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Gift From The Gods

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Summary: Willow's spell didn't work exactly the way she planned. Buffy wakes in a coffin occupied by one gorgeous French vampire - in St. Louis.

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Anita Blake > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: JeanClaudecjsplaceFR15832,80194320,10716 Sep 1220 Jul 13Yes

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR18

Clothes On, Clothes Off

He gently laid her on the bed, after withdrawing his fangs. Looking down at her flushed face and the Mona Lisa, he admitted he loved her. He didn't care how or why she was here. He didn't care how fast they were going, or about anything at all except her - Buffy, keeping her, loving her.

"Jean, mi amore, Je t'aime."

"Je t'aime, Buffy. Ma petite dorée."

He kissed her softly. "You're mine now; you bear my mark for all to see."

"So do you sweetie, which means your harem will have to go. I won't share you, lover."

He laughed at her, but stopped when she grabbed his ear. She pulled his head down to her, as she replaced her fingers with teeth. Sharp teeth clamped onto the tender lobe.

"I'm not kidding, babe. Buffy doesn't play well with others, not about this"

"No, my sweet, I wasn't laughing at you. If I had one, they would be withered and old before I could ever tire of you."

"Oh well, that is okay, then. You don't have anyone in your…"

"Jean-Claude, I was finally able to get past Damian. He wouldn't let me in, you must talk to him, chére."

Gretchen stormed into the room, only to stop short when she saw her lover in bed with another woman. She didn't recognize Buffy, and reacted like any vampire – she attacked.

Buffy rolled off the bed, causing the other woman to crash into the wall. She casually lent down and picked Gretchen up by her dress collar. All warmth leaked from her voice as she shook the intruder.

"You weren't invited to this party. Jean-Claude is otherwise occupied."

Buffy carried Gretchen across the room and threw her out the door. She casually leaned against the wall to wait, feigning polishing her nails. A few minutes later, the enraged woman rushed back in to continue her quest to remain the Master of the City's lover. She tried catching Buffy's eyes to enthrall her. Jean-Claude was about to stop her, when he heard Buffy's voice.

"Would you quit with the bug-eyed thing. You're giving me the wiggins."

Gretchen screamed and tried to slash the blonde with her nails. Her eyes widened in shock and pain when an iron fist caught her hand. Buffy applied pressure until Gretchen fell to her knees.

"Now, let's put our cards on the table, shall we. Will you listen to whatever Jean-Claude says? If he chooses you, I'll walk away. But, if he chooses me, then you'll do the same, deal?"

"Yes, now let me go," Gretchen demanded.

Buffy released her hand with a push, causing the other woman to take several steps back. Ignoring her nudity, she started to walk back toward the bed.

"No, you stay away from him."


Buffy rolled her eyes. She changed direction and leaned against the wall. Her eyes twinkled as she winked at Jean-Claude.

"Just tell her your choice, Jean-Claude."


The woman's chest puffed out when she assumed he was choosing her. Buffy worked hard not to roll her eyes.

"I choose Buffy, and demand that you show her the respect my choice entails her."

He smiled at Buffy and tilted his head. She understood exactly what he intended. Gretchen's quick intake of breath showed that they had hit a bull's eye.

"She wears my mark. No one challenges my protection!"

It wasn't a declaration it was an order. He expected complete obedience from his kiss.

"Jean-Claude, no, you don't even know this…this person. You cannot be serious. Please, my love, tell her to leave."

The blonde vampire begged as she tried to get past Buffy to Jean-Claude.

"I have told you my decision. This matter is closed. Leave us, and Gretchen, do not enter this room again without invitation."

Her shoulders slumped, tears fell down her face. As she turned to leave, Damian ran into the room. When he saw Buffy moving toward Jean-Claude and Gretchen leaving the room, he cursed under his breath.

"I got called away. It was a trick, so she could get past me. It won't happen again."

