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Planetary Hostage 2

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Planetary Hostage". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: [Sequel to Planetary Hostage] Martha's now a Time Lord, the Toclofane have been sent back home, time has been re-integrated & both the Doctor & the Master have unlimited regenerations, so what are they going to do now? Rated 18/slash for Harkness Effect

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The Committee

A/n: The Mating bond between the Master and Jack is in place but hasn't been cemented/consummated yet. I wonder how frustrated Jack is? I wonder how Lucy is feeling about all of this, And what exactly is with the welcoming committee? And you can thank my complete inability to conquer the Halo games as well as watching Skyfall online Friday night for most of the corrected combat descriptions...

The Committee

The doors to the Tardis shot open and the Jones clan stumbled out before slamming shut behind them, startling the spare UNIT sentries who where standing guard over the Tardis. Clive let go of Francine only to receive a sharp slap across the face.

"How could you? Martha's still in there. He's dangerous. All three of them are dangerous! You saw it yourself." Francine started in on her ex.

"What I saw was a man protecting our daughter from a possible threat after receiving a clearly bad blow to the head and fighting himself not to hurt us without more proof that we were actually a threat." Clive glared at her. "I may not be willing to keep arguing with you over every little thing but I know one thing, our daughter clearly knows more about the situation than we do and he was trying to protect her! How many times have you done that rather than criticizing her or one of the rest of us?"

"Well if you wont help me protect her then I'll find someone who will." Francine snapped at him before storming out of the room and the rest of the family followed her trying to talk her out of making a fuss. This caused the two unnoticed sentries to exchange worried glances. There was enough trouble over this mess as it was.

"I'll call it in." The first sentry softly told his companion who nodded grimly in response.

It wasn't long before they had to start facing down people who wanted a word with the Time Lords and both men were glad that they had called in the group who had been pre-emptively re-assigned as the Doctor's and the pack's security by the Master. Unfortunately someone really wanted a word with those inside the Tardis and wasn't scrupulous about how it happened. As a result by the time the small group left the Tardis all 8 men along with the two sentries had been either killed or knocked out and stashed somewhere but none of them went quietly or easily. Fireball Mc'Cal was the first to fall and barely managed to avoid the throat slash that would have killed him. He missed the fact that the only other soldier in the hallway had pulled his gun not to help but to harm until the gun-butt was applied to the back of his skull. Apparently they didn't want old Fireball to set off one of his trademark explosions even if he did manage to kill his first opponent just as he went down himself. Smith was another that got blindsided along with Mic on their way to the room the Tardis was stored in. They were jumped by 5 men and only an unlucky strike to Smith's jaw, along with a silenced bullet clip to Mic's temple took them out. A knife to the chest or back didn't stop Tom, much less Miguire, and the last 3 from the advance unit from taking their assailants with them. All it took was a skillful shot to the hanger bay controls triggering an emergency door release, rapidly and violently decompressing the chamber at such a high altitude. The two other UNIT soldiers who had arrived to take up sentry duty on the Tardis were tricked out of the room and killed. As a result it was possible for a group of unknown officers from different countries, several business men, and a number of bureaucrats to be waiting outside of the Tardis when they emerged.

After a few minutes of both groups eyeing each other... "Well? What do you want?" The Master snapped at the group even as he noted that the adopted UNIT soldiers were missing as well as the two extra who had been helping that the Doctor had cleared against the Master's better judgement.

"Some of us have a proposition for you and your friends Mr. Saxon." One of the businessmen noted. "I'm certain that we can come to some sort of arrangement. Why don't you join us for supper? Your wife is already waiting, safely, with several of my men. A pity she's fully human."

"Its always something with you two. Why can't we have a visit or a trip that's just a simple day out?" Jack sighed.

"Now Jack, there's no reason not to at least hear them out." The Doctor admonished. "And we did needed to talk to her anyway. Where did those UNIT chaps get to? I need to have a word with them." The Doctor asked as he looked around hoping that one of them were in the room.

"I'm afraid that they've been detained, Sir Doctor." Another man, a bureaucrat this time interjected smoothly. Perhaps it hadn't been the best idea to order them killed but at least they still had three of them to bargain with.

Before they could move or say anything more a nondescript officer of some sort to one side of the group raised a gun he had palmed and pointed it at the Master. "I don't believe that would be wise. You sir are a threat. Would the rest of you please move away from him? I wouldn't want to hit you by mistake." The rest of the group was eyeing him and his gun warily.

"It kept the drums quiet and satisfied, besides a simple gun shot wont kill me." The Master retorted.

"It will if it explodes into shrapnel in your chest. It tends to be rather difficult to survive when you have shredded internal organs. Especially since you don't appear to be much more resistant to bullets than a human and these rounds have been known to cut a human in half." The unknown officer pointed out.

"No." Jack said coldly as he stepped bodily in front of the Master.

"He's right you know, bullets are a bit rubbish against us." The Doctor pointed out as he slipped slightly in front of the Master as well.

"Why did you move in front of me? Do you have any idea the amount of pain shoots down the bond when you die? I think I'd rather be shot than have you get shot in my place." The Master grimaced. "Move out of the way, Freak. Doctor if you take one more step in front of me I wont disband one of my more radical fail-safes."

This caused both men to freeze and glance both at each other and the Master before they reluctantly obeyed.

"I didn't feel much from the bond when Jack died." Martha commented.

