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Travelling in a Wibbly Wobbly Liney Whiney

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This story is No. 2 in the series "It's All About the Journey". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The continuing adventures of Luke, Dawn, and their motley crew of demon fighters, alien fighters, time travellers, nerds, and genetically engineered energy manipulators.

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Other BtVS/Ats CharactersfandomlverFR13737,4624124,43726 Sep 122 Jan 13Yes

Chapter Three

Xander woke when the bedroom door closed. Pushing up onto his elbows, he called "I'm awake" and immediately coughed harshly, trying to clear his throat.

"Sorry," Sarah Jane murmured, coming back in. "I didn't mean to wake you."

Xander waved it off, reaching for the glass on the locker. "What time is it?"

"Almost six. How do you feel?"

"Bunged up, but not sick." He took another sip. "What's going on?"

"We're waiting for Jack. He's on his way from Cardiff."

"Jack," Xander repeated. "Why?"

"He doesn't like to be left out of things," she said lightly.

"Sarah Jane." Xander caught her arm. "What's going on?"

Rani was perched on the steps watching the Doctor watch the Alien Files when the attic door burst open. "Xander," she said in surprise, standing. "How are you feeling?"

He ignored her, eyes on the Doctor. "Did you know this was going to happen?"

"Excuse me?"

"You put them in your space ship. You put Andrew in your space ship, and you knew who he was. Did you know this would happen?"

"I knew who you are," the Doctor said mildly.

Xander shook his head. "You knew him, too. Alien Slayers. I'm never going to be on the alien teams, but Andrew will. And you put him on your ship."

"Xander, sit down," Sarah Jane said softly. "You're very pale."

"I'm angry," he said without looking at her. "Answer the question, Doctor."

The Doctor's smile faded and he suddenly looked very alien and very, very old. "Andrew Wells has a destiny and a legacy that goes far beyond this planet. But no. I didn't know it started today."

"Are you lying, Doctor?" Sarah Jane asked.

"Rule one," he said nonsensically before repeating, "I didn't know it was today."

"You always know." Sarah Jane caught Rani's eye, gesturing her to join them. "Something like that, you'd have known as soon as you landed."

"I was a little distracted by the universe destroying energy masquerading as a teenage girl." Xander stiffened and the Doctor nodded. "You did know about that. It's excellent work, my complements to her builders."

"She isn't masquerading," Xander said, voice shaking. "Dawn is just as real as you or me."

"Realer, I should think. That's primordial energy, after all." He studied Xander for a moment. "You do know what it is."

Xander gritted his teeth. "The Key is gone, Doctor. It's just Dawn now."

"Wrong, wrong, wrongity wrong. The Key is primordial energy. Rani."

She jumped, taking a step back. "Me?"

"Rani Chandra," he said, voice gentling. "What was the first source of energy in our universe?"

"Um –" she frowned. "The Big Bang?"

"Points to the littlest – Sarah, what do you call yourselves?"

"At this moment in time? Angry."

"Ouch. Well, points to Rani. The Big Bang was so enormously colossal, you see, it created so much energy that it didn't dissipate. It just sort of hung around, being explodey. Think of it like when a Slitheen does that thing Slitheen are famous for – not that one, Rani, the other one – the evidence stays around."

"Completely lost," Xander murmured to Rani.

"Slitheen fart a lot," she said, rolling her eyes. "And it stinks to high heaven."

"Oh. Ew. Back on track."

"All right," the Doctor said cheerfully. "It's not really like that, but think of it like that if it helps. So there's our smelly energy being all explodey. Some very clever people shape it into a person, and the person walks and talks and thinks but it's not a person. Not really. It's energy in the shape of a person."

"Dawn is a person," Xander insisted. "Complete and whole."

"Is she," the Doctor said neutrally.

"More human than you are."

"I like him, Sarah," he said directly to her. "One more question, Xander Harris, and then Jack will be here. What do you suppose will happen when Dawn dies?"

