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Caroline Forbes meet Caroline Forbes

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Summary: Caroline had just gotten over the fact that she would never be able to get married, have children & grow old. But what happens when a red-headed girl who looks EXACTLY like her walks up to her and claims to be hers &Stefan's future daughter?

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Literature > Vampire Diaries, The > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesScorpioCharmerFR2142,0420031114 Sep 1214 Sep 12No

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Chapter One

No copyright infringement intended. The Vampire Diaries cast belongs to L.J. Smith.
(Based in the future)
(A little while after Bonnie has past away)
(Caroline's daughter developes her powers sending her into the past)
(Sassy's real name is Caroline after her mother, she just get's called Sassy after
Damon started to call her it when she was a baby and it stuck)
(No BTVS or ATS, this is all TVD in AU)

Chapter One


It had been a fortnight since the funeral and Sassy was still acting up. She wouldn't eat or sleep, and she wouldn't even get up to watch her favourite shows. But what worried him most was when him and Caroline got a letter pre-sent from Bonnie should she ever pass that her powers would be passed down onto Sassy as she was the closest thing she'd had to a daughter, and the process would most likely change the way she acted until her magic sprouted.

He vaguely remembered in the past of Bonnie telling him about this and was afraid of what Sassy might do to herself, Caroline, Damon or the others.

Only it seemed that the spirits heard him as Sassy walked into the room complaining about whispers before disappearing in a flash of amber light before anyone in the room could do anything.


For the past few weeks since Aunt Bonnie died I had been feeling weird, hearing things, and today it amplified to the point I left my room in the hope that I could get my parents help only to hear my Aunt Bonnie's voice echo in my ear as if she were laughing at me "good luck Caroline" before I felt the crisp Winter air fade away to be replaced by the harsh Summers heat and rays.

Looking around I found myself standing in front of a car which would probably be a collectors item back home, but as I looked through the glass I saw myself, and not just myself but... was that my mother?

And as she turned off the exhaust and got out I started to freak out "Mum?" I asked lightly looking at her with hope, frightened at the look of horror across her face followed by my father speeding in behind he causing us both to scream at him but different things.

My mother: "Jesus Stefan!"
Myself: "Jesus dad!"

And it was that that caught them both, I knew that I had already caught my past mothers attention but my past father would've been harder if I hadn't let slip as he had always been faster at me thanks to his human dieting.

"Who are you?" He shoved me into the wall by the door trying to compel the answer out of me and that's when I shoved him away as I saw him eye my neck.

"It would be easier if we took this inside don't you think?" And I indicated what I figured to be a Hybrid listening in. At their nod of approval I followed them inside laughing as my father didn't invite me in before taking my usual seat on the left side of the love seat looking over at the two Vampires standing side-by-side.

"So, where to begin?" I mused out loud before telling them everything, and I mean everything!

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