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Tales From Oracle Securities

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Maelstrom Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Stand alone and interconnected short stories in the 'New City, Same Enemy' Universe. In the aftermath of Diocletian, Baron Zaragoza, and Gregory of Arles, what else do Wesley and the Oracle Securities team have to face?

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Literature > Dresden Files, TheAlkeniFR151225,0620215,40425 Sep 1213 Oct 13Yes

Familiar Faces in Strange Places

Disclaimer: I don't own them. Moving right along.

No. No excuses for the delay are available.

Tales from Oracle Securities

Chapter 4: Familiar Faces in Strange Places

Lindsey's Office, Oracle Securities
12:47 pm, June 24th, 2003

“You knew how to get me out of that bloody amulet! You have to know how to make me not a ghost anymore! Come on, tattoo-boy, I'm dying here!”

“You're already dead. Twice.” Lindsey said, not looking up from the legal brief that he was typing for the latest civil case Oracle Securities was facing Wolfram and Hart in.

“I can't drink blood, I can't smoke, I can't drink beer! I can't even beat the shit out of anything. I know you've been researching the gaudy pimp-necklace-”

“To see how to put you back inside it if you keep being so utterly annoying. Can't you go bother Abigail? She at least enjoys your company. God knows why.”

“Bothering you is more entertaining at the moment. Telekinesis girl is busy training. That gets boring after a while.”

“I don't care if you get bored.” Lindsey replied. “I have things to do. Entertaining you is not one of them.” Just as he finished talking, the phone rang. Still not looking away from the legal brief, he picked it up with one hand, tilting his head to hold it against his shoulder as he kept working. “Lindsey McDonald, Oracle-”

“It's me.” Wesley cut in, tone clipped.

Lindsey stopped typing and held the phone. He gestured silently at Spike to leave. The ghost-vampire with a soul just raised his eyebrow a moment, then shook his head and crossed his arms in front of him, looking amused at the lawyer. Rolling his eyes, Lindsey turned away from the vampire and focused on the phone call. “What do you need?”

“Your legal services. It seems that Faith has gotten arrested. In Chicago.”

“She's back here? How long?” He heard Wesley speak to someone on the other end, then,

“A few hours, apparently. She came up here to meet Harry Dresden. The wizard wasn't in, and in the meantime, she's gone and gotten herself arrested for...previous warrants.”

“The Council didn't take care of that?”

“In the Council's defense, the council amounts to basically just Giles, at the moment. But yes, he was supposed to handle the warrants already.” Lindsey heard an indignant 'hey!' on the other end, but Wesley seemed to pay it no mind. “Giles has arranged for her to be pardoned, but he wants you to cover things in the Police Station until it all goes through.”

“And why are we doing favors for Faith, or the Council, for that matter?”

“We're not 'doing favors'. He's offering to pay.” Wesley named the sum. Lindsey raised an eyebrow. “I think Giles hasn't gotten used to having a lot of money.”

“Probably not.” Wesley said, the slightest hint of a chuckle in his voice. “And do try to make sure Spike doesn't know that Faith is in town.”

“Too late.” Spike chipped in from the sidelines. “Vampire hearing. And since you won't give Buffy or Red a call, I'll have to see if she wants to help.” Spike quickly went out of the room, making his way for the stairs – or, if someone was in it, the elevator.

“Shit.” Wesley muttered. “Put the Amulet back in the safe, and don't open it for anything. They can't do anything without the amulet, hopefully.”

“We could just-” Lindsey started. Wesley was starting to get annoying on this.

“No.” Wesley said with finality.

This time, that didn't sway Lindsey. “Wes, I get your reasoning, but we can't have him hanging around here, alright? He's making it hard for some people to do their jobs, what with his constant bothering. At the very least, he's too damn annoying to keep here.”

“Put it in the vault.” Wesley's tone lost none of its finality.

“Yes, fine.” Lindsey conceded the point. “Anyway, I'm on my way to the police station now, then.” He hung up the phone. As he got up, he opened a drawer in his desk and took out the amulet. He considered it for a moment then headed for the elevator. He pressed a button, then scanned his ID card.

The vault here isn't really that much more secure than the vault at Wolfram and Hart...not that Angel is likely to come by and steal from it. He's the only guy that ever managed it. Why didn't they kill him again? Lindsey's 'evil hand' twitched for a moment, and the lawyer smirked.