"Are you threat –"

"No, of course I'm not threatening her. I quite like Dawn. But despite your remarkable skill at keeping the Summers girls alive, she will die some time. And what do we know about energy? Rani?"

"Um, we know that I really wish Luke was here for this bit?" The Doctor smiled and she added, "Energy can't be created or destroyed."

"Gold star, head of the class. And what did we just decide about Dawn?"

"You decided," Xander corrected him. "I'm not convinced you know what you're talking about."

"Rani," the Doctor said without looking away from Xander, "Jack's here. Be a dear and let him in."

"And tea all around, I think," Sarah Jane added.

"How do you know he –"

The doorbell rang and the Doctor smiled gently at her. "I always know when Jack's around. Mind you, so do most people. He isn't subtle. Off you pop, there's a good girl."

Rani rolled her eyes at him. "No hitting, either of you," she warned them, letting herself out.

"So," the Doctor said, turning away. "Dawn dies. Of old age, surrounded by fat children for some reason. That's it, isn't it?" he added to Sarah Jane.

"Something like that."

"And boom. Big Bang – well, we've had two, so Big Bang Three."

"We had two? When was that?" Sarah Jane asked.

"Long story, happy ending. We're all still here."

"I don't see the point of this, Doctor."

"No point. Except that I know what she is, and I like you."

Jack opened the door, about to speak when Xander said "Thanks, but I'd rather not. I know what you do to your friends."

"Xander," Sarah Jane protested.

"What'd I miss, Doc?" Jack asked, picking his way across the room to join him. "Love the new look, by the way."

"Your first time?" the Doctor asked, glancing down at himself. "Nothing but a difference of opinion."

"That's what you call this?" Xander shook his head.

"What would you call it?" he asked politely. Xander glared and he added to Jack, "Dawn Summers and Andrew Wells were in the TARDIS when she ran away."

"Oh? Oh. Right. Is that now?"

"Apparently. You don't know Andrew?"

"No. Xander, and Giles, and some of the girls. But not Andrew."

"You know of Andrew?" Xander asked.

Jack glanced at the Doctor before answering. "Myths and legends. Half forgotten. Hard to pin down."

"Liar," Xander said without heat. "You're just saying that because he wants you to. Did he tell you he knew? He put them on the ship, he knew it would take them."

"Doc?" Jack said warily.

"I didn't know it was today," the Doctor said patiently.

"Do you believe him?" Xander demanded. "Sky is twelve, did you know that? Dawn's eighteen."

"I believe him," Jack said quietly. "I trust him. Always have. Always will."

"Yeah? Trust him with your life?"

"All my lives."

"Trust him with your children's lives?"

"Xander," Sarah Jane murmured. Xander couldn't know what he was saying, but she'd watched Jack in that bunker fighting the 456.

"That's ok, Sarah Jane," Jack said quickly. "Yes, Xander. I would."

Xander abruptly sat down, very hard. "Ow," he said dazedly.

"He's not well," Sarah Jane murmured over his head. A moment later Jack's hand wrapped around his arm, hauling him to his feet.

"There we go," Jack announced. "Come on. Sarah Jane, you have somewhere for him...?"

"Yes, Luke's room. I'll show..."

"I'll find it. Thanks. Be right back."

Sarah Jane quietly closed the door behind them, turning to eye the Doctor. "Well?"

"Well?" he parroted, picking up something and fiddling with it.

"You snowed Xander, but I know you better than that. Did you know that this would happen?"

He swallowed, looking down at whatever was in his hands. "How can I answer that to you?"

"My children are on your ship, Doctor. Sky is twelve."

"I know."

"Luke's eighteen, and he's going to change the world."

"I know."

"If he gets the chance."

He looked up, meeting her eyes. "She'll take care of them, Sarah."

"She won't have the option, Doctor. If there are vampires on that planet, Luke won't sit by."

"They'll be back, Sarah."

She nodded, biting her lip. "Doctor? If the TARDIS comes back here without them? I don't ever want to see it again. Do you understand?"

"I understand," he agreed evenly.

"I'm going downstairs now. Mr Smith? Help the Doctor anyway he asks you to, please."

