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This story is No. 1 in the series "Revelations". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Angel left Sunnydale and Buffy so that she could have a normal life. But Buffy’s not normal. Neither are the Winchesters. A crossover twist of BtVS 4.03 - The Harsh Light of Day. Complete!

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Dean WinchesterTikiPrincessFR183172,944177139,31018 Sep 1218 Sep 13Yes

Chapter Ten: Dean

A/N: Thanks to all of you who have followed and favorited. Cookies to those who left a review; you fill my heart with warm fuzzies. And extra special thanks to my beta readers, Katrina and isugirl.
Warning: Smut occurs in later chapters.
Disclaimer: Buffyverse owned by Joss Whedon. Supernatural owned by Eric Kripke.

Chapter Ten: Dean

If it hadn't been for the seatbelt strapped across his chest, Sammy might have bounced out the window. Dean considered driving past the college just to see what he would do, but the thought of seeing Buffy again set him back on course, even though he knew he should be flooring it in the other direction.

"Sammy," said Dean. When he didn't get a response, he punched his brother in the arm. "Sammy."


"Remember, we gotta get information for Dad." He held up his hand when Sammy started to protest. "I know, she's the Slayer and has the demon thing covered. But, since we can't tell Dad that, we gotta give him something."

Sammy murmured something that sounded like agreement.

Buffy sat with Willow and a couple of guys on the lawn in front of the dorms when Dean pulled into a spot near them. There was a pale redhead that was obviously Willow's boyfriend from the way their hands were linked. It was the dark-haired dude that worried him. Especially seeing the way he made her laugh, with her head tossed back and her mouth wide open, forgetting that there was evil in the world. And then he remembered that he didn't care who Buffy dated.

"Sam. Dean," Buffy said, standing up to greet them. "You remember Willow. This is her boyfriend Oz. And this is Xander."

Dean was surprised at how short and wiry Oz was, especially the way Buffy talked him up last night. But the kid had a firm grip when Dean shook it, and he could see a wildness in Oz's eyes that seemed to go against his cool demeanor. And maybe a little... fear?

"That's a '67 Chevy Impala with Coke bottle styling." The dark-haired dude – Xander – was eyeing his baby. And giving her the proper respect she deserved. Maybe the guy wasn't so bad. "Eight cylinders, 385 horsepower. Man, I have got to stop hanging around you girls and get me some guy friends with cars like this."

"With your luck, they'd either be zombies or demons," said Buffy.

"Xander Harris," he said, sticking out his hand. Dean shook it, figuring whatever was between him and Buffy, it didn't seem to be romantic. "Glad to meet you."

"Sorry to take off so soon," Oz said as he shook Sammy's hand. "Gotta practice with the band, 'cause, you know, it makes us suck less than we already do."

Sammy smirked, and Dean remembered seeing Oz on stage when they got to the club. He'd thought the band sucked, but his taste in music didn't always mesh with Sammy's. Except in this case.

"That's the dude that would rip my throat out?" he asked Buffy when Oz was out of earshot. Surprisingly, Oz raised his hand and flipped Dean off. "He got bat ears or something?"

Buffy and Willow giggled, and Xander pat his back, saying, "Man, you don't wanna know."

"So," said Sammy, visibly vibrating with enthusiasm, "where to first?"

"I was thinking we'd swing by the library," Buffy said. "Then we can hit the Activities center, and figure out the rest over lunch in the quad."

Dean couldn't wait to get to the eating portion of the day. But he had to admit that Sammy looked happy, and not all of it was because of Buffy. She and Willow seemed to be joined at the hip, chattering about professors and classes and books in a way that made Dean's head spin. But Sammy was eating it up and asking questions.

"So," Dean said to Xander, "are you going to point out the buildings you've got classes in and which teacher is screwing his TA?"

"College? Who needs it? I'm a working man." Xander didn't strike Dean as a blue-collar kinda guy. "Plus they, uh, wouldn't let me in."

"Hey, being a hunter doesn't require a college degree. Hell, I never even graduated from high school."

"Excellent. You guys got room for one more?" Dean gave a half-hearted shrug, hoping that Xander was joking. It didn't make him feel any better when the guy yelled, "Hey Buff, I'm gonna go be a demon hunter with these guys. Might be safer than staying here."

"If you break down in Oxnard again, we want to see the show," came the reply.


"You don't want to hear my male stripper story."

"No, I really don't." Dean looked at the group ahead of him, watching the sunlight play on Buffy's hair as they crossed beneath a big oak tree. He bit the inside of his cheek, trying to keep the words from coming out of his mouth. "So, you and Buffy... have you ever?"

"You've been hit by the Buff-bug, too." Xander flashed him a sad smile. "Suffice it to say, I'm the Ducky to her Molly Ringwald. But at least I got to play Prince Charming once."

"What happened?"

"Big uber-vamp called 'The Master'." His voice grew cold as the memories poured out. "He, uh, used Buffy's Slayer blood to break through the mystical portal keeping him below ground and then left her to drown in a pool of cave water. That's where Angel and I found her. I gave her CPR and my lips have never been the same since."

Dean's fists instinctively curled at the thought of this guy's lips on Buffy's, even if it had been to save her. What the hell, Dean? He didn't even know she existed until last night. Pushing thoughts of Buffy from his head, he focused on the rest of Xander's story. "Who's Angel? Sounds like a hot chick."

"Actually," he said through tear-inducing laughter, "he's Buffy's ex." He took a few moments to collect himself before continuing. "Took off after graduation. Can't say I'm sorry to see him go."

"Guy was bad news, huh?" Figures Buffy would date a douchebag. Probably another chauvinist ass like Parker who didn't know how to handle a real woman like her.

"Liked playing mind games. Did stuff just to screw with our heads."

"Was he there when the high school blew up?"

"Yeah, but he was back to being one of the good guys again. Helped us fight off the mayor who sold his soul to become a demon. Not one of those half-breed demons we usually fight, but a big snake demon. I mean, like, giant."

Half-breed demons. Snake demons. Dean had never hunted any creature like the ones Xander was describing. Hell, he'd never heard anything like it from the hunters he'd met. But from the way Buffy and her friends talked, it was like they fought things like this on a weekly, if not daily, basis. And it sounded exciting.

"How'd you kill it?"

"We blew up the school."

"Just like that, huh?"

"Just like that." Xander pulled himself up, tall with pride, but still a few inches shorter than Dean. Then his shoulder fell, his pride deflated. "I mean, yeah, okay, the plan included arming the entire graduating class, Buffy racing through the hallways followed by a very angry demon, and a library full of explosives. That I set up, if I might add."

"Sounds like my kinda party."

"Man, remind me not to RSVP the next time you send an invite." Xander shook his head, but he was smiling as if imagining the crazy shit that would go down at a Winchester party. Not that Dean would ever throw a party. He preferred crowds in places where he didn't have to do the cleaning up. But he might be okay with inviting Xander along. Dude was starting to grow on him.

Next up Chapter 11: Sam He realizes that there's a way to share fries and a way to share fries. And Dean orders pie.
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