons training last week, you skipped hand-to-hand entirely... Are you going be prepared if a demon springs up behind you and does this?” Faith’s hand shot up to grab the Englishman’s arm, spinning around behind him and forcing his arm up his back. She yawned as the librarian turned around to face her, his face pained. “I'm not a demon. Which is why you should let go now.”

She obeyed immediately. “See, Red gonna show us how to take her computer apart and put it together,” Faith babbled. “We need to know for computer class.”

Giles stared at her for a second before nodding. “Very well. Things have been quiet. You deserve a night off, myself, Jenny, and the boys can do a sweep through.”

“Great,” Faith forced a smile. So why did she feel so guilty?

* * *


Angelus looked at his childe, irritated at her interrupting him feeding on a blonde haired cheerleader type. “What is it Dru?” he asked, blood dripping from his fangs, before returning to his feeding.

“Oh the naughty Slayer is playing truant,” Dru giggled, her eyes taking on a faraway look that he recognised as her vision look. “She's going to a party, but it's no-one's
birthday... Bad Slayer... Naughty Slayer, Grrr...” His childe momentarily vamped out. If the Watcher finds out he will make her and her friend sit in the corner. Can I go to the party..?”

“Is that right?” Angelus threw his victim into the alley’s shadows, the woman drained empty but his attention moving to that sweetest of vintage. He licked his lips clean. “Um yummy.” He’d seen the Slayer patrol, watched her from a distance. One on one she would be tricky, but with Dru and Spike, easy meat. He grinned. Maybe they could take their time, have some fun before finishing her. “You know where she is?” Dru nodded. “Lead the way.” He slapped Spike on the shoulder. “We’ll feed well tonight boyo!”

* * *

“This is it!” Cordelia hit the brakes of her sports car, the suddenness of the stop making Faith real grateful for her seatbelt. “Doesn’t it look great!” she exclaimed.

”Great,” she mechanically replied as she stared up at the turn of the century hacienda-style building.

Cordelia looked at her. “Cheer up Faith, look around you. See all the BMWs and Mercedes. This place smells of money!”

Faith looked at her friend. The cheerleader had changed into a black mini with a matching waistcoat over a white silk blouse, while she’d changed into her new leather hipsters and matching sleeveless black midriff top. They looked like a million dollars, but she felt like crap. “Let’s get this over with.”

“Okay, but stay close,” Cordy admonished.

“Don’t worry,” she replied. She had Xander, there was no fucking way she was letting some random guy drag her into the back. Her and X were way too good together for that.

* * *

“Is that Cordelia Chase?” Jeremy nodded at Arthur’s question. “Man she’s hot. And who’s the sex-bomb with her?”

”Some chick from her school, didn’t catch her name,” he replied.

“Too busy peering down Chase’s top?” Lewis suggested.

“Something like that,” he laughed. “The punch ready?”

“Oh yeah,” Arthur replied. “We’ll have ourselves a party tonight!”

He grinned. “Count on it.”

* * *

“It’s cold,” Xander commented.

G-Man shot him a disgusted look. “Cold?” the Englishman sniffed. “You don’t have an idea what cold is. Now in England -.”

“Oh no,” Jenny groaned. “Now you’ve got him started on the wonders of England. Next he’ll be telling us all about fish ‘n’ chips, roast beef and Yorkshire pud, and Bubble ‘n’ Squeak.”

Xander shook his head as the two adults of the group started to bicker good-naturedlyr. The Watcher had missed the point, he wasn’t cold because of the weather, he was cold because of fear. This was their first patrol without Faith, and while he’d eagerly anticipated in the past, now it was here his stomach was churning. And looking at Jesse and Jonathan’s pensive faces, they also shared his attack of nerves.

* * *

“This the place Dru?” his childe nodded. He patted her on the shoulder, ignoring for now Spike’s possessive glare. If his grand-childe got ideas above his station, well he’d just have to slap him back down. He stared up at the three-storey building before crouching and picking a crumpled party flyer up off the ground. He chuckled, that’d do as an invite. “Aye you’ve done grand work tonight -.”

