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My Little Scoobies

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Summary: An Ancient prophecy... The stirrings of a evil older than Equestria... A mysterious Alicorn... And our six heroines that have to deal with their world's origin, and this five strange ponies that insist that they are not ponies... Chapter 2 Ed Oct 30

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Revised: October 18 2012



BonBon came home, worried. Today’s recording had been hastily wrapped up when all the unicorns on staff had fallen unconscious at the same moment. She hurried home, worried that something could have happened to Lyra, who wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer.


"Lyra! Lyra! Are you home!" she shouted as she crossed the door. There was no answer and she frantically started to look for the mint-green unicorn in the house. She looked in her study where all her archeology books where, then she went to the bedroom, to the bathroom and then finally she went to the kitchen. When she saw the half finished meal, she repressed a cry of anguish, a hundred of mad scenarios running through her head... until she saw the note.


BonBon, I have gone to the library, to ask Twilight about a magical pulse that I felt earlier. See you later






She sighed in relief. And immediately started to worry again. So she got out to reach the library. As she neared the building, she could see that she wasn't the only one that ahd come here. Pinkie was somehow carrying Applejack on her back at an insane pace while Rainbow Dash was waiting for her at the door, and Fluttershy was flying behind the pink party pony trying to not be left behind.


She managed to enter just behind teh yellow Pegasus to find an scene of chaos, as Twilight was looking frantically looking for a book in teh shelves while her assistant and her friends tried to get he to tell them what she was looking for.


"No time, no time! I have to find it!" she said, a note of hysteria on her voice, teleporting to another shelf and starting to look at all the books.


"What the hay has happened?" asked BonBon to Lyra, after finding her retrieving a piece of paper from under a small mountain of books.


"Did you see the note?" asked Lyra. When BonBon nodded, she continued. "I was getting here when I saw Rarity and Pinkie Pie coming. Apparently they had also felt it."


"Pinkie? But she is not..." said BonBon, stopping herself when she realized who they were talking about "Forgot. Pinkie, of course. Carry on, then"


"And then Spike received a letter of Princess Luna, not from Princess Celestia." Said Lyra


"This letter?" said BonBon, gesturing to the piece of paper that Lyra was telekinetically holding


"Eeyup" said Lyra, badly imitating the Apples accent "Twilight then went hysterical and started to look for a book. We have not been able to make her tell us what book it is."


"Maybe the letter gives us a clue?" said BonBon


"Why do you think I was picking it?" said Lyra


They both started to read it.


Dear Twilight Sparkle:

 You probably felt the magical pulse, and are recovering from unconsciousness by now. I was away from Canterlot at that moment, but dear Celestia took the full brunt of the pulse, and it’s still unconscious. The healers estimate that she’ll recover early in the morning, but by then it’ll be to late. So it has fallen upon me to inform you of this.

 In the course of your studies you’ll probably had heard of the Seventeen Prophecies of the Oracle. This event is the Awakening mentioned in the Thirteenth prophecy. Send me a letter when the six of you are together, and I’ll send you the Elements. The Awakened must be protected, or there would be dire consequences

 Princess Luna Serenity Artemis


"Buck!" cursed Lyra, who looked for the draconic assistant "Spike! Do you have a copy of Predictions and Prophecies or the full version of the Lore Book of Star Swirl the Bearded in the library?." BonBon looked to her lover a bit shocked when she mentioned teh second book.


Spike thought for a moment before answering.


"Twilight had on loan the Princess' personal copy of Predictions and Prophecies, but she returned it before the wedding. The Lore Book... let me check it." He went to look into the mound of books that Twilight had left on her wake.


"I'll come back in a moment." Said BonBon, galloping back to their home, leaving a confused Lyra in her wake.


"Ah, here it is!" said Spike getting a book with a strange symbol in the cover, like an whirlpool full of stars.


