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Gift From The Gods

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Summary: Willow's spell didn't work exactly the way she planned. Buffy wakes in a coffin occupied by one gorgeous French vampire - in St. Louis.

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Anita Blake > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: JeanClaudecjsplaceFR15832,80194320,34116 Sep 1220 Jul 13Yes

Shoes Optional

"Wow, no wonder Jason doesn't mind. If you can do that from just a drop, I'm surprised they don't line up and say - Please Bite Me."

Jean-Claude laughed at the picture her words created.

"Non, Mon petit cadeau laws prevent us from biting without permission.

He worried at the possibility it would cause her to turn from him. His very soul felt tortured at the mere thought of losing her. These feelings had the normally confident vampire off kilter. Jean-Claude shook his head, causing his lush curls to sway and catch the light. He missed Buffy's eyes follow the ebony waves. Gathering his confidence around him like the lavish clothes he wore, he walked over to the armchair and sat down with boneless grace. He did meet Buffy's eyes as he waved Jason forward.

"I will explain the laws later, chére. If it's what you want then I'll feed here."

Jason crept forward. His bright blue eyes showed no fear. Buffy's relieved sigh caused his perpetual teasing smile to spread across his face. The young wolf bared his neck to the Master of the City. His eyes closed in pleasure as sharp fangs sank into him skin.

Buffy watched them while she continued to pet Nathaniel. They looked beautiful to her and she couldn't take her eyes off them. The erotic scene did wonderful things to her. Jean-Claude stared straight at her as he gently removed his fangs, while Jason melted to the floor. The smug smile melted away as euphoria embraced him. The blonde wolf crawled onto the bed to lie beside Nathaniel, who pulled him close enough for Buffy to reach. She scratched Jason's scalp as he let out happy puppy whimpers.

Buffy laughed at him, but stopped short when Jean-Claude approached the bed. Leaning forward to put a hand behind her head, he pulled her toward him for a kiss. She opened her mouth to his demanding tongue; Buffy could taste Jason's blood.

A soft green glow encompassed her body. It brightened as they continued to kiss. The glow expanded, until it included the others. Their bodies arched in pleasure as it traveled over them.

Buffy pulled away and looked around in wonder. The bright green light made everyone seem even more otherworldly. Buffy shook her head and closed her eyes tight. When she opened them, the glow was gone.

Jean-Claude switched their position, melted onto the bed and pulled Buffy along for the ride. She snuggled up next to him somehow contented by his coolness. He pulled the covers over her and simply rocked her like a child. Buffy didn't mind, in fact, it seemed as if he knew exactly what she needed.

He watched her, smiling when she wrinkled her nose in concentration. Buffy's lips pursed as if she was about to speak. Her eyes wandered about the room, unconsciously smoothing his hair between her fingers. Jean-Claude adored the resolute expression she wore as she turned back to him.

"Do you think you could find me some clothes?"

She felt him stiffen, and she hurried to explain. The words rushed out in a strangely familiar babble.

"I may not know who I am or how I got here, but I just don't feel like I was all into the nudity, and sharing my nudeness with everyone. Nope, I'm absofreakinglutely that I was never into flashing, streaking…See I'm not even sure what you call it, so for sure I wasn't all with the nakedness. Not that I mind you seeing me like this…I'm shutting up now, yep see this is me shutting up, no more talking about the clothes that I'm not having…"

Buffy's words stuttered to a halt when Jean-Claude's sinful laugh raced across her skin.

"Oui, but I must say I prefer you like this."

He moved his hips slightly showing her "how" much. Her eyes widened, before closing part way as she gave him a siren's smile. Jean-Claude inhaled deeply at having his seductive ways turned back on him. He wanted nothing more than to lay her on the bed and slide into her warm body.

His desires dashed when the phone rang. Jean-Claude picked it up with a heavy sigh.

"Bon jour...Let them in... Damian will escort them to my office...Oui."

The phone rocked against the base as his normal cool momentarily shattered. Taking an unneeded breath, he turned back to her and the weres to explain.

