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This story is No. 1 in the series "Revelations". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Angel left Sunnydale and Buffy so that she could have a normal life. But Buffy’s not normal. Neither are the Winchesters. A crossover twist of BtVS 4.03 - The Harsh Light of Day. Complete!

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Dean WinchesterTikiPrincessFR183172,944177139,45818 Sep 1218 Sep 13Yes

Chapter Two: Sam

A/N: This is my first fanfic, so I'd love it if you would leave a little feedback. And special thanks to my beta reader, Katrina on
Warning: Smut occurs in later chapters.
Disclaimer: Buffyverse owned by Joss Whedon. Supernatural owned by Eric Kripke.

Chapter Two: Sam
Sam watched his brother try to coax the pretty blond girl back to the table. "Hi," he was probably saying. "I'm a ruggedly handsome dude who totally objectifies you. But that's okay because I'm flashing you the Dean Winchester dimples."

Surprisingly, she glared at him instead of getting all shy and giggly or smoldering and sexy like most other girls did when Dean turned on the charm. Sam bit back a smile. Maybe Dean wasn't as irresistible as he'd like to believe. But that wasn't true. Sam was pretty sure his older brother could charm the pants off a nun. Which meant that she was different.

He'd noticed her the minute she walked into the club with her friend, but she had only glanced at the pool table before sitting down to watch the band. Which was sad because the band really sucked. So it made him feel better when the guitar player went to their table after their set and kissed the blond girl's friend. It definitely made more sense that she'd be there to support her friend instead of a crappy band.

But someone like her wouldn't notice an awkward, lumbering sixteen-year-old kid, anyways. Except that Dean was pointing towards him and she was walking in this direction. He ran his hand through his shaggy brown hair, wondering if he should slide off the stool. He'd look like a total fool if she walked past him to the bathroom or something, but it was good manners to stand when a lady joined the table, wasn't it?

"Hi Sammy," she said, extending her hand. He stood up and took her hand. He thought it would be small and delicate like the rest of her, but her fingers were slightly calloused and her grip was firm. "I'm Buffy Summers. Your brother is detaining my escort home, so he promised me a drink. I wanted an iced tea, but your brother said something about Long Island. I didn't know New York had it's own tea. That's where Long Island is, right?"

"I think so," Sam said, finally finding his voice. "I'll go ask the bartender."

He stumbled to the bar, trying to avoid stepping on anyone's toes with his massive feet. He hated puberty. Just when he thought he'd gotten used to his body, he started another growth spurt. Already he was as tall as Dean, and it didn't look like he was going to stop.

He waved over the bartender, ordering a Long Island for Buffy and a soda for himself. Dean had slipped the guy a twenty when he opened up their tab, standard practice to ensure quick service. It also meant he wouldn't look too closely at Dean's fake ID. Besides, Dean was almost 21 and had been drinking Dad's beer since... well, as long as Sam could remember. Dad had offered to change Sam's age when they made the last batch of fake IDs, but Sam doubted anyone would believe he was old enough to drink despite his height.

Drinks in hand, he returned to Buffy, who was watching her date and Dean play. The college boy was total shit at pool. It had taken all of Dean's considerable hustling skills to give the guy a win in the last round. Sam glanced over at the table, noticing that Dean was trying to prolong the game. He wasn't trying to sink in his own balls, but he wasn't helping his opponent either. Not that it would have helped.

"So is Long Island in New York, then?"

"Huh?" Sam looked up to see Buffy sucking her drink through a straw. "Umm... yeah. I guess so. I saw the guy add a splash of coke. Maybe that's what makes it different."

"Mmmm, that's yummy. So what brings you to Sunnydale, Sammy?"

Mysterious deaths, thought Sam. Indications of demonic presence. The high school blowing up.

"I'm going to college in a couple of years, so I wanted to check out UC Sunnydale," he said, giving her the same cover story he'd given all night. It actually wasn't that far from the truth, since he really did want to check out the campus and look into the curriculum. But his father and brother didn't know about that.

"Hey, I go there. Lemme just say that roommates from hell really, really suck. Especially when they borrow your clothes without asking, label all their food just because you took a splash of milk, and force you to ingest animal blood." Buffy's eyes widened as if she realized what she'd said. Sam wasn't exactly sure he'd heard her correctly either. Ingest animal blood? "But now I'm rooming with my best friend, Willow, so things are much better."