"Damn!" said Lyra "It's the abridged version. The Prophecies only come in the full version"


"How do you know?" asked Spike, a bit shocked that Lyra knew about teh different editions of a book so rare.


"It's exactly like the one that I have home." Said Lyra, smiling sheepishly "I have been looking for teh full version for teh last two years, for the info that it has on ancient history. I managed to track one last week, but somebodt bought it before I even..."


She was interrupted by the sudden return of BonBon, who stopped very short of crashing into Lyra.


"Sorry." Said BonBon sheepishly "I had got home for you anniversary gift..." said, producing a thick book with a similar symbol to the one that Spike had in his hands from her saddlebags. "The full edition of 'The Lore Book of Star Swirl the Bearded, as compiled by his student Clover the Clever'"


"How did you get it...?" started to say Lyra when she realized the truth "You bought the copy that I was after, didn't you?"


"Guilty as charged." Said BonBon. "Now, how to get it to Twilight?"


"Leave it to me." said Spike with a crooked smile "Twilight! You have scheduled sending a message to Canterlot right now!"


"WHAT?" said a very disheveled Twilight teleporting just besides teh baby Dragon "What do I have to....? Oh, very clever Spike. But I have to..."


"Were you looking for Prediction and Prophecies?" asked Spike


"Yes, I can swear that I had it..." started to say Twilight.


"You gave the Princess back her copy before the wedding, don't you remember?" interrupted Spike in a resigned tone.


Twilight stood there for a moment, not moving a muscle before facehoofing so hard that she had teh signal of her horseshoe in her face for the rest of the day.


"Oh, Celestia, I forgot" said Twilight.


"I gathered as much." Said BonBon, smirking "Fortunately, I bought this book, for the mare of my heart for our anniversary." She then took the book and gave it to Twilight.


"My... Princess." Said Twilight "Where did you get this? I have only seen a copy in the Princess personal library and other in the School's library."


"A cousin of Prince Blueblood, Duke Bookends, died a month ago and his heirs had to auction his entire library to pay his debts. I know somepony, who knows somepony..." started to say BonBon before Rainbow Dash barged and interupted her


"You found the book? Tell us, what does the Prophecy say?." Said the prismatic pegasus


"Yeah, sugarcube, what was so important 'bout that Prophecy." said Applejack who had come toward them, with the others.


"Yes, darling, we think that need an explanation." Said Rarity


Twilight made a sign to ask them to be quiet, before reading the Prophecy and nodding.


"Wait a moment while I gather my thoughts... Summarizing, it was a Prophecy from the Oracle, a legendary Seer, that according to legend left seventeen prophecies pertaining future events. The eleventh dealt with the return of Nightmare Moon, and the twelfth with the Corruptor..."


"Discord..." said Fluttershy, barely heard even in the silence of teh library.


"The thirteenth talks about the return of lost heroes from a bygone era, and that their return is a sign of the return of the Darkness." Said Twilight.


"The Darkness..." said Rarity, puzzled "What does that mean?"


"I don't know what does that mean either" said Twilight shrugging "But given the precedents, probably something bad. Now that I think about it, have you send the letter, Spike?"


"Not yet, Twilight." Said the green dragon.


"What are you waiting for, then?" said Twilight, taking a written piece of parchment from a nearby desk.


Deep into the Everfree Forest

The Dark Wolves pack arrived to their lair, a cave in the deepest and darkest part of the Everfree Forest. As soon as they arrived Loup-Garou took command of the Wolves waiting for them.


"You, fleabags! Take the crystals to the holy place! And don't think of dilly-dallying, because I'm going with you, sons of bitches!" shouted at the height of his voice to the cowered Wolves while his pack went to the feast hall to make good on his promise.


He followed the bunch of weaklings unworthy to be on his, or any pack to be precise to the holy place, where, surrounded by a circle of fire stood a colossal crystal with a barely visible humanoid figure inside. The underlings left the black crystals as carefully as their haste of getting from out the nose of Loup Garou allowed, and scurried out.