"I will, Sarah Jane," Mr Smith agreed.

"I love you," she told the Doctor. "Bring them home."


Andrew had a hand on Clyde's arm, holding him in place. Clyde slapped angrily at him, trying to push him away. "Luke!"

"We're ok!" Luke called finally. "Just – that's foul. Just give us a second, Clyde, I can't put my hands down."

"Not there, you can't," Dawn agreed. "Here..." Her head came into view, liberally spattered with gunk; leaning to one side, she heaved and Luke appeared, completely covered, head to toe.

"Mate, I am not helping you back up the slope," Clyde said, wincing at the sight.

Luke shifted, leaning to one side and spitting hard. "That is really horrible," he said, pointlessly wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. "Did you..."

"No, I'm all right. That was very noble."

"He just didn't want to listen to you complain," Clyde offered.

"Clyde? Mate? Shut up," Luke said firmly, getting a grip on the rock and heaving himself to his feet.

He dripped slime all the way back to the TARDIS. Dawn managed to get most of the gunk off herself, though her hair was still a mess, but the stuff clinging to Luke refused to be sluiced off, and he made them stop trying after Amy almost slipped in the pool he was leaving. He trudged behind them back up the slope and down the other side.

"Luke, you all right?" Clyde called back as they came in sight of the TARDIS.

"Perfect, thanks," he said, wriggling slightly. "It's gone down my back," he added when Clyde stared.

"Right. We'll get you sorted out, mate, we're just back at the TARDIS now."

Rory opened the door, eyeing them warily. "Who's hurt?" he asked.

"Dawn hurt her ankle," Andrew offered. "And I fell in a holly – a very nearly holly bush. And Luke's all slimy but I don't think he's hurt. And Clyde and Amy are fine."

"Where's Sky?" Luke asked, looking past him.

"Um, she went to lie down. Said she was tired. Listen, hang on a mo, I'll find – towels?"

"A hose might be better," Amy suggested. "C'mon, Dawn, let me show you the best thing about the TARDIS."


"The wardrobe."

The girls headed inside. Eventually Clyde took Andrew inside too; Luke stripped for the hose and afterwards pulled on clothes Rory had found somewhere, shivering. The suns had gone down and it was cold without them. Rory insisted on checking him over, but apart from being cold he was fine.

"I don't get sick," Luke told him, patiently submitting to the exam. "I was made that way."

"You did get sick once," Clyde pointed out, coming back with a cup in each hand.

"That was..." Luke cut himself off, burying his face in the cup Clyde offered him.

"Sorry, what was that? Oh, right. That was an alien illness, I remember now. He swallowed some of that muck," he added to Rory.

"I did not, I spat it out," Luke protested. "Andrew's actually bleeding, why aren't you worried about him?"

"He fell in a holly bush. Sorry, a very nearly holly bush. Unless he's got hay fever I think he'll be all right."

"Where's Sky?" Luke asked Clyde.

"I dunno. Sleeping, didn't Rory say?"

"I'll show you," Rory offered. "I should go check on Dawn and Andrew, after all."

"Andrew's in the kitchen," Clyde told him. "Dawn's – actually, I don't know. With Amy somewhere."

Rory considered that. "I should go check on Andrew, after all."

"Wise man."

"Don't touch anything."


"Can you be wise and a spoilsport at the same time?" Luke asked curiously. Rory laughed, leading him up the stairs at the back of the control room and into the corridors.

It was the first time Luke had made it past the control room in any version of the TARDIS. For a moment everything swam in front of his eyes, dimensions he shouldn't have been able to see moving in ways he couldn't describe.


Rory. Luke relaxed as everything settled back into place, opening his eyes. "Sorry." He reached out, fingers trailing over the wall without touching. "She's singing."

Rory's face cleared. Luke thought absently that he liked the man very much. "Yeah, she'll do that." He mimicked Luke's touch. "Come on, your sister's room is over here." He opened a door, frowned, and closed it again. "Well, it's somewhere around."