"While we were resting The Master and I put certain safeties into place. As long as we aren't dead we can help protect you from any psychic attacks or backlash until you've learned how to do it yourself. The Tardis also helped a bit." The Doctor admitted.

Martha crossed her arms in front of her before she gave them a stern look. "And what would happen if one of you died before I've learned?" She asked archly.

Jack just stared at the Time Lords in consternation. "It would send you into a coma at the very least. For how long, I don't know but you'd have to rebuild more than one neural pathway just to get back out of your own head. It happened to another Time Agent once, nasty. With some of my training I could help pull you out but it would be risky and if I slipped up it would kill both of us." Jack just looked at them and shook his head. "I'd consider trying to take you to a certified healer in a later century but it would be risky moving you between time periods and this century just doesn't have the tech, resources, or the contacts much less the personnel for any other options."

Martha held out her hand. "Hand them over."

"What? What are you talking about?" The Doctor asked in complete bafflement as the Master mirrored his confusion.

"Your screwdrivers. Hand them over. Misbehave and I take away your toys." Martha stated simply. "Hand them over, now." The two elder Time Lords looked at each other at a loss what to do as Jack just started smiling. It took a few moments for them to realize she was serious and they silently handed over the screwdrivers. They could always build another one.

"Perhaps you'd like to explain that, young lady?" Asked another older business man, this one wearing of all things a bright green polo shirt and striped slacks.

"Its very simple. They've been acting like children so I'm treating them like children but in this case its closer to taking away a little kids favorite blanket that they drag everywhere on top of holding a guys favorite shirt hostage. They never put these things down. Its unbelievable." She told them as she shook the screwdrivers at them just before she pocketed them. "You'll get them back later, once we've had a talk about all of this."

"That's nice." Said the gun wielding officer. "Now that we're done with family time would you please move away from Mr. Saxon? I still haven't decided if the three of you need to be taken care of as well."

"Now, now, Jeoffry, I'm certain that there's some sort of arrangement we can all agree on." The first business man soothed.

"Who says I'm Jeoffry?" The officer retorted. "He's dead, just as most of your men are dead Mr. Saxon, including the group of UNIT traitors that started helping you after they supposedly were taken to see the Doctor."

"Now you've done it." Martha said in exasperation. "We only just got him calmed down from the bomb someone slipped into the Tardis which went off. His pupils still haven't changed back and he almost went after my mum when she tried to chew him out over it."

"Martha, listening to your mom tear into someone would make anyone on the receiving end homicidal. I don't know how Clive put up with her for so long to get you, Tish, and Leo out of the deal." Jack chuckled.

"You are having far to much fun." The Doctor deadpanned before he broke out into a grin of his own, deciding to ignore the comment about the UNIT pack members for the moment and hope that the man was lying.

The now quite frustrated not-Jeoffry officer let off a shot into the floor at their feet. "Now that we all know I'm serious hows about you actually do what I tell you?" He asked in irritation.

"That was a mistake." The Doctor warned. "So was hurting the others."

"I'm not playing games, nor will I allow you to play games with me." He told them all flatly, just before he casually shot the man who had been trying to get behind him. "Stay in front. I wont warn you again."

"That wasn't necessary." The Doctor told him sadly.

"I believe that it was." Not-Jeoffry told him simply.

"You don't know dangerous until you've made the Doctor angry and faced him." The Master snorted. "If we wanted to play games with you then you'd already be on the board and never even know that the game was there much less in progress with you as the players. Martha might I see my screwdriver for a moment?"

"Why?" She asked suspiciously but handed it over.

The Master fiddled with the controls in a very particular pattern. "You'll have to be a bit more careful, the isomorphics are off." He commented as he once again passed her the screwdriver. She nodded cautiously as she accepted it back.

"What pray tell are isomorphics?" Not-Jeoffry asked.

"Oh nothing much, just a coolant system." Jack lied casually. "He doesn't like people messing with his stuff."

"And why pray tell would I care about what he wants or likes? After all I've got you all at gun point." He asked patiently.

"Might have something to do with the fact that only he or the Doctor would be able to make it work right now without it exploding." Jack told him mildly as he tried not to grin.

"Oh, you're good." The Doctor complemented Jack.

"I try." Jack offered a winning smile.

"Why do I get the feeling that you're playing games after I specifically warned you not to?" Not-Jeoffry asked as he changed his target from the Master to Martha. "Since its clear that you all care what happens to her, you will either behave or she dies. I am not a cruel man however so if I do shoot her she will die quickly, a shot to the head works nicely on any species."

This caused them to loose all appearance of humor over the situation. "Now that's really crossing the line." Jack told him softly with a cold glint in his eye. "Threatening our child just got you killed."

Until Martha smacked him and asked. "What is with all of you? I can take care of myself, thanks very much. Species change or not."

"Martha, we still don't know what you've essentially inherited and what you haven't." The Doctor said patiently.

"Yeah, I got that. Why do you think I've been sticking with what the Tardis has been telling me is safe for both humans and Time Lords?" She asked archly. "Honestly, you three are acting like I'm 5 or something."

A/n: For those of you who went looking and read it when I provided the link, I'm thinking of posting Claim by Genuka ( For those of you that the embedded link wont work for here's the copy+paste URL: on TTH and continuing it on both TTH and AFF as I have been doing with the Planetary Hostage series. I'd like your opinion on it. It would of course be a default FR21, so please choose to read or not to read it wisely. I've already had one request on AFF to continue it. At the moment its pure smut but it has the potential for more.

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