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Halloween Assassins

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Summary: Many people dress up as assassins on Halloween

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Multiple Crossings > GeneraldemonichellfireFR181639051,21113 Sep 1213 Sep 12No
I Don't known Marvel, BTVS, James Bond, or Assassins Creed

Xander groaned it was bad enough he had to escort kids on Halloween, but to have to do it with Larry was torture. To make matters worse each pair of students had to dress in costumes that were related in some way. Larry had for some reason gone as Leonardo Da Vinci which had forced Xander to go as an Italian noble from the same era. When he had seen Willow going as a ghost he was surprised that her partner Oz was wearing a white cloak. Jenny and Giles who were going to a costume party held by the Mayor were going as Electra and James Bond. He could not figure out how Amy and Buffy had gotten away with Buffy's noble woman dress while Amy wore a Black Widow outfit.

Finch groaned the Mayor had made a Halloween banquet and he had been forced to buy a costume at the last minute of Machiavelli.

Right after the spell takes affect

Ezio looked around confused one moment he was in Florence the next he was in a location he could not identify surrounded by what appeared to demons. Leonardo after the initial shock had wore off began to examine what appeared to a horseless carriage next to where he was. Altair groaned the spirit was getting on his nerves and annoying him to no end and he had already figured out for himself that this was not an illusion created by the Piece of Eden in his possession.

Electra cursed whoever thought this was a joke had pissed her off. The only good thing was that she had managed to avoid detection. Bond smirked security was lax and he had managed to slip away undetected. Machiavelli had managed to get away in the confusion that had been created when some people near where he had been started using weapons he did not recognize. Black Widow groaned this body transfer was most likely the work of Baron Murdo or Loki, because her body did not respond as fast as it should have to variance stimuli.

Ezio had managed to scare the demons away by revealing his hidden blades. He then saw Leonardo examining a strange machine. "Leonardo get away from that you have no idea what it does." Ezio said fearing for his friends safety.

"Calm yourself Ezio its a mechanical carriage judging by the design." Leonardo said calmly.

"Leonardo we need to get moving I do not recognize any landmarks or the terrain and also I just scared off a bunch of what appeared to be demons." Ezio said. Leonardo knew it was pointless to argue with Ezio. As they walked through the town Ezio noticed a white garbed assassin moving towards them he also noticed a ghost floating near the assassin. "It is good too see another assassin in this strange land." Ezio said before giving the sign of the assassin. The figure return the sign and moved towards them.

"Like wise and this is no illusion created by a P.O.E." The assassin said ignoring the babble the spirit was now saying. Leonardo for his part had been looking over the assassin and noticed he was missing his ring finger.

"When were you active for the missing ring finger is something I managed to fix by the use of a pressure plate?" Leonardo asked.

"The Third Crusade, Middle East." The assassin said.

"The fifteenth and sixteenth century Italia." Ezio said before the assassin could ask.

"Surprised to see you here Ezio." A voice said from the shadows. Altair did a quick check with his eagle vision and found the man to be an ally.

"Machiavelli what are you doing here?" Ezio asked surprised to see him.

"In the same situation as you are I presume." Machiavelli replied.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Halloween Assassins" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 13 Sep 12.

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