"Willow? Was she the redhead you were with earlier?"

Buffy nodded. "So you noticed us, huh?"

"N-no," Sam stammered. "I mean, yeah, but I wasn't..." He saw Buffy smile and realized that she was teasing him. So he decided to flash his own Winchester dimples and said, "How could I not?"

"You're going to be quite the heartbreaker one day, Sam Winchester." She was laughing, but her words seemed sincere. Her eyes traveled over him as if she was imagining the future Sam Winchester. He hoped she liked what she saw. "This is my first semester at UC Sunnydale, so I don't know much. But I might know a few things that aren't in those glossy brochures they send out. What do you want to know?"

Sam knew he should be asking questions related to demon activity. But with Dean occupied, he thought it might be his only chance to ask the questions about college that he really wanted to know. "What's it like being on your own for the first time? Being away from your family and friends?"

"And you had to ask the one question I can't answer," she said with a half-smile. "My mom lives a couple miles from here. I go home twice a month to do laundry and sometimes twice a week to eat. And Willow's been my best friend since I moved here three years ago."

"So, you went to high school here in Sunnydale?" Sam raised his voice a little so that Dean could hear him. Dean rolled his eyes and nodded, code for "I gotta drag this out more?"

"I know. College is supposed to be about gaining your independence and embracing new experiences, but I'm staying in my hometown where everything is familiar." Her lower lip stuck out when she pouted. It was the most adorable thing Sam had ever seen. "The thing is, I'm sorta obligated to stay here and protect... my mom. She's all alone since my parents got divorced."

"My mom passed away when I was just a baby." Sam stared at the glass in his hands and felt his throat tighten. He never had a chance to know his mother, so it's not like he could miss her. It was the way she died that ate him up inside. "Dad travels a lot for business, so I've gone to a lot of different schools. I really want to go to college, but they want me to join in the family business. This trip is sort of a compromise for us."

He looked up at Buffy, expecting her to say "sorry" or look at him with pity, but she didn't. She reached over and squeezed his hand. Her eyes told him that she understood his predicament, making him wonder what she had fought to keep and what she had given up.

"So I heard the high school blew up," Sam said, rather bluntly. He didn't feel right trying to wheedle information out of her. But this was the only lead they'd had all night, and Dean would be pissed if he screwed it up. He flashed her a mischievous smile and asked, "That wasn't your fault, was it?"

"No," Buffy said with a laugh. But this one was different than earlier, a little forced with a nervous edge. "Some sort of gas explosion. My diploma is all charred around the edges."

He was pretty sure she was lying. She knew something more about that day, but she didn't trust him enough to tell him. He wondered if he should get her another Long Island.

"Take your money, asshole. I'm leaving."

Sam turned from Buffy to see her date throwing money onto the pool table. He shot his brother a look. Dean shrugged his shoulders and pointed to lack of a black 8-ball on the red felt tabletop. That guy was really shit at pool.

"Come on, Buffy. Let's go." Her date grabbed her arm roughly and hauled her off the stool. Sam stood up, his hands balling into tight fists. He could see Dean in the corner of his eye, coming around the pool table.

"I haven't finished my drink, Parker." Buffy yanked her arm from Parker's grasp. "And since you made me wait while you played pool, you're going to have to wait until I'm done with my drink."

"Forget it. You've got a hot ass, Buffy, but it's not worth having to put up with your shit."

That's it, Sam thought. This asshole is going down. The muscles in his arms tightened as he pulled his fist back.

And the guy flew backwards into a couple sitting at a table a few feet away. Sam looked down at his fist, still drawn and waiting to connect with the guy's jaw. He turned his head toward Dean, who looked just as confused as Sam felt.

Parker was getting his feet back under him. Sam took a few steps so that he stood in front of Buffy. He could feel Dean next to him, tense and ready to brawl. Dean said, "I don't think she's ready to leave. And I don't think she wants to leave with you."

Buffy's date stood there for a few more seconds, clutching his cheek, before making the smartest decision of the evening and turning to the exit. Sam leaned over to Dean and whispered, "Nice punch."

"I thought you did it."

They both turned to see Buffy calmly sipping down the rest of her Long Island.

Next up Chapter 3: Dean He's just trying to be a nice guy. Why won't Buffy let him?
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