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The Return

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Lost and Found". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to Found. She's finally found her path in her home world. Too bad someone's about to turn that world right upside down. An old enemy is rising...

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Harry Potter > Buffy-CenteredMerisidaFR154080,49028442,88526 Sep 1210 Mar 13Yes

Ministry Approved Teaching


All Btvs and HP characters belong to their respective owners and as always I'm not making any profit from this fic.

A/N: I apologise for the delay in getting this one out, I've been so busy lately and so tired from work that I've just not had the energy to write. I'm working on that though :). Anyway, here's chapter 25. Enjoy!

Chapter 25: Ministry Approved Teaching

She was humming along to a tune that had been stuck in her head since she had woken up as she sat at the desk in front of her, a quill in her hand, tapping away in time to the clock that was ticking above her head.

Some of the other teachers were staring at her with looks of annoyance on their faces while others, Professor Grubbly-Plank and Professor Burbage were snickering behind their hands, most amused at her childish display of boredom.

She let her eyes wander around the room, taking in the pink walls and the various plates that were hung around the room, all of them pictures of cats or kittens. Sure they were cute, but thirty minutes of their non-stop mewing was enough to make anyone go mad. Anyone but the person they were waiting on, anyway.

Her eyes were drawn back up to the clock...

“Ugh, I don't know why I'm even bothering...” Buffy cried out suddenly as she slumped back in her seat, looking very much like an uncouth adolescent.

“Ms. Umbridge said she needed to speak to all the teachers at once. Something about reviewing the curriculum...” Chasity Burbage reminded her with a fond smile, “Frankly I don't see any reason why she should even be here. Hogwarts is hardly a failing school.”

Buffy nodded along to her words, agreeing completely. It was only the first day of term and already Delores had them in her grasp. She had called the meeting at her own office, to begin promptly at eight in the morning, just one hour before classes would start, something that had angered many of the teachers who would normally spend their time planning lessons for the week.

The time was now eight thirty-six, and Delores Umbridge had yet to arrive. Some of the teachers had already left in a huff, but a few of them remained behind. Mostly Buffy just wanted to see the look on the old toad's face when she realised half the staff had already gone.

Another two minutes passed before the woman they were all waiting for finally turned up.

Buffy let her eyes wander over the woman, who was once again dressed in all pink. This time her blazer was fluffy to match her hat.

“Someone really needs to take her out on a shopping trip... Do you think her closet is full with those things?” She said, leaning across her desk so that she could whisper to Chasity.

Her fellow teacher giggled, trying to cover her laugh with her hand before the pair broke apart. “Shhhh, she'll hear you.”

Delores seemed surprised that only half the teachers remained but she quickly got to work. “Well it's no wonder this school has been failing recently when the staff are not even present at organised meetings.”

Buffy let her laugh spill from her mouth before she could stop herself and suddenly all eyes were turned on her. “You call this organised? A few minutes notice before you expect us to turn up and then you're not even on time yourself! You should count yourself lucky that any of us are still here.”

“... And teachers that act as disobediently as one would expect from students... Well I can't say I'm surprised.”

Ignoring Buffy completely, Delores began handing out various tomes and textbooks to the individual teachers. “These are the new, Ministry approved teaching curriculum that we expect you all to work by. Each subject has been modified to suit the needs of your students.”

Finally she dropped a pile of books, one for each year group, on Buffy's desk and turned away to continue talking. “When reviewing last years curriculum we noticed one thing that was consistent throughout all the subjects taught here at Hogwarts, so we have aimed to change that to make Hogwarts a better educated school and to improve the failing grades and behaviour of your students.”

Buffy ignored what Delores was saying and instead flicked through the book that she was supposed to use to teach her first year students.

“Umm, excuse me..?”

“Yes, Miss Burbage, wasn't it?”

“Yes...” Chasity answered, her tone suggesting that she was slightly worried, “This book uses some rather... derogatory words in association with muggles... I don't think it is at all suitable for teaching in a muggle studies class, let alone in any class.”

