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Gift From The Gods

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Summary: Willow's spell didn't work exactly the way she planned. Buffy wakes in a coffin occupied by one gorgeous French vampire - in St. Louis.

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Anita Blake > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: JeanClaudecjsplaceFR15832,80194320,10716 Sep 1220 Jul 13Yes

Here, There and Back Again - Buffy Style

When Jean-Claude and Buffy arrived at St. Louis' latest nightclub, a line of anxious customers practically circled the building. She gave him a Cheshire cat grin.

"It's show time." She leaned over to her lover, whispering in his ear. "Dancing makes me all tingly inside. If you're a good boy, I'll let you reap all the yummy rewards." Her voice dropped to a husky whisper that sent shivers down his spine.

At times like this, Jean-Claude wondered if she wasn't from Belle Morte's line. Her tone reeked havoc on his libido. She stretched her body, allowing her breasts to scrape his chest. He wanted nothing more than to drag her back to their bed.

"Uh-uh-huh, you promised me dancing, and that's what I plan to do. Now, let's go piss off the bad guys."

She pulled him through the doors, then stopped cold. Buffy looked around in awe. It was a vampire's dream, done in every shade of red, with black accents. A hard dance beat vibrated throughout, while bodies writhed on the dance floor. Her blood pumped in time to the music as her body swayed. Cool hands wrapped around her waist and she felt a purr rumble in the hard chest she leaned against. She knew that she was playing with fire as her hips ground into him, causing his body to respond immediately. In a flash, she raced to the dance floor with her lover in hot pursuit. She let the music control her movements. Her hips gyrated while her hands stretched above her head. Buffy seemed boneless as she danced. Her powerful body twisted and turned in a way only possible for preternatural creatures.

Several brave men attempted to join her, but the growl followed by a flash of fang stopped them. Jean-Claude slid behind her. His body effortlessly matched her moves. He wrapped one arm around her waist to pull her closer to him while the other wandered down her body. Slender fingers branded every inch of tawny skin visible. They were beautiful to watch together. Day, shining with gold and green, blended into night, glowing with midnight colors of black and blue. The crowd stood mesmerized by them.

If Jean-Claude were any other vampire, it would suspiciously resemble a victim caught within a thrall. Anyone who looked closely would realize the Master Vampire was happily caught in her web. He couldn't take his eyes away from the tiny golden creature in his arms. She filled him completely - mind, body, heart and soul. Before Buffy entered his life, Jean-Claude often wondered if he had a soul. Now, he knew he did because she touched his at its very core.

Buffy's senses swam up from the lovely passion filled haze that her mate created whenever he touched her. No one but Jean-Claude noticed the change. Her body still moved to the beat but her movements became predatory.

"Careful, mon petit cadeau, don't play our hand too quickly. We shall, as you say, make them squirm, oui. Although the only one I want to squirm at the moment is you."

He spun her around until they were face-to-face. His hands held her close while his lips captured hers in a passionate kiss.

Raina, Marcus and Gabriel strode into Danse Macabre as if they owned it, which was partially true, since Raina had partnered with Jean-Claude on this venture. She snapped her fingers at the hostess.

"Show us to our table, you stupid girl."

"I'm sorry, Miss, but I don't know which one's yours."

The young woman trembled before the tall woman who looked at her as if she would happily hurt her.

"The owner's table, you idiot. It's over by the dance floor, in the corner."

The hostess nodded, but her worried look remained. The Master of the City told her not to allow anyone to infringe on his time tonight. Mentally preparing herself for the blame, she escorted them to the requested table.

While this occurred, Buffy and Jean-Claude quickly moved to the same table, placing their backs to the club. The lovers took the opportunity to indulge the lust created on the dance floor.

Raina suddenly stopped, causing Gabriel to run into her back. The Were leaders growled before turning back to the scene before them. Marcus showed no emotion at this turn of events. He moved forward to meet the Master of the City and his latest lover. The Ulfric admitted that Jean-Claude's taste was impeccable as always.

The lovers ignored their audience. Buffy whispered in Jean-Claude's ear. "I think I can actually see steam coming out of Raina's ears."

He threw his head back laughing, which sent shivers down everyone's spines. He pulled Buffy close to him so he could trace his mark.