“Hey Shel!” he turned to see Shelia being gestured to by a tall college type. “You got the money you owe me?”

Shelia glanced at him for guidance. “Have your fill,” he instructed. “But don’t turn anyone.” His girl-friend smiled and ran off. He turned to Spike and Dru. “Let’s be seeing what’s so special about this Slayer then,” he commented before leading his companions towards the frat house. He smiled as he heard the blaring music. They’d soon be replacing it with screams.

* * *

Xander hurried after the vampire they’d caught attempting to drag into a young man into the car. Xander grimaced, he really, really hated running especially after vampires who were several times faster than him. He groaned as the demon leapt over a park bench, effortlessly clearing it. “No way am I going to do that!”

Suddenly Jesse darted out of the darkness ahead of the demon. He watched as his best friend slammed into the vampire, knocking her to the ground. The female vampire flung his friend off her and leapt to her feet.

Just in time for him to catch up and crack a left hook in her jaw, knocking the demon back down. Before she had time to react he was sat on top of her ample chest. He had to admit she was a beauty, waist-length, coal-black hair, chocolate brown eyes, and full lips. He drew back his stake to finish her. “WAIT!” the female vampire screamed even as Jesse crawled over and grabbed her arms, restraining her. “You’re the Slayer’s friends right?” he nodded. “Angelus knows she’s at a party tonight, Dru had a vision, and they’ve all gone a hunting.”

Shocked, Xander dropped his stake. The vampire growled and pulled loose of Jesse, her hands lunging up and to grab his throat. And exploded into dust when a gasping G-Man staggered up and thrust his stake home. “Bloody hell Xander!” the Watcher reproved. “Try and pay attention! We don’t have Faith’s advantages!”

“A big chest?” Jesse paled at their combined glares. “Never mind.”

After a final scowl at Jesse, he turned to G-Man. “The vampire said The Scourge are still in town.” The Watcher groaned. “And that,” he swallowed nervously, he’d seen hints of the Englishman’s temper and really didn’t want to ignite it, but he sorta had to, “that Faith and Cordy aren’t at Willow’s.” It was his turn to gulp when Giles scowled. “They’re at a party.”

* * *

“Hi girls.”

Faith wrinkled at her nose at the alcoholic stench coming from the frat boy even as he leered down her top. That answered that question, rich drunks were just the same as poor drunks. “Eyes up,” she warned.

“What?” the Letterman looked up and grinned. “You wouldn’t wear that top if you weren’t willing to share.”

“Okay,” Faith intercepted the man’s hand as he made to paw her, bending his finger to breaking point and bringing him to his knees. “Time out. Listen bud, I’m not some frat party or football team favour. I’m one pissed off bitch you do not want to mess with, you dig?” The wide-eyed footballer nodded. “Good!” She turned to Cordy. “We’re leaving.”

“Ah lassie, you’ll not be going anywhere.”

* * *

Giles impatiently paced the pavement in front of his car while he waited for his call to be answered. “Hello?”

“Willow, could I speak to Faith?” his heart dropped at the trainee Wicca’s sharp intake of breath. “Willow?”

“Uh, she’s sort of busy,” the hacker vacillated.


The firm note in his voice was enough to break the witch’s defences. “You see it wasn’t her idea,” the witch babbled. “Or even mine. Cordy wanted to go to a party to show her father how much better Jesse was than other boys.” Giles blinked, the logic of that girl bemused him. “But she bribed-.”

“Where are they?” he interrupted, his voice tight.

* * *

Faith turned at the voice behind her. Her heart dropped as she exchanged a worried glance with Cordy. They were so fucked. Spike and Dru flanking a darkly handsome stud she didn’t recognise but who, judging by the way the two other demons deferred to him, had to be Angelus. “Oh crap.”

“Ah lassie,” Angelus smirked at her. “Spike said ya were a looker and he was right about that and no mistake. How about giving us a kiss?”

