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Riddick's Beginnings

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Summary: The original family that started Riddick's life wakes up from Cryo.

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Movies > Pitch Black SeriesSleepingStallionFR1853,563155,77718 Sep 1218 Sep 12No

Welcome to Hades

*DISCLAIMER* I do not own FF or CoR nor do I make any money from this story.

Johns came in with Fry and said, “Your family time’s up. We’ve got work to do if we’re gonna make it off of this planet alive.”

Mia snorted and said, “You just want to be Mr. In Charge of Everything, Johns. You only care about getting your damn bounty and couldn’t care less about whether the rest of us survive this place or not. But, guess what, Bub. You’re not in charge. Acting Captain Fry is and you have no more say in what happens than the rest of us. You may be a big bad bounty hunter but, you’re not a marshal or any other true form of law enforcement. Back off, Bitch, before I kick you in the nuts and throw you down the deepest, darkest hole I can find.”

Dom snorted and said, “She can do it too, even though she is four hundred years pregnant.”

Mia giggled and said, “That’s right. I have been pregnant for four hundred years. Just think about all the hormones that have built up in my system just waiting to be set loose. Never know just what might set me off.”

Fry had to cover her mouth to keep from bursting out laughing at the look on Johns’ face.

Once she had gained control of herself she said, “She is correct though, Johns. You’re not in charge here. As the acting captain I am in charge and I make the major decisions here. Now, we’re going to need all the help we can get to get off this rock so I want you to release Riddick so he can help us out. We’re gonna need to search the surrounding area to see if we can find any water or …….”

Johns interrupted her saying, “I’m not going to release Riddick, Carolyn. He’s a fucking murderer and I’m not letting him go to kill the rest of us!”

Fry sighed and said, “I’m sure he wants off of this rock as much as we do, Johns. I doubt he’d kill his best chance to get out of here. Not to mention the fact that several of these people are his family and I highly doubt he would willingly destroy the family he just got to know. Release him, Johns. We need him to help us.”

Johns growled and said, “Fine, Fry. But, when he starts picking us off one by one don’t come crying to me.”

With that he removed the chains from Riddick’s wrists before he stomped out of the ship. Riddick rubbed his wrists as he followed his new family out of the ship to join the rest of the survivors. They decided to explore the near-by desert in hopes of finding some sign of life so they could get off the planet. Riddick stuck close to his family and slowly got to know them better. He automatically took a liking to Mia and even carried her when she got tired of walking. Vince trotted along beside the bigger man and made sure she was comfortable riding on his back and not in too much pain. Brian and Dom walked side-by-side while occasionally letting their hands touch between them.

Leon walked just slightly behind the others and watched how they all interacted. As he watched he could see the strength of his family growing stronger by the minute. Johns walked behind everyone and glowered at the Riddick family’s backs as they moved ahead of him at a steady pace. He was determined that he would be ready for when the Riddicks showed their true faces and turned on the rest of them.

The End?

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You have reached the end of "Riddick's Beginnings" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 18 Sep 12.

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