Raina cleared her throat to get their attention. Although she would never admit it to another living soul, she wanted Jean-Claude in the worst way. The gorgeous Master never even looked at her twice, which infuriated the sultry Lupa. Raina knew he preferred small petite women, but she had never met a man she couldn't seduce before Jean-Claude.

Buffy pouted while she pretended to notice the others for the first time. Jean-Claude gave them a bored dismissive look.

Marcus felt his temper rise at the obvious disrespect. He decided to take the situation in hand.

"Jean-Claude, how are you tonight, and who is this lovely creature?"

Buffy looked at the Ulfric under her lashes. He was an attractive man in that square-jawed way. The thin lips kept him from being truly handsome. He hid his sadism better than his mate, making him more dangerous than his companions. Her lashes rose to show bright intelligent green eyes that held determination in their depths.

This woman-child intrigued Marcus. The thought of plundering those full pink lips then sinking into that golden flesh caused his heart rate to speed up. He knew Raina could smell his arousal. She growled softly, and her eyes flashed amber.

"You better put your bitch on a leash, Ulfric, or I'll have to spank." Buffy's husky voice sounded as if she proposed a much naughtier meaning. The flash of green fire in her eyes belied that perception.

Raina bristled at being reprimanded by this child. She stepped forward, but Marcus stopped her from reaching her target.

"Forgive my Lupa, she's high-strung and sometimes doesn't see the bigger picture. Let's enjoy our new business endeavor and get better acquainted."

Gretchen snuck back into the Circus. She had left after Damien forcibly removed her from Jean-Claude's bedroom. She went off to lick her wounds, returning now with a purpose. No one saw the large shadows that followed her. They overpowered Damian, knocking him unconscious. Although, Jean-Claude was the Master of the City, he was not the only Master vampire. Gretchen used her power and their muscle to force the Weres from the building and into waiting vans. Jason and Nathaniel tried to protect Fred. Sadly, they were no match for the pack enforcers. Several Weres tried to escape through the club to no avail.

Across town, Anita returned the zombie back to its grave. She preferred raisings for monetary reasons. The emotional ones seemed to linger long after the body was put back to rest. Anita opened the jeep's hatch to stow her kit when someone knocked her unconscious. Two large figures loaded her into a car and drove off.

Richard paced his house, pent up frustration evident in every movement. Anita should be home by now. She had told him she only had one raising tonight and would be home early. He begged her to let him go with her, but in predictable Anita fashion, she refused. They had planned to go to the opening together. She was now over an hour late, and Richard was scared.

Raina's phone rang. She excused herself from the table to take it. Anticipation lit her eyes, as she listened to the message before rushing back to the table.

"Darling, that was your office. Your phone must be off. They said there's an emergency."

Marcus nodded his head in understanding. "I'm afraid we'll have to cut this delightful evening short. Duty calls."

He captured Buffy's hand in his, bringing it to his lips. "Until we meet again, my dear."

It took everything she had not to pull her hand away. She turned to Jean-Claude after watching them leave.

"I guess its showtime, babe. The way Raina looked when she got back to the table has me worried. Are you sure that everyone at the Circus is safe?"

"Oui, my people know they're to protect them. Damian will ensure their safety, especially the pard. Let us go, chére, we have to help whomever they've decided to discipline. Raina wasn't happy when you forced her into submission, and neither was Gabriel. They'll be dangerous, mon amour, we must be careful. I won't lose you, no matter the cost."

He pulled her into his arm, holding her tight for a few moments of peace before they went to war. They rode back to the Circus in silence. A phone rang just as the car pulled up to the side door.

"Hello." Buffy went pale as she listened to the person on the line. "Tell me where…Yeah, we'll be there as soon as I change…Don't do anything unless there's no other choice…I realize that, but we need to do this the right way, unless you're willing to take over…Didn't think so."

She threw the phone away from her then jumped from the car. Jean-Claude heard the entire conversation and was right behind her. They rushed inside only to find Damian systematically beating Gretchen. The normally stoic vampire looked ready to tear the blonde bitch apart. Buffy left the men to handle the situation while she changed clothes.

The Master of the City's power flooded the room, causing Gretchen to cower on the floor. Damian reluctantly stepped away. His mind filled with thoughts of Cherry once again at Gabriel and Raina's mercy. Jean-Claude growled when his former lover attempted to explain her actions.