“Get fucked,” she blustered.

”Ah,” a chill ran through her at the Irish demon’s leer. “We’ll be getting to that later.” The vampire charged her, she met him with a side thrust kick to the chest that sent him flying into the wall behind. “Get her!”

* * *

“That stupid bloody girl!” Giles raged as his car sped around a corner, narrowly missing a van parked opposite. Xander thought about mentioning the Englishman was driving on the wrong side but decided a fatal crash was preferable to risking the librarian’s wrath. Best have it stay directed at its rightful target – Faith. He just hoped she was healthy enough to hear G-Man’s lecture.

”Giles!” Jesse screamed as the Englishman veered off the road and powered across the park, swerving wildly between the trees. “Watch out!”

”Do you want to get out?” the Brit snarled.

Jesse gulped. “Not at this speed.”

* * *

Drusilla was first to attack, gliding in like some graceful angel of death. Ducking beneath the vampire’s claws, Faith slammed a fist into the demon’s jaw, snapping her head back. “C!” Faith roared over the ensuing mayhem, the party’s music giving way to terrified screams. “Get everyone into one of the back rooms.”

“What about you?” her friend yelled back.

”I’ll be five by five,” she lied, sliding away from a right to the face from Spike only to catch a bruising knee to the lower back from Dru. Stumbling backwards, she grabbed a chair and flung it at Dru, the vampire knocked the chair away but the brief second it bought her was enough for her to knock a table over between them, and snap a table leg off. She threw her hair back and smiled. “Who’s first? The Loon? The Midget? Or,” she blew Angelus a kiss. “Tall Dark and Dumb?”

“You’ll pay for that,” Angelus growled as he shoved his children aside to move towards her.

“Figured I would.” It was an effort, but Faith managed to keep an even tone. Fuck, he was a scary bastard, he somehow had more presence than Lothos or even the Master. “So,” she challenged. “How about giving me a deposit?”

* * *

Angelus chuckled. “I like you lass.” She was different from the three Slayers he’d killed and the two he’d seen William kill, stronger, more spirited. “If you weren’t a Slayer, I’d turn ya.”

”Lucky me,” the raven-haired beauty smirked. “Always wanted to spend my time living in a crypt. Now, come on. I’m dying of boredom here.”

“Not much chance of that,” he declared before charging forward. He’d barely taken two steps when the lass leapt into the air, cannoning into him with a dropkick to the face. Grunting with pain, he grabbed the Slayer while she was still airborne and flung her into the nearest wall.

The Slayer bounced off the wall and onto the table beside it, breaking the table with the impact and depositing the contents of the punch bowl all over her. “Spike,” he watched as the brunette rolled up to her feet. “Make sure none of them make a break for it. I’ll be teaching this wee one some manners. Don’t worry,” he smiled at the small girl, “we’ll all have some fun with her before we’ve finished.”

* * *

Cordelia looked at the scared drunks with disgust. Pathetic, she’d spent the past five minutes trying to persuade them to help but all they wanted to do was cower and hold the door against the vampires. And now the sound of fighting had died down. There had to be a way out of the room. Spying a window she grabbed a chair and dragged it and a nearby footballer over. “Break that window!” she ordered in her best Queen C voice. She had to help her friend.

* * *

Shelia threw the football star to the ground, the third male she’d killed since her great-grand sire had unleashed her, and threw her head back and laughed. She thought she’d been alive before but now... Puzzled by a sudden light, she turned to face it. And screamed as a car slammed into her, lifting her off her feet and flinging her into the building side.

* * *

Faith grunted as she hit the floor for the seventh time during the brief fight, her entire body one big bruise, blood dripping down her face from her mouth and nose, her right eye swollen shut. If there was one, well she could take Dru and maybe Angelus, but together… She looked up and spat at the grinning vampire. “My Ma hit harder than ya,” she blustered.

Angelus laughed before kicking her in the ribs, leaving her wheezing for air. “Still defiant?” She groaned as the demon grabbed her hair and yanked her head up, pain shooting through her scalp. “I think we haven’t been trying, what do you think Dru?”

