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The Return

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Lost and Found". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to Found. She's finally found her path in her home world. Too bad someone's about to turn that world right upside down. An old enemy is rising...

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Harry Potter > Buffy-CenteredMerisidaFR154080,49028442,88226 Sep 1210 Mar 13Yes

Back to School


Disclaimer: All Btvs and HP characters belong to their respective owners and as always I'm not making any profit from this fic.

A/N: I'll warn you now, the next few chapters will mostly be all talk and no action, but there's plenty of drama coming up after that :). Thank you to my readers and reviewers, I'm glad that there's still people wanting to hear more in this series.

Chapter 2: Back to School

Buffy checked her watch as she ran through the halls of the school. She'd been so busy reading up about new and different teaching techniques that she had completely forgotten about the time. And right now, the start of year feast was already taking place... Without her.

'What a great start to the year,' she thought, irritated at herself for being late on her first day.

Finally she rounded the last corner and stepped up the doors of the Great Hall. She could already hear the clapping of students and the voice of Professor McGonagall as she called out the first years' names.

Pulling the doors open she winced at how loud they creaked, instantly alerting everyone to her arrival. She noticed how every head swivelled into her direction and she smiled nervously. “Uh, sorry I'm late.”

The students were muttering amongst themselves as she walked up the main aisle and towards the teachers table, sending Harry and his friends a discreet wave as she passed.

Headmaster Dumbledore was grinning at her as she ducked into her seat besides Severus Snape, trying her best to keep her head low.

Professor McGonagall cleared her throat and began reading the names from her list once again, and the sorting ceremony continued on as if no one had interrupted.

Buffy had seen her fair share of sorting ceremonies in the past and every year was the same. She had always found them a bit boring, but the great hall was so interesting in itself she could spend the time just looking around in amazement. This year was no different, and her seat at the front of the hall gave her an even bigger viewpoint.

She looked down the length of the teachers table, smiling at the other teachers who waved or greeted her silently. She knew almost all of them already, either from her own days at the school or from the year before when she had assisted in Remus' classes. When she looked to the potions teacher he glared at her before turning his gaze back to the students in front of them.

Finally, after what seemed like hours to Buffy's short attention span, the last name was called and a young first year boy climbed up to the Hufflepuff table, cheered on by the rest of his house.

Dumbledore stood from his seat and walked up to the podium at the front. Every pair of eyes turned in his direction, the hall instantly becoming silent once again. “So, now that you're all sitting comfortably, I have a few notices.

“Firstly, most of you might have noticed already, but we have a new member of staff this year. Professor Summers will be taking Defence Against the Dark Arts classes so let's all wish her good luck for the year.” The students clapped, or at least the students that knew of her clapped.

“Mr Filch, the caretaker has asked me to tell you that the list of objects forbidden inside the castle this year has been extended. The full list comprises some four hundred and thirty seven items, and can be viewed in Mr. Filch's office, if anyone would like to check it.”

Buffy chuckled to herself at the amount of students who rolled their eyes or groaned.

“As always, I would like to remind you that the forest grounds are forbidden to all students. It is also my painful duty to inform you that the inter-house Quidditch cup will not take place this year.” Ignoring the outraged students, he continued on.

“This is due to an event that will be starting in October and lasting the rest of the school year. I have great pleasure in announcing that this year Hogwarts will be hosting the Triwizard Tournament!”

The hall erupted into cheers and loud shouts of astonishment from the students who knew what the tournament was. Confused looks filled the faces of those that had no idea what they were talking about. The teachers themselves all looked rather happy, they had all been informed about the situation earlier. Buffy was looking forward to the games herself, she still remembered learning about it back during her own school days.

“The Triwizard tournament was first established some seven hundred years ago as a friendly competition between the three largest European schools of wizardry: Hogwarts, Beauxbatons Academy and the Durmstrang Institute. A champion is selected to represent each school, and they must complete three magical tasks in order to gain points and win the Triwizard cup, as well as a thousand galleons in personal prize money. The heads of Beauxbatons and Durmstrang will be arriving with their short-listed contenders in October, and the champions selection will take place at Halloween. There will be more news regarding the tournament closer to the time.”

When the excitement had mostly all died down, he grinned at the students, “Now, I know you all must be hungry. So let the feast begin!”

The tables were suddenly filled with plates of food and the students wasted no time before they dug in.


The following morning the students all got back into their daily routines and Buffy set about her task of getting the classroom ready for her first day of teaching.

Even though she had taught before she had never been alone in the classroom, and she was surprised at just how nervous she felt. Luckily her first lesson for the day was the fourth years, most of whom she had taught the previous year, and of course having Harry, Ron and Hermione in the class helped to put her at ease a little.

When everything was set she eagerly awaited the chime of the clock, which was quickly followed by the sound of thunderous footsteps as the many students filed into the room. She noticed Harry and his friends as they took seats in the middle of the room, their smiling faces showing their encouragement.

“All right, everyone.” She called as the students all sat and looked up at her expectantly. It felt odd to see them all staring up at her, expecting her to teach them...

“If you don't already know, I'm Professor Summers but I'd like for you all to just call me Buffy while we're in this class. Professor makes me sound way too old.” The students laughed as she screwed up her face in disgust.

She grabbed up a pile of books from her desk and began handing them out to the students, “These are your textbooks for the year, we'll be using them in most classes so make sure you bring them with you unless I say not to. There are going to be some more practical lessons where I will be teaching you defensive spells as well as hand to hand defensive techniques, but I will let you know about those before hand.”

Half of the students were flicking through their books and she noticed how almost all of them looked excited at the 'practical' lessons. It was something her and Dumbledore had come up with, since the students had never had any actual practice with their spells or any defensive moves. And that was something Buffy wanted to change.

“Practical lessons?” Her eyes shot to the blonde haired Slytherin student who was sat at the back of the room looking amused. “We've never needed practical lessons before, our teachers actually trusted us to get our spells right. And we're wizards, we don't need to know how to fight with our hands.” He laughed at the idea, and the other Slytherin students joined in. Some of the Gryffindors seemed intrigued as if they agreed but didn’t want to be seen nodding along with a Slytherin.

She smiled sweetly at him, instantly knowing who he was and that he was going to be a trouble maker. He reminded her way too much of Spike. “Oh, you don't? And just what would you do if someone took your wand away from you, hmm?”

He laughed again, “No one would be able t-”

Before he could finish his sentence she wordlessly made his wand fly from his hand and into hers. It happened so quickly that it took him a moment to register that it had gone from his hand. With a grin she turned his own wand on him, pointing it at his head.

“If I were your enemy, you would be dead by now, Mr. Malfoy. Remember that the next time you underestimate someone.”

She threw the wand back to him and turned to address the rest of the class. “Right, let's get on with today's lesson.”
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