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Riddick's Beginnings

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Summary: The original family that started Riddick's life wakes up from Cryo.

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Waking Up

*DISCLAIMER* I do not own FF or CoR nor do I make any money from this story.

The years rolled by and life went on around the prison that held the Torreto family. A hundred years into their sentence their pods were loaded onto a spaceship and taken to a new place. Over the years people who saw them wondered what they had done to be placed in stasis for so long. Every hundred years they were moved to a new planet. At the end of their four hundred years they were on the planet Crenshaw.

Their pods opening surprised the guys who were checking their stats. The head warden read the instructions that had been placed in each pod. He looked at the five people who were lying on tables in the infirmary and sighed as he got the records he would need to integrate these people into their new lives. He pulled up a list of names that had been incarcerated with them before so that they could choose new names for their new lives. The next several hours were tense for the warden and the doctors as they waited for the group to wake up.

The first to begin to wake was Brian. He shifted around for almost an hour before he actually opened his eyes to look around. When he saw the white walls of the infirmary he moaned softly and closed his eyes again for a minute before snapping them open again and sitting up. Well, he tried to sit up anyway. He found that he was too weak to sit up so he settled for trying to speak. One by one the rest of the team began to come awake. Over the next month they went through rehabilitation and being introduced to the world as it was now. One day they were sitting at their table looking over the list of names they were given to choose from when the warden and head doctor came up to them.

The warden said, “We found a relative of yours in the system, Mr. Torreto. There’s only one problem.”

“What’s that?”

“He’s wanted for multiple counts of murder. The last communication on him was that he was in the custody of the mercenary Johns. He’ll most likely be put in a double max slam before you ever get to meet him.”

Brian looked perplexed for a minute and then asked, “How can he be a relative of Dom’s? Mia and Dom didn’t have any other family. Unless there was a distant relative that ya’ll didn’t know about.”

The doctor shook his head and said, “According to records your DNA was extracted just after you were put under and then frozen. Almost fifty years later it was used to impregnate several women. The women were all part of an experiment to produce a better soldier. Some of the kids escaped and managed to live normal lives even if those lives were extremely long. Over the years your blood ran true and over half of the males born were identical to you. When the human race left Earth your descendants were some of the first to breed with the inhabitants of another planet. The race were known as Furiyans from the planet Furya. There aren’t very many Furiyans left in the universe. Your descendant is one of them.”

Mia patted her slightly rounded stomach and said, “He’s not alone any more. How many prisons has he escaped from?”

The warden laughed and said, “I think the only one he hasn’t escaped from is Crematoria and that’s only because he hasn’t been there yet.”

Dom nodded and said, “We’ll keep our first names and take his last name, Warden. What is his name, anyways?”

“His full name is Richard B. Riddick but, no one calls him Richard. His last name has become something of a title for him. People don’t just call him Riddick, they call him ‘The Riddick’. It would be easier on you if you didn’t take his name.”

Dom shook his head and said, “Family is everything, Warden. The name Torreto is our past and we only want to look to the future so, we will take the last name of our only family in this new world of ours.”

“Very well, Mr. Torreto. What about the rest of you? Have you decided which names you’ll be using?”

Vince opened his mouth to make a scathing retort but, Brian beat him to it saying, “Dom just told you, Warden. Family is everything and the family is taking Riddick’s last name. We may not all be blood kin but, we’re still a family in all the ways that matter.”

Dom smiled at Brian before saying, “Besides, no sense in changing Mia’s last name only to have to change it again when she and Vince get married.”

Vince nodded and said, “I was going to change my name when we got married instead of her doing it.”

Mia smiled at him and then said, “I agree with Brian. Though, if Leon doesn’t want to have the same last name then it is his choice.”

“Nah, Mia. Jesse and I used to talk about changing our last names to Torreto all the time. We just never got around to asking you and Dom if we could. I’m going with the family name. Leon Riddick sounds pretty cool actually.”
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