The loon, Angelus had the power but this bitch was way scarier, clapped her hands. “So pretty. Daddy, can I keep her as a toy? A companion for Miss Edith? Oh can I?”

“Sorry my sweet,” the sire kissed his childe on her bruised forehead, she’d got some shots in, “a Slayer’s too dangerous to keep alive.” The female pouted. “But you can have her eyes as marbles.”

“Hey asshole,” Faith’s heart dropped at Cordelia’s voice. The Irish vampire turned. “Holy water!” her friend flung a cup of water into the demon’s face. The demon’s hands flew up to his face and Cor went for a staking only for the vampire to backhand her across the room.

“You think you can trick me?” Faith blinked as she realised her friend hadn’t thrown anything but ordinary tap water into the vamp’s face as a distraction. Man, she was clinical. “Time,” she shivered as the vampire morphed into his demonic face, “to end this.”

“Oh, I couldn’t agree more.”

* * *

Slamming the door shut, Giles cast a dispassionate look at the gothic vampire limping away from her collision with his car. “No,” he growled at Jonathan as the diminutive youth started after her. “Our priority’s in there.” That stupid bloody girl, his heart tightened to an almost painful extent, she better be alright.

* * *

Angelus glanced towards the doorway. “Ah, and you’ll be the Watcher and her friends,” he was careful to keep one eye on the Watcher, one on the Slayer as he kicked the beautiful teen in the chest. “Come to watch her die.” He watched as the Slayer’s companion was helped to her feet by another gorgeous brunette, bloody hell even if this town wasn’t the Hellmouth he’d consider staying just for the women. “And what’ll be your name love?”

“Oh daddy,” Dru trilled from beside him. “It’s the fibbing Romany, lies to her man she does.”

“That’s great Dru,” Angel replied. Sometimes he really regretted driving the seer nuts before turning her. “Could you-.”

He grunted when a foot slammed into the back of his leg, knocking him forward a step. Spinning round, he found the Slayer rolling up onto one knee. He slammed a fist into her forehead before she could regain her feet, knocking her onto her back. The Slayer rolled backwards and up, her fists held ready for a fight. Angelus smiled, even beaten and bloodied, she was still fighting. Such spirit.

He took a step towards the supernatural warrior. Sensing a arrow flying through the air behind him, he spun around and caught it. He growled in frustration, there wasn’t time. Turning back to the Slayer, he forced a smile. “Be seeing you Slayer.”

“Count on it!” she snarled.

Grinning at her defiance, he turned to Dru and grabbed her hand. “Spike!” he roared to his childe. “Change of plans, out of the back window!” he smiled at the Watcher. “Be seeing you to be sure!”

* * *

Willow and Amy rose as they entered, apparently summonsed here by G. Even as Red opened her mouth to speak G got there first. “I can’t believe you’d do that!” Her Watcher paced the shadowy library, stopping occasionally to glare at her, his intensity making her squirm. “Betray your duty in such a stupid manner!”


“Did you learn nothing from Cruz last year!”

Wincing at that reminder of her inglorious past and anxious to deflect Giles’ anger, Faith glanced desperately around, looking for a distraction. Seeing JC looking on, she plunged in. “What did that crazy bitch mean when she looked at you and called ya ‘the fibbing Romany’? What the fuck was that about?”

The techno-pagan’s face paled at the question. Giles stepped towards her, obviously looking to take her in his arms, but the computer teacher retreated before beginning to speak, her voice faltering. “It was 1897, one hundred years ago. My tribe suffered a grievous loss at the hands of the Scourge, Angelus raped and murdered a favoured daughter of the tribe, a young girl that at the time of her first bleeding would have been become the most powerful witch in several centuries. In vengeance, my people attempted an ensoulling -.”

“Black magic!”

Faith glanced at Red, noting in passing how ashen her Watcher looked. “You what Red?”