"It's all right, Damian, the matter is settled," Jean-Claude said, waving his second-in-command away, never taking his eyes away from his beautiful mate.

Damian took in the fresh marks gracing their necks. He nodded his blood red head as he pulled Gretchen from the room.

"I guess that answers that question, huh. Is there anymore I need to be worried about?"

Buffy crawled back onto the bed. She gave Jean-Claude her famous pout as she pretended to find a comfortable spot.

"Non chére, she was merely for passing time nothing more. She knew didn't share her feelings."

"That doesn't always matter, Jean. You can't help who you love. Now, how about you feed me? I'm very hungry for some reason."

She gave him a saucy grin. A dark eyebrow arched upward at her words.

"Oui, chére, you'll need to keep up your strength. You can wear this until we can get you some clothes."

He handed her one of his plush velvet robes. He had to hide his smile, the garment swamped her. Jean-Claude liked the way she looked in his clothes. He knew enough about women to know that Buffy wouldn't let him get away with keeping her wrapped in his robes, or better yet – naked.

"Anita did say you could call her if you needed to talk. Perhaps, she would take you shopping."

"I don't think I'm ready to bond with your old flame, lover. I'll see if Cherry wants to go with me. It'll give me a chance to get to know her better."

"What're you going to do with your new pard?"

She hadn't had enough time to process everything. The strange feeling that this world was very different from hers nagged at her. Was she the same person there? Buffy shrugged her shoulder, there were more pressing matters.

"Later, food now!"

Anita and Richard sat on her couch; neither said anything as they stared at each other. Anita finally broke the silence.

"Richard, if we're going to make it together as a couple; especially, if we want this to lead to marriage, we have to have total honesty with each other. I need to see you change, to see your wolf form. I have make sure I can handle all aspects of your life."

She watched him grimace, and immediately thought their "talk" was over before it even began. Richard took her hand, rubbing soothing circles against her skin. He seemed to gather his thoughts, as he pressed his shoulders back and sat straighter.

"Anita, I agree but I'm not sure I can this close to the full moon."

She let out the breath she wasn't aware she was holding. Anita understood his fears, and starting thinking about this from every aspect. The smile blossoming across her face reflected her happiness as the answer she found.

"What if I helped? I could call on my necromancy, wouldn't the power push give you enough to change?"

"We can try but only if you're sure. How do we go about doing this?"

Anita stood up, grabbing his hand to pull him toward her bedroom. She rushed out again to the kitchen for some salt. Richard smiled at her as she reentered the bedroom. She held up the salt as if it were treasure. He stopped to think about it, given her background she probably wasn't far from wrong.

"I need to create a circle where we can use sex and blood to call your beast."

She grinned wickedly, while she encircled the bed. After setting the salt down, Anita pulled off her jacket and threw it on a chair outside the circle. She slowly started to disarm, pulling off the arm sheaths but kept one knife that she placed by the bed. She toed off her shoes and worked on undoing her shoulder harness. Her eyes caught Richard's while she pulled the short sword from her back. Her movements grew slower more sensual, like a killing dance as she removed two more guns before pulling off her shirt. They followed her jacket onto the chair. Now, standing in only her bra and jeans, Anita chuckled at Richard.

"It works better honey if we're both nude. I know I'll enjoy the scenery."

Richard snapped out of his daze, and not bothering to unbutton his shirt, pulled it over a muscular upper body. Anita watched the play of muscles in his arms and chest then wandered lower to the washboard abs. She licked her suddenly dry lips. They watched each other pull off their jeans, smiling to see the same flame of passion in each other's eyes. Richard walked over to Anita, picked her up and laid her on the bed. He crawled onto the bed like the predator he was, while sniffing and licking his way up her body.

