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A Change Would Do You Good

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Summary: Beacon Hills just got its first Slayer. (Faith/Derek)

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D is for Derek

Disclaimer: See Chapter 1 Some dialogue is taken from episode 4.
A/N: Another chapter down. Considering I can never usually do more than 2 chapter, I'm kind of chuffed with myself. Huge thankies to my girl, Noturbaby for the beta.
Thank you to all of you who have read and reviewed. It is appreciated so loads of love to you.

Chapter 4: D is for Derek

Faith had been thinking about investigating Derek Hale since their encounter at the high school. She had learned that Derek was twenty-two, single and a werewolf – obviously. The thing that had caught her attention was that he had been a resident of Beacon Hills before a fire ravaged his home six years ago. He, his sister Laura and his uncle Peter were the only survivors. Peter was catatonic following the fire and was a resident in a local nursing home. Derek and Laura had moved to New York until about a month ago.

There wasn’t much information about the fire itself. It had been deemed an accident at the time and the case was closed. There was next to no information about the years that followed other than Derek and Laura’s destination.

She thought about what happened at the school and memories flitted across her mind; specifically Stiles’ reaction. He hadn’t come to her yet about what had happened but she figured he would soon enough. One thing that was abundantly clear was how intelligent her cousin was; that intelligence could be somewhat misguided at times but she knew that he wouldn’t ignore this.

The thing was she couldn’t decide if she was ready to tell him who she really was? … What she really was. She wasn’t really sure that she wanted to have the ‘Hey, you know how werewolves are real? Yeah, well, that’s not even the tip of the iceberg’ speech.  She had seen how he had reacted at the school and she wasn’t afraid that he would take it badly; it was the possibility that he’d take it well that scared her... How much did he already know?

It hadn’t taken much effort to get the low down on the events of the previous few weeks from her Uncle. Derek Hale’s sister, Laura, had been dug up on his property, tipped off by none other than her cousin and his reluctant apprentice in crime, Scott. A bus driver had been found in a destroyed school bus on the high school grounds and had been practically eviscerated. Faith had to laugh at the fact that people thought it was an animal attack – different town, same ignorance.

She truly hadn’t planned on getting involved with a murder investigation when she had come here; she just wanted to take a break from all that she was, all that she had been. However, she knew that she couldn’t just ignore the spate of ‘animal’ attacks when there was clearly a werewolf running rampant. Seeing as her cousin was spending time with him, and had potentially pissed him off; she figured that in some way, this was all Stiles’ fault.

Faith pondered what she would do next and decided that she would use her new abundance of free time to find out more. She pulled on her leather jacket and opened the front door; setting off on foot with the intent to find Derek and persuade him to fill in the gaps.  She knew he wasn’t the one responsible for everything going on; he may come across as creepy and is an alumni of the Angel school of brood but he wasn’t a murderer.

A few hours had passed and she hadn’t so much as picked up a trail, but there it was, shoe prints pushed in to the moist soil; each one coupled with claw marks in the soil in front. The tracks led west and the prints were deepest in the toes... not only were these tracks from something running, they were from something running on all fours.

She sprinted along the route of the prints, tracking it through the woods to a containment yard at an industrial estate. She paused suddenly and looked at the tracks, her eyes widened as she realised that there was a second set of tracks running alongside them. The print was just as clear but the distance between front and back ‘paws’ was smaller and not as deep. She crouched down and traced the print with her finger; the second wolf was smaller than the other and not as strong… yet.

This realisation concerned her. If Derek was part of a bigger pack, then she would have to take an entirely different approach. One werewolf could be tolerated if they had not yet spilled blood… a whole pack of werewolves however was a different scenario, and one that left very few options outside of extermination.She slowed her pace and crept round the corner. In the distance she could see a woman standing outside her car. Her instinct to protect kicked in again and she started forwards, coming to a sudden stop just as quickly; something was wrong.

She watched as the woman pulled out a rifle and trained her sights above the industrial containers dotted around the yard. Faith followed her gaze and saw the blur of motion, both wolves leapt the gap and a single shot rang out across the yard. Faith moved into cover but it became clear that the woman was oblivious to her presence. Faith moved silently towards the woman to get a better view of who she was and what was going on; not many women carried a rifle around with them. Her mind flicked back to some of the people she knew and some of the weaponry they carried… hell, Buffy had a rocket launcher. Regardless, she didn’t know this woman and wasn’t about to afford her any pleasantries.