Ignoring for teh moment the psychic call from the Crystal, and their Dark Mistress he examined the black crystals and noted that a couple of slivers had broken from one of the crystals. He smiled and hid those slivers in the pocket hidden in the rag that he always wore around his neck. And then he descended to the Holy Place of the Dark Wolves, where the clan-chiefs could receive the instructions of their Dark Mistress, speaking from the Crystal where she had been imprisoned before the world ever existed. He, Loup-Garou, the last surviving clan-chief, stood in all fours before the crystal, where the figure made itself more distinct.

"It is done, then?" asked the figure in the crystal, with a distorted, although still clearly female, voice.

"Yes, my Lord. We charged all the crystals, and are now stored for when we need them." reported the wolf.

"Good. I made well in selecting you between those fools, even before knowing who you really are" said the figure "Now, did you take measures to investigate the magical pulse?"

"Of course!" said the wolf, concealing her anger at being asked something so obvious "I'm leading a pack toward the point of origin, Old One."

"I commend your forethought, my furry servant." Always the sting "Now be off."

The Wolf bowed and got out of the place, thinking 'No, Mistress, you don't know the length of my forethought.'

Far, Far Away

The small town of Bithany was only a dinky little border town whose only claim to fame was having the only train station in many miles. So Golden Ticket, the pony attending the ticket office was taking a nap, and dreaming of frolicking in teh hay with Sweet Tooth, the cute town doctor, when somebody knocking in the crystal that separated him from teh clients awakened him.


"Ah... Welcome to Bithany Station, what can I do for you." Asked in his best professional voice, looking at an earth Pony with a haughty expression in her face.


"When does the next train pass?" she said


"Errr.. one moment." He said as he checked the timetable "At nine tomorrow."


"There is no train today"· said the mare in a slightly hysterical tone


"No, miss, sorry. The train service this far from teh capital is..." he starte dto say, stopping when he noticed that the mare had run out. "Oh, well. Maybe I can dream again with Sweet Tooth."


The mare ran until she was well out of town to...


"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH" she screamed in frustration "I should have known! There is no way that things could be so simple! Damned Powers, damned Star Swirl, and damned me for listening to the little creep!"


She cursed for a few minutes until she had calmed. It seems that I'll have to teleport there, anyway.

Canterlot Station, late evening  

Trixie got into her wagon, already loaded in a flatcar, and started to prepare a cup of tea. She always took a cup of tea to steady her nerves before riding a train. It wasn't exactly that she disliked trains... okay, it was exactly that, but she had good reasons for that. It had been so many years ago

She pushed the old, sad memories away. Tomorrow, she had to prepare her act for tomorrow. And if it didn't involve bragging about defeating giant monsters or mocking the friends of overpowered bookworms, better. So, if she started with basic fireworks and the apparition from a cloud of smoke, kept the audience awed with a lightning, and followed the act with a sleight of hooves, and juggling...

Whitetail Forest, under a mound

Buffy Summers stirred half, asleep. She felt that something was wrong, and as she was awakening she started to notice things. The place was dark, smelling of stale air and mold, and her body felt wrong….


What has happened to me?...


Then as Celestia’s Sun neared the horizon, it illuminated the passage that entered the chamber under the mound, and finally the chamber itself. So she could see part of her body

Fur…I’m furry… and naked!...


She instinctively tried to cover herself, allowing her to give a good look to her hands




She frantically looked at herself and around, confirming what she had just seen.


Horses, we have become...


Then her mind kicked in,


No, not horses too small. Ponies, we are ponies.


And not normal ponies either. She had toys that looked like them when she a child. They looked like them, right to the mark on their…


What's the name of a horse’s ass?


She shook her head


Not important. I have to wake the others, and then learn how we have ended looking like we got out straight from My Little Pony. Although I have some slight suspicions, about that little creep.


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