"You'll tell us what you know, then Damian will put you in your coffin until such a time comes that I can look at your face once more."

"Non! Mon chére, please, I love you. I just wanted us to be together once more. She's made you appear weak. When I left here, all I heard were rumors that you've allowed this human to take control from your hands. She's broken your alliance with the pard and caused dissention with the wolves. There are rumors that you could lose the city."

Jean-Claude laughed, but it wasn't a sensual feeling that raced over Gretchen's skin. It was pure rage.

"Let them try. They'll learn the error of their ways. My mate hasn't made me weak. It's time for you and the others to learn this first hand."

"Honey, you can torture the bitch later." Buffy leaned in the doorway, a study in black leather. "Damian, I want a silver sword and at least two knives."

Jean-Claude's second-in-command went to do as she asked. Gretchen growled at the other blonde who took her place in Jean-Claude's life. Buffy threw back her head in laughter.

"You've got to be kidding me. We've already had this conversation, Gerty. I kicked your ass, and I'll be happy to do so again, but right now, my dance card's full. Let's rock 'n roll, babe."

Her eyes lit up when Damian returned with a beautiful sword and two matching knives.

"Ooh, pretty."

She took them from his long slender hands. The sword should have looked strange in her tiny hands, but it didn't.

"Cool, let's jet. I have asses to kick, and puppies and kitties to save."

While the men watched Buffy, Gretchen saw an opportunity to do away with her competition. She sprang across the short distance intending to disarm then dispatch Buffy. Unfortunately, Buffy's responses were quicker. She brought the sword up, catching the vampire directly in the heart.

It saddened Jean-Claude to lose Gretchen, but she chose her path when she attacked his mate.

"End her suffering, mon chére ami," he asked quietly.

Pulling the sword from the other woman's chest, Buffy swung it in a lightning fast arc, removing her head. She left the room without a backward glance.

"Damian, don't you have a woman to rescue," she called back over her shoulder.

They were almost to the car when they heard screeching tires. Richard rushed over with worry lines creasing his forehead.

"We know, Richard, Edward just called. He's watching the others until we can get there."

Buffy patted his arm. Richard stiffened, his eyes bled from warm brown to amber. Green eyes looked at him without flinching.

"We don't have time for you to act all bad dog. Everyone thought the others were safe within the Circus, not to mention we assumed you were smart enough to know your mate needed protection. Guess we were wrong on both counts. Now, get over it, and get in the damned car."

All three men looked at her in shock; her eyes sparkled with green fire. Her protective instincts warred against each other, while her enhanced Slayer powers caused the air to crackle.

Anita woke with a splitting headache, nude and trapped inside a steel cage. She blinked in an effort to clear her vision. Looking around the room, Jason sat in a similar predicament to her left, while Nathaniel was to the right. Screams blasted them from across the room and they looked up, but quickly wished they hadn't.

Raina stood up with blood dripping down her chin. Stephen's back arched off the bed while blood flooded his lap. The sadistic Lupa turned to Gregory.

"Now, do as I say, or your twin won't make it out alive."

The blonde wereleopard shook with fear and worry for his brother.

Gabriel pulled Cherry up from the floor, shoving her onto the bed beside Stephen, who had passed out from shock and blood loss. Gregory pulled his pants off, looking at his pard member with regret. She nodded, letting him know she didn't blame him. Nathaniel and Jason reacted to the blood and started to shift. Raina pulled Gregory until he was painfully erect. She dragged her fangs down its length drawing blood, which she quickly licked off. Raina shoved him on top of Cherry. She stood behind him to control his movements. Raina intended on ensuring they both felt raped, not just Cherry. Her nails slashed into his back and buttocks when he twitched without her approval.

Marcus watched his Lupa take the boys through their paces. He had other prey in mind - the Executioner. Shoving his power down Jason's throat, forcing the young Were to change.

Raina instructed Gabriel to finish up because she had a new toy to torture. Nathaniel watched her stride to the corner but couldn't see who was there. His heart dropped when he realized it was Fred. His eyes turned amber when he saw the Lupa maul Fred's tender breasts. Jason smelled the female his wolf wanted. He growled to see another touching her. A yelp tore from him when Marcus lashed out with another wave of power.