"What do you mean?" Luke tried a door; it didn't open, and he frowned.

"The TARDIS moves rooms around sometimes. I think she gets bored." He tried another door, grinning in victory. "Gotcha. Sky?"

Luke slipped around Rory to perch on the edge of the bed, touching Sky's shoulder. "Sky high? Are you awake?"

She stirred, opening her eyes and studying him for several seconds before recognition dawned. "Luke. That isn't your clothes."

He glanced down at himself. "We had a little accident with a swamp. How are you feeling?"

She looked past him at Rory, focusing with some difficulty. "Didn't you tell him? I'm fine. I'm just tired. Being kidnapped is tiring."

She started to roll over and Luke caught her shoulder, pulling her upright to lean against him. "No, Sky. Let Rory look at you."

"He did look at me. I'm fine."

"I did look at her," Rory agreed when Luke looked at him. "She's a fine. A normal, healthy girl."

"Normal," Luke murmured.

"Completely. Why?"

He let Sky lie back down, smiling at her before turning to Rory. "I need your phone."

"My phone," Rory repeated, digging it out of a pocket.

"Please. Thank you." He dialled quickly, listening for a moment before saying "Mr Smith? Is the Doctor there? – Good. Doctor, what powers the TARDIS?"

Rory lost track of the conversation very quickly as it fell into technical terms. Sky was listening, one hand curled loosely around the arm of Luke's shirt; she caught Rory's eye, smiling faintly as Luke argued with the Doctor.

Finally he hung up, passing the phone absently to Rory. "Sky high, we need to get you outside."

"What? Why? I'm tired, Luke."

"I know. It'll help. Promise."

"Why?" she protested.

Luke glanced at Rory for help; he easily picked up the girl, well versed in patient handling. "Why?" he asked, when Luke seemed inclined to forget the question.

"Sky was built to channel electricity," Luke explained, holding the door for him. Andrew, in the corridor, paused to watch the procession before scurrying ahead to get the next door. "She can't do it anymore, not unless she's really upset, but the channels are still there and she needs electricity around."

"With you so far," Rory agreed doubtfully, picking his way carefully down the steps. Andrew slipped around him, steadying him from the side.

"There's electricity in Earth's atmosphere," Luke reminded him. "It's enough, more than enough to keep Sky healthy. But here in the TARDIS we're isolated from it. There's nothing here for her to draw on."

"Is the electrical field on this world strong enough?" Andrew asked, letting go of Rory to open the door.

"Enough for now," Luke agreed. "I can get a field going in here; I need to rewire a couple of things, and I might need your help with that, but it shouldn't be too hard. The Doctor talked it through with me."

"Whose help?" Rory asked, easing to one knee to put Sky down. She looked brighter already, though she was starting to shiver. "Andrew, grab a coat off the stand inside the door, will you?" he added.

"Either of you," Luke said, kneeling beside them. He was in a pile of muck left from earlier, but he didn't seem to notice. "It isn't hard, it's just not easy for one person to do alone."

"He'll do all the hard bits, he just needs someone to hold things," Sky translated.

Andrew reappeared with a huge overcoat, draping it carefully around Sky; it swamped her, covering her completely from head to toe. "It's heavy," she said in surprise.

"It's the Doctor's," Rory told her. "He probably didn't clear out his pockets. They're bigger on the inside."

"Like the TARDIS?"

"Like people," he said absently. "Andrew, you want to help Luke? I'll sit with Sky."

"I don't need anyone to sit with me, I really am fine," she protested.

"Outside at night on an alien planet?" Luke said pointedly. "Someone needs to sit with you."

Sky glanced from Rory to Andrew. "I want Andrew. He doesn't treat me like I'm sick."

"Hazard of the profession," Rory said apologetically. "Andrew, is that all right with you?"

"Sure," Andrew agreed cheerfully. "Luke, what direction is Earth from here?" Luke pointed to the ground some way in front of them and to the left; Andrew turned, carefully, studying the sky. "Huh," he said after a minute. "The stars are all different."