As she drew closer, Faith saw another car pull up and a man stepped out, he looked frustrated with her but kept his distance… she could tell he didn’t trust this woman. They exchanged only a few sentences before getting back in to their cars and pulling away.

Faith waited until they were out of sight and ran towards the area she had seen the wolves. She was close now and she could smell blood. She stayed focused, covering her corners and keeping her guard up. As she rounded the edge of the container she saw a puddle of blood with a trail moving towards a nearby wire mesh fence before trailing off. There was no body but she knew that the blood was Derek’s due to the shoe prints left in his blood.

Faith had spent all night and most of the day visiting each of Derek’s known haunts from her research but so far had only found his Camaro near an abandoned warehouse. She returned to her uncle’s house and glanced at the clock, 3:21pm. She decided that the only lead left was to ask Stiles what he knew and if he knew where else Derek might go. She ran back outside and jumped in to her car, setting off quickly for the school.

As she arrived at the school she heard horns blaring loudly. It wasn’t long before she identified the reason for the commotion; Derek was sprawled out in the road in front of Stiles’ jeep.

Stiles and Scott were desperately trying to get him up; struggling whilst bickering at each other. She swerved the car and jumped out, running over to help. She ignored the shocked looks from Scott and Stiles as she gripped Derek around the chest from behind and hoisted him in to the jeep. Scott ran round to the side of the jeep to speak to Derek. He was trying to be discreet but Faith could hear every word.

“I need you to find out what kind of bullet they used.” Derek rasped. His breathing was laboured and each word he uttered was short and sharp; each one tinged with pain. “And Scott, she’s an Argent… she’s with them.”

Faith looked back to Stiles, “Take him to the south side of the Preserve, near the picnic tables.” She glanced back at Derek before returning her gaze to Stiles, “I’ll meet you there… and you will tell me what’s going on!”

Stiles looked at her open mouthed but didn’t so much as utter a sound.

She shook him, “Do you understand?”

Stiles nodded and turned the key in the ignition, taking off towards the parking lot exit and rounding the corner.

“Be careful and keep your phone on,” she instructed to Scott as she watched the jeep disappear.

Scott looked pale, he nodded at her as she got back in to the car and drove off after Stiles.


Faith sped towards the Preserve and parked a few hundred yards back. She looked around to ensure that she wasn’t being followed before setting off on foot, running as quickly as she was able.

As she arrived in the picnic area there was a fine mist forming overhead. There was no one else around but she could see Stiles perched on a bench near the back of the picnic area. Derek was on the ground, resting with his back against one of the supports for the bench.

Faith ran to them and as she approached, Derek let out an audible ‘huff’ before looking away from her. He looked terrible; his skin was gaunt and a sickly shade of green. Faith looked to Stiles who squirmed uncomfortably whilst fiddling around with his cell phone, looking like he’d rather be anywhere but there.

Faith ignored him for now and knelt next to Derek, “So, do you make a habit out of getting shot?”

Derek looked at her angrily before grunting an inaudible response and turning away again.

“Where’s your first aid kit?” Faith shouted to Stiles.

“It’s in the glove box,” he replied meekly. He waited for a moment but was greeted only with silence and a steely stare. “Oh, you want me to… never mind, I’m on it,” he hopped from the bench and ran to the jeep. He rushed back, handing the first aid box to faith.

Faith looked from Derek to Stiles and back again, neither made any effort to hold eye contact. “Do I need to guess or are you just gonna spill it?” The resulting silence infuriated her, “Spill it right now or so help me I’m going to…”

Stiles jumped up and hushed her, waving his hands in a calming motion in an attempt to quiet her, even though there was no one around. He let out a large sigh, “Ok, ok” He conceded, “Derek and Scott are werewolves. Derek got shot and only has forty-eight hours to live. Allison Argent’s family are werewolf hunters and there’s an Alpha werewolf running around killing people!” Stiles began to trail off as he ran out of steam. He watched Faith, trying to judge whether or not she was about to hit him for lying or believe him and full on freak out.