“The ensoulling of a vampire, giving a soul to a demon is one of the blackest spells,” explained the wide-eyed hacker. “I’ve read the theory of it in books,” Giles glared at the red-head, the Jewess gulped. “Books I’m not supposed to read. Eep.”

“But the spell was unsuccessful, Drusilla and William the Bloody came upon the wise women of my tribe as they cast it and massacred them. But there was a prophecy – ‘Three of the Scourge at The Mouth Of Hell one hundred years after their crime against our people’. My people -.”

“You knew,” Faith shuddered, the temperature of the room dropping at G’s suddenly cold voice. “You knew that there was a chance of Angelus being here with the other two but you didn’t feel fit to warn us?”

Jenny had paled. Boy was she glad that it was teach who was the subject of G’s ire now, fuck English was scary. “My people sent me here to enact their revenge to oversee the vampires’ deaths. Rupert-.”

“Faith,” she gulped when her Watcher glared at her, she figured she might still be taking a trip to the wood-shed judging from the look in his eyes, “lied to us. But her untruth could be put down to the foolishness of youth.” Oh yeah, she was using that defence – anything to get out of the crap. “But you are a full-grown woman, fully understanding of the evils out there.”

“My people insisted -.”

“Yes,” G stepped towards the teacher, then stepped back, his head shaking. For a second there she thought G was going to go postal on teach’s ass. “It’s apparent where your loyalties lie, to your people. To the extent,” she wouldn’t have thought it possible but G’s face hardened still further. “You manipulated my feelings.” Giles turned and walked into his office. “Get out Miss. Calendar, I have no wish to see you again.”

“Rupert,” the teacher started after G but she blocked her path.

“You’re on my last nerve teach,” Faith lowered her voice, still she was sure that the others stood around her in the library could hear her. “You lied and betrayed us all, but that’s not the biggie. You use the finest guy I’ve ever known, the only pa I’ve ever had. Now get out.”

The techno-pagan swallowed. “Faith-.”

“You wanna keep those pretty looks so you can lie to the next guy, you leave now,” Faith glared at the teacher. “Otherwise, prepare to be eating out of a straw for the next month.”

“Faith!” exclaimed Red. “You can’t hit a teacher!”

“Not really the point Red,” Faith’s gaze didn’t shift from the teacher. “Get. Out.”

“Faith, maybe you should calm down.”

“Sorry X,” she shook her head. She’d fucked up tonight, but next to what the teacher had done…. “She hurt G. Nobody hurts him,” she clenched her fist. “You going?” The tutor opened her mouth then nodded, turned, and walked out of the dark library, her heels clicking on the floor. There was a long silence after the door closed behind the raven-haired tutor. “C,” Faith glanced at her pale-faced best friend. “Can you give X a ride home? I’m gonna stay here for a while, make sure G’s okay.”

“You sure you don’t want any company?”

She shook her head at Xan’s question. “No thanks hon,” she replied. Things might get ugly with G. Nothing he’d ever do could change her opinion of him, but she didn’t want her friends’ image of G tarnishing. “Just want some alone time, k?”

After a second, Xan nodded and sighed. “Okay,” he stepped up to her and kissed on the cheek. “But if you need-.”

“You’re on speed-dial lover,” she reassured her boyfriend. “Now go.”

After the others had left, Faith took a breath and turned to the lit office. Her legs heavy and her stomach churning, she strode over and knocked on the door. When she received no answer, she opened the door a crack and peered in.

G was sat behind the desk with his head in his hands, a wild, frightening look in his eyes, made worse by the desk light shining in his face. Swallowing her fear, Faith stepped through the doorway. “Hey G, you need anything?”

“Leave me alone Faith,” her Watcher’s voice was a dull, lifeless monotone.

“G, it’s dark. We need to be getti-.”

“Just bugger off!”

She flinched at the anger in her Watcher’s voice and the sudden fury in his eyes. “Sure G,” she backed out of the room. “I’ll be on the library couch if you need anything. See you in the morn.”
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