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It's not a purse

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Summary: Andrew saves the day

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Television > Hawaii Five-OTheTurnCoatFR71661151,24522 Sep 1222 Sep 12Yes
I do not own either Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Hawaii five-o. I’m making absolutely no money from this.

I didn’t really think about James Marsters being in both shows so lets just ignore that Spike and Victor Hesse would look very similar. Lets just pretend that they don’t…


It’s not a Purse


“It’s stuck!” Danny yelled as he shoved his full weight against the door that was standing between him and an escape from the ticking bomb.

“Move,” Spike said, shoving Detective Williams out of the way in order to ram his own shoulder against the door. Nothing happened. Except now there was a large dent in the door, ”It’s stuck”

“Yes, thank you. I believe I just said that,” Danny said sarcastically, “And really, are you on steroids or something? Look at what you did to the door!”

“Hawaii was supposed to be a nice place, full of sun and beaches and pineapples, but it’s not a nice place! There are guns and shouting and bombs.” Andrew was babbling in his corner of the room. Everyone was doing their best to ignore him for now; there would be time for comforting if they all got out of this.

“Okay everyone calm down,” Steve said ,”It doesn’t look like we’re getting out of this room.”

“Thanks that’s very helpful,” Spike said sarcastically. Steve gave him a look before turning and walking towards the bomb that continued to tick in the corner.

“We’ll just have to defuse the bomb,” Steve said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world

“Do you even know how to defuse a bomb?” Danny asked incredulously

“I’ve sit in on a few classes,” Steve said looking at the wires intently, ”This looks like it’s pretty standard. I think I just need to cut this wire here and it should stop the countdown.”

“Oh and what if it’s not the right wire? What then?” Danny asked his arms crossed.

“The way I see this, the bomb’s going to go off in two minutes either way,” Steve said

“This is the last time you talk me into going to some posh Gala, mate,” Spike said to Andrew who was still clutching the odd purse that didn’t match his tuxedo in any fashion.

“But this wasn’t even my idea! I just wanted to-“ Andrew started to whine an excuse before McGarrett interrupted him

“Does anyone have a knife?” He asked with slightly widened eyes as he patted down his pockets.

“Bloody hell,” Spike said running a hand over his face knowing that he didn’t have anything in his pockets except a half empty pack of cigarettes and a lighter.

“How can you not have a knife? I thought Seals are always prepared!” Danny said hysterically gesturing wildly with his hands.

“That’s the Boy Scouts and security wasn’t letting any weapons into the galla!”

“Oh, but you managed to get your gun through?” Danny asked. Steve hadn’t even hesitated in drawing the gun on the armed men that had stormed the charity event. Danny didn’t have his.

“My gun’s a service weapon I have special dispensation and I don’t see you with a knife!”

Just as Danny was about to give a retort Andrews voice quietly asked, “Will nail clippers work?”

Everyone stopped and stared at him for a second before Steve took the offering from Andrew’s outstretched hand, ”These will work”

Everyone held their breath as Steve opened up the travel sized nail clippers and gently sorted through the wires until he had a grip on the green one.

“Here goes nothing,” Steve said exhaling and cutting the wire just as the time ticked down to 5 seconds. Everyone stayed frozen until the fact that the bomb hadn’t gone off sunk in.

“Bloody good thing you had your purse, mate,” Spike said as Steve tossed the nail clippers back to Andrew.

“It’s not a purse!,” Andrew said indignantly ,”It’s a satchel and Indiana Jones had one.”

The End

You have reached the end of "It's not a purse". This story is complete.

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