"Twelve million light years," Luke reminded him.

"Yeah, but I thought some might be the same. Never mind, that just means we get to name them and decide what their stories are." He threw himself down beside Sky, stretching full length and staring upwards.

"We'll be just inside," Luke told her.

"And we'll leave the door open," Rory added.

"We're fine," Andrew said dismissively. "Sky, does that look like a bat'leth to you?"

Sky peered upwards curiously; Rory touched Luke's elbow, guiding him back inside. "Bat'leth?" he murmured.

"Andrew's a big sci fi fan," Luke told him, crossing to the console and swinging under it.

"Fan," Rory murmured. Shaking it off, he added "How can I help you?"

"Right now?" Luke said absently. "Is there a torch anywhere?"

"Uh, not sure. He usually uses the screwdriver. Half a sec."

"Do you plan to inform Sarah Jane?" Mr Smith asked.

The Doctor stared at the phone in his hand. "Would you?"

Mr Smith whirred for a moment, running the problem. "Is it something Luke can fix?" he asked finally.

"Easily, now that he knows it's wrong."

"Then I think not."

"Careful, Doc," Jack warned from where he was leaning against the door. "You're skating perilously close to lying. You don't wanna do that, the lady's angry enough with you as is."

"She has cause," the Doctor reminded him.

"Maybe. How sure are you that Luke can do it?"


"Hmm." Jack considered him. "Well, maybe, then. Are you sure you can't just call the TARDIS back?"

"No, Jack, I've been lying because I like it when Sarah's children are trapped on an alien planet."

"And River?" Jack asked, ignoring the sarcasm. He was about the safest person for the Doctor to vent at.

"I don't know where she is right now. I haven't seen her lately."

"Trouble in paradise?"

"Paradise? Not hardly. We get on best when we're apart, her and me."

"Yeah?" Jack smiled faintly. "You trust her, though. More than anyone else, maybe."


He shrugged. "One of us dies for you, one of us gave up her lives for you. There's a difference, isn't there?"

"I trust you."

"Yeah." He glanced at the door. "Are you going to tell her?"

"No. Luke will figure it out."

"If you're sure. Tea?"

"I hate the slow path."

"Yeah, it's not much fun, is it?"

Rani watched as Sarah Jane paced back and forth. She'd been pacing for a while; Rani was surprised there wasn't a track worn into the carpet by now. "Sarah Jane," she said carefully, "can I get you anything?"

"No, thank you." She kept pacing.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm fine." Still pacing.

"Please sit down, Sarah Jane."

Sarah Jane hesitated, looking at her. "Oh, sorry, Rani."

Rani nodded as she sat. "Look, I know I don't know the Doctor, but if you want to talk about it..."

"No." Sarah Jane smiled at her, an honest smile. "Thank you. But no. It's not... I'll work it out."

"He loves you. And them."

"He doesn't know them."

"I don't think he needs to know them. He just needs to know that they're important to you. Actually..." She reconsidered. "I don't think he even needs that. Didn't you tell me he's always getting involved in things, just because other people are?"

"Amy told me about her first adventure with him," Sarah Jane said distantly. "Rory wasn't with them then, the Doctor had just whisked her off – oh, he's terrible at that, whisk a girl away off her feet. He took her to the future, told her not to interfere – and then he saw a child crying, and that was it. He was in it up to his neck, then."

"Sounds about right," Rani said with a smile.

"You never interfere, unless there's a child crying. That's how he met Amy, too, you know, when she was a child." She smiled at the look on Rani's face. "The TARDIS was damaged when he regenerated, and he met little Amy right after that. He said he had to warm up the engines and he'd pick her up in five minutes."

"And how long was it?"

"Fourteen years."

"Ouch." Rani winced. "Was she angry?"

"Would you be?"

"Dunno," she said slowly. "I'd have to be in the situation."

"Good answer. Yes, she was very angry. Handcuffed him to a radiator."

"He told you that?" she asked in surprise.

"No." Sarah Jane smiled again. "Rory did."

"When do you do all this chatting with them?"