Faith took a breath and looked at him calmly, “A hospital is definitely out of the question then.”

Derek turned to face her this time, his face locked in shock. Stiles was doing a good job at emulating the same expression. Stiles couldn’t comprehend how she had been able to accept this so calmly… unless she was being sarcastic.

Derek didn’t look away this time, making it clear that he was trying to work her out. His head suddenly lulled and his gaze fell to the ground. He grumbled as nausea took hold. He fell to the side, landing on his back in the hard dirt.

Faith looked at Stiles and told him to call Scott; making it clear that speed was the priority here. She watched Stiles fumble with his cell before pulling it quickly to his ear.

She turned back to Derek, “Ok, I’m gonna need to check that wound if I’m going to have any chance at helping.”

Derek was sweating heavily but didn’t argue with her; instead he pulled at his shirt feebly. She stepped in and tore his sleeve to the shoulder, exposing the wound. It was unlike any bullet wound she had seen before; it had a crusty purple scab building up around the wound and his veins were a vibrant purple and black, visible clearly through the upper layer of skin. She glanced back at him and saw a flash of his feral side as she touched the wound.

“I’ve had bigger and badder things look at me like that… it didn’t work for them either.” She pushed on the wound again but no blood came out; it was as if the bullet had cauterised the wound. As she pressed down he hissed loudly and flashed blue eyes at her, rage burning within them.

She took no real notice but smiled nonetheless, “Oh, I bet you get all the girls with those big ol’ blues.”

Faith looked back at Stiles who was stepping from foot to foot. She was pissed at Scott for dumping all this on him, she was even angrier though that it looked like Scott was giving him grief on the phone. Faith shouted over at him, “Tell him to move his ass… it is not a request!”

She watched as he stood straight and started passing on the message, not missing out the detail that it was Faith who had said it. She sighed and looked back to Derek who was watching her intently. He was silent but that didn’t mean he was being ignorant, in fact he was using the time to size her up. The way she moved, her attitude in the face of her cousin’s panicked admission and the way that she probed at his wounds; her eyes were focused and hinted at a wealth of knowledge. He hissed again as she leant in and began to bandage up the wound. He knew it was futile and took a breath before telling her but she beat him to it.

“This isn’t going to do anything but cover the wound until we can get you somewhere where we can better tend to it” She said.

Derek knew what she meant, he had even considered it himself; emergency amputation.

She leant in close and whispered “The bandages will also stop you getting any of your mess on Stiles’ jeep. I can already see him having a conniption fit if you get anything on his seats.” She glimpsed back at him, “He treats that thing like a princess.”

Derek remained silent as she finished wrapping the wound. She patted him on his leg and stood up, letting him know that she was done for now. She turned and headed over to Stiles.

“What’s the low down on Scott?” she asked.

Stiles shook his head, “He's being watched, but he’s still trying to get his hands on one of the bullets they used. It is just going to take him some time.” He sighed and sat down on a bench.

Faith looked around at the empty park before looking back to him, “You’re gonna have to stay here for a while. I’ve noticed from my morning runs that no one really comes up here. It’s also far enough away from the Hale house that you should be safe.” She watched him for a response but he didn’t offer any, “In case you missed that, you have to stay here. I figure the place is crawling with hunters about now,” She pointed to Derek, “waiting for him to come back.”

Stiles looked lost, “You’re taking all this rather well… like, really well!”

“Why wouldn’t I? Maybe I should have just assumed that you have overdosed on your Adderall again?”

Stiles stood up, “To be honest? Yes!” he yelled, “I wasn’t expecting you to believe me at all! And I only overdosed once… maybe twice… since you’ve been here… but that’s irrelevant.”

Faith looked unconvinced. She put her arm on his shoulder and pulled him in closer. In a quiet and calm voice she reassured him as best she could, “Stiles, you’re family” she paused, “and what would lying really achieve right now?”

She left Stiles standing open mouthed and dumb struck.

Faith returned to Derek and knelt down again. “We need to move you to the jeep. I don’t want either of you going anywhere but if shit hits the fan, I’d rather you were in a position to get out of here.”