Anita's breath caught in her throat as she watched this beautiful man learn her scent. Richard let his beast know this was their mate, the one they must always protect, must keep in their lives. His tongue dipped into her belly button, causing her to squirm. He moved up her stomach to her ribcage, his hands moved to pull her body up to his searching mouth. He moved up to her neck where he buried his nose in her shoulder, sniffing her hair while he licked and nipped at her soft neck. Anita's hands came up to run over the muscles of his back, then went to hold his head close to her. She offered herself to him and his beast.

He nipped her neck, sinking his teeth in carefully, worrying the flesh leaving his mark. Richard kissed her with the want and need he had kept from her. He ravished her mouth sucking hungrily on her tongue. Anita sunk her hands into his luxurious shoulder-length chestnut hair. She ran her finger through the silky, wavy length, rubbing it between her fingers. It was so soft, which conflicted with his hard strength. Running her nails lightly down his back, caused Richard to moan into her mouth.

Richard leaned away from her while his hands moved to her back where he unclasped her bra. He tossed it aside. Anita's slender form made her breasts appear even larger than they were. Richard reached out to gently squeeze one, testing its weight.

He grinned slyly then bent his head, causing Anita's breath to explode from her lungs. It was as if she held her breath until she had passed his inspection. A low moan broke from her lips and her head fell back on her shoulder. He moved from one to the other, until they became sensitive to the touch.

"More," Anita demanded huskily.

They moved their hands in tandem. Air-starved lungs pulled deep gulps of air. Richard kept tight control on his body, while worked to send Anita over the edge. He didn't have long to wait as her scream filled the air.

He waited for her to regain some sense of control. She reached up to pulled him down, until they stared into each other's eyes.

Anita felt almost delirious with need when she demanded, "Now Richard, damn it."

He laughed. "Anita, only you would curse at your lover to hurry up and fuck you."

The sound of Richard's deep husky voice sent wonderful chills through her body. He answered her demand. Anita's head lolled on the pillow. Richard moved with a force that pushed his beast forward, as well. It sat just below the surface, striving to get to its mate. He bent forward to nip her. Anita leaned up on her elbows to be within his reach.

Anita pulled the knife out from under the pillow and with one quick look at Richard, asking permission to proceed. He nodded, knowing they were close. She sliced her arm, pulling on her power then sending it toward Richard. When it hit him, his back arched and his own power flooded outward to receive it. They screamed when the power mixed with their passion filled bodies, bringing them to completion.

Richard's beast started to burst free from the power, blood and sex that filled the room. It overloaded his senses and he pulled away from Anita to stand at the foot of the bed. He howled, his eyes turned amber and his body arched before dropping to all fours. Anita sat up to watch her lover's form change. His face elongated into a snout, his bones shifted under the skin and his spine moved up causing his back to arch while fluid covered his body as the wolf burst through his skin in one leap. A large beautiful male wolf stood where Richard once was. His coat an interesting mix of browns and creams, as if he were painted with the colors of Richard's hair and skin onto a cream canvas. The wolf moved forward with a low growl, emitting though its bared teeth.

Anita lay on the bed waiting for him to approach her, a knife held in her hand. Richard jumped up to sniff Anita. Starting at her feet, moving up her body, he sniffed everything until he reached her breast, which he licked causing Anita's breath to hitch. The wolf buried his snout in her hair just like Richard had earlier. Carefully, the wolf nipped her ear, and Anita turned to look at him. Their eyes caught and held. The wolf's snout pushed against her neck asking permission. Anita bared her neck to him and Richard opened his snout wide, clamping down on her neck. He applied his own mark of ownership on top of the one his human had already made. Licking Anita's neck before moving back down her body, his tongue bathed her breasts again, its roughness stimulating the tender nipples into two aching hard pebbles.

Richard moved further down her body to sit between her legs. She closed her eyes unsure of what to expect, but trusting Richard explicitly. Anita felt his cold wolf's nose press against her foot. He licked her calf, sending shivers through her already overwrought body. The next sensation she felt had her eyes shooting open in surprise. The softest kiss she had ever felt brushed against her stomach. Her dark eyes stared into the warm amber of Richard's, her Richard. His head lay against her stomach as he sent her the warmest look she could ever remember.

