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Riddick's Beginnings

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Summary: The original family that started Riddick's life wakes up from Cryo.

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*DISCLAIMER* I do not own FF or CoR nor do I make any money from this story.

Dom stood in front of the judge with his family standing beside him. They had finally been captured by Hobbs and were now waiting to hear what their sentence would be. Hobbs had said something about a new prison that they would most likely be put in. The judge came out of his office and sat at his desk.

He said, “Dominic Torreto, Mia Torreto, Vince Holloway, Leon Stoddard, and Brian O’Conner. The five of you have many charges leveled against you today. Grand theft auto, monetary theft, vehicular manslaughter, and those are just a few of the charges. It has been decided that you will be imprisoned for four hundred years in cryo stasis.”

Dom’s breathing quickened and he said, “You can’t do that to Mia. She’s three months pregnant!”

“She will still be three months pregnant in four hundred years, Mr. Torreto. Cryo has proven to be perfectly safe for the pregnant women.”

They were lead away and taken to a medical facility. They were scrubbed and given plain white clothes to wear into the cryo stasis pods. Dom and Mia were put into their pods first followed by Brian. Vince and Leon were strapped into their pods last.

The doctor who was overseeing the procedure asked, “Anything you wanna say to each other before we close the lids?”

Dom looked at his family and said, “See you in four hundred years.”

Brian smiled his big, sunny smile and said, “May not be the best time to mention this but, Mia and I aren’t together. We haven’t been for about six months. Also, the baby’s not mine.”

Dom laughed and said, “I’ve known that for a while, Brian. I caught Vince sneaking out of her room early one morning. Vince, when we wake up you’re making an honest woman out of her.”

Vince smiled and said, “You’re damn right, Bro. I asked her to marry me just before Hobbs caught us.”

Mia gave her own smile and said, “Have sweet dreams, boys. See you when we wake up.”

Leon just said, “Night, guys. May we wake up feeling well rested.”

With that the doctor pressed the button to close the pods and start the chemicals that would put the five people to sleep. He watched as they dropped off to sleep one by one. Once they were all asleep he and his helpers moved them down to the holding pens for the duration of their sentence.
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