Delores only raised one eyebrow in interest, “I assure you the Ministry has given much thought to all the modifications and has deemed all the new teaching aides to be suitable for their individual classes. Now are there any other questions?”

Buffy resisted the urge to speak up, knowing that she would only get herself in further trouble by annoying Delores more.

“Very well, you are all dismissed then. I look forward to seeing you all working from these books. The school shall be back to some semblance of order in no time at all.” The teachers all stood and stepped out from the woman's office, all of them grumbling to themselves.

“Look at this! How am I supposed to teach students this?” Chasity said in anger as she stuffed her books into a bag. “They speak of muggles as if they are not real people, and they expect me to teach this to my students? It's ridiculous.”

“That's the Ministry for you.” Buffy told her, hugging her own books to her chest. She had decided to wait and look at them properly in the comfort of her own classroom, that way she would avoid the inevitable throwing of said book at Delores' head if she found something she didn't agree with.

“Have you looked at yours yet?” Chasity asked, gesturing the books in Buffy's arms. “If they are as stupid as mine I imagine you're going to have some trouble teaching this year.” The two of them sent each other knowing looks before Chasity took the turning for her own classroom, leaving Buffy to her own thoughts.


By the time Buffy made it back to her own classroom she barely had five minutes to get everything ready before the first round of students walked into the room, eager for their day to begin.

She smiled up at the fifth year class, all of whom she had taught before. She liked meeting the new students, but she much preferred teaching the older years that she had already worked with. It made it so much easier to teach them when she knew how they liked to work.

“Welcome back all of you, I'm gad to see you all made it through the summer.” She waited until they were all in their seats before she began to hand out pieces of parchment that she had already prepared. It was useless starting the first lesson with hard studies, especially with the students still over excited because of the holidays, so she had made up a small quiz for them, just to get them to try and remember everything they had covered in their last year. It was an easy way to get them back into the right learning mind.

“Now you guys all know that this is an important year for you, what with your O.W.L.s at the end of the year, but we're going to start off slowly with this quiz for now.” The students all seemed happy enough and quickly got to work on their own, giving Buffy the time she needed to look through her new books.

She brought out the fifth year book and began reading, a frown quickly forming on her face.

The more she read the deeper her frown went.

“Is everything okay, Buffy?” She looked up to the familiar voice, seeing that Hermione was staring at her in concern. At her words, Harry, Ron and half of the rest of the class looked up to watch her.

“Uh, yes. It's just this new DADA Curriculum I've been given... It doesn't make sense at all.” She said, tapping the book in front of her.

Hermione looked intrigued so Buffy handed her the book so she could see for herself.

“They want you to teach us this?” The girl asked incredulously.

“Yeah, that's what Toad Face said.”

The class laughed, but they quietened down as they saw Hermione frown much in the way their teacher had been just a moment ago.

“But this doesn't say anything about using defensive spells! There's not even one mention of it!” Hermione cried out while looking to her teacher in confusion.

“Exactly what I was thinking.” Buffy replied with a sigh, taking the book back. Obviously the ministry didn't want the students to learn real magic, although that was completely pointless what with them going to a magical school. None of it made any sense.

Harry shook his head from his seat, “How can they think that's a better education for us? If we don't learn how to defend ourselves then we have no chance of surviving if we're attacked.”

Suddenly there was uproar in the classroom as the students all talked and yelled at each other. Most were in agreement, they needed to learn DADA the real way, not the way the Ministry wanted her to teach them. But some others were defending the Ministry's actions, saying that they had no need to learn to defend themselves since they were not likely to be attacked anyway.

With a growing headache, Buffy held up her hands to stop the arguing students. At once they quietened down and she stood from her seat, holding onto the book in one hand.

“There's no use arguing over this. As far as I am concerned, you need to be taught how to defend yourselves and I intend to do just that, no matter what some stupid Pink Power Ranger has said. I'm your teacher, and Ill teach you my way.”

Her gaze drifted down to the book in her hands. “There's only one thing to do with this.” She sent the students a grin before she proceeded to throw the book out the nearest window.

Clapping her hands together, a grin on her face, Buffy stepped up to the front row of desks. “Right, so where were we?”
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