"Mr Smith can reach the TARDIS anywhere in the universe, if it's anywhere near our linear time. Sometimes I call to check up on him. And sometimes I get Rory or Amy instead of the Doctor."

"Does he sleep?"

"He rests. He doesn't need much sleep, and he's never asleep when you go looking for him. But he does rest, yes." She looked away, focusing on something across the room. "He isn't superhuman, Rani. Not even close. Miraculous and wonderful and fantastic, but not superhuman. And he's changed, since the War, he's harder. Colder."

"They'll be all right, Sarah Jane," Rani said, sliding out of her seat to kneel beside Sarah Jane's chair.

"You still believe that?" Sarah Jane said, looking down at her. She looked tired and remote, Rani thought. "After listening to him, and to Xander, and to me, you still believe that?"

"It's Luke and Clyde, and Sky, in a living ship that wants them to be alive and with two Companions who know what they mean to the Doctor. How could they not be all right? They'll be home, you'll see."

Sarah Jane caught her arm, pulling her into a fierce hug. "Do me a favour, will you?" she murmured into the girl's hair. "Keep telling me that? Every time I forget, remind me. Loudly."

Rani laughed. "I will. I promise."

"Thank you." Sarah Jane let go, pushing gently away from her. "Right. Next thing; persuading Xander of that."

Rani shrugged, eyes dancing. "Just remind him how many times Andrew should have died but hasn't, and how he knows exactly what'll happen to him if he comes back without Dawn. That should do it."

"This one?" Rory asked patiently, holding up another tool.

"No – yes. That should do it. Hold it against that connection there, please."

Rory obeyed, watching the light on the control panel. "Amber," he reported.

"Good. Amber's good. You can let that go now, thank you."

"He's politer than the Doctor," Rory commented, taking a step away from the panel.

"Wouldn't be hard," Amy pointed out. "Can I move yet, Luke?"

"No, just a second. I'm still not sure of that floor."

"You'd want to get sure. I don't fancy the four of you stuck down there and the three of us stuck up here."

"Surely the TARDIS has another way out?" Clyde asked from behind her.

"It's a phone box on the outside," Rory reminded him. "Only one door."

"No fire regulations on – Planet of the Time Lords?"

"Gallifrey," Luke told him. Leaning out from under the console, he touched the floor experimentally. "That's fine now."

No one moved and he sighed, getting to his feet and walking across it, bouncing here and there. "See? It's safe."

"You said that last time, and then electricity went racing through it," Dawn said. Luke glanced up at her and she grinned, holding out a hand. When he took it she stepped lightly off the steps, joining him.

"Don't you dare," Clyde warned her as she leaned in to kiss Luke. She laughed and did it anyway, letting him go and spinning away towards the main door. Clyde followed her, grumbling.

Rory held out a hand to Amy, tugging her to her feet. "Perfectly safe," he told her. "And I've checked all the kids, everyone's fine."

"Does that mean you're off duty, Nurse Pond?" she asked, leaning against him. Luke, still clearing up his tools, carefully looked away.

"Luke!" Clyde yelled from outside, voice high. Sky stumbled in as though pushed from outside; Clyde blocked the door, keeping her in.

"What?" Luke called. Clyde didn't answer, and he flicked on the screen. Amy and Rory joined him, watching over his shoulder. "Clyde, get the others in!"

"Tried that! We move, they move, and they're really fast!"

"What are they?" Sky whispered, coming to join them.

"I don't know," Luke told her, watching the screen as it searched and analysed.

Outside Andrew was standing, a few meters from the TARDIS and absolutely still. Dawn was halfway between them, also stock still. Ringing Andrew were four dark, shadowy shapes; almost nothing about them could be made out, but they were clearly bigger than Andrew, and their stance said they were dangerous.

Luke pushed Sky gently towards Rory, waiting until the other man nodded before stepping around the console and heading for the door. "Luke!" Amy called after him.

"We can't stand around forever," he pointed out, touching Clyde's shoulder and easing him to one side. Amy cursed, following him, but Clyde was back in the doorway and refused to move.