"Anita and Richard are here. Nathaniel, go find Buffy some clothes, one of the dancers should have something that should fit her. Jason, stall them until we're ready."

Everyone jumped to do as he ordered. Buffy noticed the tension in his shoulders, which only heightened her curiosity

"Who is Anita and Richard?"

"She's the one I have, had, feelings for. Richard's the alpha wolf that she chose over me. I decided to win her back, but now I don't know what to do."

"I didn't mean to cause so much trouble, Jean-Claude. Maybe after I get some clothes, I should leave."

"NON," he shouted, pulling her to lay on top of him, with her face mere inches from his.

She searched his face for answers. Buffy smiled at what she saw then nipped his lip with her teeth. Jean-Claude reassured her with his mouth before turning her over to lie beneath him. Buffy's hands roamed over his back, as she felt the velvet-covered muscles. She moaned low in her throat as Jean-Claude rubbed against her. They heard a knock at the door that stopped their love play. Buffy touched his face smiling in reassurance.

"Maybe we can see where this leads after your guests leave."

He nodded, shouting when a knock sounded at the door, "Enter."

Nathaniel walked into the room. He lowered his head as he watched Jean-Claude moved off Buffy. The Master Vampire settled beside their blonde visitor. The wereleopard smiled at Buffy as he held up a short black leather skirt and green silk halter.

"I hope these fit because everything else looked too big."

Buffy smiled, putting her hands out for the clothes. She took them and sent him a warm smile. Nathaniel ducked his head and quickly left her to dress. The last he saw was Jean-Claude lounging on the bed, watching her shimmy into the borrowed clothing. She wiggled into the short skirt, which only reached a few inches below her bottom. Buffy secured the halter around her neck. She scooted toward the bed, while Jean-Claude tied the one around her waist.

His hands skimmed over her back then stopped. There at the base of her spine were two intertwined tattoos. He leaned forward to see them more clearly. One an Egyptian ankh and a figure with three heads each facing outward.

"Mon Dieu, Buffy what do these tattoos mean?"

His voice held a note of fear. She felt his finger tremble as they traced the markings.

"I've never had any tattoos, I just know it. What are they? What do they look like?" Buffy asked in a panicked voice.

"Lets ask Anita, and then I'll tell you what I think. Now, I guess you must go barefoot, ah, I'll carry you." He picked her up in his arms, causing her to giggle. "What's so funny, ma chére?"

"I just thought maybe I won't ever get shoes. You can just carry me everywhere. I like this mode of transportation very much."

"You're a vixen."

Jean-Claude threw back his head and laughed. Buffy responded to the sensual sound and he playfully nipped her shoulder. Damian quietly opened the door for them. Buffy smiled at him brightly.

"Thank you, Red."

The nickname caused a brief echo to ring in her head, but was gone before she could even grasp it. He returned her smile, with an elegant nod.

"You are welcome, Buffy."

Jean-Claude held her closer to him, as if he thought Damian would steal her from him.

"I'm not leaving you, okay. I promise to stay until you ask me to go." She told him in a husky whisper, as they stared at each other.

"That will be a very long time, mon petit cadeau."

When they walked in the room's occupants stopped talking and stared at them. Jean-Claude's eyes immediately went to Anita. There she stood dressed in her usual black jeans, t-shirt and tennis shoes, wearing a jacket to hide the weapons she carried. Anita stood barely over five feet, with pale skin, large dark brown eyes and dark curly hair that she tried to tame. She was a beautiful woman with an amazing body, for one so small. Richard moved closer to Anita, making his claim clear to the Master of the City. He had warm whisky-colored eyes, and was on the right side of muscular.

Buffy smiled at them before looking up at Jean-Claude. "You can put me down now."

Jean-Claude reluctantly set her on her feet. She touched his hand, causing him to look down at her.

"Remember, it's up to you. I'll leave whenever you want. I don't want to cause problems."