Anita smiled at him. Her hand reached out automatically to sink into his lush hair.

"Okay, I think I can live with that. How many hickeys did I end up with?"

"Two, one from me and one from my wolf. Are you sure, you're okay with this, Anita? Wolves mate for life, I marked you, we marked you as ours."

"Do I need to mark you too?"

Anita looked up at Richard's handsome face, seeing his feelings clearly written there for her to see.

"Do you mean it? I mean for real, no joking?"

"Yes, Richard, no joking. I accept you and your wolf. Now, can you say the same about me and my power?"

"Anita, I know you think I'm some boy scout, but I'm not. I just don't always accept things as they are. I see the way Raina and Marcus run the pack, and know it isn't right. Someone has to step in and do something. I know I'm strong enough physically to become the next Ulfric. I just don't know if I'm prepared for it mentally."

"Richard, who is? I know you think I'm hard or unfeeling, but I do feel, Richard. I've just had to learn how to hold it inside when I need to focus on what's happening. I lock it away."

"Maybe you can teach me how to do that. I think I'm going to need it sooner than I want."

Raina returned to the Lunatic Cafe; furious, pushing her power out as she stormed into the restaurant. An evil smile marred her beautiful face when she saw a young wolf drop a tray of glasses.

She walked over to the visibly shaken young girl and demanded, "What's your name girl?"

"F-Fred," she answered, with a stammer and a heavy southern drawl.

"Come with me."

Raina headed for the office without a backwards glance.

The Lupa truly frightened the willowy brunette. She was on her way home to Texas with her parents when a car T-boned their car. Her parents died immediately, leaving Fred with severe injuries that required them to life flight her to Phoenix. During her convalesce, the hospital discovered that she had never received the lycanthropy immunization. She had no idea whether her injuries left her at risk, and agreed to take the vaccine. Her luck held, and she contracted the disease. The hospital told about the large Were community in St. Louis. With no family, she went back to Texas, closed her parent's estate and moved.

Fred hadn't even considered calling Angel or Cordelia. They were nice to her, but she felt like a third wheel. She knew they felt relieved when her parents came to get her, even though they didn't say anything. They were busy with their business helping people and didn't need another person who didn't leave when the job was over. She slowly walked into Raina office, nervously pushing up her glasses.

"Stop fidgeting, girl. I'm not going to bite...yet."

The Lupa of the Thronnos Rokke Clan smiled wolfishly as she allowed her eyes to go amber. Raina could manipulate her body and facial features to look any way she desired.

"Y-yes, Ma'am," Fred drawled, her accent thickening the more nervous and frightened she became.

"Ma'am, ma'am, do I look old to you? Don't call me ma'am. Call me Raina or Lupa. I can see you're going to need lots of attention."

Standing beside Fred, Raina's hand lashed out to grab the smaller woman's hair. Pulling Fred's head back as she leaned over to study her face closely. Raina enjoyed the smell of fear pouring off the petite girl.

She licked Fred's cheek, moving up to her ear whispering, "Do you know what I'm going to do to you, girl?"

Fred shook her head, not sure, she could speak. "I'm going to fuck you. Then, I'll decide if I keep you for my own private use, or if you're photogenic enough for everyone to fuck."

Fred shook her head, not believing what her Lupa was saying to her.

"Don't tell me no."

Raina pushed her power out at Fred and with a swipe of her claws sliced Fred's dress from her body. The smaller woman tried to cover herself, but Raina grabbed her hands.

"Oh, no little wolf. I want to see what I'm getting."

Holding Fred's hands, she pulled them over her head, leaving Fred's body stretched out before her. Raina's other hand roamed over Fred's body. She sliced away the modest white bra and underwear.

"You hide a very tasty little body under that ugly dress."

