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Haunted Dreams

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Summary: Buffy is haunted by dreams of a murder, but when she starts getting visions of it when she's awake, she does everything she can to make it right. Answer to the "To Boldly Go" challenge, a cross with Vertigo.

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Chapter Two

Buffy ambled aimlessly around the city - she wasn't sure where it was, but she was fairly sure that she was somewhere in the past. Either that, or the entire city was throwing some kind of convention.

She thought that she had to be here for a reason, although what that reason was, Buffy had no idea. Presumably to stop one of the women from falling, or being thrown, from the bell tower, although how the same woman could be killed twice Buffy didn't know. Perhaps they were twins.

Then again, and this was a thought Buffy wasn't keen to entertain, but couldn't entirely deny the possible validity of it. Wasn't it possible that she was here to make sure that one of the women died, to preserve the space time continuum or something? It sounded more up Xander's alley than hers, to be honest.

On the other hand, Willow's spell could've gone horribly wrong, and she was here entirely by accident. It wouldn't be the first time that something like this had happened.

In any case, hopefully her friends would realise soon that she wasn't tossing fitfully in her bed, and would even now be coming up with a plan to rescue her. Whatever the reason she was here, there was nothing Buffy could do about it.

Then Buffy caught sight of the woman. She was definitely one if the identical women who'd died at the bell tower, Buffy could tell that much, although the woman was wearing different clothes and her make up was different.

So, of course, Buffy went up to her. She had to say something, didn't she? "Excuse me." Buffy said "Who're you?" she asked politely.

The woman jumped at the sound of her voice - Buffy wondered what she had been thinking about that had so preoccupied her, she had hardly crept up on the woman - but she recovered quickly, looking her over scornfully. "Who are you? Who sent you? Gavin or Scottie? What do you want." the woman asked, the words spilling out of her with an edge of hysteria.

"Madeleine!" a voice, male, called from across the street. The woman - Madeleine? - jumped, scared. Buffy wondered what had gotten her so nervous, and whether it was anything that she could (or should) help with.

"I've got to go." moaned the woman fearfully, making to scurry away. Buffy, in desperation, seized her hand to stop her from going.

Then the visions hit Buffy, thick and fast. She doubled over, but didn't even notice.

"My wife's scaring me, Scottie. Can you follow her, keep her safe?" said a man, but Buffy knew he was lying. He didn't care for his wife - Buffy had seen him hurl her from the bell tower so many, many times.

"Of course." said the other man, Scottie, the man who's voice he had just heard call across the street "Madeleine.", and, what's more, the an who had stood by helplessly as the woman fell to her death for the second time.

Then everything shifted, and, for the first time Buffy was inside the bell tower, rather than from her dreamlike viewpoint hovering in the air beside it.

Buffy saw the first man, the murderer, holding the dead body of his wife, while an identical woman fretted nervously in the shadows. The murderer through the body from the window of the tower. The perfect crime - how could it not be taken for suicide?

Then Buffy saw the woman who's hand she had taken confessing everything, even her name, Judy, to Scottie on the bell tower. Then the nun who had frightened her into taking a step backwards into empty air...

Buffy understood what she'd seen now, but she still didn't know why she'd seen it. And the pounding headache certainly didn't help matters.

But the woman, who Buffy now knew to be Judy, was looking at her in amazement and not a little fear. "How - how did you do that? That was what happened - exactly what happened - but the rest of it... how?" she said incoherently. Buffy realised she was still gripping Judy's hand, and forced herself to let go. Apparently Buffy had managed to share her visions with her.

Then there was the sound of pounding footsteps, and Scottie came panting to halt beside them. Buffy wondered if she wasn't still dreaming after all - this series of events seems to fantastic to be real.

Scottie ignored her completely, staring enamoured at Judy - the woman he knew as Madeleine, who he thought he had seen die. "Madeleine, you're alive! But how... You are Madeleine, aren't you? Of course you are, you look the same... How did you survive? And why are you dressed differently?"

Buffy thought that Scottie wouldn't stop asking questions that old probably take hours (or a quick vision) to answer, and, with her headache, Buffy was none to keen in that.

Fortunately, Judy seemed to have other ideas. She kissed Scottie forcibly on the mouth, wrapping her hand around the back of his head so he couldn't back away - not that Scottie seemed to have a problem with it. Buffy looked away, embarrassed at witnessing something so intimate.

Finally, presumably after running out of air, Judy broke off the kiss saying quickly and urgently "We have to get away, Scottie, before Gavin finds us - he'll kill us, you know - quickly, let's run away, I'll explain on the way. Oh Scottie, I'm so sorry!"

Scottie merely stood there, looking shell shocked. Buffy could easily understand why, and that kiss was probably only part of it.

"What's going on?" he asked, in a tone that suggested that the bottom had fallen out of his world, and he was lost in free fall.

"I told you, I'll tell you once we're safe. Oh, we need new names." said Judy, casting about for inspiration. Buffy by this point was just standing back and enjoying the show - it seemed like her work here was pretty much done. Judy's eyes alighted in the street sign, Wynter Avenue. "Oh! We can be Judy and Scottie Wynters!"

"I prefer Summers, actually. Winter is just too cold." said Scottie mildly, but firmly. He was evidently in shock, if he thought something so trivial could be important. But then again, perhaps he felt the need to cling to something, while his world was turning upside down.

"Judy and Scottie Summers, I like that!"


"So, you made a charm to stop Buffy from having nightmares, and you think that it's accidentally sent her into her dream. Is that right?" said Xander, eyeing the still glowing dreamcatcher.

"Yeah, that's about the size of it." Willow admitted, having told her friends everything, and who were now all camped in Buffy's bedroom.

"Can we break it, or will that summon a six inch fear demon?" Anya asked. Everyone looked at her. "What? Don't pretend it hasn't happened."

"No, I think Anya's right. Breaking it might leave Buffy stuck there." said Willow, trying to sound more sure that she felt.

"Then how do we get Buffy back?" asked Dawn in a small voice. Willow's heart went out to her - she'd already lost her sister once. Willow would do everything she could to get Buffy back, but at the moment...

"Honestly, Dawn, I don't know." said Willow.

At that moment, the faintly glimmering dreamcatcher suddenly flared, filling the room with light that made everyone instinctively cover their eyes. When the light faded, the dreamcatcher was gone, and Buffy was in her bed, wide awake and looking rather shocked.

"Where did you go?" asked Dawn, after she'd envolped her sister in a hug.

Buffy didn't answer for a moment, then said softly "I think I just saved our grandparents."

The End

You have reached the end of "Haunted Dreams". This story is complete.

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