Stiles came over, looking worried, “And what about you?”

“I can take care of myself. If anyone asks I’m just on a walk. I’ll tell them I got lost or something… I’ll make it up as I go along.” She helped Derek into jeep before heading off on foot in the direction of the Hale house. She started to run but turned back for a second to shout to Derek, “He’s not your personal chew toy, understand?” She looked back to Stiles, “And don’t do anything to piss him off!”

Stiles looked shocked for the umpteenth time that day, “Me? He’s the one that makes it seem like breathing the same air as him is some great travesty.”

Derek growled loudly at him making him jump. He looked back to Faith and pointed to Derek in condemnation, “See what I mean!” Stiles shouted, sounding exasperated.

Faith shook her head and set off again, disappearing in to the woods at the perimeter of the park.


The sun was starting to dip in the sky when she arrived at the burnt out house. As she drew close she could hear voices. It wasn’t long before she saw the source; three guys were standing around just outside the entrance to the house. She sized them up and could tell immediately that they were not the ones calling the shots. She knew lackeys when she saw them.

She scanned the area for the target of her hunt; the female who had shot Derek. Her knowledge at this time only shed enough light on the situation to clarify that she was an Argent and a werewolf hunter. The fact that she had survived to this age implied that maybe she wasn’t an amateur either.

She watched intently but there was no motion from inside the house and the guys outside weren’t giving away anything but the scores for some irrelevant sports match. Her phone vibrated in her pocket prompting her to pull it free. It was a text that simply said ‘meet us at the local vet’.

She laughed at the thought of taking a werewolf to a vet for a bullet wound. She turned and set off trying to remember the directions to the local veterinary practice.


She arrived at the vets in time to see Scott running in the back door, she quickly followed him in. The scene that greeted her took a second to compute. Derek was lying against the table with a makeshift tourniquet around his upper arm and a bone saw was lying on the table next to him. On top of that, her cousin was a shade of white that would put Casper to shame. She made it a point to ignore the black viscous fluid on the floor; she figures knowing would be far worse than guessing.

“Wow.” She looks to the saw on the table. “Looks like I came at just the right time.”

At that, Derek passed out, dropping the bullet Scott had just handed over. Scott went after the bullet as it rolled away.

Stiles knelt above Derek, slapping him a few times and then punched him in an attempt to rouse him but failed, instead sprawling back and clasping his hand in pain, letting out a yelp. He looked panicked and raised his fist as if to strike him again. Faith grabbed his fist before he could hit Derek again, pulled him up and told him to help Scott.

Faith looked at Derek and for a split second, she didn’t want to hit that face. Still, ‘needs must’ she thought. She hit him square in the jaw hard enough to wake the dead; sure enough his eyes opened and spun in their sockets before focusing on her. He pulled himself up but she could tell that he was running on fumes. He snapped open the bullet that Scott had placed next to him on the table. He began to empty the contents onto the examination table but lost his grip. Faith caught it before it had even dropped a few inches causing Stiles and Scott to stare at her. She didn’t take any notice and instead looked at Derek. He tried to speak but fell to the floor in a heap.

“Light the powder and then bring it here.” He demanded.

Faith fished her zippo lighter from her back pocket and set the powder alight. The powder sizzled only for a moment before erupting in a blue flame that sent wisps of blue smoke up into the air. The powder stopped burning just as quickly as it had begun. Faith dragged her hand across the table, funnelling it into her outstretched palm. She dropped down and gingerly straddled Derek’s torso, holding the warm powder tightly in her right hand.

Derek looked up at her, his face betraying his fear, “Put it in the wound… you’ll need to push it in deep.” He snapped.

Faith opened her palm so that she was able to scoop the powder towards her index and middle finger. The aroma from the still warm powder drifted towards her; the smell prompted the stark realisation of what it was she held in her palm - Wolfsbane. “Jesus, this is… you know this is gonna hurt like a bitch, right?”