The Ulfric thought it divine justice to infect Anita, firmly placing her under his authority. Once she changed, he would force her to assassinate Jean-Claude. His hand picked successor would execute her as an example to the others.

Fred tried to hide in her mind the way she did in Pylea, but Raina wouldn't allow it. Tears fell down the willowy brunette's face as her Lupa raped her mind and body.

"Let's see how well you can handle our special little parties. I think you're quite photogenic. Now, who should we invite to this party?"

"How about me?"

Buffy stood right behind Raina with a sword pointed casually at the ground.

"What are you doing here?" Raina hissed. "Did you come alone? How sweet, you're going to rescue them all by yourself."

She shoved Fred away, stalking much juicier prey - Buffy.

Buffy grinned at the arrogant woman. It was obvious Raina thought she could take her with Marcus' help. She kept her eyes away from the others since this was their fight too.

A honey colored wolf bounded into the room, tackling Marcus before he could reach Anita. Damian swept into the room to pull Gabriel off Gregory, and pulled Cherry from beneath the blonde wolf. Outside, Jean-Claude and Edward happily tore into the guards.

Raina watched Marcus shift in an effort to defend himself from Richard. She shifted her hand into long talons. "You've ruined everything. I'm going to kill you, and leave nothing but bare bones."

"Can I just say eew? What is it with the bad guys and their colorful commentary? Here let me trim that for you."

One smooth sword swing resulted in a severed hand hitting the floor.


Raina clutched her arm unable to believe what had just happened. She scrambled away from the petite blonde who advanced with her sword ready.

Buffy noticed Fred coming up behind the injured Lupa. The two women nodded in understanding. Something inside Fred broke when she realized Buffy came for her and the others. As if someone lit a match, a fire ignited in her blood, and she swore no one would ever break her again. Fred didn't notice her hand had changed the same way Raina's had only moments before. One quick thrust, and it was buried in the former Lupa's chest. She pulled out Raina's still beating heart.

Anita thought she was going vomit when the slender brunette proceeded to eat her prize. A loud yelp brought her attention back to Richard and Marcus' fight. Her mate circled the smaller wolf, then faster than the human eye could follow, he clamped his teeth on the Ulfric's jugular. His massive jaws bit clean through the other man's neck. Howls broke out in the room when Richard shifted back into this human form. He stood there nude looking every bit the new wolf king he had just become.

Buffy walked toward Damian whose fangs were buried in Gabriel's neck.

"That's enough." Her voice was soft, but left no doubt she expected him to obey.

The red haired vampire dropped the leopard on the floor, then bent to pick up Cherry.

"Are you all right, little one?"

She touched his cheek, curling into his arms while she hid her face in his neck.

Buffy ignored Gabriel as she looked over Stephen's injuries. She let out a deep breath, laying her hands on his mutilated lower body. The healing green glow rushed from her fingers to knit him back together.

Gabriel shakily got to his feet, hoping to escape while everyone focused on Buffy. He took two steps when he looked at his chest in confusion. There buried to the hilt was one of Buffy's silver knives. She didn't even turn away from her healing, just sent the blade sailing over her shoulder to hit her intended target.

Stephen woke to find tender hands brushing his hair away from his face. "Thank you," he whispered.

She kissed his forehead before walking over to Richard, who was freeing Anita from her cage. Fred let Nathaniel and Jason out of theirs.

"If you agree, Ulfric, I think the ones harmed the most by their former leaders should enjoy the spoils of this battle."

He looked around the room then back at the bloody bodies.

"The Nimir-Ra of the Blood Drinker Clan is a wise woman. She sees right to the heart of things. To help you heal the bounty's yours."

He sent his power out to the pack at the same time Buffy sent hers to the pard.

Jean-Claude and Edward entered the warehouse in time to watch the finale. Jean-Claude gathered his love in his arms, while Edward looked over Anita's naked body, earning him her patented death glare. He just shrugged a shoulder in typical Edward fashion and disappeared the same way he appeared. Once the 'feast' ended, the Weres slowly crawled to their respective leaders. Fred returned to her human form with the others following close behind.

Buffy went over to the young wolf. "Are you okay?"

She felt the difference in the normally shy woman. Her hand reached out to brush a smooth cheek while she searched the intelligent, brown eyes. A new sense of strength and determination shown in their dark depths.