"I told you, mon petite amour. You're mine." Jean-Claude pulled her close while turning to address Anita and Richard. "Pardon us. We are still working things out. Sorry to keep you waiting, what brings you here, Anita?"

Anita's head jerked slightly hearing him call her by her name. He had always called her ma petite. She stared at the young woman he held close by his side. At first, Anita thought he was using the other woman to make her jealous, now she wasn't so sure. He had pursued her relentlessly, and Anita had expected him to put up some resistance to her choice of Richard. She glanced at Richard; he was so handsome, warm and alive. She loved him; she really did, but still felt attracted to the man who now held another in his arms. A wave of jealousy ran through her body.

"Who's that Jean-Claude? I have some official business to discuss, if you can't vouch for her then she needs to leave."

Buffy stared at Anita in shock. She didn't understand until she saw the jealousy in her eyes. Buffy wasn't sure how to react to this, so simply extended her hand.

"I'm Buffy Summers, and you must be Anita."

The blonde woman's friendliness took Anita off guard. She grudgingly shook her hand.

"I'm Anita Blake and this is Richard Zeeman, my fiancé."

Richard turned to stare at her, trying to hide his shock.

"Oh, well congratulations."

It was when Buffy turned to shake Richard's hand that Anita saw the tattoos on her back.

"What the hell!"

Anita's gun was in her hand before she even knew it. Her reflexes were much faster, ever since Jean-Claude marked her. They just weren't fast enough. Before she could aim properly, Buffy spun back around to lash down on the gun. She scooped it up with her other hand.

"Uh, is this how you greet everyone? It must really cut down on your list of friends. I don't like guns, never have. If I give this back are you still going to shoot me?"

"What are you?"

Anita glared at the blonde that had disarmed her in mere seconds. Her eyes took on their patented dead stare.

"Female," Buffy told her. She shrugged her shoulders, appearing unaffected that she just had someone point a gun at her.

"I don't know anything, except my name. Things pop into my head like understanding French and hating guns. Mind telling my why you suddenly went Rambo on me?"

Anita ignored the question for several long moments. Her expression somehow becoming even colder the longer she went without speaking. She narrowed her eyes as she worked to remember everything she knew about the markings.

"Where'd you get those tattoos?"

Buffy had tried to play nice with the gun-toting lady, but this was just plain stupid. She threw her hands up in exasperation.

"What's the big deal about the tattoos?"

She slowly started pacing the room, muttering under her breath about tattoos, vampires and guns. Finally realizing this was getting her nowhere fast, she turned back to Anita. She had to work hard not to frown at the pretty brunette. Buffy didn't think she was evil, but heading down the road to psycho-land.

"Jean-Claude asked the same thing. All I know is that I never had any before. I'm sure of it. What are they? What do they mean? He wouldn't tell me."

Buffy tried to look over her shoulder to see the tattoos they kept talking about, which caused her skirt to ride up. Jean-Claude moved forward when he saw Jason and Richard admiring her body.

"Come chére, sit with me and we will explain."

He moved to the large chair behind his desk, sitting down he pulled her onto his lap. Buffy went willingly; as she sat across his lap, his body immediately responded. Buffy wiggled around trying to get comfortable then she gave him a sly smile. Jean-Claude promised revenge for her teasing.

"Anita, her tattoos what do they represent?" he asked, as he played with Buffy's hair.

The brunette couldn't take her eyes off Jean-Claude showing someone else all the attention he normally showed her.

"One's an Ankh and represents Osiris, the Egyptian god of the dead. The other is Hecate. She guards the crossroads of life and death. She sees the path each person's supposed to take. She's also the goddess of magic, and protects midwives, healers and witches. With their symbols so closely intertwined, it's looks almost like a mark of ownership, would be my best guess. So, are you a witch? You don't feel like one."

"What does a witch feel like? I don't know what I am, do you?"

Anita lowered her shields trying to get a better read on Buffy. Looking closely at her aura, her eyes widened then narrowed. A green glow surrounded her, hovering like a cloud. What in the hell is she?