She didn’t wait for an answer and pushed the powder into the bullet hole, pressing down past the knuckle. Derek screamed but she knew that it wasn’t enough; using her full weight she pushed down until her finger was almost completely inserted. Using her left hand she restrained him, pushing down on his rib cage hard enough that it would have broken his ribs, had he not been a werewolf. She felt his raw power quake through his limbs as his muscles began to spasm; contorting and rippling as each wave of pain washed over him. Even though it was clear that he was in a weakened state and was wracked with agony, he was putting up a good fight. Faith was worried about how much will power he would have to channel right now, just to refrain from shifting; the fact he was still in human form spoke volumes about the control he had over his beast.

Suddenly he whipped his head back and arched his body, causing Faith to reel backwards before quickly regaining her composure. He began to flail wildly, screaming out in agony. She grabbed his head and forcefully turned him to face her. His eyes were now solid blue, letting her know that his wolf was now just mere centimetres below the surface; clawing to get out and driven by his primal instinct to survive; to heal.

Faith leant in close to his face and whispered, “Look at me. Its ok… you are going to be ok. Just breathe.”

Scott and Stiles watched silently as Derek began to calm and his arm begin to heal; the purple and black veins disappearing as the bullet hole closed over. Faith watched as his natural eye colour returned and he fell silent. He closed his eyes and fell limp, more in relief than anything else.

“That. Was. Awesome!” Stiles exclaimed loudly, breaking the somewhat awkward tension in the room.

Faith climbed off of Derek as Scott walked up to them. He looked down at Derek who was slowly opening his eyes again. “Are you… ok?"

Derek winced as he pulled himself up in to a sitting position, “Except for the agonizing pain you mean?”

Stiles shrugged, “Well, at least we know he still has his sarcasm,” he was greeted with silence, “What? That has to count for something right?”

Faith chuckled and shook her head.

Scott stood up straight, visibly bracing himself. He glared at Derek, “We saved your life.” He let that statement hang in the air for a moment before proceeding, “You are going to leave us alone!... You got that?”

Derek didn’t reply this time. Scott began to look flustered by Derek’s silence and appeared to be waning under Derek’s steely gaze. “If you don’t… I’m gonna go to Allison’s dad and tell him everything!” Scott had done his best to look stern but he was clearly letting his doubts take centre stage in his mind.

“You’re still gonna trust them? You really think they’ll help you?” Derek barked, baring his teeth.

Scott’s face contorted in to a mix of anger, confusion and arrogance, something it seemed that only teenagers could master. “Why not? They’re a lot freakin’ nicer than you are,” He screamed.

Derek screamed back at him, “Don’t you remember that ‘nice guy’ shooting you with a crossbow?”

Faith intervened, pushing Scott back, “Derek’s right.” She reasoned, “You aren’t safe with the Argents!”

“What do you know?” Scott snapped.

‘More than you think’ she thought. She moved forwards so that she was standing toe to toe with him. “Correct me if I’m wrong here, but they are hunters who hunt werewolves and you are what exactly? You ain’t a frickin’ Care bear!”

“Yeah,” she teased out the word for effect, “I can see them now, welcoming you with open arms.” Faith shook her head, “Let’s not be under any illusion here. Once they know what you are, their priority will be your extermination!” She paced away before turning back, a mask of aggression painted on her face, “Do you really think he’s gonna just let a wolf date his daughter?… hell, even if you were just another teen, dating the daughter is already reason for murder."

Scott stepped back so that she was not as close anymore, “They could still help though! If they just knew the full story I’m sure they’d understand.”

Before Faith could respond, Derek interrupted with a snarl, “I can show you exactly how far their understanding stretches!”


They all walked out of the vets in to the cold air, prompting Derek to take a loud breath. As he climbed in to the car with Scott he nodded to Faith in a silent thank you.

As they pulled away Faith turned back to Stiles who gulped loudly. He couldn’t decide what kind of punishment would be better here… his choice was none if he was honest but he didn’t feel confident placing his money on that bet just yet.

Faith looked over the hood of his jeep and he grimaced, waiting for his punishment to be unveiled.

“Are you hungry?” she asked nonchalantly, “I’m starved!”

He nodded at her but his mouth was wide open. Faith hadn’t decided yet if she liked this silent Stiles better than the one that had to remind himself to breath between sentences. The jury was definitely out on that one.

Stiles knew that there was something out of place with his cousin but he was not in the right frame of mind to piece it together. Yet.
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