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Madboy Collectible Tales: Harry Potter, Boy Genius

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Summary: Whether by accident or by design, a Spark is born on Her Majesty's Land. But is it for better or for worse? Madboy Collectibles Enterprise disclaims all rights while claiming proceeds. Also, a Sparkverse.

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Comics > Girl GeniusKasyblackFR1831,915074,60220 Sep 1222 Sep 12No


Disclaimer. Unless you've been living under the rock your entire life, i'm pretty sure you are aware that nothing except the plot twist in this story is mine.

The comics… oh, the comics – joy and fear and laughs abound… When they enter your psyche, they warp it forevermore. We live it, we want it, we crave lives the heroes only seem to have. And somewhere within as, a tiny Spark of the desire is born…

Perhaps, being a literal minion with no rights and idiotic not-even-a-bit Sparkly masters had affected our dear Hero’s descent into insanity. Perhaps, something in his bloodline made him totally predisposed to its formiddable feats. Whatever the reason, he was a ripe picking. The rich though weak Sparkduke Dregobradda from the EnSparkBach Foundation had tried to instill sense of competitiveness, we could be guessing. He wanted to provoke the all-too-few British Spark Kids into starting young and turning high and mighty. Well, they did manage, for better or for worse.

The Queen had had major disagreements with the Sparks – because usually the lawless bastards tried to supplant her by the shark in a tank – and it took the Royal Court a whole bloody week to notice – , then there was making her grow horns, then there was an attack of thankfully thwarted tentacle monster… well, let’s just say there was a lot of history there. Of course, the Queen did not know that most of these things were the awkward courtship attempts from one of the few loyal British Sparks, who ironically enough did end up as a Royal Consort in the end – when both him and the Queen were well in their sixties – , if only to stop the endless dangerous pestering… but that is not relevant to the story, yet at least.

Donation by Lord Dregobradda was ten full sets of the Children’s Edition of the print infamous and forbidden in over twenty countries “for giving the useless creepy let’s-blow-our-city-up bastards strange ideas” in Europe, much more Spark-rich environment. It was called “Girl Genius, an Agatha Heterodyne tale”.

Then a day came, when a series of the unlikely events involving young boy-blob named Dudley Dursley, a can of paint, Canadian music and a homemade explosive device allowed another young boy, downtrodden and miserable, to get his hands on the tale, and read it from beginning to the bitter end. When library was closing that day, the Boy, also known in some circles as Harry Potter, Savior, Devil Scum and Eyecandy For Prepubescent Children had laid the comics book down. A strange note was already beginning to sound in his mind, music of Gods and Devils preparing to unleash the power of pure creation into the unsuspecting world…

Harry smiled.
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