"Has anything unusual happened since you arrived?" Anita asked, as she looked at Jean-Claude.

"Oui, look."

He pulled his shirt open, showing a smooth unmarred chest. "She healed the mark created long ago."

"How, the hell, did she do that?" Anita had always thought the scar added to his allure.

"I don't know the scar pulsed, I glowed, touched it then presto chango, no more scars," Buffy explained with a casual shrug.

"Can you show me, here?"

Anita pulled off her jacket exposing the blades attached to her wrists.

"Cool, can I see one?"

Buffy put her hand out expectantly. Anita reluctantly handed Buffy one of her precious knives. She secretly hoped the little blonde break a nail. It wasn't that she wanted the other woman hurt…just gone. Those that determine these things weren't listening, or didn't care. Anita wondered what deity she had pissed off. It total missed the necromancer's notice that Buffy's arrival offered her the very thing she had wanted since Jean-Claude came into her life – freedom.

Slender fingers balanced the knife between finger and thumb. With a quick twist of her waist, she spun around and threw it across the room. It embedded almost to the hilt. Anita looked from the knife to the tiny woman, who looked as if she wouldn't know the right end of a weapon. It astounded her that she had thrown the knife with such force that it still vibrated in place.

Richard silently retrieved it from the wall, and handed it back to Anita. He gave her an understanding smile. She didn't quite return it, but allowed her fingers to trail over his as she retrieved her weapon.

Buffy watched this interplay, and smiled. These two needed someone to lock them in a room, and not let them out until they either killed each other or figured out how much they loved each other. She glanced over at Jean-Claude and sent him a willowy smile. Her attention turned back to Anita as she thrust her scarred forearm into Buffy's face

"Can you heal this?"

Buffy stared at the arm. She stepped back to get a better view, and then stepped closer so she could run her finger on the scar tissue.

"I'm guessing you're right-handed."

"Why do you say that?"

"You gave them the arm that didn't hold your weapon. If I'm catching what you're throwing then you want me to heal this. I’m game if you are, but have to warn you that I haven't the foggiest clue how it works. Here goes nothing."

Buffy laid her hand on the marred flesh. The glow started again, but this time Buffy seemed more in control. She let the room fall away focusing only on the scar.

Anita watched Buffy as a rush of power soaked into her arm. It felt hot, but didn't hurt. She watched in amazement as the scar simply shrank until nothing remained but smooth skin.

Crawling back onto Jean-Claude's lap, Buffy snuggled up to him and closed her eyes. Jean-Claude smoothed her hair, absentmindedly playing with the long blond locks. Everyone watched the Master of the City being so uncharacteristically gentle with the small blonde.

"Anita, what did you need? Are you not here for official business?"

"Yes, but I think I just got my answer. There was a huge magic reading at the Circus about an hour ago. Do you want to tell me how she arrived?"

"Non, I do not. You only need to know she's here now and is staying. She's mine to protect Anita, she was sent to me." Jean-Claude's voice left no room for argument.

"You can't just keep someone against their will, Jean-Claude."

"Look at her; does it look to you as if she doesn't want to be here?"

"No." Her voice came out sharper than she meant.

"Then I don't see that there's any need for your concern. Something tells me, ma tendre aimée, wouldn't allow me to do anything she doesn't want."

Buffy eyes remained closed as she responded, "Damn straight, I may not know much about my past, but I know I don't like people telling me what to do." Buffy's hand played with Jean-Claude's long black hair while she talked.

"Now, if there's nothing else?" Jean-Claude started to pick up his prize.

"Wait!" Anita knew she didn't want them to leave.


The word held such impatience that Anita felt it from across the desk.

"Uh, RPIT expects me to report something about this. What should I say about her?"

"Her has a name, its Buffy Summers. Why do you have to tell an armpit about me, whatever that is? I haven't done anything wrong, and it isn't anyone's business that I'm here."