The Lupa leaned down to capture Fred's breast in her mouth. Tears ran down Fred's face while she struggled against the much stronger woman. She tried even harder when she felt Raina's hand wander further down her body. Fred shrieked in pain when the Lupa actually bit into her tender flesh. Raina smiled, licking away the blood from the mauled bud. She pushed at Fred's legs as she prepared to continue her rape of the young wolf, when the door flew open.

"Marcus, I'm busy here darling," Raina rebuked her mate, the current Ulfric.

"Get out, girl. Raina, dearest, we need to talk. I just heard about Gabriel losing his pard. Who's this woman that threatened you so much that you crawled away from Jean-Claude's office."

Marcus let Raina have free reign, but he was no one's push over and planned to keep his power. Someone that could come into town and scare Raina was definitely a threat. Marcus didn't like it. Raina growled, realizing Fred stood there hearing about her humiliation.

"Get out!!"

"B-but, I have no clothes. You, you tore them all," she stammered.

Raina grabbed her, dragging her from the room, only to shove her outside then slam the door in her shocked white face. Fred huddled on the floor, trying to hide her nudity when a young man about twenty-two with blonde hair came over to her.

"Here, use this, and I'll help you get out of here. There's a side door over there. I'm Jason, by the way. What's your name?"

"Thanks. Uhm, I'm Fred. Won't you get in trouble for helping me?"

"Nah, I work for the Master of the City. I mostly get a walk on stuff."

Jason shrugged as he tried to make the obviously scared and shy girl feel comfortable enough to let him help her.

"Could you just get me out of here?"

Fred looked at him with big whisky colored eyes that seemed to take up most of her face. They heard their Ulfric and his Lupa arguing in the office and neither one wanted to hang around for the ultimate fall out.

"Where do you live?" Jason asked Fred as he walked her to his car.

He held the door for her and she climbed in, tucking her bare legs underneath her.

"I live over close to the Circus, the Clown Arms. Do you know it?"

"Those are pretty nice apartments. What're you doing working here?"

"I couldn't get a job in my field. So, I thought I'd try waitressing."

"I could probably get you a job at the Circus. You wouldn't have to strip or anything. You could just take drink orders from the bar. Jean-Claude's cool and doesn't abuse anyone. In fact, he has a girlfriend who would probably kick his ass if he tried."

Jason smiled at her. He had noticed her before, but hadn't found a chance to talk with her. He liked her southern accent, shy smile and the way she would play with her glasses when she got nervous.

Fred smiled at the thought of a woman beating up her boyfriend, especially the Master of the City.

"That sounds nice, are you sure that he'll hire me?"

"Yeah, just let me talk to him and you can come back, uh well, later today. You'll see it's going to be okay, plus, no Raina."

Fred burst out crying, shocking Jason and her.

"Come on don't cry. I can't stand it when women cry. I always end up in trouble when women cry," Jason pleaded, as he looked over at Fred, while he tried to drive.

"I'm sorry it's just been really hard, you know. I've only been a Were for a few months. It's harder than I thought."

"That's okay. I haven't been one for very long either. Are you sure you're going to be okay?"

He glanced over at her. Fred nodded, giving him a small smile.

"Give me your number and I'll call you about coming to work at the Circus. Just wear a short black skirt and white blouse. They'll give you a uniform after your probation period is over."

Jason smiled at the shy girl. There was something about her that made him want to hug her. He was determined to help her. A huge smile nearly split his face when he figured out how. He would take her to Buffy, she would know what to do.

Jason returned to the Circus, deciding to call it a night when he realized he didn't know where he was supposed to sleep. He normally slept in Jean-Claude's room. Now, he wasn't sure where he was supposed to go. When he got to Jean-Claude's suite, he found Nathaniel sleeping across the doorway. That wasn't so unusual; the wereleopard would sleep wherever he felt the safest. The strange thing was that curled around him was the rest of the pard. They created the most unusual doorstop. Jason sighed then lay down beside Gregory.
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