Chicago Police Department, Special Investigations Divisions
1:28 pm, June 24th, 2003

“What were you doing outside Harry Dresden's residence?” Detective Karrin Murphy asked Faith Lehane for the seventy-third time.

Indeed, and that was exactly accurate. Faith had taken to her amusing herself by keeping track of the times that the cop repeated herself. Not that it was very amusing, but then, nothing about this predicament was really what she'd call amusing, by any stretch of the imagination.”

“Seventy three.” Faith said.

“What?” Murphy had been about to go ahead and repeat asking another question. Probably where she'd been since her prison break. Faith's command threw her off completely.

“Seventy-Three.” Faith repeated. “You've asked me that question seventy three times. Its getting more than a little old. Could you at least repeat one of the other questions that many times? Or even close. The next most repeated question you've done you've only one thirty-nine times. Mix it up a little, lady-cop. Isn't variety supposed to be the spice of life, or some bullshit like that?”

Murphy opened her mouth to respond and then closed it. She was thrown completely off. Technically, she probably shouldn't be handling this case at all. It wasn't remotely in SI's purview. But she was outside Harry's office, and in her mind, that made it her concern. Wanted murderer outside his office. Not something that she could ignore.

The door to the interrogation room opened. Rawlins was there. “Her Lawyer is here.” He stepped aside.

“Lindsey McDonald, Oracle Securities.”

“Lindsey!?” Faith exclaimed as she saw the lawyer walk in. “What the hell are you doing here?”

“I'm your lawyer.” Lindsey replied.

“Like hell you are!” Faith protested. “I don't want anything to do with Wolfram and Hart!”

“Then isn't it fortunate I don't work for them anymore.” Lindsey drawled.

“I don't think you just get to walk out of that place with just a resignation letter on the boss's desk.” Faith shot back.

“No.” Lindsey agreed. “But they let you out if you have an evil hand and you shoot their offices up. You'd be surprised how much evil lawyers like to keep their lives.” He held up the hand in question. “I work for Wes now. I could hand you my cell phone and have you call him, but he's not in the best of moods right now.”

“Is he ever?” Murphy asked him.

“Not really. Comes with being psychotic.” Lindsey answered. “Oh, and you'll want to let Faith go.” He told the detective. “You have nothing on which you can hold her.”

“Like hell I don't!” Murphy exclaimed. “Murder, assault, jailbreak-”

“Not in the least. You're going to get a call in...” He looked at his watch. “About a minute or so, from someone much higher in the food chain than you telling you to let Faith go.” As if on cue, Murphy's cell phone rang. Instinctively, she picked it up and opened it, holding it up to her ear.

“Detective Karrin Murphy.”

A pause, then, slowly, “Yes, Mr. Governor, I am holding a Faith Lehane in custody. She's wanted...she's been what?”

“I'm sorry, Governor, I don't quite underst- Yes. Alright. Understood. Yes Governor.” She hung the phone up and glared at the two of them. “How the hell do you get a Presidential Pardon?”

Faith smirked. Giles came through pretty quickly. “Let's say he owes me and some of the other people I work with quite a bit.” She held out her handcuffed hands. “Now, if you don't mind? I could just break them right now, but I'm feeling charitable.” She looked confused a moment. “Jesus I'm spending too much time around Red and Giles.”

Lilah's Office, Wolfram and Hart Chicago
4:17 pm, June 24th, 2003

“A Presidential Pardon?” Denna exclaimed. “Isn't that overkill?”

“Its what the Watchers Have.” Lilah shrugged. “Enough of talking about Faith. What is the word from the other branches?”

“Not much, to be honest.” Denna replied. “Things are pretty quiet, or going as expected. The relocation of key clients out of Cleveland – usually to other dimensions – is going as planned, and out other regional offices are doing what they can to prepare for eventual Slayer incursion into their areas of expertise. The Senior Partners have decided to cancel the plans to build an office in London, since the Council isn't as dead as they were hoping.”

Denna looked down at her notes. “But Los Angeles, as usual, is not proceeding uninterrupted according to plan.”

“What did everyone's favorite undead American do this time?”

“He killed Magnus Hainsley. Well, his son did, anyway.”

“Wasn't there a memo about Cyvus Vail and that angsty kid?”

“Nothing specific, but yes. Vail has some kind of plan with Conner in the works, according to the Seers.”

“Have them focus on more practical things. Like stock futures. I'm tired of paying attention to demon politics.” Lilah said. “Oh, and get me Gregory of Arles. I have a little assignment for the detestable little fuck.”
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