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Slayer Rising

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Slaying Gotham". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Another threat to Gotham. A villian from the past with ties to both Buffy and Bruce. I think this is a better title than the previous.

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DC Universe > Batman > Buffy-CenteredbreebrenFR182650,89611518,70727 Sep 126 Apr 13Yes

Prologue: Faith's Journey, Part Yada

Okay. Here we go. The first edited chapters of the sequel to Slaying Gotham. It starts out with Faith, but her storyline will come in from time to time with Buffy's. Hope you enjoy.

And read slow. LOL!!! I haven't had a chance to start chapter 11 yet. Hope to this weekend, so I will load the chapters every few days or so. I don't want to load all 10 that I have finished and then not be able to load any more chapters for a while.

Again: I own nothing of the Buffy and Batman franchises and I am not making any profit from this story.

Prologue: Faith’s Journey, Part Yada

She had to admit, this was a lot of fun.

The suit, originally designed for Buffy, was nothing short of amazing. It helped her blend into the darkness better and move more quietly than even she had been able to without it. It stayed cool even on the hottest nights, and it fit like a glove.

Of course, Mr. Fox had had to refit it for her considering she was a little taller than Buffy, but it hadn’t taken very long.

She had hung around Gotham, helping the Bat clean up the demons, and then stayed around during his absence to handle all the bad guys. Once Bruce and Buffy had returned, bundle in tow, she had waited until after the party on the bitchin yacht, and then hightailed it abroad.

Bruce had been nice enough to let her use his pricey and well stocked jet plane. All she had to find was a pilot to fly her around, one who was stupid or brave enough to put up with her, and who didn’t mind vamps and demons crashing their party.

She settled for Xander.

With only one eye or not, the guy was a great pilot and he didn’t flinch (much) when the baddies showed up. And he totally dug her suit.

Now she found herself currently in Lisbon, Portugal, looking into some suspicious deaths. And the cause of these suspicious deaths: acute and extreme blood loss. No one could, according to the local papers, figure out why these fourteen healthy people had suddenly died from blood loss. There was no explanation for it what so ever.

Faith totally disagreed. There was a reason for it. She had seen the bodies, thanks to a young man who worked at the morgue late at night and who had thought that if he let her in, he might get some action of some kind. Which he did, but not the kind he wanted. Vampires rose at the strangest of times, even right in the middle of V-sections. The morgue worker had passed out cold. Faith had dusted the vamp. She had then left, leaving the unlucky young man to explain what had happened to the body.

She wondered where the other 13 bodies were and why they hadn’t come back and attacked the coroner. She had found out the very next day. Front page of the paper. Apparently, all fourteen bodies had been stolen from the morgue to destroy any evidence by the killer. She couldn’t help but laugh at this.

There was a Big Bad in the area; her Slayer senses were going crazy, her body feeling like a metal detector and the closer she got to the metal object – or demon in this case – the higher her head went beep beep beep.

“What is it?” Xander asked. He was peering over her shoulder, trying to see what she could see even though he knew better. That was the problem with Xander – he refused to stay where it was safe, insisting he could help her more than just jetting her around. While he had proved useful to Buffy on occasion, Faith still had not gotten over her whole Lone Ranger phase. And besides, he was so close to her, all she wanted to do was send her very sharp elbow into his very breakable ribs for crowding her while she was trying to do her job.

“I don’t know yet,” she hissed back in a whisper. “And you have about 5 seconds to back off or I am going to damage you. Comprende?”

In the face of Faith’s threat, Xander rolled his eyes, but did as she asked and backed away. Faith peered around the corner, and then shot a look back at her companion. He was standing a good ten feet away, bouncing up and down on his heels, pretending to whistle. He met her gaze and waved, smiling like an idiot, before going back to gaze around the alley as if it were some place somewhere else with interesting stuff in it.

Faith shook her head, visualizing smashing his face into a door or a wall or –

Slayer senses kicking into high gear. The baddie was getting closer. Tired of waiting, Faith did what Faith does: she jumped out from her hiding place. Turning down the alleyway, taking a fighting stance, ready for anything only to find that the alley she was now facing was empty.

“What the – “ She said out loud, stance slouching in confusion, fists balling in aggravation.

Then she heard Xander cry out.


She rushed back to find him dangling a good two feet off of the ground, being held there by the biggest vamp she had ever seen. The undead thug was a good seven feet tall if he was an inch with arms as big around as her waist. And, when she got closer, she could see that his fangs were different. They appeared to be plated in metal. A vamp with metal teeth? This was beyond weird.

“Hey!” She shouted to get his attention. The vamp turned golden eyes on her and snarled. Immediately, he dropped Xander to the ground, and charged.

And charged way too quick for his size, even if he was an undead.

Faith planted her feet and just barely managed to swing her fist, connecting with something before the undead body builder barreled into her, sending her flying. Her back connected painful with a stone wall, momentarily dazing her. Slayer sense kicked into high gear, even if she physically she was idling, and her body moved of its own accord, ducking the blow that was aimed for her face. The vamps fist crashed through the wall and she came to her senses quickly: if she hadn’t moved, that would have been her head smashing through the stone. The thought sobered her also.

The vamp tugged. His fist was stuck fast. Faith figured he didn’t have the common sense to open his fist before trying to yank it back out. Deciding she was in a helpful mood, she spun on one heel, the opposite foot swinging around and connecting with the side of the vamps face. Its head was thrown harshly to the side, and the rest of his body followed, right into several trash receptacles. At least his fist was free.

When the vamp jumped up, and roared, Faith realized her mistake.

“Should have just staked him!” Xander yelled at her from where he was pressed against the opposite wall of the alley for safety.

“Thanks, Captain Obvious,” she spat back.

The vamp turned to her and growled again. Then, he began to laugh. “Foolish Slayer.” And then, with all the casualness in the world, walked out of the alley and turned down the street.

“Hell no!” Faith ran after him only to find that when she exited the alley, the vamp was gone.

“What was that all about?” Xander asked, his voice a little croaky.

All Faith could do was shrug.

*NOTE: The metal teeth is from Blade Trinity.
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