"I know what happened here was bad. Nothing can make it go away, but good things happened here too. The pack has a new Ulfric and Lupa."

She heard Anita's intake of breath when her words reached the former Executioner. Buffy ignored the others, but knew they heard her. Although, what she said was true for everyone, she wanted Fred to understand what was happening to her. She wasn't sure how she knew, other than she seemed attuned to all preternatural creatures. Her healing abilities allowed her to feel when someone needed her help and when they didn't.

"Richard, did Raina have the ability to heal?" Buffy asked not taking her eyes off Fred.

"Yes, she could call the munin then used blood and sex magic to heal. Why?"

"When Fred took her out." She didn't mention the fact that Fred ate the ex-Lupa's heart. "She kinda inherited the power. If you read her power level, I'd say she's a strong alpha."

"No, no, I'm not. Everyone told me that I'd never be more than a low beta."

Fred fidgeted, looking from Richard to Buffy then back again.

Buffy laughed. "Let me guess, they were betas or low alphas. They didn't want someone new to push them further down the chain of command. Now, how about we blow this joint? I'm ready to call it a night. How about the rest of you?"

Things returned to normal, well as normal as possible for a town full of preternatural creatures. Fred learned to control the munin, and to no one's surprise, started dating Nathaniel and Jason. The pack happily accepted Richard as their Ulfric. They even took on Anita as their Lupa with no qualms. The lovers moved into Richard's house. Cherry and Damian became lovers the same night he rescued her. The normally quiet vampire caused everyone to laugh with the flowers, chocolates and numerous other gifts he showered her with.

Buffy and Jean-Claude were inseparable. He had to return to his coffin every three days or so and rather than be separated even for one night, Buffy joined him there over his protests. The city accepted its Master's mate with open arms. They knew that anyone who asked for sanctuary received it, and that justice was swift for those that preyed on the innocent. Life wasn't perfect, nothing ever is, but it was happy and they had found peace.

Things went along like this for almost six months, which of course meant something had to happen to try to change it.

A knock sounded on Buffy and Jean-Claude's bedroom door.

"Come in."

Fred stuck her head in, looking worried and shy, which immediately alerted the couple lounging on the bed. Ever since that night so long ago, their friend had became a confidant woman.

"Uhm, Buffy, is it okay if some friends from LA are here to visit? They found out I was here, and wanted to check up on me."

Buffy could tell Fred wasn't exactly thrilled with her friends' visit.

"It's okay with us. Do you want to bring them here or want some time off?"

The once shy Texan smiled. "Thanks, Buffy. They know about this stuff, well their version of it. I want them to meet everyone, and then I want them to go away. I'm happy here. This is where my family is and I'm not going anywhere."

The women hugged, smiling in quiet understanding. They had become close friends over the past months and felt the same way about the lives they had now as opposed to their former lives.

"We'll get dressed, and meet you in the office. Don't worry about it; they can't make you do anything you don't want to do."

Jean-Claude felt a shiver race down his spine, but wasn't sure why. He watched his mate and saw her shoulders tense as if she too felt something in the air. They dressed quickly, making their way to the office to find Fred, Nathaniel and Jason sitting on the couch staring at two people.

"Welcome to the Circus of the Damned, Monsieur and Mademoiselle. I am Jean-Claude and this is my mate, Buffy."

He walked into the room leading Buffy over to the desk, stopping when he felt Buffy start to tremble.

The man jumped from his chair, shouting, "BUFFY!"

Jean-Claude caught her before she collapsed, too focused on his lover to take a good look at the man. Moving to sit down with his precious burden, he saw who stood in his office and why he caused Buffy so much distress.

"Angelus, what are you doing in my city without permission."

"I don't give a damn about the Council's rules, and you know that. What have you done to her? Why is she here? Is this some kind of sick game? Give her to me; she carries my mark. You have no right to touch her."

Angel vamped out, and his words slurred around his fangs.

Both vampires turned back to the small blonde who was the focus of their greatest passions.

"Uh, Jean, mon amour, what's happening?"

Her hand came up to caress his cheek, causing Angel to growl. He couldn't believe Buffy was here, and living with Jean-Claude, a vampire of Belle Morte's line, a hedonist. This couldn't be his Buffy, if it was she would have run to his arms immediately.

