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Planetary Hostage 2

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Planetary Hostage". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: [Sequel to Planetary Hostage] Martha's now a Time Lord, the Toclofane have been sent back home, time has been re-integrated & both the Doctor & the Master have unlimited regenerations, so what are they going to do now? Rated 18/slash for Harkness Effect

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > GeneralGenukaFR182945,3361586,30927 Sep 127 Jan 13Yes

Explosive Distractions

A/n: After further consideration its too early to introduce a smut scene for consideration with all of the angst that's been tossed around. We need to work more of it out first. For those of you who were looking forward to it, I'm sorry, you'll have to wait a bit longer. For those who voted no I will make certain that the section is marked so that you can skip down over it should you choose to. If it gets written then it gets written, if not then it will be as a separate ficlet in the series. Enjoy the chapter!

Explosive Distractions

The silence that stretched across the room after Martha's declaration was shattered by a minor explosion from the direction of the sealed suite that currently held one immortal and two Time Lords. This sent Martha running toward the sound of the explosion leaving her startled human family behind as the Tardis sealed them into their own suite to try and help keep them safe. Martha never noticed the lack of shouts for her to stop heading toward the apparent danger, her only thought was to help her new family. When she arrived she sent a greatful wave to the Tardis as she found that the ship had thought to open the door to the suite to the rest of the ship, giving Martha free and easy access. The room was billowing acrid smoke but what worried Martha more was that she couldn't hear anything to indicate that there might be someone inside.

"Doctor? Master? Jack?" Martha called in worry, she couldn't feel much from the bond except the Tardis' attempt to sooth and calm her. Then she heard something very faintly, a groan. "Jack?! Doctor?! Master?! Don't worry. I'm coming!" She called.

Martha looked around her for something to cover her nose and mouth so that she'd breath as little of the smoke as possible and not seeing anything she quickly tore her sleeves off of her shirt and fashioned them into a mask that covered her nose and mouth, heading straight into the smoke. Her eyes burned but she forced them to stay open and looked frantically for the three men. What she found made her issue a groan of her own. Both Time Lords were out cold and Jack appeared to be semi-conscious but dying with a shards of metal having blown clear through his mid-section, clearly shredding it. Martha quickly checked them for any injuries that might be aggravated when she tried to move them. The Doctor had a broken collar bone and a fractured shoulder blade along with a good knock on the head which might turn into a concussion. The Master had gotten away with only a knock to the head and a quickly forming bruise near his temple and getting trapped under a section of the wall. Jack was another matter altogether, he too had clearly been thrown to the ground by the explosion but the metal shards from whatever had caused it had blown clean through his belly and taken a good chunk of his insides with it. Martha knew from the amount of blood that she'd never get him to the infirmary in time to keep him from dying even if he'd been the only one hurt. From the look of it a shard of metal had also embedded itself near his heart causing even more damage.

"Jack, I can't do anything for you. I didn't get here in time and there's too much damage. I'm going to get these two out first and come back for you after. Okay?" Martha told him through the muffle of her improvised air filter as she busily did her best to splint the Doctor's shoulder in preparation for moving him.

Jack made a weak attempt at indicating assent. He understood and agreed with her decision. She had managed to get the Doctor to safety in the hall and was working on freeing the trapped Master when Jack finally died. The shock that reverberated through the bond briefly brought both elder Time Lords around. The Doctor immediately tried to use his arm with the splinted shoulder to try and getup and passed out from the pain. The Master on the other hand managed to help un-bury himself and get Jack's body out of the ruined room. Martha just knew that there was going to be a long family talk in their future. The Tardis was busy repairing the damage as Martha and the Master moved both Jack and the Doctor to another room so that the Doctor could be treated and they could wait on Jack to come back.

"I'm going to take this ship apart until I find what caused that." The Master growled.

"After we've put these two back together and you've been seen to." Martha said sternly, she was not going to let her pack kill themselves over something so trivial. They could always find the cause after healing, if they'd let her heal them that is...

A/n: Yes, I'm mean. I interrupted their moment together.

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