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Planetary Hostage 2

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Planetary Hostage". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: [Sequel to Planetary Hostage] Martha's now a Time Lord, the Toclofane have been sent back home, time has been re-integrated & both the Doctor & the Master have unlimited regenerations, so what are they going to do now? Rated 18/slash for Harkness Effect

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Two Hearts

A/n: You can thank banditdoz on TTH for suggesting something that made my mind go... yes, we can modify it that way!... and yes banditdoz when you said ^fantastic^ just there my brain managed to make it sound like the 9th doc. I'm very impressed.

Please note that blank reviews are subject to removal when possible since they depress me.

Two Hearts

Martha watched them fondly with just a touch of confusion as to why she even needed to be in the infirmary, gun-shot wound aside. She idly wondered why Jack was looking pale and mumbling in his sleep as he tried to roll himself off of one of the spare narrow med beds that he was sleeping on. She could see the Doctor and the Master had unconsciously cuddled on their chairs sitting next to one another. They were almost falling out of the chairs, it was clear that the slightest jolt or pressure would tumble them onto the floor. They looked so cute, almost as if they were kittens trying to cuddle together. She wished that she had a camera and that she dared to use it to take a picture for blackmail if for nothing else. The gentle laughter that Martha received from the Tardis over this idea made her smile. What made her outright grin however was the mental image of the Tardis having already taken a picture and stored it in her mainframe. The small giggle that Martha allowed herself was more then enough to wake the others.

The Doctor to suddenly snorted and fall very loudly out of his chair. "Wha? Ulf..." He said as he landed and accidentally kicked the Master's chair over backward with him in it as he flailed through his landing. The loud *CRASH* which accompanied the Master's rather painful landing was more than enough to startle Jack into wakefulness and cause him to roll right off of the bed.

"Ow." Jack said as he lay flat on the floor, not bothering to get up.

"Doctor, did you have to knock me over?" The Master growled grumpily.

"I'm sorry. Its not like I actually planned to wake up that way." The Doctor retorted as he helped the Master to his feet.

"I think I'm just gonna lay here. Don't mind me." Jack waved tiredly from the floor where he'd landed.

"Are you alright?" Martha asked trying not to giggle.

"We're fine." The Doctor told her. "But you, young lady, gave us quite the scare. You went into an accelerated crucible sequence at a rate we could barely stabilize. Normally it would never have even been possible for it to go that fast but both the Master and I had accelerated sequences and it compounded into and almost turbo version inside of you. I think its safe to say that you've inherited a few things from both of us."

"Alright then." Martha said agreeably, just before she asked. "Why's Jack still on the floor?"

"I'm tired and after all that blood we switched between me and you, I just want to sleep for a couple more hours." Jack admitted from his position on the floor.

The Doctor and the Master looked at one another. "Jack, you still have the same blood volume. You shouldn't be this tired." The Doctor told him in some concern.

"Doc, I'm tired, my chest hurts and nothing has happened to me aside from me playing blood donor. I'm fine. Though I wouldn't say no to a hand up back onto that bed." Jack told him frankly.

"You gave me blood!? I didn't realize..." Martha asked in shock, then she ordered. "Get up off that floor and have the Doctor or the Master check you. Those symptoms don't sound right. You might have had a problem with the transfusion, a clot even. That was beyond risky. What were you lot thinking?"

"We were thinking that we might loose you if we didn't try it." Jack told her sternly. "They even warned me that a pint of Time Lord blood inside of a human is usually lethal. I insisted since you needed the adrenaline straight from the source and we already know that I wont stay dead."

Martha glared at him as the Doctor helped him back into the bed. "You remember what I said about not dying or regenerating to fix something when there's an alternative?" She reminded them.

"Hang on a tick and I'll look at him again." The Doctor soothed as he started checking Jack over again.

"There wasn't another choice at the time." The Master explained. "It was either the live transfusion or something even more risky. You would have died without the option of coming back, regenerating. It wasn't just a matter of you not having been taught how to regenerate yet, you wouldn't have had the chance to even start."

"Now that's odd." The Doctor said with a peculiar look on his face.

"What?" Martha demanded.

"Jack's grown a second heart, that's why his chest was hurting, is hurting." The Doctor explained. "Its like his biology is a mix of human and Gallifreyan. I could have sworn that the blood wasn't doing anything to him 2 hours ago." He muttered.

"I take it that I'm stuck here until you've figured out what happened?" Jack chuckled wryly. "Its not like it will kill me or anything. At least not permanently."

The Master looked over the Doctor's shoulder at the display and tapped on part of it. "I've seen this before, it showed up in the autopsies of the humans that were accidentally given Time Lord blood. We're close enough to their species that the chameleon arch helps us transform back and forth, perhaps the blood transfusions were trying to make them Time Lord but they couldn't adapt to the changes quickly enough." He theorized.

"That makes sense, and Jack takes a bit more trauma to die on us than a normal human. Perhaps it was enough to allow the transformation to go forward just a bit more." The Doctor agreed.

"So, let me get this straight. My increased durability combined with my inability to stay dead allowed me to not only survive the transfusion but also let it start changing me?" Jack asked.

"Yup. That about sums it up." The Doctor agreed. "It looks like the transformation has finished. Congratulations, Jack, you're far closer to being a full Time Lord than you were before. One of the first humans to survive such a rapid evolution."

"Great." Jack said sarcastically. "Now can I get some sleep?"

"Martha's no longer in any danger. She needs to stay here another night but I don't see any reason why you shouldn't sleep in our bed." The Master told him agreeably as he picked him up out of the med bed.

"Now, wait a minute!" Jack protested.

"Jack? Don't bother. When he gets like this its better just to go along with it." The Doctor told him as he tried not to laugh at Jack's plight.

"I'm glad you understand that Doctor, because you're coming with us." The Master informed him which made his laughter disappear into resignation at the look on the Master's face.

"You're serious? *sigh* Alright. Martha if you need anything the Tardis can get it for you, you just need to ask." The Doctor explained before he followed the other two out the door and onward toward Jack's and the Master's new rooms. What he didn't know is that the Tardis had also combined his bedroom with theirs and so was stuck sleeping in a guest room, if he could find one, or with Jack and the Master anyway...

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