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Caroline Forbes meet Caroline Forbes

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Summary: Caroline had just gotten over the fact that she would never be able to get married, have children & grow old. But what happens when a red-headed girl who looks EXACTLY like her walks up to her and claims to be hers &Stefan's future daughter?

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Literature > Vampire Diaries, The > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesScorpioCharmerFR2142,0420031114 Sep 1214 Sep 12No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13

Chapter Two

No copyright infringement intended. No profit is gained. The Vampire Diaries belongs to L. J. Smith
(Now based in the past)
(Sassy has met her parents & told them everything)
(Everyone going to go to drastic measures to keep Sassy's identity SAFE)
(The Originals are out of their coffins)

Chapter Two



"So, where to begin?" I mused out loud before telling them everything, and by everything I mean everything!


10:30 PM

"Okay I get that this is hard for use to take in especially since use are with other people..." I stop and look at my mother sitting on Tyler's lap and my father standing just a little bit away from Elena while my uncle stood right behind her saying "how is it that your from the future and you don't know when your father breaks up with someone?"

It had been about the hundredth time since the entire gang had come over a couple of hours ago to hear what I'd had to say did I my anger spark my powers causing Damon to fly through the window.

I gave them all my best kicked puppy look which always got me what I wanted "I didn't mean to..." only for my parents to laugh and my Aunts past self to say that he deserved it and she wished that she's been the one to have done it causing me to laugh.

But it was when Damon came back in and made an announcement which was about me did I feel real anger start to boil, especially as everyone including my parents agree with his plan.

"We have to compel everyone in town to think that Sassy is in fact Caroline's twin and second daughter to Liz unless we want the whole town wondering how Caroline could be in two places at once? And most of all we'll have to compel Liz as well so that it's 100% believable..."

I just stood there as I watched my parents, uncle Damon and my close frenemy Tyler all go to compel the people of Mystic Falls while my Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Jeremy started to set up for a spell to make it so that the compulsion wouldn't be able to be taken away by any other Vampire or Hybrid other then the one who'd done the compelling -the spell in which I had to help with as it was a two witch spell.

As it turns out the spell worked as the next day when I went out with my mother and uncle to the shops to buy me a whole new wardrobe did everyone wave and say hello over and over.

Apparently the story was I had moved in with my dad and his boyfriend during the divorce but after finding out about his death Steve kicked me out so I had no choice but to come back home, but it honestly didn't matter because I was happier to be with family then to be with somebody who didn't care about me at all.

We had gone to about three shops before Damon left leaving me and mum alone but we didn't bother asking what was happening, but if I had been paying closer attention to the dates and times I would know that tonight's the night he and dad bring back not only the rest of the Originals but the Original Witch as well.

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