She sat up, looking Anita straight in the eye with her chin set at a hard angle, daring anyone to disagree with her. Jean-Claude laughed, sending a tickle down both women's back. Buffy glared at him, pulling his ear close to her mouth.

"If you do that again, I won't be held responsible for what I do in front of your friends."

She whispered then nipped his ear. He shivered as her husky whisper and teasing bite flowed over him.

Richard put an arm around Anita, pulling her close. "Anita, I think we should leave and continue our date," he whispered in her ear.

He overheard Buffy's words, and quickly tried to get his girlfriend out of the room. Knowing Anita still had unresolved feelings for the Master of the City, Richard decided to do whatever he needed to keep the woman he wanted as his mate. He ran a hand down her back, leaking power into his touch.

Buffy gasped, turning to stare at him. "You shouldn't do that without a warning."

"You could feel his power, chére."

"Duh, he leaked it out all over the place."

"I'm sorry, it wasn't intentional." Richard had the grace to blush.

"Okay, just don't do it again."

"Why? What's the big deal? You can't handle it." Anita couldn't stop the sarcastic remark from slipping out.

Buffy felt her tight guards fall away as her body automatically responded to the challenge from the other woman. Jason and Nathaniel rolled on the floor as the power started their change.

"Jean-Claude, stop her." Anita gasped, feeling her control over her necromancy slipping. Too late, it broke free to fight against Buffy's power.

Jean-Claude and Richard helplessly watched as there own shields weakened. The Weres in the Circus shifted and raced straight for the office. Buffy's power brought everyone except Jean-Claude into submission, before snapping close. She slumped into Jean-Claude's arms as the door swung open, and the Weres bounded into the room.

They headed for Buffy, pushing to reach her, surrounding her and Jean-Claude until only their heads showed. Richard attempted to dominate the wolves to no avail. Buffy roused when a tongue licked her hand. She looked up from Jean-Claude's lap to see the waiting faces moving close, crawling inches to get to her.

She stood shakily before sitting on the ground. The Weres surrounded her, brushing against her and licking her hands or face. One large leopard licked her bare back causing Buffy to giggle. Jean-Claude, Anita and Richard stared in amazement as she petted, scratched or hugged each one.

"Aren't they beautiful, Jean-Claude? They're so sweet, look how gentle they are."

Buffy laughed like a little girl playing with kittens and puppies, rather than large pony-sized wolves and leopards. Jean-Claude knew he was lost in that very moment. He had never seen anyone who accepted people no matter what they were, just as they were, with no restrictions, misgivings or fear.

Anita watched her former lover, and knew that she had lost him to this little woman-child. Looking at Buffy sitting on the floor as she pet and tickled the Weres, Anita admitted she couldn't blame him. Buffy was warm and giving, regardless of the power she held. Maybe if she got to know Buffy, she could learn her secret about how she had accomplished that.

"Jean-Claude, we're going to go. Tell Buffy if she'd like someone to talk to, I'm available."

"Merci, Anita, have a nice night." He smiled at her, but his eyes kept returning to the tiny blonde.

Anita and Richard left, quietly closing the door. Richard turned to Anita. "Do you regret us, Anita? If you want him, leave before I give you so much of myself there isn't anything left."

"No, Richard, I love you. He has who he needs. Somehow, I think even if we had been together, I'd have lost him to her. Let's go home, I think it's time we lay our cards on the table."

Anita took his hand as they left the Circus. Richard silently thanked whoever sent Buffy to Jean-Claude. His future had grown brighter, and as he glanced down at Anita, he couldn't help but think they just might make it.

mon petit doré l'un - my small golden one
mon petit cadeau - my little gift
ma tendre aimée - my dear love
Sombre idiot - you idiot
mon sombre amour - my dark lover
Montre-moi ton amour - show me your love
mon amore, jet atim ami - My love, I love you
Ma petite dorée - my little golden one
bien-aimé - well-loved
Sacrebleu - Holy blue
chére - dear
Mon Dieu - My God
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