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Madboy Collectible Tales: Harry Potter, Boy Genius

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Summary: Whether by accident or by design, a Spark is born on Her Majesty's Land. But is it for better or for worse? Madboy Collectibles Enterprise disclaims all rights while claiming proceeds. Also, a Sparkverse.

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Comics > Girl GeniusKasyblackFR1831,915074,60220 Sep 1222 Sep 12No


As he was coming home, Harry could not stop thinking…

Harry was many things, but stupid never was one of them. He now knew what he needed, and could see what he lacked. The perspective the comics book provided was staggering… He knew what he needed to be finally free, to be his own master in the cruel world!

While Agatha Heterodyne had been majorly thwarted by the lack of connection to her Spark, she did have education. Also, she had her inner Spark music, and her free time and ingredients and instruments. She had less… distractions. Harry’s life, while not impeded by any kind of suppressive jewellery, was much more regulated, more slave-like, dare he say, Minion like? On the other hand, to be a great leader, you have first to learn how to follow. By the same logic, to be a great Spark, you’d best have some experience as Minion. Which would make you at least 50% less likely to get killed by your mob of probably willing test subjects slash subordinates. Unless you do something pretty horrific even to them. And he did not have many centuries of disappointment to ease his way in…

What was much worse in Harry’s opinion, was one simple truth: Britain was less patient with the Sparks, and therefore minions were also pretty difficult to find. Therefore, unless he had managed to run into some naturalborn minions, he’d probably have to make do alone. Also, he was not likely to attract their attention with Dudley in the vicinity. And any semi-aggressive act against his lardbank of a cousin spelled trouble and possibility of retaliation from both his Uncle and Aunt. All-in-all, he was pretty much cornered. On the other hand, cornered Spark is more dangerous than any other kind to the ones trying to subdue it. When you have practically nothing left to lose you tend to get less inhibited by any morals or codes. Whatever action you commit seems preferable to the certain doom of inaction. And our young soon to be madboy was pretty much boxed in.

Still, he was not beaten down. Not anymore. Agatha Heterodyne had awakened his will. And he was already beginning to plan.

Every Spark had a specialization – as they tended to have one in the nineteenth century, it was pretty probable they’d be somewhat similar nowadays. Our budding little genius just needed to find one. To get proficient therein. And to get rid of the opposition with extreme impunity, whatever that meant.

Harry always knew he could do strange things, but now he had an explanation: while none of the characters’ childhoods were quite thoroughly described in Girl Genius, they all had strange happenings around them to prove them more than usual Sparkless people. Agatha had talent in building stuff and robotics – she was mechanically inclined.

Harry’s incidents were more varied. Though from what he had read about madboys and girls, it was entirely possible that his parents either were Sparks or had gotten experimented at by one, or both!

Maybe they even had been on the helm of some Sparkwar, lost to the enemy Spark, and then sent Harry away via the teleporter device injected in his cranium or belly, or even an arm or leg… and he had teleported to the school roof, so it was probably still within his body, probably only working if he was nervous enough, or scared enough, and his parents murderer probably scared Harry and he teleported away from the giant riding machine cyborg… with elephant legs and ears while his parents blew it up hoping to take the evil they were fighting with them to the fiery explosive grave… and he was left somewhere in the desolate wasteland with a bucket strapped to a feeding mother goat genetically and robotically changed to be clever enough to feed Harry and hide him, so that the Evil Spark could not have managed to get the Heir to the Prominent Sparks and make him believe he was their Heir to continue their evil conquest of the Realm, but the Dursleys had found him first – maybe they were the traitorous minions fleeting away to their boring lives they seemed so fond of, and than they stole him and made him their slave to break his will to have a loyal minion Spark, or so that he could never renew his parents’ benevolent empire and that’s why he was told his parents died in the car crash… And… the Dursleys had to have known the crash site then… and the Sparks knew how to renew people to life… therefore, if he was strong enough, knowledgeable enough to make Dursleys tell him where his parents died and then revive them he would be able to have a good real family to live with forever and ever and ever after and they could invent something to take over the world and make the benevolent empire and then no one shall be a slave like Harry was even minions shall be treated good like friends and everyone shall be all happy to live…

Even if his Aunt punished him for being late, manhandling him into his cupboard roughly and leaving bruises on his arms, Harry went to the sleep full of happiness. He had a goal. He would not be stopped. Sleeping or awake, he shall get his real family back. He had to learn and plan. He shall find minions, get free, become a hero and a ruler helping people, or better yet, shall be a hero and leave boring ruling to his newly revived parents…

It was a scarcely known fact, but witches and wizards had usually become either the strongest or the weakest Sparks. Usually, it was a mix of the genetic quirks and your level of acceptance. Had Harry not read the comics book, in a year or so his desperate wish to be useful, to be treated like a human being of the equal standing, to be normal would have rendered his genius to the level of a slacker with few and inbetween moments of pure brilliance. As it was, he was ready to shine. Magic coursing his veins reached out to the strange music humming within his head, augmenting each other, reinforcing their union, reaching into the boy’s dreams and giving him ideas and ways to reach his goals according to his memories and expectations.

In her bedroom upstairs, Petunia Dursley – the evil betraying minion and a probable enemy in Harry’s head – had shivered violently, as her dreams were invaded by cackling redhead offering her toasts covered with the newt eyes blinking at her in unison. As if bespelled, dream-Petunia grabbed one, looked it over – it kept blinking at her – and took a bite. Then, it returned a favor with painful vigor… With almost unheard words “first strike, my dear... with more to come” ringing in her bones, Petunia Dursley had jumped out of bed screaming.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Madboy Collectible Tales: Harry Potter, Boy Genius" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 22 Sep 12.

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