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Planetary Hostage 2

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Planetary Hostage". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: [Sequel to Planetary Hostage] Martha's now a Time Lord, the Toclofane have been sent back home, time has been re-integrated & both the Doctor & the Master have unlimited regenerations, so what are they going to do now? Rated 18/slash for Harkness Effect

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > GeneralGenukaFR182945,3361586,28027 Sep 127 Jan 13Yes

Check Ups and Back Ups

A/n: I explored the Tardis' point of view a bit. If you aren't interested in that then just skim that section because it does have some info that you might be interested in.

Check Ups and Back Ups

"I guess that since the door was open the Tardis got affected just like everything else when everything got reset huh?" Jack asked as they entered the infirmary.

"Not exactly." The Master admitted. "I had made a complete mess in here and turned her into a paradox machine just to even trigger the paradox in the first place. She must have used the shift to cause a sort of reality reset so that her interior would take on the form of how it would have been had I never even begun shaping her into a paradox machine. I expect that she'll be quite angry with me for some time."

"What do you think Martha meant when she said that the Time Lord DNA pattern had to come from somewhere?" Jack asked absentmindedly not really paying attention to his question, still processing the Master's answer to his first comment.

"She got it from us of course." The Doctor scoffed. "If we test her DNA now the redundant DNA for her remaining regenerations wont just be mixes of Martha's DNA, they'll have my DNA and the Master's tossed into the mix as well. Right now all that's happened is that her human DNA has gone straight to Time Lord DNA without any extra changes so she's still our regular Martha with a bit of an IQ boost because now she's a Time Lord." He kept working with the equipment, scanning and testing during his explanation to Jack.

Leaving a stunned Jack to try and figure out if that meant that Martha had just gained two extra parents or not the Doctor turned to Martha and explained her test results. "Ah, good. It looks like you're stablizing nicely. If you feel tired tell us and we'll get you somewhere safe to rest. Don't wake up unless you have to or you'll just feel rubbish later and it will take longer for you to stabilize safely."

"So, from what you just told Jack, I now have four parents, my mum and dad and you and the Master?" Martha asked completely ignoring his attempt to move on from the DNA transfer explanation.

"Well, yes, actually. I wasn't going to tell you that just yet." The Doctor admitted in embarrassment, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly. This caused the Master to snort in amusement as Martha just stared at the two Time Lords, and not just any Time Lords either, her new dads.

"Now my mum is really going to kill me, and then she's going to kill both of you." Martha muttered making Jack grin. "Oi! Don't think you're getting out of it either. You're coming with us to see my mum." At this declaration Jack quickly lost his grin. In the few seconds of quiet that followed they could all clearly hear the hesitant shout of "doctor?" that had to be coming from the open door of the Tardis, the four just looked at each other and without a word headed for the console room and the door back onto the Valiant.

The Doctor got to the door that led to the console room first and with a spark of mischief in his eye and a wink at the others he opened the door a crack and stuck his head into the console room saying cheerfully "Hello!" after which his body quickly followed his head into the console room with the rest of the group just behind him. It turned out to be one of their special UNIT soldiers that had been calling into the Tardis for the four of them periodically for the last hour and a half as they checked Martha for any complications that they couldn't pick up on either screwdriver's emergency medical setting.

"Sirs, ma'am, would you please come to the bridge of the Valiant? There are some people who would like to talk to you." The UNIT soldier delivered his message and stepped back out of the Tardis to stand at his post on one side of the entrance to the Tardis. The UNIT soldiers had been warned not to enter unless the situation dictated that they needed to, should, or were expressly invited into the Doctor's home and ship. Besides none of them wanted a living ship pissed at them while they were inside of it.

The Tardis had known how delicate and dangerous the situation could turn and had been blocking most of the sound from reaching her small pack in the infirmary. She was quite cross with the Master for turning her into a paradox machine and forcing her to do a fullout reality twisting shift but she also knew that her Doctor, her Thief, needed this stability. She knew she would loose her beloved pilot forever soon if she didn't force a change. He couldn't keep using her as both an escape and a grounding stone. Each member of her new pack was broken in some way except for perhaps the youngest. Martha only needed a family which truely loved each other and was commited to one another's well being. She had seen to much brokeness in her short life. Being part of the pack would be good for her and it would give the others someone to focus on and protect. The Tardis could acknowledge, even if only to herself, that this was something her pack needed.

She was still going to punish the Master for turning her into a paradox machine even if it had been necessary for him to catch her Thief long enough to find and patch even the smallest of his wounds. She was quite pleased with herself when she'd found that crack in the Master's mental armor and slipped through just long enough and tugged just hard enough on the Master's control for it to slip. She knew that he'd wanted to mark and claim her Thief for centuries but her poor scared little Thief hadn't been ready. Now her Thief needed him so very badly that it didn't really matter if he was ready or not. What she hadn't expected was for the Master to accept her Thief's adoption claim on the latest human girl or time's artron mark on the fixed point. She had nothing against the fixed point, in fact she rather liked him except.... his very existance was so very very wrong and screeched against her mind like nails on a chalkboard. She supposed that she could get used to it, but that would take awhile.

A/n: So good? Bad? How will Francine and the world governments react to this news? And what will be the pack's decision? Leave a review!
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