"Buffy, is it you? What're you doing here with him?" Angel couldn't keep the accusatory tone from his voice.

"I don't believe you. In walks Miss Saves the World, and what am I suddenly invisible?"

Cordelia Chase crossed her arms over her chest in anger. Angel didn't even spare her a glance, which didn't help her escalating anger.

"Angel, how do you know Buffy?" Fred asked quietly, watching the tension rise until it became a living, breathing entity.

Before he could answer, Buffy did. "We used to know each other a long time ago, but we aren't those people any more. I went to school with Cordelia. You look good Cordy. I'd like you to meet my mate, Jean-Claude. Jean-Claude, this is Cordelia Chase and you already know Angel. I think that we'll leave and let you two visit with Fred."

"It's nice to meet you, Mademoiselle Chase, enchante."

Jean-Claude nodded his head, keeping Buffy in his arms safe from Angelus and her past.

"Buffy, you always seem to land on your feet."

Cordelia wasn't mad at the blonde, seeing that she posed no threat.

The Master of the City moved toward to door with his prize, but Angel shouted before the couple could make a clean get away.

"No. Buffy, I would like to talk to you alone, please." Angel's voice held an almost whining quality.

Buffy gazed into midnight blue eyes, telling him with a look that he had nothing to worry about before softly brushing his lips. He reluctantly sat her on her feet but not before he licked his mark, making sure, the other vampire saw the gesture. She rolled her eyes at him then sent him a soft smile understanding his actions.

After everyone left, the former lovers stared into each other's eyes. Angel tried to pull Buffy into his arms. She stepped away before he could touch her, keeping the desk between them. When she first saw him, her memories rushed back to her. It didn't change anything. Buffy knew she was where she belonged, and from what she saw on Cordelia's face, Angel had moved on as well.

"Buffy, don't you recognize me? It's Angel. Why are you acting like you don't know me?"

He gave her his soulful look, and the half-smile that always melted her heart.

"Because I don't, not anymore. I woke up here after someone, I'm guessing Willow and the others, brought me back from the dead. I'm not the same person anymore and neither are you. You have your own life and so do I. Let me ask you something, Angel. If I went back would anything change, would we be together, or would I be in Sunnydale and you in LA living separate lives?"

"Buffy, you know why we can't be together," he explained in a calm voice.

"That's what I thought. So, I should go back with you to a life where I've already died twice."

"I didn't say that. What about your friends and family? What about your duty as the Slayer?" Angel desperately tried to think of anything that would get her away from Jean-Claude.

She laughed. "They've gone on with their lives by now, Angel, and have no reason to know about the one I have now. I would've still been peacefully dead if my friends hadn't tried to bring me back."


"This is getting us nowhere." Buffy threw her head back and shouted up at the ceiling. "Cate, Siris, I need you."

She found herself once more before her patron gods.

"What can we do for you, warrior?"

"I don't want to have to do this, but two people from my past showed up here, and one's being stubborn. Is there a way for you to erase me from their memory? I don't want him to go back and tell the others I'm alive; it would only hurt them because I'm not going back. I'm where I belong."

"Yes, child we can do this. It is ironic, since he did the same to you once long ago. If you look closely in your memories, you will see what was taken away since they no longer have the impact they once would. When you return, all will be as it was before this incident ever occurred."

Buffy and Jean-Claude lay in bed wrapped in each other's arms.

"I love you, Jean. I know I'm not the easiest person to live with but I love you with all my heart, and nothing and no one will ever change that."

Jean-Claude looked at her wondering at the cause behind her words.

"What about if you remember your past, ma chére amour? Will you try to go home?"

"I already have. Don't you know by now, Jean, you're my home."

~ The End ~


mon petit doré l'un - my small golden one

mon petit cadeau - my little gift

ma tendre aimée - my dear love

Sombre idiot - you idiot

mon sombre amour - my dark lover

Montre-moi ton amour - show me your love

mon amore, jet atim ami - My love, I love you

Ma petite dorée - my little golden one

bien-aimé - well-loved

Sacrebleu - Holy blue

chére - dear

Mon Dieu - My God

The End

You have reached the end of "Gift From The Gods". This story is complete.

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