"Still miss Connor?" Luke called, mostly to warn Dawn he was there.



"Whether he's stronger than these guys or not, because you know he'd be attacking by now."

"I know," Luke agreed grimly, taking a slow step away from the TARDIS. One of the figures matched his step, crowding Andrew, who whimpered. "Andrew?"

"Fangs," he breathed. Another figure shifted and Andrew clapped both hands over his mouth.

"Dawn," Luke said in careful and badly pronounced Latin, "A stake?"

"Not on me," she said apologetically.

"Something like that?"


"Look around." He himself kept his eyes on the shadowy figures. "Andrew, you ok?"

"I don't understand you, your accent is terrible."

"He's fine," Dawn said, taking a step towards them and stumbling. The figure nearest Andrew took another step, passing him and leaving him sandwiched between them. Dawn rose to her feet again, making a show of brushing herself off.

"Any luck?" Luke asked, still not looking at her.

"Depends on your definition of luck, I think. I have one. Might work."

In the TARDIS, Amy shoved at Clyde's shoulder angrily. "What are they saying?"

"I don't speak whatever they're talking."

"I do," Rory offered. "Although Luke's accent is terrible. They're talking about stakes."

"Stakes?" Clyde repeated, turning to look back at him. "What about them?"

"Dawn's found one."

"But they aren't vampires," Sky protested, pulling at the edge of the screen until she could see more clearly. "That's not what they look like, Clyde."

"It's not what they look like on Earth," Clyde agreed, glaring at Amy as she tried to push him aside again.

"How do you know what they look like?" she demanded, giving up on getting him to move. "Spend a lot of time hanging out with vampires?"

"Andrew and Dawn are part of a group who fight them off. Well, them and other demons. When Luke and Dawn got friendly, she made sure we saw pictures of all the ones we were likely to see, just so we'd know what we were looking at."

"How'd you get a picture of a vampire?" Rory wondered. "They shouldn't photo, cameras use mirrors."

"Digital camera," Clyde told him. "You do not want to see a vampire in that much detail, trust me."

"Vampires are real?" Amy asked.

"You live in a space and time ship," Sky reminded her. "Your best friend is a nine hundred year old alien and Rory's two thousand years old."

"Wow, Sarah Jane doesn't keep anything back, does she?" Amy muttered.

"She likes us to be informed," Clyde agreed. "Rory, what's in here that might be good as stakes? Or oh, flamethrower. Got a flamethrower lying around?"

"Probably. Pretty much everything is lying around. But I've no idea where to look."

A yell outside dragged all their attention back; Clyde jumped back to the door in time to block Amy's rush at it, gripping the doorframe tightly. Dawn's stake seemed to have worked; they were facing one less shadowy figure and Andrew was back with them, but her stake was now gone and they were empty handed.

"Luke?" Clyde called from the door.

"No one come out!" he ordered quickly. "If they get past us, Clyde, close the door."


"You keep Sky inside and close the door, Clyde!"

"You don't have any weapons, you stupid kid!" Amy yelled in frustration. Clyde was shorter than her, but he was very solid and she simply couldn't budge him.

"Don't need weapons." He glanced at Dawn, smiling. "I have physics."

"Physics? What the hell does physics have to do with..."

One of the suns burst over the horizon and the figures started shrieking, smoking and flailing around. Luke immediately shoved Andrew towards the TARDIS, keeping a hand on Dawn's arm and watching critically as the figures blundered around, crashing into each other. Once he was sure they couldn't find shelter in time, he pulled Dawn towards the TARDIS; Clyde hauled them in, closing the door and locking it for good measure.

"You don't need to lock it, it doesn't open from outside unless she knows who you are." Rory didn't look up from examining Andrew as he spoke.

"Yeah, but it looks like wood, so it makes me feel better," Clyde muttered, touching Luke's arm. Luke nodded, grinning at him, and he went up the steps to join Sky.

"Right." Amy clapped her hands together, startling everyone. "What the hell is going on?"
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