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This story is No. 1 in the series "Revelations". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Angel left Sunnydale and Buffy so that she could have a normal life. But Buffy’s not normal. Neither are the Winchesters. A crossover twist of BtVS 4.03 - The Harsh Light of Day. Complete!

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Dean WinchesterTikiPrincessFR183172,944177139,44218 Sep 1218 Sep 13Yes

Chapter Eleven: Sam

A/N: Thanks to all of you who have followed and favorited. Cookies to those who left a review; you fill my heart with warm fuzzies. And extra special thanks to my beta readers, Katrina and isugirl.
Warning: Smut occurs in later chapters.
Disclaimer: Buffyverse owned by Joss Whedon. Supernatural owned by Eric Kripke.

Chapter Eleven: Sam

"Willow says that Sunnydale has classes in demonology and occultism," said Sam, gesturing to the girl on his left. "I could help you and Dad while still going to college."

"So, what, you wanna go to college?" Dean asked.

They'd decided to forego the food court in favor of a diner a couple of blocks from campus. Buffy assured them that, of the places that serve food 24 hours a day, this was one of the better ones. So the five of them had squeezed into one of the big round booths in the back. Sam had slid in next to Buffy without thinking, well, maybe thinking a little bit, and hadn't realized that Willow was behind him.

Dean, however, must be feeling pretty claustrophobic sandwiched between Xander and Buffy. Sam was used to being on the inside seat with either his dad or brother beside him. But Dean, with his hunter's instinct, always sat on the end, ready to get out at a moment's notice. I bet it's killing him.

"Why shouldn't he go to college if he wants?" Buffy asked. "I never thought I'd be able to do anything like this. Being the Chosen One doesn't exactly lend itself towards academics with all the late night world-saving I have to do. Luckily, someone decided that a Hellmouth is an excellent place to build a higher learning establishment."

"What's a Hellmouth?" said Dean through a mouthful of double cheeseburger with bacon.

"It's like a huge mouth," Xander replied, "but instead of teeth, there are big tentacle-y demons and uber-vamps. And it sends out a message, on a frequency only demons can hear, telling all the other baddies out there that this is a center of weirdness and they should come wallow in it."

Dean chuckled. Sam wasn't sure what he found so funny. But the two of them seemed to be getting along really well, which was unusual for his brother. It's not like he couldn't make friends. With as many schools as they'd been to, he'd learned how to get people to like him because loners get picked on. And socially conscious girls, usually the hottest ones, wouldn't date him if he were too much of an outsider.

After he decided he was finished with school, though, Dean dropped out and hadn't tried making friends with anyone since. Sam wasn't sure if he was making friends with Xander to impress Buffy or if he actually liked the guy. His brain told him it was the former, but his gut told him that his brain should shut up because he couldn't remember seeing his brother laugh like that.

"Willow," Sam said, "you mentioned that the classes were mostly theoretical. Have you tried doing any of the stuff they talk about?"

"Only little stuff mostly. I did a spell to cleanse the school of an angry ghost, but it went wrong and got invaded by wasps instead." The corners of her lips threatened to curve down, but she brightened up, recalling a more successful attempt. "The most complicated spell I've done was when we had to give An—Ouch! – a soul to a vampire."

Dean snorted. "Why would you want to do that?"

Xander was eyeing Buffy from across the table, and Sam could see her give a little shake of her head when he looked at her. The guy looked disappointed at her response.

"Because he needed it back so we could stop the Apocalypse." Buffy's voice had a definitive edge to it. It wasn't like his father or Dean's authoritative voice. Hers said that the matter was over.

"So to stop the Apocalypse," his brother said, obviously missing the subtle hint in her tone, "you had to stake a vampire with a soul?"

"Stabbed with a sword. But something like that, yeah."

"That's pretty badass!"

"So, Sammy," said Willow, breaking the uncomfortable silence that Dean seemed blissfully unaware of, "what other subjects do you like at school? You know, other than demon-y research."

"It's Sam," he said with a sigh. "And I kinda like m—"

"What's wrong with 'Sammy'?" cried Dean.

"'Sammy'," he said, glaring at his brother, "is a chubby twelve-year-old kid."

"It's okay, Sam." Buffy pat his arm before sneaking a fry off his plate. "Try having to tell everyone that Buffy isn't a silly nickname but your actual name."

Everyone laughed and the friction was gone. That's what made Buffy so cool. She could have a little laugh at her own expense. Life for her wasn't all about fighting evil and demons; it was friends and school and normal stuff like that.

"So Xander," said Dean, "where'd you get your explosives training to knock out the snake thing?"

"That's a funny story. See, we all got turned into our costumes one year. I was dressed like an army man, Buffy went as an eighteenth century damsel-in-distress, and Willow was a – what were you again?"

"I was a ghost!"

"You weren't dressed like one." Xander raised his arms in an apologetic, if defensive, way.

"I was wearing a ghost costume over the outfit Buffy tried to get me to wear."

"Which was?"

"A hoochie mama." Buffy had a sly smile on her lips. "And you looked way hot in it, too, Will."

"I kinda did, didn't I?"

"So anyways," Xander continued, "I lucked out because I got all the army man knowledge without going to boot camp."

"Wish we could do that. Dad's been training us since we could walk."

"Yeah?" Dean glared at him. "And where do you think we'd be if he didn't?"

Of course he'd defend Dad. Dean was the favorite, who gobbled up every word Dad said as honest-to-God truth. He loved being a hunter. That's why he'd never tried hard in school because you didn't need math or poetry or the history of the American Revolution to kill demons.


"See what I mean? Training." Dean held up Buffy's wrist as proof. "These are my fries. I'd say take some from Sammy, but I think you ate them all."

"But Slayers have high metabolism rates. And fries make my tummy happy." She stuck out her lower lip and if Sam had anything left on his plate, he would have gladly given it to her. He'd, of course, noticed that she was eating his fries, but didn't care. Unlike Dean, who had turned his plate so that his fries were as far from Buffy as he could get them.

"Excuse me, Shannon?" said Dean, calling over the waitress. His fingers were still circled around Buffy's wrist. "Can I get a slice of apple pie? You guys want anything? No? And, um, do you think you can throw in an extra plate of fries, please?" He flashed the waitress a big grin, then added a wink for good measure.

"Sure thing, sweetheart. I'll even put it on the house for a smile like that."

Dean thanked her and released his grip on Buffy.

"You think you're so cute, don't you?" she said, scrunching up her face at him.

"I think I'm adorable." He smiled down at her as he angled his plate back within her reach.

She graced him with her own smile as she reached for one of his fries unimpeded.

How the hell does he manage to turn an asshole move into a romantic gesture? Sam knew he could never pull that off the way Dean did. Sure, his brother had a lot of practice with women, like a lot of practice. And Sam had seen more of Dean in action than he cared to admit. But this was something new and totally different, which meant his brother was going off the playbook. It also meant that Sam probably didn't have a chance with Buffy now.

Next up Chapter 12: Buffy Girl talk in the bathroom. It doesn't pass the Bechdel test. (Thank you, tvtropes, for ruining my life!)
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